Fly United Ch. 02

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Four couples head to Vegas on the new MHC airline, giving everyone the chance to join the mile high club. The first night the ladies continue the theme and Kendra cooks up a scheme for how to spend the other nights together.

Janice discovered they would have to go to New York because that was the only city that had a MHC flight to Vegas, but managed to line up seats on a flight in April. Shopping around on the internet she found a nice deal on four rooms at the Mirage, right on the strip.

The four couples got together one Saturday to go in a group to the MHC ticket counter at the airport, where they were greeted by a familiar face. “Hello! I remember you. It was…LA right?”

Janice laughed “Yes, you were a flight attendant.”

“We rotate some of the jobs so everyone knows about how the airline runs. This is my first time at tickets. What do we have here, a group?”

“We’re going to Vegas in April. The main number said we could purchase tickets at any airport ticket counter.”

“I’ll be glad to help you with that. Give me a moment…ah, here it is. Leaves from JFK. Flights aren’t daily until May, so give me your fly dates and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Rob handed her the paper on which he had jotted the dates.

“This will work out nicely. Our flights out and back mesh with your schedule. Otherwise you’d have to make a few stops along the way. That tends to give less time for what you want to do while on board, what with the time spent reaching cruising altitude and descending.” She tapped a few keystrokes. “It will save time now with your order if everyone gives me your ID’s so I can create the tickets. You do realize you will have to get to New York some other way, don’t you?” While she entered the information she asked “Do you all want seats clustered together or would you rather be scatted through the cabin?”


Soon the tickets were printed and distributed. “Here you go. Four sets of seats about mid-cabin. It sounds like fun to travel as a group. Now, how many are members?”

Clark, Janice and Rob were given a bit of a discount on tickets. “Your club status is noted on your tickets. I guess Janice and Rob have explained the benefits? Good, I thought they probably had.”

Tickets were distributed among the group, three with ‘CLUB’ printed in bold.

On the day of departure the eight met at the airport. Janice had found a deal on a commuter plane to JFK, arriving at Terminal 8. MHC had one gate, also at Terminal 8. However, they had to leave the secure area and go to the MHC ticket counter to get boarding passes. The agent apologized for the extra step, but it was part of the system to ensure only qualified customers were boarding. Once through security again they easily found the MHC gate.

Hunter remarked “The timing of the flight up was fortuitous. There isn’t a long wait for our flight. I’m very interested in seeing how this works.”

Arnold noted “I’m a bit surprised. Not everyone flying is young.”

“Are only young people interested in sex?”

“I guess not.”

Once on board the six newcomers looked around in awe.

Gayle laughed “Wow! On the flight up our knees were practically in our faces. Look at the room we have here!”

Rob and Janice gave the others a quick tutorial on how the seats worked and the purpose of the large lavatories. “Before we take off, take a peek inside one. It may help with your planning for joining the club.”

The three new couples scoped out the facilities and shook their heads in wonder. “I can understand why the ticket prices are so high. There are only, what, about 50 or 60 seats, counting first class. A plane like this must usually carry about 175 or so. And the first class seats are just like you said – almost like little rooms. I bet you could get a good nap in one of them.”

“Ha! I bet there has never been a nap in one.”

“Yeah, I was just being silly. This whole experience almost makes me giddy.”

Lori grabbed Hunter’s arm. “Save the giddy for later. We’ll see who makes who giddy.”

Once in the air the drink cart came around with the free round of drinks. The flight attendant noted the club status of the three members for continued free service.

Kendra leaned across the aisle to Janice. “How does this work again?”

“Do whatever. I have noticed there is a general tendency to not bother others, so although there’s likely to be some nudity no running naked up and down the aisle.”

Kendra blushed “I’d never do that.”

“Good. Feel free to use the large lavatories. Check the lights over the doors for the occupancy status. You can also get a blanket and pillows to cover up. What you do under the blanket is nobody’s business but yours. Nobody will stare at you or scold you. It’s expected you’ll do something. Just remember the blue light if you do it in either location.”

The three new couples observed the goings on in the cabin for a few minutes. When a blue light came on over one of the lavatories they noted a flight attendant meeting the couple back at their seat with champagne istanbul escort and club pins.

Janice noted that Gayle and Arnold, in the seats ahead of them, asked for a blanket and soon giggles came from that direction. Hunter and Lori were momentarily fascinated by a woman sitting on a man’s lap and rocking – one of the older couples they saw at the gate. Eventually there were groans and moans and the couple collapsed into each other’s arms. The man reached up to switch on the blue light over the seat. When the attendant reached them the blanket had fallen off of them and Lori plainly saw the man’s pants open and his limp penis lying on his leg. The attendant said nothing but welcome to the club and handed them their rewards.

Kendra was about to ask Janice something else, but noted she and Rob were engaged in some under blanket activity. Clark whispered to her “Want a blanket or one of those rooms?”

“I’d feel better about a room, when one’s free.”

All four large restrooms were occupied, but two were vacated before too long. No blue light for either, so not first timers.

Clark took Kendra’s hand and led her to the vacant room in the rear.

Janice was busy loosening Rob’s belt to unfasten his pants and pull down his shorts. She toyed with his erection and ducked her head under the blanket to kiss and suck on it. Rob opened Janice’s blouse and caressed a breast. Janice came up for a kiss and Rob reached into her underwear. He knew where to touch and when to insert fingers into her. She pulled away from the kiss “Cowgirl?”

Rob put the seats completely flat for Janice to straddle him. At first she teased him with fingers and by sliding her wet warmth over him. She sat back and rubbed his penis between her labia until she saw the look he gave her that told her it was time to move on. She shifted to mount him and sank down until he was fully sheathed. He opened her blouse the rest of the way and pushed her bra up so he could play with her breasts and rub over the nipples with his thumbs. The blanket spread over their laps but she wasn’t concerned that her beasts were uncovered when she sat up. After all, everyone else was doing something and she more or less faced the window.

Up and down she went, varying speeds. Sometimes she dropped hard onto him and sometimes she took him almost out and then sank down slowly. When her own desire began to drive her she pistoned harder and faster. He pinched her nipples and she squealed. Her own need took over and she closed her eyes as she worked on him until she felt the wave begin to engulf her. Her head went back and she moaned as her vagina pulsed. Just as she finished he poured into her. When she felt he was finished she slid down to lay on his chest and they kissed in bliss.

The door to the room Kendra and Clark had used opened and the blue light came on. Kendra’s clothes were askew but she was delighted to get the champagne and the MHC pin.

Eventually the blue light came on over Gayle and Arnold’s seat and Janice heard laughter coming from that direction. The sound of clinking champagne glasses followed.

Lori and Hunter had started out with a blanket, but Lori thought she’d like more room to move around. They waited for a room to become free and headed for it. After a half hour the blue light came on and they returned to their seats, Hunter sporting a big smile and Lori a satisfied look.

Janice rolled off of Rob and he caressed her breasts. She sighed “You touch me just right. You could do that all day.”

“I’d like to.”

The announcement that they were approaching Las Vegas had him kissing her breasts one more time and pulling her bra down over them. She buttoned her blouse and he fastened his pants and put both seats upright.

They collected their luggage as they exited the plane and hailed a couple of cabs to take them to the Mirage. Even though the time in Las Vegas was just after noon they were cleared to check in early.

Later, as a group in the lobby, they decided to kick things off with an afternoon in the casino and a plan to meet again after six to head for dinner at the Rainforest restaurant.

After dinner the ladies all excused themselves to go to the ladies lounge together. As they prepared to return to the table Kendra leaned back against the counter. The three others knew something was up, but she waited until the room was empty except for them.

Gayle grinned at her “I know that look you have. You have some sort of devious plan in mind.”

“Yes I do! When we planned this trip we talked about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? What does our group consist of?”

Lori caught on right away. “Four healthy, virile men and four lusty ladies!”

“There you go. Now, I think most of us would be open to do some things, but I think Janice and Rob are the most committed couple, so they will have a particular vote in participation.”

Janice screwed up her face. “Let’s have it Kendra.”

“There is so much to do here, so much to see, such nice rooms, a particularly avcılar escort nice swimming area, great shows…”

“Yeah, yeah. We get all that.”

“We’ve all known each other for years, some since high school and some since college. We used to hang out together and I think each of us has dated each of the guys at one time or another. Am I right?”

The others thought. Janice said “I think you’re right, we have. At least I know I have.”

“Well, we’ve sort of gravitated into couples, although Janice and Rob seem to have formed a particularly strong attachment.”

Janice said “Let’s hear it already.”

“Okay, here is what I’m thinking. Vegas is kind of free-wheeling, know what I mean? How about we get into the spirit of it? I’m just tossing something out here and am open to other suggestions. I think we should make use of the swimming area tomorrow.”

“You mean the topless one?”

“Of course! Let’s see how the men react. I predict they’ll be watching our every move – and I mean every one of them watching every one of us.”

Lori laughed “I know Hunter will!”

“Let’s get them remembering the good times they had with each of us.”

Janice said “I think I know where you’re going. You’re thinking of mixing things up.”

“Right. I think every one of us has slept with every one of them at one point or another. One thing I’m thinking of is to revisit those times.”

“I know there’s more to it than that.”

“We all know there are some good shows here, and I think we should go to whatever interests us – one of the Cirque du Soleil shows or if something like Mariah Carey is your thing or…whatever. But we all know there are some late shows that aren’t family friendly, as well. I’m thinking of encouraging the guys to go to something like that and get their horney on.”

Gayle laughed “I don’t think Arnold needs any encouragement in that department.”

“Neither does Clark, but it wouldn’t hurt to ramp it up a bit.”

Lori asked “And what would we be doing while the men are off getting their jollies looking at a bunch of almost naked women dancing around in feather boas?”

“I’m remembering one time in college when we were all together for some sort of weekend event and we all shared a one bedroom apartment.”

“Hoo yeah! That got a bit wild!”

Kendra let that statement sink in. Lori gasped “You think we should all get together like that again?”

“Just think about it.”

Gayle clapped her hands “I’m in! Girl sex!”

“So, um, if we’re going to have girl sex, when are we going to have guy sex?”

“They’ll be getting in late, or I guess I should say early, and should be juiced. I’m thinking we’ll be good and warmed up, too.”

“Oooh. A warm-up session. I like it.”

“So when do we do all this? I don’t think we should just say ‘surprise! We’re all going to fuck each other!'”

“Right. We need to talk to the guys tonight and see if they’re on board. If we want it I’m sure we can persuade them, too. But Janice – you and Rob are…”

“Yes we are. We’re not married yet. That may be in a year or so. I’ll talk it over with him. If we’re out the rest of you have fun.”

The group strolled the strip, watching the lights on the casinos. Standing in front of the Dancing Waters they discussed what shows they’d like to see. There was a group consensus that the next morning they’d visit whatever place they wanted to and would plan on a swim during the afternoon. Their first night was up to each couple to decide.

Rob and Janice went to New York New York to ride the rollercoaster over and through the casino and poked around in Luxor, noting the late show there.

Back at the room they had long, slow sex. Rob had two good orgasms and Janet had four. Snuggled together naked he caressed a breast.


“There’s been something else on your mind tonight.”

She propped up on an elbow. “You know me so well. We’ve been together a while, right?”


“Do you remember before we were together?”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about those times. I like what we have.”

“So do I. I love what we have. Nothing could change that. Nothing.”

“Soooo…you’re about to suggest something.”

“The four of us girls talked in the ladies room this evening.”

“I figured that’s what you do. Going to the bathroom couldn’t possibly take that long.”

“We talked about those old times, and how things are different in Vegas.”

“Ahh. We’re getting to the point here.”

“We talked about how the four of us spent a weekend together in college and…”

“I can guess. You fucked each other silly.”


“You’d like to do it again here.”

“Uh huh. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, but I feel you’re softening me up for something.”

“Let me ask you something. How sure are you of my love for you?”

“Rock solid.”

“As I am of you. I know and like what we have. We’ve talked of a future together.”


“Well, şirinevler escort Kendra suggested something. Something that has to do with us being in Vegas, but only for a short time.”

“Let me guess. She wants a fuck-a-thon.”

“Sort of. She thinks we all could…mix it up a little. But she also said that you and I could opt out because we have a deeper relationship than the others.”

“I see. What do you think of the idea?”

“I love you. With all my heart.”

“Back at ya.”

She took a deep breath. “This trip has been partly about sex all along. The whole idea of the Mile High Club and all. I’ve had sex with the other guys at one time or another, but none of them measures up to what you do to me.”

“There is a difference in having sex and making love. I like to think we make love.”

“That’s exactly how I see it.”

“So, we’re talking about a fling. Sex only. How does that strike you?”

“I’m not sure. We’re in Vegas and crazy things happen here, but when you get home everything goes back to normal.”

“You know I’ve had casual relationships with the other three ladies.”

“Yes. Like I’ve had with the men.”

“So this would just be a more casual sex only thing.”

“That’s the way Kendra presented it.”

“Are the other ladies on board?”

“Yeah. They’re enthusiastic.”

“So, should we be on board, too?”

“Only if we agree that nothing that happens here changes us.”

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I think I can live with that. It’s not something that has ever crossed my mind since we’ve been together, though.”

“Mine either.”

“But, we’re here to have fun, right?”

She kissed him. “We have fun together already. But maybe the others would like to find out what they’re missing.”

He laughed. “Since you stroke my ego like that, how can I refuse?”

The next morning the group had breakfast and played the slots for awhile. Lori casually suggested a swim after lunch, and the guys looked at each other, knowing something was brewing.

They met at the European swimming area. The guys wandered in and staked out some poolside lounge chairs, saving four for the girls. With their sunglasses on they sipped mimosas and checked out the scenery. When the girls entered they sauntered past the guys, took chairs on the opposite side of the pool and removed their tops before stretching out to sun.

Clark nudged Arnold. “Holy shit. Look at the tits on Gayle. I knew they were large, but never saw them in comparison to the others. Man, you could bury your face in those.”

Arnold grinned. “I know. I do.”

Rob noted “Lori has a cute little pair. They look smaller than I remember, but even from here you can she has large nipples. I like Janice’s handfuls, but Lori is so…suckable.”

Hunter shook his head. “You realize what they’re doing, right? They’re teasing us. Maybe we should act like we don’t notice. There are a lot of really nice looking women here.”

Arnold laughed “Yeah, and some who are old or fat or droopy, too. I guess they may be real Europeans.”

Rob laughed “Or nudists. But, hey, if they’re comfortable with their bodies more power to them. Nobody said only hotties can be topless.”

“But you gotta admit ours are hotties. In the sun Lori’s hair looks like it’s on fire, especially against her pale skin.”

“Gayle looks like a blond porn star.”

“Kendra’s blond curls and Janice’s long brown hair make them look wholesome.”

“I can tell you, Kendra is anything but wholesome. She can be demanding in bed, but her tits are fabulous.”

The girls talked among themselves. Lori observed “Look at them. With sunglasses on trying to make us believe they don’t see us.”

Janice got up and stretched with her chest out. “Let’s give them something to look at.”

Kendra added “Maybe we should go in the water for a bit and get really wet. Maybe even swim across the pool and get out by the ladder over near them.”

Gayle clapped her hands “I love it! We can shake the water off of us and shake our boobs.”

Lori added “And then walk back to our seats and towel off while sort of facing their way. We can tease them a little. Give them an inkling of what might happen tonight.”

The game continued for an hour or so, with the girls doing everything they could to hold the attention of the four guys. They knew other men watched them, and that was fine, too. An occasional flirt was sure to arouse just a bit of jealousy. They walked over to the bar and came back with drinks, walking so their breasts jiggled. They put more sunscreen on each other, paying attention to the whiter skin on the breasts.

The four men looked on, amused and entertained. Rob observed “Did Kendra just tweak Lori’s nipple when she put sunscreen on her. That’s hot.”

“Yeah, and Janice took a long time with Gayle. She looked like she was enjoying herself.”

“There is a lot of area to cover. Gayle obviously enjoyed it, too.’

In the elevator going back to the rooms there was some ass groping and a lot of laughter.

After showering and dressing the eight met for a buffet and then gathered in one room. Kendra said “I think we’ve all discussed some…general arrangements. Here’s what we propose. You guys go and do some guy things. Drink, go to some skin shows, whatever. Just let us know when you’re returning so we can prepare a surprise for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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