Expanding Her Boundaries

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Liz and I were heading up to the cottage for a few days. It was late October and although there was no snow on the ground it was definitely cold enough to snow. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and were planning on staying until Sunday. The challenge for me would be getting the cottage warm enough to get some of Liz’s clothes off. I started by lighting the wood stove and then getting a decent fire going in the fireplace. Liz made an apple pie and quickly got it in the oven. We were able to get the temperature up to a comfortable 74 degrees.

Around 10pm Liz decided it was time for bed. Liz is in her late 30s, 5’8″, very slender with 36DD breasts and a nice ass. She hides her breasts very well but when she undresses you can’t help but admire them. Liz knows I love to watch her get undressed so she tends to tease me a little, this evening she spent extra time looking at her reflection in the window pretending to be dissatisfied with some aspect of her body. The truth is that she knows she is hot. That first evening Liz denied me sex which wasn’t unusual as it is how she flexes her dominance in our relationship.

The next day started with a great breakfast, pangaltı escort some chores, and a walk through the woods. My jobs were to keep the fire going, fetch the wood and clean the dirty dishes. This morning I had also made breakfast which really put me in the good books with Liz. At around 1pm Liz announced she was going to take a shower and disappeared into the bathroom. I turned on the TV and planted my ass on the bed hoping to just relax for a while.

After about 20 minutes Liz appeared completely naked and crawled onto the bed and kneeled in front of me. Her ample breasts on either side of my face and her nipples were fully erect. Liz had very large nipples that when erect can poke through multiple layers of clothes. I was speechless but immediately took her left nipple into my mouth. My hands reached around and each took hold of one of her ass cheeks.

Liz asked, “What would like to do to me?”

“What am I allowed to do to you?” I responded.

She said, “Anything.”

I replied “I would like to play with your butt.”

Liz smiled as if she already knew the answer. Liz likes her anus pendik escort played with but has never let me do much more than that. I once tried to make contact with my tongue and she immediately put a stop to that. I started by spreading her ass cheeks and then circling her anus with my middle finger. This only went on for a few minutes before she offered to get into a better position. Soon she was bent over with her ass just inches from my face. I now had a visual to go with my actions. My excitement level was through the roof. I had this beautiful perfect ass in front of me and I was allowed to play with it. Liz was telling me how wet she was getting and I could see the glistening on her vagina lips. I had a raging erection that was clearly visible. Liz loved to tease me and leave me wanting more.

She wiggled a little bit and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I gave an astounding “Yes!”

“Would you like to kiss my anus?” Liz inquired.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this has always been off limits to me. I replied with a very vocal “Yes!”

“Since the day has been going very well you have rus escort earned the right for one kiss, but only one.” Liz said.

I made sure my lips were moist hoping it might spark some additional sensation for her, then I made sure to plant my lips so her anus was fully engulfed by my kiss. I swear I heard a slight moan leave her lips but she never let on. Once I released my lips from her anus she immediately told me her vagina needed some attention and to go wash my hands and mouth and come back.

When I arrived back Liz was now lying on her back. I returned to my previous sitting position and pulled her close so that her legs were spread with one on either side of me. I started rolling her clit between the index finger and thumb on my right hand and inserted the middle finger of my left hand into her wet, tight vagina. Liz put her head back and shut her eyes.

Liz was moaning softly and telling me how good it felt. It was an amazing sight for me as her breasts were still pointing straight up as she lay there and I swear her nipples were sticking out a good inch. This lasted for only about 5 minutes before Liz screamed out in ecstasy. Liz is always very vocal during orgasm but it gets even louder when we are alone at the cottage. Once she stopped squirming Liz rolled off the bed onto her feet and started getting dressed. She told me she was getting cold so I should get more wood and stoke the fire. I did what I was told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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