Fantasy Fulfilled!

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The second she closed the door, our eyes locked, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, meeting my lips in a deep kiss. Her hands started sliding up and down my body, touching my sides, my chest, feeling the bulge that was already forming in my jeans from the way she tasted. Her full, beautiful, deep cleavage beckoned me, and before I knew it I was sliding under her shirt, my hand pushing under her black, lacy bra to free her beautiful C cup breast as I tasted her beckoning nipple for the first time. Already firm, it turned rock hard between my willing lips, and she moaned as I began sucking gently. Throbbing with anticipation, I peeled her shirt and bra off, then my own shirt, before pushing her firmly back against the motel room wall, kissing her hard before cupping her breasts in my hands, sucking savagely at her nipples, drinking them in as she moaned even louder, calling to God from the warmth of my mouth on her body!!!

Pausing for a brief second, we parted as she pawed at my jeans, trying to undo them while I pulled at her own, unbuttoning them just enough to slide my fingers down into her black thong panties and right into her already soaking wet pussy. I slipped in one finger, then two, and she moaned out curse after curse from the pleasure, her pussy dripping in my hand as I worked my fingers back and forth inside of her, stretching her from the inside out until, within moments, she came hard on my hand for what was the first of many times! I felt her pussy clenching, then releasing my fingers as I told her how naughty she was, how much she enjoyed me fingering her, her pussy continuing to gush all over my hand!

As she recovered from her first orgasm, she moved in front of me, dropping to her knees before engulfing my now solid cock in her beautiful, soft, sensuous, full lips! In all my years on this istanbul escort earth, I have never felt pleasure like she was able to give! Working my length in and out of her mouth with perfect precision, she sucked hungrily, willingly, her hands on my legs, and I felt the cum beginning to boil in my balls! Finally, knowing that I could resist no longer, I pulled my cock from her angelic mouth and pulled her to her feet. She walked to the bathroom to get a towel to dry her still dripping pussy, but I walked in behind her as she bent over. I ran my fingers up her inner thighs, inserting them once again into her beautiful, deep, tight hole! She instantly moaned, bracing herself against the next finger fucking as I moved two fingers in and out of her, a third gently penetrating her asshole as she gasped! I worked them in and out, in and out faster and faster as her moans increased, her panting and moans turning to gasps until she let out another scream, gushing again all over my dirty hand.

Soaking wet all over again, she moved out of the bathroom to the hallway where she again met my lips with a deep kiss. Passionately, our tongues intertwined as she sucked at my tongue, our bodies pressed tightly together, my cock throbbing for her again, wanting the pleasure that only she could give me. Gently, I pushed her to her knees where she obediently engulfed my rock hard cock in her hungry mouth, sucking me harder this time. Unable to control myself, I thrust forward repeatedly, pushing my full length down her throat as her head hit the wall, her hands against my thighs, trying to push me back in order not to gag. In response, I pulled back as she took my cock in her hand, stroking me, making me spasm from the feeling as she bent down a little lower and started licking my balls, tasting them, letting kabataş escort their musky scent fill her nose. Barely able to stand from the stimulation, I leaned back on the sink vanity, arching my back as she moved me back to her mouth, servicing me as I thrusted over and over again, trying to fight the urge to cum! Again on the verge, I pulled away from her hungry mouth again, feeling the pre-cum already oozing from my bulging mushroom head as she looked up into my brown eyes with her gorgeous blue orbs!

As I struggled to regain control, I helped her to her feet, and we moved to the bed as I ripped open and unrolled a condom onto my steely shaft. As she seductively crawled onto the bed on all fours, I climbed on behind her, grabbing her sexy ass and flipping her over. I don’t know if she knew, but I wanted to look deeply into her beautiful blue eyes as I entered her for the first time! My cock in my hand, I guided it in as she gasped, moaning, telling me how good it felt, her beautiful locks of perfectly layered blonde hair framing her even more perfect face! I started rocking back and forth, in and out, pushing and pulling my cock, her pussy providing all the lubrication needed to move deeper and deeper with each thrust. As I picked up the pace, her moans increased, her breath quickening again, her body tightening as she built to another orgasm! Screaming, she arched her back, her pussy gushing all over the bed and my cock, writhing, feeling my rod so deep within her!

I pulled back as she rolled over and presented her beautiful ass to me, begging me to take her from behind. Unable to stop myself, the passion in complete control, I entered her pussy doggystyle this time, rocking in and out, my hands on her hips, our bodies starting to slap together, her gorgeous ass beckoning me to give kadıköy escort her every drop of my manhood. I wanted to give her my cum, every thundering spurt of it, but I didn’t want to do it with a condom on. I didn’t want anything between us when I finally exploded for her, I wanted to be closer to her, closer than the film between us. Wanting that more than anything, I pulled out, ripping off the thin latex sheath that separated us, and coaxed her to re-position her body until her head was hanging off of the edge of the bed where I was anxiously waiting to fill her mouth again with my full length! She sucked me hard, savagely, and then took me in her hand, stroking me as my swollen balls dangled down into her beautiful, perfect, hungry mouth. I heard her moaning, asking me to give it to her, begging me for my cum as I felt surge after surge of my juices pumping up my shaft until I could hold back no longer. Panting, grunting, out of control, I uttered the words, “I’m gonna cum” a second before gushing spurt after spurt of hot, white, sticky cream all over her face, in her hair, down her neck, and on her hand as she moaned in approval from the size of my load. With her cum soaked face and hand, she reached up, continuing to stroke me, but the feeling was so sensitive, so intense, that I pulled away, collapsing to the floor in a state of complete and utter euphoria, satisfaction written all over my face.

She beckoned me back to the bed where we kissed, touched one another’s bodies, exploring one another until we both caught our collective breaths. Wanting one more, the fingers of my left hand found their way to her nether region one more time as I fingered her hard to another screaming orgasm, her pussy clenching tighter than I had felt the previous three times! We lay there, soaked in sweat and one another’s juices, enjoying one another’s presence before showering and finally parting for the night with one more deep kiss. While I am a man of some experience, I can truly and honestly say that she was the very vision of beauty, the embodiment of my perfect fantasy, and the best lover I have ever, ever had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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