Erotic Massage for Stressed Ladies Ch. 02

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My readers will find a recurring massage theme and I admit that I have experimented with ‘erotic massage’ although it has never been my primary source of income, more of a hobby really. I leave it to the reader to decide where truth meets fiction: but they do actually meet.


I didn’t want Steve to go away with the Impression that my life as a masseur was one long string of erotic experiences with hot, willing, slightly frustrated, gym fit, statuesque, nubile, name your favourite hair colour, breast size etc etc.

For sure there had been those experiences and I enjoyed every minute of them to the full but there were delightful sessions with much more mature ladies. It is a sad fact of life that there are more widows on the planet than widowers and some of them have not lost their appetite for eroticism and that’s my specialty.

I got a call one day from a woman who sounded very nervous on the phone. She was clearly a lady of, shall we say, many summers. She was quite open about being widowed and missing out on being touched. Would I massage her, she wanted to know.

“Do I have to take my clothes off?” She asked a little uncertainly.

“No, not at all,” I replied, “you only take off what you want to take off. I can massage you fully clothed if you prefer as long as you wear a light cotton dress or something like that. Otherwise you won’t feel a thing.”

“Well that’s all right then. I’ll make up my mind at the appointment.” And, having made a booking, she rang off. I immediately started thinking about her. It must be strange after years of sharing a bed with someone, even if actual sex might have been in the past, not to even get a little sensual touch. I resolved to make her experience special.

She duly arrived for her appointment wearing trousers! ‘Another challenge’ I thought as I showed her to the studio.

“I know you said a thin dress or something, so you must be wondering why I’m wearing trousers.” I kept quiet as she paused, “I knew that I wanted to be touched on my bare skin but that, if I wore a dress, I would be a coward about taking off any clothes so I decided to wear trousers. Now I will have to take them off.”

“Very brave.” I said feeling empathy for this lovely lady. She was of indeterminate age but certainly well on in years. In my experience they often want to tell you once they are over eighty, so I’m guessing younger but who knows and what difference does it make anyway? Yes older people crave touch too and massage is a sensual or even erotic experience for their benefit not mine.

I explained the set up and told her to only remove what she wanted to remove then summon me with the bell.

I returned casino oyna when summoned to find her face down and swathed in towels. I asked if I could remove the towel over her back to start the massage and she agreed. She wasn’t wearing a bra, brave girl: good for her. I spent a long time on her back with very gentle almost butterfly strokes.

“Would you like me to do the back of your legs now?” I enquired and when she agreed I removed the lower towel. She was wearing fairly large white cotton panties and I have to say, that was what I was expecting. I worked on her legs from toes up to the tops of her thighs without letting it get too intimate. She murmured her approval.

“Will you turn over now please?” I asked, folding a towel discretely over her shoulders so that she could roll over without exposing her breasts. When she was settled comfortably on her back she surprised me with.

“I don’t think I need that towel any more, I feel quite comfortable.” So I removed it gently. “You’re the first person to see those in years and I have always liked them being touched. I think this will be the best bit of the whole experience.”

I massaged her front from the neck down to her navel always sticking to my rule, only touch bare flesh. Her breasts were, shall we say, generous, and settled either side of her chest. I massaged using the palms of my hands as I moved over her nipples and she obviously enjoyed that, her nipples stiffened.

“Oh that feels so good. I haven’t felt anything like that for ages. It’s so nice to be touched again. My Stan used to do it just like that. Oh that’s quite delightful. I do hope I’m not embarrassing you.”

“Not at all,” I replied, “I am here to make this as relaxing and enjoyable time as possible. All skin likes being touched and probably the less often it is, the more sensitive it becomes. I enjoy giving a pleasurable experience.”

“It’s certainly that, and I am surprised that I feel so comfortable here with only my pants on.”

“That’s a great compliment, thank you.”

“May I ask you something a little: well: a little delicate?”

“You certainly may.”

“Well it’s just that my Stan used to rub my bottom and it made me feel so …well you know…so womanly. Would you…I mean…”

“Turn back onto your stomach,” I said, trying to put her out of her discomfort, and set to work gently on her ample buttocks.

“No,” she said, “not quite like that.” And I really was not ready for the next phrase. “On my bare bottom.” Talk about being taken aback, I was flabbergasted whatever flabbergasted actually means. I tried to cover my surprise, probably not too successfully.

“If that’s what you’d canlı casino like, that’s what you shall have.” And somehow she managed to slip her knickers down to her knees.

“Oh that is so unbelievably good, nice and softly just like that.” I thought to myself, this is one very sensual lady, so I used a technique I usually reserve for women I know want to be turned on sexually. I turned my hands palms upwards and traced my fingernails lightly over her skin in a downward direction. The effect is sensational, if you don’t believe me do ‘try this at home’ you won’t be disappointed. Then she started to giggle so I asked if it was tickling.

“No not at all, that’s not what’s funny. What’s funny is my granddaughter has just been telling me about her first boyfriend. You know girl talk, about what boys want to touch and that sort of thing. I just can’t imagine what she say if she knew grannie had allowed a stranger to massage her bare bottom!”

Anyway, time had run out so I left her to get dressed.


She came back several times and I enjoyed our chats. She seemed so prim and proper at the start but later I got the impression that she and ‘her Stan’ had had a pretty adventurous sex life, she just found it hard to talk about to start with. On one visit she threw me a bit by hinting that I was overdressed. I lead her on and asked her to be specific about what she actually wanted. She then asked me to massage her in the nude.

“After all,” she said, “I am in the nude, it’s only fair that you should be too.” I couldn’t fault her logic and I have often done massages in the nude, never a problem. So I shed my joggers and slipped slipped out of my boxers. There was something deeply connecting about the experience, almost spiritual in a way. We were like two over grown kids who had taken off our clothes to play in the paddling pool and were rejoicing in our nakedness. And like two kids we found it deliciously naughty but not actually sexual, well to start with anyway.

During the massage she upped the anti by asking,

“May I touch you? After all you are touching me; so may I touch you?” Again the logic was clear and I have been massaged many times, so where’s the harm in two consenting adults touching each other. I agreed. Anyway I am standing at the head of the table, massaging her back, when two hands comes up and start stroking my naked buttocks.

I have to say this woman had one heck of an erotic touch. It just felt sensational as she stroked my bum while I worked on her back. Much to my surprise I started to get an erection. Awkward!

“Oh that’s so lovely.” She said admiring my swelling cock. “Stan used to get like that in the kaçak casino mornings when he wanted to play ‘Grannies and Grandpas’. You know, sort of like Mummies and Daddies but for older folk. Towards the end he had trouble getting it in because it went soft so easily. Anyway he went to the doctor and told him about it.

“I think that the doctor was a bit surprised that a man of his age was thinking like that, you know still ‘doing it’. He actually gave him some pills called sildenafil and Stan, always a joker, used to call it ‘slide in and fill’! Oh that’s so rude! I really don’t believe I have just told you that. It’s really very naughty.” All the while she’s stroking my buttocks in the most erotic way.

“You have such a lovely firm bottom.” She said wistfully, “and I do so miss my ‘games’ of Grannies and Grandpas, but that’s life I suppose. Sometimes, after lunch he would say, ‘Shall we go and make babies?’ I would say that we were far too old to make babies and he always said the same thing, ‘But we can go and practice!'” The tone of regret obvious in her voice. She slid her hands down my thighs and up between my legs until she was cupping my balls in one hand and started stroking my cock with the other.

“Stan used to love this. Before he saw the doctor and got the ‘slide in and fill’ pills, I used to stroke him, just like this.” And she pulled my foreskin back exposing my glans and rubbed it with a little excess massage oil. “He so loved me doing this and if I did it right he would even, you know, whatdoyoumecallit: have his special finish.”

I am naked, having my bum, balls and cock erotically massaged by a naked lady of many summers who is telling me how she used to make her husband cum and other intimate details of her sex life: bizarre.

“Stan was a lucky man.” Was all I could manage as she proceeded to bring me to a pretty full erection but there was no more embarrassment as this was clearly what she intended.

“He was very considerate too,” she added, “always looked after my needs as well.” I knew where this was heading but I have to be so careful so I waited, made neutral responses and eventually she came out with it directly.

“I think I’d like you to massage me ‘down there’.” I often get asked for similar services, after all it is an erotic massage they paid for. Sometimes it’s when working on the lower abdomen they ask for me to massage ‘lower’, others say that I’ve missed the ‘most important’ bit and so on. Whatever they ask for, as long as it’s unambiguous, I massage whatever they want massaged and a surprising number want a yoni or vaginal massage.

Clearly she had just asked for the yoni massage, and naturally I obliged. I set to work with my time honoured technique and lets just say that it didn’t let me down. After a while breathing changed, she looked a bit flushed, and smiled, confirming that she had just had her ‘special finish’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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