Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 17

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Vicky managed to convince Martin that they should move to the city 6 months after they married. The wedding had been a low key affair but Martin was very happy and Vicky’s parents seemed delighted with their new son in law. The move away from Vicky’s parents devastated them, her mother in particular was concerned at her daughter’s moods before she left and how she had started to treat Martin.

Vicky loved the move, it gave her what she needed in life, regular access to Richard’s cock. The next few years saw her and Kim each bear 2 children for Richard. Vicky had a habit of phoning her husband on her mobile while Richard pounded her, in his car in Martin’s bed, in Richard’s office, anywhere and everywhere. Vicky had realised that the one asset she had over Kim and Sally was that she was Martin’s wife and Richard loved to fuck her behind Martin’s back. They took extraordinary risks but Martin had never discovered that his father had claimed his second wife as well.


Things changed when Vicky’s mum came to town to check on her. She was very worried about her daughter and did not tell her that she was travelling to see her but wanted it to be a surprise. She arrived in the afternoon to an empty house and had just finished unloading her stuff in the spare room when the front door opened and she heard voices. She quickly realised that Vicky was on the phone to Martin, she was about to call down when suddenly something very odd happened. The polite phone voice changed to a gasp and whilst Vicky had pressed mute on the phone she screamed:

“Give me your huge cock darling, impregnate me again Richard.”

This was followed by a calm rendition to Martin of what she had done that morning. From her vantage point Vicky’s mum Polly could casino siteleri see that her daughter had an amazing ability to hold this conversation with her husband whilst his father’s huge dick pistoned powerfully between her legs. She was amazed to see this act go on and on until Richard came all over the place whilst Vicky told Martin that she would be picking up the 2 children from Marjorie very shortly.

Suddenly everything was clear to Polly, her daughter’s strange behaviour, their move to the city and the distance she noticed between the married couple. Her daughter lived for this man, her father in law. He was the father of her children and her lover. They both clearly enjoyed humiliating Martin by fucking behind his back but enjoyed the risk of being caught.

Above everything else though Polly was astounded at the sight of the man pounding her daughter and more precisely by the size of his cock. She had never seen a man fuck that well or cum nearly that much or that powerfully. It must have been over a foot long she thought to herself. She massaged her big tits and whispered to herself:

“Two can play at that game Vicky.”


A few days later Polly left a message with Richard’s secretary that he should call by Vicky’s house that afternoon. Richard arrived expecting Vicky to greet him at the door. He was met instead by tits, huge tits. Polly was bending over the balcony, her assets, which were bigger than Kim’s, bigger even than Kim’s gorgeous mother Mel’s tits and bigger even than Sue’s melons, formed a firm wall of tit over her black bra. Her blouse was unbuttoned so low that it was an irrelevance.

“I saw you fuck my daughter the other day.” She stopped and smiled. “Whilst she chatted to Martin on the canlı casino phone, kinky. I have watched him fuck her, he isn’t much of a man so I never released these bouncing boobies to him. Now you are something different. My husband has 6 inches, your son appears to have even less, bless him. Now fish that monster out and use it on a proper woman.”

His cock had been hard at the thought of fucking Vicky whilst she talked to his son at work but now he was going to really enjoy Vicky’s busty mother. Her dark hair stretched down her back and her arse looked firm but curvy. Her tits defied belief though, Vicky had been short changed, not as badly as Martin compared to his father’s schlong but the difference was still enormous. He spent 20 minutes driving his cock between her tits and deep into her mouth before covering her glorious tits and pretty face in cum.

It was a shame Vicky did not arrive home at this point, the shock would still have been great but she would not have heard her mother ask Richard whilst his hands groped her huge boobs and his dick thrust repeatedly deep inside her:

“I suspect I know the answer but how do I compare as a fuck with my daughter.”

Richard laughed, so did Polly. Vicky stood in the doorway, unspotted, appalled at her mother and jealous once again of her huge tits.

“You are more than twice the woman she is, your tits are fantastic. Worthy of this cock. I only fuck your daughter because she is married to my son and I wanted to claim her and fuck her behind his back.”

Polly suddenly looked her daughter in the eyes:

“There has to be a pecking order darling. I just have more to offer him than you do” Polly said holding her huge firm tits up as an offering into his face.

Vicky was heartbroken and wheeled kaçak casino away out of the building to the sound of Richard pounding her mother with great enthusiasm.


Vicky knew her marriage was over, without Richard to fuck her behind his back it was meaningless. Out of spite she sent Martin a tape of Richard fucking her whilst she was on the phone to him. He watched as his father covered his wife with cum and she worshipped his dick. He too was devastated. Marjorie vowed to kill her husband when she saw the state of her son.


Kim arrived home a few days later with the shopping and the kids in toe. She had planned some time with Richard and was pissed off to receive a call from him to say:

“Sorry darling I can’t make it … uhhh … something came up.”

“I have had a shit day, who are you with?”

Sally’s voice giggled down the phone: “I am bent over a tennis net and Richard is exploring whether a girl who oils and waxes her legs feels smoother to fuck than a girl who has to spend her time cleaning up baby sick.” She laughed and then said seductively into the phone: “Are my legs smooth and tanned enough for you Richard. Oh God yes give it to me. Who is your favourite fuck Richard? Tell Kim who it is.”

“You Sally, fuck you are hot, take this.”

Kim could tell he was cumming and slammed the phone down.


The next day Sue arrived at the family home and interrupted Richard and Polly hard at it. Impressed that Richard had found tits bigger that hers Sue joined in the worshipping of his cock. Huge tits, a huge cock and cum spraying everywhere – it was not surprising they did not see that they were being watched from the door.

A single shot echoed round the house. Sue screamed. Richard slumped forward, his head lodged between Polly’s enormous boobs, a trickle of blood running down his back. The figure at the door placed the gun in their pocket and slipped away.

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