Fetish begins at 40

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Patricia was 40 and she stood in front of her long mirror. She was a size 16, had two children, was not too careful about her family’s lifestyle, did not exercise and her tummy hung down. She took hold of handfuls of her own flesh and skin and pulled it about, with disgust. For the first time in her adult life, she began to think again about controlling her figure by wearing firm foundations. After their wedding, 16 years earlier, her husband had undressed her on their first night as a married couple, and she had abandoned her girdle and stockings immediately. He had been happy with her figure then and there had been no question of foundations ever since. But now, she looked in the mirror and saw a woman who needed help for her own self esteem. She experienced a little worry over what her husband might say, since he had always been dismissive about overweight older women who tried to look like girls.

First, she went to Marks & Spencer since that was the store she remembered that sold underwear with some support, and then to a specialist underwear shop. To be honest, she was disappointed with the girdles and other clothes they had in stock. They gave her very little support. She wanted and needed something stronger to hold her in place. Most of the things they had were for slim young girls, not heavy mature women. In desperation, one day she put on everything she had bought up to that time. That was three brief pantie girdles, a roll-on open girdle and an all-in-one pantie corselette. The effect was very good on her figure and especially her tummy. She felt held in place for the first time. But she felt ridiculous in this concoction of underwear and most of the items were not so attractive anyway. She just didn’t know what to do.

All this time, her husband had been saying typical male things such as, “Girdles are revolting” and “What a passion killer.”

It was beginning to come between them. She wished to be more supported, shapely and exciting but he found her solution a real turn-off: just the opposite of what she had intended.

Two years later, just before her 42nd birthday, she stood again in front of the same mirror and came to the same conclusion as before. She renewed her search and saw an advert in The Lady for custom-made lingerie and corsetry. She thought perhaps they’d be nicer, more feminine. She sent off and got a brochure back within a day. The pictures did not give a very good idea of what the clothes were like but she decided to order something anyway. She measured herself and ordered a front zip open bottomed corselette with six suspenders. She ordered it one size too small, partly because she wanted to be sure that it would hold her firmly but also because she intended to lose weight. She casino oyna was really a 40C but she ordered a 38C. It came on a Saturday morning and she dashed to the bedroom and put it on. It was very firm; more so than she expected. She struggled with the hooks and the zip. Then she struggled with the stockings and suspenders. The bra top was overflowing a bit but she did feel really well held. It had long narrow bones at the front and back, and the zip was reinforced, too. She stood there, contained and tight, feeling at her own figure, her waist and her hips. She felt like a new woman. Her excitement was growing.

She got dressed over it and went to the living room where her husband was getting ready to go out. She moved across to him and gave him one of her usual cuddles. He put his arms round her and squeezed a little. Then he went quiet and still for a few seconds. Then he squeezed again. Then he ran his hands up and down her sides and then round the back.

“What was it?” he asked.

“It’s what you don’t like” she replied.

“I think maybe I do after all” he said and kissed her, all the while running his hands all her over.

Within a few minutes they were back in the bedroom and he was undressing her to see what was holding her so well. They were there for quite a time, caressing each other but not making love. He seemed entranced by the feel and the view. Her clothing held her so smoothly and strongly. Quite unlike the mass of clothes she’d tried two years earlier. That was their beginning.

They got up from the bed after a long time kissing and feeling at each other; especially him feeling at her and her becoming excited in the knowledge that her solution may now be acceptable to him. They wandered about the house for the rest of the evening, touching each other and kissing, and him holding her from behind. He pressed her smooth tight bottom against him and she could feel his excitement also. By 9 0’clock, they could no longer contain themselves and they went to their bedroom. In a flurry of clothes and limbs, they made love as they hadn’t done for many years and all the while with her firmly girdled. He was vigorous with her and she let him be so. He moved her around the bed and rolled her over and did things with her that she’d almost forgotten about. She could feel him moving inside herself with a new clarity: it was is if the pressure of her corsetry had raised the sense of touch throughout her whole body. She felt every ripple of his movement and every jerk of his muscle inside her. His orgasm was overwhelming for him and he cried out as the new pressure raised his urgency. He ran his hands all over her corseted body before, during and after his orgasm. He obviously found in her new canlı casino erotic sensations as he felt the smoothness and the firmness and the tightness over her skin and under his hands. He sank down the bed and buried his head in her corseted thighs and sucked and licked and sucked and licked for as long as she took to reach her climax. For the first time in years, they both came to orgasm at one session of making love.

After that, they chose and bought her girdles and corselettes together. Soon she had half a dozen girdles of various styles and three or more other corselettes. The tighter and firmer they were, the better. She liked to feel pulled and taut when she was wearing one. Her husband liked to help her get into them and then would be excited by her movements and shape as she moved about. They have been making love in her foundations ever since and both like it very much. For her, the pleasure was mainly about restraint and the knowledge that she was shapely and that her tummy was flat whilst her breasts were young-looking. It was all about femininity and womanliness. She was not the girdles and they were not her, but together they were powerful. They enhanced her orgasms which previously used to be difficult and slow to achieve. Now she could come four or five times for every one of their loving sessions and each of her husband’s. He was always very vigorous with her when she was firmly dressed because he felt that the corsetry would save her!! That’s the way he described his passion and she understood it perfectly – that’s the way she felt as well. The more firmly she was held, the more vigorous she liked him to be. Whenever she wore more than one girdle or corselette, then they really had a “good ride”.

Her girdles and corselettes have come to control their lives as well as her body. She has dieted and exercised over recent years and so has her husband. She is no longer a fat woman, just a big shapely one. They have explored every aspect of their bodies for pleasure and the original ideas came from her girdles. They now look out for new ideas about their bodies.

As soon as her husband started to exercise and get fit, they discovered a new pleasure. He first bought some Lycra exercise shorts, almost like cycling shorts. They held him in place as he exercised and she liked the smooth feeling of his body, especially around his bottom and over his thighs. She rubbed herself against him when he had them on and found him even more exciting – and his excitement was clear for her to see, inside the shorts. Inevitably, he lost weight and the shorts failed to hold him as firmly as they once had done and they needed to buy another set, tighter. She went to the sports shop with him and urged him to buy some two kaçak casino sizes smaller, not only because she thought he would lose so much weight but she wanted to see him help really tightly. And so it was. There nightly loving always started with him in his tight shorts, sometimes two at a time to give even greater compression.

Within a few weeks, she bought him a women’s girdles and stockings, so then they could move straight from caressing and holding to making love without the need to undress him. He is not effeminate in any way but they have come to like him dressed like her, with restraint. The games they play are all the better with him restrained a little.

Their latest adventure was his idea. One night he produced a tape measure when they were both lying in bed. He rolled over on top of her and measured around them both at their waists. He didn’t say a word; just rolled up the tape and they went on with their nightly lovemaking. A week later, as they were both undressing and then dressing for bed, he brought a parcel from behind the cupboard.

“What is it?” she asked him.

“Get dressed and I’ll show you, but you must keep your eyes closed until I say. OK?” he replied.

“OK,” she said and did as he said.

When she was dressed in her firmest corselette and stockings, she felt him leading her feet into another corselette, as she thought it was, but it wasn’t very tight on her. It seemed to hang off her shoulders. It wasn’t even closed or zippered into place.

“What are you doing?” she asked him but he silently led her to the bed and laid her down.

Then he kneeled across her near her shoulders, and she could feel him moving down inside the new garment, whatever it was. Eventually, he was on top of her and she moved her hips and legs to let him enter her. Only then did he say, “Open your eyes and help me, now.”

She saw that they were both in a white boned long-leg pantie corselette, and the hooks and the zip needed to be fastened. What a struggle they had that first time, to get the hooks all done up whilst they were inside the corselette, and they to pull the zipper up its long run to close them both it. But when they were closed in, what fun they had together! As one of them moved, so did the other. The tension in the outer corselette compressed both of their bodies and pressed him deeper and deeper into her. Their orgasms were extreme. At the end of the evening, they could hardly move, partly because of exhaustion but also because of the compounded pressure and containment of their corsetry. They knew they were at the start of a new set of erotic experiences for both of them.

Neither of them would look at anyone else now because they have something romantic and passionate as well as being outrageously exciting. It started with girdles and they are still central to their life. But it has become much more than that and they now enjoy each other better than any other couple they know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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