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All the rounds of World Mixed Wresling tournament had been completed with the winner set to be announced after Jenny beat Harry to win a 7-6 victory in favour of the women. However, the committee saw the tape of the bout again and noticed that she had rubbed his penis to turn him on thus she got qualified.

Now with Harry and Jenny’s battle result dismissed, the former was set to face a rookie named Ursula from the women’s reserve squad.

Harry was a veteran of these battles and at 37 years of age he was still at his peak. A heavy but athletic guy with no moral codes when it came to facing women.

Ursula on the other hand had just joined the division. She still had not debuted and was short on strength and experience. But she was smart, beautiful and slim.

Her brains versus hid brawn was the talk at the stadium before the match.

Harry stormed into Ursula’s locker room and threatened her to quit. “You done asshole?” she asked.

“What?” replied Harry who was shocked by her self-assurance.

“I said, if you’re done and I hope you are done, then please leave before I do something to you which you’ll regret little boy.” she repled.

“You fucking cunt. How dare you? I’ve left women of all sizes and colors flat and out on the mat for months and you’re not worried?” the hot-headed Harry asked.

Ursula smiled, walked towards him and whispered “I know. But those bitches casino oyna were fighters… I’m a survivor. A survivor unlike any other in this business”. She kissed him on the cheek and winked before taking off her towel and getting nakef in front of him and walking into the shower.

“Help yourself out.” she said. Harry watched in awe as his competition had seduced and demoralized him brilliantly. His heart was beating out of his chest and he was sweating out of control.

Suddenly, the ball rang. Ursula walked by him in her outfit with a smile on her face while he stood still and took his time to come to his senses and walk towards the hallway and into the arena.

The battle outfits were limited to anything which hides the private and pubic parts of the body so Ursula was only wearing a single strip of cloth barely covering her genitals and nipples. Harry meanwhile, wore a boxing gear.

They both walked towards each other but before Harry could hit her she called for a pause and covered herself in oil. Harry was again taken aback by her actions and opted to pause himself to take off his gloves and sleeveless shirt.

So finally both started swinging at each other with Ursula carefully dodging Harry’s jabs. She grabbed his left arm one time and tried to turn it. Harry replied with thump from his right on Ursula’s face who fell down immediately.

Harry kicked her while she was down but canlı casino Ursula managed to grab his foot one time broke one of his toes by twisting it. Harry screamed in pain but Ursula kicked him and swiped his legs away as he fell hard right next to her.

Ursula got on top of him and started slapping right and left till his face turned red. Harry countered the onslaught by grabbing her hands and pressed against her.

They both got up on their knees and neither was able to prove a worthy until Harry pushed her past her power and now he was on top of Ursula.

She quickly reacted and put him in a triangle choke. Surprisingly, Ursula’s clothing on her pussy began to slide down due to the oil and a red-faced Harry pressing against it. She managed to hold her cloth and stopped getting her pussy in Harry’s face which would’ve DQ’d her.

Ursula crushed Harry’s upper torso and realized her move to get inside his head before the start had worked. However, somehow Harry managed to pick her up and threw her away.

He felt like he had just won and started to celebrate when she didn’t move for a few seconds. But she got up and hit running knee on his face.

The crowd cheered on as Harry fell again and got up again. Ursula removed the rubber tying her hair and charged at Harry again and managed to jump and climb on top of his head from the back.

Harry tried to slam her back but she placed kaçak casino her knees out and both got hurt pretty bad. They walked around knowing the end was close as Harry came rushing in to finish the job and hit a clothesline which took her down.

Harry had used all his strength but didn’t realize Ursula landed easy and didn’t even give him the time to look around before she sidestepped him and chained his hands with her hair band.

The more he’d try to pry them out the more it’d hurt. Ursula started kicking and punching him again and big left punch from Ursula which she forced through with power hit Harry.

He felt everything from her fingers, nails, arms and nearly her armpits and breast touched his face.

Harry fell and tried to get up again but was to weak to to anything meaningful. Ursula blocked a swing of his tied up hands kicked him in the stomach. He fell on his knees before she removed her hair band from his hands, tied up her hair with it, cleaned the blood and the sweat of her body and whispered “Looks like I win little boy” while she poked his chest a little and he fell on his back. Ursula had defeated Harry.

Harry’s record now showed 18-1 and the rookie Ursula had won this year’s competition for the women 7-6.

She came to the arena after celebrating her victory and Harry was still there lying but now fully awake.

She walked towards him and told him she’s sorry. He asked her about what and sat on his face and put him to sleep again. “That’s why.” she said before throwing her old panties and the clothing she won during the battle and walking away for good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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