First Tryst

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Amy Anderssen

“You think we’ll ever manage to leave this room?” Your face is above mine, resting in your palm as you prop yourself up on your elbow, looking down at me as we lay together naked in the bed we christened the night before with long-pent up lust. Your other hand is busy, your thumb and fingertips having trailed down my belly and begun to run the length of my waking penis.

“Why would we? I know I’ve got everything I was looking forward to right here.”

Your lips part into the smile I’d before yesterday only seen on my computer screen, in pictures and video images, and in my torrid daydreams and nighttime fantasies. “We’ll have to eat at some point, won’t we?” Your hand on my shaft continues its slow, teasing wake-up call, moving up and down with slow, deliberate movements as my cock lengthens and finally stands up off my pelvis.

“I thought you were preparing your breakfast while we we’ve been talking just now.”

“Cute. Maybe I have been, but it’s not like we get to see each other that often. I want to see a little of your town while I’m here.”

“You’re here for a week, sweetie. We’ll make time. But first thing’s first. You started something down there, now you have to finish.”

Your eyes shine as you draw me close and kiss my mouth fully, darting your tongue around mine for a full minute before sliding down the bed and my body. In a moment my still-rigid cock is in your mouth, and with a hunger I can see in your gaze as you look up at me and feel as your cheeks hollow and your lips surround and engulf me you begin to work me with the technique I’ve come to know so well. Your face rises and falls in a slow rhythm, your mouth caressing every throbbing inch of me, your fingers fondling, caressing my balls, holding them in the palm of your hand, your fingertips moving over the rough, ridged skin between it and my ass. Your mouth slips off of me, your hand taking hold of my shaft as you run your tongue up and down the sensitive flesh of its underside, sending shivers throughout my body. After several long, slow rises and falls along the length of me he tip of your tongue slips down between my balls, below them in order to scoop one of them into your mouth. I feel your lips close around my sac and the vacuum suddenly surrounding it tugging it towards your throat. The sensation güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri leaves me breathless, squirming against your mouth on me, wanting you to take the other in. I look down and see you looking up at me, the wicked pleasure you’re taking in this clear and shining in your gaze.

“Use your other hand,” I utter between quickening breaths. “Play with your clit for me.” I watch as your other hand slips down between your legs, fingers playing between your lips, and I hear you softly moan over my cock. All too soon I feel my control fading, my hands in your hair clenching, my head pushed back into the pillow, mouth open uttering almost a constant groan. You feel it building, too, and you switch gears on me, your hand moving up to the base of the shaft as your lips clamp around the head. You begin to stroke, jerking me off into your mouth, your eyes still on me when I raise my head from the pillow to look down at you. The look alone sends me hurtling towards the edge–I feel it boiling inside my cock, and your hand quickens, flying up and down over me, your mouth never losing contact with me, until I feel the explosion, feel it rip through me like a crashing wave, my hands reaching back for the wooden headboard of the bed, clutching it, my heels digging into the bed, lifting my ass from the mattress as I arch my back into you, body frozen, locked, then left shuddering, given over completely to the whims of your mouth and hands. When I can control my breathing enough to look down, I see your Cheshire smile, dabbing at your lips with your finger.

“That, my dear,” I say, “deserves a great, great reward.”

I ask you to lay on your stomach, a pillow under your head, as I slip off the bed and retrieve one of my bags. From it you see me withdraw a lavender vibe with a large bulb at the end of its bent tip and a shorter, thinner vibe with realistic contours, and a bottle of astroglide lube.

We share a smile and I kiss you gently before positioning myself behind you on the bed and part your legs. Dewy wetness seeps from between your lips, inviting me to quench my thirst. I place my hands on your hips and lift them until you’re on your knees, your shoulders still down to the bed, your ass high. I bury my tongue in your pussy, extending the tip and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri flickering it against the soft, silken walls, pushing it inside you as far as I can reach, then lapping up the hard little bud into my mouth and sucking it back towards my throat. I can hear your moans muffled by the pillow, and I continue licking and probing until your lips and pussy are glistening in the soft light of the room. Now you’re ready.

I lower your hips back to the bed, keeping your legs wide apart. “I read somewhere that this position, with you flat on your stomach, is ideal for stimulating a woman’s g-spot.” I reach for the lavender colored, bulb tipped vibe. For several minutes I rub the end of the bulb tip back and forth over your lips, until I can hear you pleading for me to begin. The bulb penetrates you, slipping past your folds, and as I push it deeper I straighten the shaft, so that the bulb points downward towards the bed. A loud groan escapes you as I push it deep and begin to move it inside you, small back and forth movements, never taking it too far out, keeping the tip focused where I want it, in almost the deepest part of you.

As your moans grow louder and come faster, I begin the vibration, on the slowest setting at first. You cry out as it sends shudders through you, and look back at me, demanding more with just your glare. I increase the speed and keep up the small movements, until the vibe is set to its fastest speed. Your hands clutch the sheets white knuckled, your breath coming in pants, punctuating the cries and pleadings until the wave of your orgasm breaks over you. With a shout you raise your torso from the bed, pushing yourself back on the vibe. Your body shudders under my hand at the small of your back, and I feel the spasms of your pussy tug at the vibe in my hand. You collapse back down with heaving breaths and shivers. But we’re far from finished.

Before you can rest I draw your hips up once more, ass high, shoulders down. I quickly use the astroglide to lube up the thinner jelly vibe until only the base can be held firmly. I press the tip against your ass, puckered and wide as I push against one of your cheeks, and as it slips into your anus I reach under you and start to massage your clit. Once again I have you moaning and pleading, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I sink as much of the vibe’s 8 inches into you as you can take, each small, slow thrust gliding a little easier than the last, until your sphincter relaxes completely and the vibe moves freely in and out. I turn it on, and let it thrum through you, pushing it in deep and holding it there.

Positioning myself on my knees behind you, my cock now fully recovered, hard and ready to pound your seeping sex. I enter you fully in a single thrust and begin to rock back and forth on my knees, pushing into you and pulling you back on me. I feel you begin to thrust your ass back into me, completely wanton as I use the vibe in your ass and my cock in your pussy. I bring my open hand down hard on your cheeks, giving you exactly what I know will push you over the edge again and again. I increase the speed on the vibe buried in your ass and start to fuck you harder, faster until the slapping of our bodies together is rhythmic and fluid.

You push yourself up from the bed with your arms, arching your back and thrusting back into me, urging me with your whimpers and cries. You’re close again … I can feel it in the way your pussy grasps me, can hear it in your voice, see it in the profile of your face when you turn towards me, your eyes tightly closed, your mouth open, licking your lips, then clenching your teeth. All of this suddenly has me to the boiling point again, and as I give myself completely to the movements of my pelvis against you, I use my hand to start thrusting the toy in and out of your ass. I hear your loudest cry yet as you thrust back into me a final time, and you spasming around my cock destroys the last of my control. I shudder as I feel myself unload in you, wave after wave flooding into you, surrounding me as I hold myself deep inside, my own body gone rigid, a long bellow erupting from my throat, commingling with your own sounds.

Finally, my muscles relax, and we both collapse, you once again face down on the bed, me on your back, then rolling off to the side on my back, holding the vibe that was in your ass in my hand. You look at me, your eyes glazed, a smile on your face that sends a charge through me, though I’m once again spent.

“I’m going to pass out now,” you say, a weak smile parting your full lips. “But when I wake up, I’m going to be hungry. I’ll want it again, exactly the same way, all of it. Promise me.”

I caress your cheek with the tips of my fingers, pushing your hair back from your face. “Promise. We’re definitely not getting to any sightseeing today, though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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