Family Vacation

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She tossed the last swimsuit into her suitcase and zipped it shut quickly. Turning to the man behind her, she smiled. “Ready to go?” she asked.

He looked a bit nervous but managed to smile back as he replied, “Of course.”

She laughed and hugged him. “It’s just my family, not a pack of wild animals.”

“There’s a difference?” he returned smartly.

She giggled and swatted at him before kissing him lovingly. “You’ll be fine.” she stated matter-of-factly.

“What if I want to… you know? With your mother around?? I mean, we’re all sharing a suite. You have to be a bit nervous too.”

“Nah… my mom is cool. She won’t mind. She already knows we’re sharing a bed. Just loosen up and don’t worry about it, okay?”

“I guess I can try. I hope you’re right. I don’t want your mom to hate me or anything.”

She laughed again and kissed his cheek. He’s so damn cute, she thought to herself.

He lifted their bags and carried them to the car, and they drove down to the beach with her family. After arriving at the hotel suite, everyone settled in. They had their own room, but they shared a bathroom with the rest of the family. She kept teasing him etiler bdsm escort by pinching his butt and biting his neck when they were together, and he got very embarassed in front of everyone.

The next day, everyone went to the beach except for them and her mother. She wanted some time alone with him and knew her mom wouldn’t interfere, but he was still nervous about it. They laid on their bed, with her in his arms, and snuggled together quietly.

Suddenly, she jumped up from the bed and grinned down at him. “Let’s take a shower. Together. Come on,” she said as she grabbed his hand.

He smiled nervously and said, “But baby, your mom is in the kitchen. What will she think?”

“How will she know? Like you said, she’s in the kitchen. Now come on.”

He agreed and they started off to the bathroom together. As they were walking in the door, her mother walked by. He blushed instantly, and both mother and daughter laughed.

Her mother smiled and patted his back. “I don’t mind,” she stated, “I know my baby is grown and I know you’re a good guy. Go ahead and have fun, kids.” Then she continued down the hall into her etiler elit escort room.

“See? It’s no problem,” she said with a smile and she led him into the bathroom.

Once they were both inside, he shut and locked the door, and turned shyly to her. She slid her hands up his chest and over his shoulders and began kissing him deeply and passionately. His hands automatically went up to her back as he rolled his tongue around hers, pulling her closer to him. She pressed her hips towards him and felt his hard cock pressing back against her. She moaned and rolled her hips in slow circles against him, teasing him.

His hands went down to her ass and squeezed hard, causing her to moan again. She slipped her hands under his shirt and pushed it off quickly, breaking the kiss only for a moment. Her hands roamed over his bare chest and back, rubbing slowly. He slid one hand under her shirt and began massaging her bare breast, grateful she had a habit of not wearing bras. She moaned and pulled her shirt off, tossing it aside. She pulled his head down to her nipple, and he started sucking greedily as his hands pushed down her shorts and etiler escort panties. She unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pushed them down along with his boxers.

“I can’t wait for the shower,” he said as he pushed her against the wall and shoved his cock inside her tight pussy. She arched her back and moaned his name as she wrapped one of her legs around him. He grabbed her ass and held her up so she could wrap her other leg around him as well. He began fucking her hard and fast as she gripped his shoulders tightly.

They kissed passionately while he squeezed and massaged her voluptuous ass. She moaned louder and quickly slid her hands down his chest and back up again to his shoulders, as his hard cock thrust in and out of her. He groaned loudly as she bounced up and down on his dick, loving the feeling of her tight, wet cunt.

“Mmm, yes, I’m gonna cum,” she moaned as she grabbed his shoulders and laid her head back. Her orgasm tore through her, causing her body to quiver and her pussy to squeeze his cock even tighter. Feeling that, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and he shot his hot load into her while her fingernails raked down his back.

They both collapsed onto the floor in a heap with their clothing, breathing deeply, tangled in each other’s arms. She brushed his hair off of his forehead and smiled down at him. “It seems you’ve gotten over your fear rather nicely.”

He laughed and hugged her tight. “I love you,” he told her.

“I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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