Escape to Saskatchewan

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He stood on the edge of the low dock in the bright summer morning in northern Saskatchewan. The cold water lapped over the worn wood of the dock and onto his bare feet. He sipped steaming coffee, staring over the still lake that was outlined with dark pines.

The slightest scent of napalm had not travelled this far north. The deep woods were not tainted. To the south, the land was cursed with that smell and worse. It was due to the fallout in the United States. So many people had died in the fighting and, once subsided, more died in the attempts to fend off the successive chemical destruction.

Derick lost his wife and son in it all. However, he had saved Shelly, his young daughter. The two escaped to the far north to avoid the conflict and find safety and solace. A couple hundred kilometers farther south, the extermination of land and people was recognizable. Scarred trees, burned shrubbery, a brown haze, and a scent of burning fuel oil.

He often stared at the great pines and wondered what his old split-level house and green yard would look like now. The Midwest became a wasteland after the chemical warfare. Had anything started to regrow? Would anything ever regrow?

The land would be covered again with life. It had been a bed of survival since the formation and would likely allow for reform with new growth of species and vegetation. Maybe not the grains and fields of wheat and corn. But life nonetheless.

Humans, on the other hand, were a single species. If its population was killed off, it would never be restored. That reality was one reason he thought about Shelly as he first did. But it had grown into more.

The dock started joggle and the waves of water sloshed. It splashed to his ankles. He heard Shelly’s squeal of fun, as she ran onto the dock.

She wrapped her arms around his waist. “How are you today, daddy?”

“You run much more on this dock and you’ll push me in this water. And, if I go, you’re coming in with me,” Derick said. He grabbed her wrists, which were still locked around his waist, and faked falling in.

“We’ll freeze in this water. Then we’ll have to dry our clothes.” She giggled.

Derick remembered seeing his daughter, naked, in her innocent form. She was eighteen but had kept her small frame for several reasons. Food was harder to come by, unlike in years past. Secondly, her mother had been thin and petite. Her mother had always struggled to add weight to her tiny body. Derick had been husky, strong, a man with wiry red hair.

“I can handle the cold,” Derick told her. “I’m not so sure about you.”

“I can. I’ll jump in right now,” she said. “I’ll cannon-ball in to show you.”

“You won’t like it.” He waved his finger. “Wait till the day warms up a little. Looks to be warmer than it has been.”

He had trouble seeing nude Shelly at first. Now though, he stared. He had a new love for her. A gentle fatherly love but a deeper desire as well. His eyes liked to see her now. Her pronounced pink nipples set on small breasts. Her thin legs. The blond patch of hair. A golden fleece.

Derick unlocked Shelly’s long fingers from around his waist. He needed to, because he felt himself thickening. It wasn’t the right time.

A few hours later, the pair were in the comfortable cabin putting together dinner. He was frying two small rainbow trout fillets. He glanced up, in time, to see her reach to the top of the cabinet for a can of corn. Her shirt pulled up, showing her hips against her shorts. Her hips seemed barely wide enough to hold up her shorts. He took his eyes off of her.

He flipped the fillets. They sizzled on the hot pan and shot the grease onto his hands and forearms, stinging him.

The trout were an average size. Shelly fished them from the lake a few hours ago. He had watched her, holding the long fishing pole on the dock in the etlik escort warm day. The sun shimmered on the lake and onto her pale shoulders. He slipped away and imagined she was holding him, her hands on his cock, eventually his cum landing on her delicate hands.

When she had brought the trout to him, he complimented her catch.

“Becoming the hottest fisher in the area. Getting everyone’s attention,” he said.

“The hottest?”

“Yeah, Major League Fishing would be pressing you for an interview. To get out in the boat and watch you toss a line.”

“You’re just saying that,” she said, plunking her fist against his shoulder.

“Better be out there tomorrow. More trout probably be waiting to watch a pretty young lady at their lake. I hear the rainbows swim to cuties like you. You hold out a net and they’ll jump right in.”

She giggled and hugged him, pressing her face against his chest. She pulled back to look into his green eyes. “Then what sort of fish follow handsome men like you?”

“The bony-eared assfish,” he said.

“Yeah, right. I bet it would be a …” She stalled. “I can’t think of a fish that matches you. Maybe a shark, a salmon. Definitely not a whale.” She ran her hand under his shirt to rub his flat stomach.

As she rubbed, her hand came close to the button of his jeans. His dick realized how close her hand had come.

“All I know is that you’re manly, strong.” She growled like the Hulk and tried to make the green monster’s muscles.

Derick laughed, until he glimpsed her breasts as her shirt collar hung low. She wore no bra. The exciting view made him choke and cough.

“Everything OK, daddy?” she asked. She put her arms around her dad.

“Yes, fine.” He turned away to pull the fillets off the stove.

As they ate across from each other, Derick had to force his eyes away from Shelly’s prominent nipples. The deeper tone of her areola pressed against her thin, white t-shirt and made them unmistakable. She caught his eyes once. Hers followed his. Realizing, she swelled her chest with a deep breath. And he was not expecting that response.

“You like them?”

“Like what?” The words stumbled through his lips.


Her voice was so soft and charming. More, it was sexy.

“You are a gorgeous woman. Just like your mother. I love you. I want to love you more,” he said.

He ended the conversation there.

Later they sat in front of the fire. He was in a recliner, sipping watered-down coffee. Shelly lay on the couch under a light blanket. He looked at her. Blond hair in a ponytail. The slight break of pale flesh between the end of her eyebrow and her hairline. Her ears curved like a shining quarter moon and set perfectly perpendicular to her sharp nose. She wore tiny diamond-studded earrings. They were her mother’s. Derick had purchased them years ago. He had given the pair to Shelly when they first headed north. A memory for both he and his daughter.

His coffee cooled, so he stood to refill his cup, but he saw Shelly had shifted on the couch. Her thigh was exposed, as far up as her pink panties. When the two of them first moved north, she was skinny. In this short of time, she was still small but had built and toned her muscle with the everyday chores. She had been absorbing his attention through the last months. He could not get her out of his mind.

He went to the back of the couch and reset the blanket over her to cover her. He let his rough hands rub down her thigh, and, as his hand moved up, she shifted in her sleep. His hand was caught between her legs, feeling her inner thigh. Soft, warm, innocent. No man had been there. Derick’s dick grew immediately to a harsh stiffness. He struggled but pulled his hand away. Doing so eased his erect cock—somewhat.

He walked to the kitchen to refill his cup and keep ankara eve gelen escort away from her. But he knew what lay on the cushions just out of his sight. He couldn’t wait. He was too built up with these pangs of sexual desire. He returned to his chair and leaned back deeply. He unbuckled his jeans and reached into his undershorts. He closed his eyes and let his hand stroke up and down, no moisture on the flesh. The idea of sex, of conquering, of loving caused a moan and a quick inhale. It woke Shelly.

She brushed some hairs from her face.

“Everything all right?”

He saw when she realized where his hand was.


His hand paused. “Yes, Shelly. I am.” He didn’t say any more.

“You sound sad,” she said. “I am fine with what you’re doing. I know you need to.”

“That I need to do what?” He was surprised at her forwardness, her seeming to know more than he expected.

“Need to stroke yourself. I’ve seen you do it before. A lot. It’s nice to see.”

“Wait, what? You’ve seen me?”

She gave a smile of an innocent girl with the wicked eyes of a woman. A woman who knew the power of a woman.

“I have always wanted to be there for it. You get so crazy. It excites me then. I like that I am the one who starts it.” Shelly threw off the blanket and stood. “What do you want me to show you so I can help?”

Derick began moving his hand again. He noticed her toes pressing into the floor, her knees jittering in this surprise encounter, the pink panties covering a treasure, the white shirt, her swelled nipples, the visible pulse pumping at the base of her long neck, her white smile, her green eyes. He took her all in.

“Turn around and slide down your panties.”

Her body moved as only a woman can. Even a simple shift. She hooked her fingers at the elastic band of her panties. She edged them down, exposing her lower back, and then her round ass.

Derick huffed in his heat. He paused his stroking for a moment to gather his wits, to slow and enjoy what was happening.

“I don’t know where you learn it, but you women know how to move your bodies just the right way.”

Over her shoulder, she said, “We just know. Would you focus?”

She bent over at her waist, spreading her feet wider. The panties stretched from thigh to thigh. The elastic crackled under its strain.

She reached back and spread apart her asscheeks. Everything came into view in the light. Her blond hair, the mound, little lips peeking from it, her tight asshole.

Derick sped up his hand. His hips arched off the seat of his chair.

Still in her bend, she looked back. “Don’t hide it. I want to see you beat it too.”

“See my what?” he coaxed her.

“I want to see you jerk your cock off. Show it to me, daddy, please.”

He pulled his undershorts down to his ankles with his jeans.

“Go ahead. Feel your cock getting harder in your hand. That feels good, doesn’t it?”

She grinned at the length of her father’s cock. And he saw that innate look that a woman possesses. It made him wince. He tightened his hand around the base of his dick, his back arched again.

“Go ahead. Don’t stop jerking off. I want to watch you. There you go, speed it up for me.” She let her panties drop then stepped to him. She knelt there.

“That’s right. Keep touching my cock. You’re making it nice and hard.”

She pushed his knees apart as far as possible.

“You want to explode, don’t you? Not yet. Not until I say you can cum.” She leaned forward into his lap. He felt her mouth kiss his balls, each one separately, intimately, lovingly. Then he felt her nose press in. There was the slightest sniff.

He slowed his hands feeling her. But she did not want to interrupt him.

“Keep jerking off. Keep massaging my cock just like that. Up and down your dick.”

He ankara escort heard her encouragement and pushed on.

“Oh my god,” she said, “you got my pussy so wet. Cum for me, go ahead. Jerk your big dick off until you explode. I want you to come for me, ok? I want you to shoot for me. Shoot it!” Shelly urged.

She ran her finger through her pussy and pushed it in with a few thrusts. Then she took two fingers and spread her pink lips apart.

His body tensed. It held for a brief moment and then his cum exploded over his chest.

“Wow, that was amazing,” he heard Shelly say. “I did that for you?”

He opened his eyes. A drizzle of cum had oozed from the head onto his hand.

Derick took in deep breaths slowing, slowing, and then pacing steadily.

“Yes, you do it for me so much,” he said.

It wasn’t done though. Still amazed at what she had witnessed, Shelly stood over him, nude from the waist down.

She pulled off her shirt, loosened her blond hair and shook it free.

“I love you,” she said. “I’m glad you’re here with me. I don’t want any other man, only you.”

“I love you too, Shelly, my baby.” He started to wave to her but realized his hands were messy.

“Let me get a towel.” She bounded, like a doe, into the kitchen.

Shelly dabbed the cum from Derick’s hand and scooped up what was on his chest. Then they both looked at his partially engorged cock.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Clean it if you want. I won’t mind.”

She picked up his cock gently with the tips of her fingers. He felt her fingernails sharp against his ebbing sensitivity. After wiping his cock down, she let go and it thwapped against his stomach.

Like an intrigued child, she picked it up again and let it thwap against him. And another time. But the fourth time, it didn’t thwap.

“You’re getting it hard again.”

“By doing just that? You must be easy to arouse.”

“Well, I do have this beautiful, naked woman in front of me, playing with me.”

“Play with your what?” she coaxed him this time.

“Playing with my big dick. You like me saying that? My cock, my dick.”

“I like when you call it a ‘big dick.’ I want to hear you say it more to me. You know you’ve done things to me. Give me your hand.” She took it and let him grope through her golden hair and against her pussy.

A callous finger brushed her clit, making her body wrench. She directed his fingers to her own moisture.

“You did this to me,” she said.

“I can do more with my big dick.”

He directed her to the floor. She laid on her back, and he arched high above her. Her legs spread wide, fully open. He guided his dick to her opening, letting the tip of his cock run up and down the entry. She felt his stiffness pressing against her pussy.

“Hurry, don’t wait,” she stammered as the pressure grew. And there was no stopping it.

His dick pushed its way into her, breaking the virginity. The shaft became coated with her moisture. It pulled back, making Shelly gasp at the rub of it against the folds of flesh. The tip came to the edge of her entrance and bumped her swollen clit. She shouted and hissed, as if being burned. She was feeling the exciting, new pleasure.

He rocked over her, and she massaged her titties, tugging on each nipple. With his deeper and harder thrusts, she would sit up and let her head fall backward on the floor. Other times, her eyes would open as if in fear. Finally, she grabbed his forearms and drove in her fingernails. She tensed, stiffened, winced, wheezed, clenched her teeth. Very slowly, her body relaxed. Flat on the floor, head to the side, a grin, eyebrows raised in the lasting pleasure of an orgasm.

Derick laid to the side of her, watching. They went to bed together that night. They had woken up as father and daughter, and had become lovers by that day’s end.

They lived for many years in that cabin, coddled by the lake and the surrounding pines. They never found out what happened to the world south of them. They simply enjoyed their love, as well as Harmony, Serenity, Charity, Patience, Beau, and lastly Forrest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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