First Time Slave Diaries

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(I was putting in a new kitchen in Montreal, Quebec. While taking an hour lunch, I came across what looked to be strange sci-fi diary, just sitting on the coffee table. It seemed to be about some distant place called Pleasure Planet. The author of this diary was probably some kind of space traveller. I read the story and found it to be so interesting, that I took the diary with me. So now I am sharing it with you. I believe the story to be real and a hundred percent authentic, but I’ll let you be the judge. Welcome to the “First Time Slave Diaries”)

It was day one, on Pleasure Planet, in the Hexon Galaxy.

The breeze was brisk but refreshing.

Winona sat in the soft cushy lawn chair, her slender black wrists bound onto the arm rests with unbreakable wire.

The cool wind brushed teasingly off her skimpy blouse, forcing her already large nipples to stiffen into large tempting stubs.

The waves rolled majestically to a soothing rhythm, their bright blue waters tossing themselves over pretty white sand.

“It’s nice out here today,” Greta said, her long blond hair waving like strands of silken gold.

Winona didn’t answer, her own gorgeous black hair done up in a stylish bun.

“I can let your hair down for you if you like,” Greta asked, her lush red painted lips shimmering against one of three blazing suns in the Hexon Galaxy’s upper stratosphere.

Winona still didn’t answer, her mind laboring under a full blown panic. She didn’t recognize the three suns. She had been kidnapped from earth and was on some strange and distant planet.

“You look very nice and oversexed today,” Greta said. “Your treatment is coming along better than expected. You’ll do well with the men here.”

“I’ll die before I let any of these filthy pigs touch me.”

“Hush,” Greta urged, reaching out to skilfully taunt her stiffened breasts with playful fingers.

“Don’t touch me you bitch.”

Greta smiled, then pulled out the long syringe, filled with yellow liquid.

“What are you going to do with that?” Winona asked, her entire black body beginning to tremble.

“This is a very costly drug,” Greta answered. “It is quite potent. It is made from an aphrodisiac found on a faraway planet. It is similar to the heroin found on earth, only ten times as strong. It also has the effect of rendering the female user both stoned and quite sexually aroused.”

Greta found a vein in Winona’s arm and began to wipe it with a wet sterilized cotton.

“Not only will this drug make you high and get you permanently hooked, but you’ll be begging for men after only five days of injections. Your first injection starts right now.”

“No, please, you mustn’t. Back on earth I was a top super model, with a fiancé and-”

“I know all about your fabulous life back on earth. But you are on pleasure planet now, and as our captive you will do whatever we say, whenever we say it. Just one injection a day for five days and you will be hooked for life. After that, as the months and years pass, you will learn to do anything for your daily injection, and I mean anything.”

“My family back on earth, they will come looking for me.”

“Shhh.” Greta said as she slid the needle deep into the vein, making Winona grimace.

Then she added, as she got set to empty the syringe into her arm. “No one will come looking for you. Earth is a million miles away. And we are in a self-enclosed beachfront property. You were once one of the prettiest and sexiest women on earth, but we managed to kidnap you and sneak you here, so you belong to us now. But not to worry. The men we send to you will be upscale billionaires, very handsome and very discerning. Plus we won’t overwork you. Just two men a day. One hour in the morning, and one hour in the evening. Plus we will give you at least six days a month off for when you have your period. That way you will last at least fifteen to twenty years servicing billionaire men.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Am I? Let’s just try out this drug on you, shall we?”

“No, don’t, you mustn’t.”

She emptied the syringe into the vein, causing a sense of intense euphoria to sweep over Winona’s mind and body.

Then she refilled the syringe and fired some into Winona’s beautiful big breasts, causing them to swell and grow even bigger in size. They tingled and pulsated with vivid pleasure as Greta rubbed them carefully, causing sensations of lust and passion to build to a crescendo in Winona’s quivering oversexed black flesh.

Winona moaned insidiously against her will, and strained in vain against the wire straps.

Then Greta slipped a finger between the tied woman’s legs, inserting it gingerly inside of her, causing her to squirm with vivid pleasure.

“After five whole days of injections and of massaging your body, we’ll see whether you want a man or not. And just remember, little Miss Supermodel, the effects are permanent. There is no cure or antidote to the drug. You’ll be begging for sex escort izmit and your daily injections before the week is up. That I promise you.”

Day Two, on Pleasure Planet in the Hexon Galaxy

The space dock loomed large against the backdrop of scattered stars and luminescent moons.

Marla looked back at her distant home. Literally a million miles away, the planet earth seemed dull and lack lustre in the eerie darkness. It was like some chunk of forgotten rock that oozed unappetizing charm and daily drudgery.

Pleasure Planet, on the other hand, seemed to radiate with excitement and unfettered bliss. Marla peeled her eyes away from her boring earth home and gazed straight ahead.

Planet pleasure here she came! She couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into the real desires of her heart and mind, which were men. Plenty of men! Even if they were manufactured and made out of flesh like rubber, they were a lot hotter looking and a lot less heartbreaking than the damn real human variety back home.

Why date a man back in Texas, so full of faults and lies when you could simply date your own incredible male creations on some distance pleasure filled planet? Then when you were finished with them you could simply put them back into storage, or let some other starry-eyed wench have her fill of muscular chests, rippling abs and amazing dimples.

Naturally, as an added bonus, you could choose from the gauntlet of big brown puppy dog eyes showing you warmth and charm, or a devilishly sweet pair of stunning emerald green. Of course, if you were more partial to the charming baby blue variety, then coupling them with some dreamy broad shoulders, an eloquent rich voice, and state of the art mannerisms that were all possible as well with a mere touch of a button.

Marla had already picked out her debonair prince charming, and was now all set to be thoroughly charmed out of her shoes, not to mention out of her skirt and her bra. The planet technicians had programmed her hot sexbot to be all she could ever hope for or possibly imagine.

She curled her manicured pretty painted pink toes at the thought. And then she sat back anxiously as the docking ship remained uncannily silent, even upon its stealthy approach.

“Just how many men are we allowed to have at once?” Marla whispered to herself wondrously.

The woman next to her, a wannabe friend who was a stunning red head named Sarah, had listened intently to Marla’s speculative drooling for the whole three day trip from earth. She was now bursting at the seams to toss her two cents into the fray.

“You’ve obviously never been to pleasure planet before, am I right?”

Her dark, winsome eyes stayed fixed on Marla, awaiting an answer.

Marla sighed. She had won this trip in a raffle and was spending a fortune on extras and perks. She didn’t want every Tom, Dick and Harriet peppering her with prying questions. She had paid a lot extra for a single seat with a partition down the middle, but now that the trip was finally completed, the partition had been lifted and the two women could plainly see each other for the very first time.

Marla pretended not to hear her, hoping Sarah would take the hint and buzz off.

Sarah didn’t seem any good at taking hints, nor at buzzing off. “This is my third time,” Sarah explained. “You know what they say, the third time’s a charm. I’m Sarah by the way.”

“I’m Marla. But I really don’t feel like chatting right now,” she cautioned, trying not to sound insulting, but knowing she had paid a large fortune for the extras on this amazing trip. She didn’t want some uppity nosed chatterbox spoiling it for her. All she wanted was her fair share of super handsome, super hunky male sexbots, made exactly the way she liked them.

Sarah began to sulk. “No need to snipe at me,” she managed. “You’ll be wanting a friend after being here for a while. These sex machines may look, sound and feel human, and maybe you can’t tell the difference, but you’ll still be desperate to share your daily and nightly adventure tales with a real person. That’s half the fun, having someone to share your experiences with and plan new strategy for the next day of loving.”

Marla said nothing in response.

Sarah continued. “A lot of my friends wanted to come, you know, to be that friend for me, but none of them could afford it. Who has two million dollars to burn on a trip? Anyways, this will be my third and last time. I couldn’t bring any family with me because they wiped out their savings just for the one ticket. A death wish if you will.”

“A death wish?”

“My family wants me to be gloriously happy before I finally go the way of all flesh. I have terminal cancer. In just six months I’ll be kicking the bucket. It wouldn’t kill you to be my friend for the month we’re here. You did get the deluxe month long package?”

“Yeah,” Marla blurted out, suddenly feeling ashamed. “Although I won the basic package in a raffle. I paid for a few extra perks out izmit darıca escort of pocket, actually, more like a small fortune out of my pocket. Had I not won the basic trip, however, I would not have been able to afford all the extras otherwise. The price is very prohibitive, making it a trip of a lifetime, really.”

“I know what you mean. But in the end it’s all worth it. Except that-”

“Except that what?”

“Nothing, forget it. You’ll find out on your own soon enough.”

Marla frowned. “What’s the use of making you a friend if you’re only going to hide stuff from me that-”

“It’s nothing, really. Forget I said anything.”

“Fine, I’ll forget you said anything. And sorry to hear about your illness, and sorry for not wanting to be your friend earlier. Since it’s my first time vacationing here, and since you’ve been here before, well, maybe I could use a friend to show me the ropes so to speak.”

“You don’t mind if we become roommates, then?” Sarah begged.

“Sorry,” Marla said. “I opted for my own room.”

Sarah rolled her moistening eyes at the ceiling. She really needed Marla as a friend on this trip, someone she could share all her pleasant experiences with. After all, with only three to six months left to live, she didn’t want to spend one of them talking to herself.

“You could trade your single and my single for a deluxe double,” Sarah said. “They have whirlpools, king sized beds, and a balcony overlooking the ocean.”

“This planet has an ocean?”

“Artificial, of course, but the sand is white, the skies are blue and the water is fresh and warm. There is, however, one part of the beach off limits to usual guests like us. Supposedly it is for billionaires only. If we took the larger room together we could have so many perks and extras that otherwise we would never get. Plus it would be just so much damn fun having a friend to talk to about what happened the night before with one’s lover, or about how that breakfast in bed went.”

“I see.”

“Do you really? The larger rooms have a state of the art kitchen, not to mention a well-stocked wine and champagne cabinet. You have to order everything ‘pay as you go’ in from the front desk if you only have the single room. I’m not saying everything’s not inclusive, mind you, but a lot of it isn’t with the single room, also it’s a lot of extra tips that pile up very quickly. Believe me, I know. But, even more than that, I’m dying and so I don’t want to be alone, even though those male machines are so damn real, having a living breathing human with me…would be…would be-”

She brushed away a tear, making Marla feel even more ashamed.

Then Sarah sighed and pleaded her case some more. “Look, if you traded up to a deluxe double room with me, I’d promise to pay whatever tips we did have for whatever remaining room service we needed.”

Marla pursed her lips and thought about it very carefully. Having won the trip in the company lottery, and then purchasing some extras out of pocket, she hadn’t managed to bring along much money with her. She had read about the upgraded rooms being all inclusive except for tipping room service. Perhaps shacking up with an experienced wannabe friend might help to eliminate those pesky out of pocket expenses and get her into a room ten times as nice as hers.

Marla manufactured a plastic smile and then slapped it onto her beautiful face.

“Fine,” Marla blurted out, moving her nervous hand tentatively in Sarah’s direction. “I’ll trade up and we can get the deluxe double bedroom package, as long as you’re sure you can afford my portion of tips.”

Sarah’s face beamed immediately. “Damn right I’ll pay. Party central, with all the perks, here we come,” she said excitedly.

“Not many men on this trip,” Marla suddenly frowned, changing the subject as she glanced around at the disembarking passengers.

Sarah nodded up and down, signifying that she understood her new found friend’s fascination at a lack of men. She now sought to put her two cents in. “I read somewhere that men would rather simply pay some escort back on earth a few bucks rather than make the journey out here and pay millions. They don’t care about personality or charm or good or bad ways. As long as she has large firm breasts, long silky smooth legs, and thick cock sucking lips, that is all they care about.”

Marla soaked up her words.

“Then again,” Sarah continued. “A billionaire could pretty well afford any woman he wanted here on the planet. There is that beach I told you about where a lot of male billionaires from earth go, only it’s off limits to anyone not specially invited to it. I can just imagine how beautiful and sexy the woman are on that beach, whether real or android.”

Marla smiled. “They must have lots of incredibly sexy women there. Even if it’s only the sexbot android types. But, who wouldn’t want to marry a young, hot looking billionaire? You could help me sneak me onto that damn izmit rus escort beach. I’d be set for life if I could manage to sink my marriage minded claws into one of their more handsome loaded hunks.”

Sarah stared at her incredulously. “Why would you as a hot blooded girl want to take on a real man with all his faults and bad ways when you could have a preprogrammed hunk of perfection?”

“For the boatloads of money, honey,” Marla explained. “I was only commenting on how easy it might be to seduce a love starved and sex starved hunk.”

Sarah smiled. “Maybe I could help you pretend to be some horny android sexbot, then you can steal the heart and bank account of some super loaded hunk.”

“Wouldn’t that be divine?” Marla said mischievously.

Sarah found the idea crazy but it was just one more fantasy to dream about on a fabulous planet where anything was possible. Sarah’s smile now got even broader. Her new friend Marla had a keen wit and a fun mind. She now felt that her ‘death wish’ trip would be a lot of great excitement with much needed laughs.

“Excuse me.”

The unexpected male voice of the young man trying to get by stunned both girls.

Marla was the first to speak. “Are we in your way? Oh, sorry. We are blocking the aisle, aren’t we?”

The young man smiled, revealing rows of dazzling white teeth and a buff musculature that left Marla panting. She giggled then stared shamelessly.

“Something wrong?” the young man asked.

Marla shrugged.

Sarah decided to be spokeswoman.

“Nothing’s wrong per se. It’s just that you look like you belong on a mag cover. Every woman’s dream, really. Impossibly handsome and incredibly buff. Why would you want to pay top dollar for this planet when you could have any woman you want back on earth for free?”

“Can I have you two?” he shot back, smiling at both women.

Marla could feel her face turn red and go flush. “What my friend is trying to say,” Marla managed, deflecting his flattering question. “Is that the few men we have seen on this space shuttle are, well, older, with pot bellies, short and balding, you know, men who wouldn’t have a chance at scoring a hot babe back on earth to date. Here they can fulfill their fantasies. But you? You are simply to die for.”

“Thank-you, I’ll take that as a compliment,” he answered.

For a moment the two women seemed lost in his dreamy blue eyes and formidable dimples.

Then he raised his hands and showed off a pair of handcuffs attached.

“You’re handcuffed?” Marla asked incredulously.

“C’mon Randall, stop chatting up the women,” a gruff and nasty voice said from in front of them.

A pair of hands reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him passed the women and down the narrow aisle. In all, three muscular black suited men were escorting him.

“A condemned man,” a stewardess said to Marla and Sarah, noting their bewilderment.

Marla felt nervous, and stared inquisitively at the blue polyester clad stewardess now unexpectedly talking to her.

“Were you talking to us?” Marla managed, staring at the woman who had served them meals and drinks during the flight.

“Yes. You were asking about the man in handcuffs. Randall Benson is his name. He was convicted of capital murder back on earth. He was sentenced to death, but he was offered a chance at life if he would join pleasure planet as a sex slave.”

Marla stared at her incredulously. “A sex slave?”

“Yep. Pleasure Planet has been paying huge sums of money to earth authorities to get them to commute the sentences of convicted killers on death row. They pay millions to governments to ‘buy’ the prisoners for female clients who want real men, not the realistic androids advertised.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Sarah chimed in. “You know, having convicted killers making love to vulnerable women?”

“There are lots of precautions, such as the men having their arms surgically removed and their teeth yanked out. They can’t strangle their partners nor even bite them. All they can do is let the desperate earth women mount them and make love to them.”

“That is crazy. Absolutely wild,” Marla shot back.

“It is,” the stewardess continued, “but some women demand the real thing, and it puts their minds at ease to know that the real live dreamboat murderers they will be making love to have been defanged and declawed so to speak.”

“All so nightmarish and surreal, but to each her own I guess.”

“And, of course, there is the fact that some women want to get pregnant.”

“You mean with the convict Randall and others like him?”


“Wow, that is some pretty weird shit going on,” Sarah mused. “I’ve been to pleasure planet before but obviously I don’t know half of what is going on. I guess Randall is happy not to be in the electric chair.”

“If you call living the rest of your life without arms, or real teeth or freedom something to be happy about?” Marla said.

“Yeah, but at least he’ll have lots of female company giving him orgasms day and night,” the stewardess said.

“Have you ever tried any of the androids or so called ‘real armless convicts’ on Pleasure Planet?” Sarah asked her.

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