English for Sinners Ch. 05

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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


True to their word, the girls kept their distance from me for the next two days. However, I don’t think they did this out of mercy. The mind creates worse tortures for you than reality could ever put in, and Saturday and Sunday were filled with such dreadful visions. Certainly my path to ruin would be paved with many earthly pleasures, but downfall was set in stone, I was certain. With no conceivable way out of my predicament, I had granted myself some enjoyment of the delights they offered me, but I was still acutely aware of the inevitable future I faced.

Whenever I tried to think of some way to worm my way out of the quandary I was in, my thoughts immediately latched themselves back onto the girls’ bodies, and the things they could do with them, specifically to my body. When I thought of quitting my job, I thought of Vanessa finding me in my new work, dressed in clothing as black as it was revealing. She got past security under the lie that she was my daughter, and as soon as she made it to my cubicle she slid under my desk and got to work sucking my dick until I could no longer keep my cool and alerted the whole office to my sexual misdeeds with an exaggerated groan.

I thought of actually threatening the girls with violence if they didn’t relent, and even in this brief fantasy Val was able to overpower me, wrestling me to the ground and grappling me with her powerful legs. She assaulted my neck and ear with kisses and bites until finally I gave in and used my free hand not to try and pry myself loose but instead to grope her as she was groping me.

One planned involved just leaving the town all together. Move back home to Massachusetts. Even in my own imagination that wouldn’t work, because somehow Vivika was already there, waiting for me in my bed just as I had left it when I left home after high school. My fantasies of here could only get so lurid as I had still not seen her naked, and hadn’t so much as held hands, so perhaps that’s why I burned so hotly for her. I desperately wanted to see her in all her sexual glory and make her mine. More than I wanted the dreaded day of getting fired and imprisoned to not be a reality I wanted to throw her against the wall and ravage her for days and nights on end. Somehow, a part of me was committed to the idea that if I was going to go to prison for having sex with these girls, 18 though they all were, I was going to have sex with Vivika at least once.

My head finally cleared when I couldn’t masturbate another minute; I had spent the whole weekend becoming spent myself. I came to the conclusion that first and foremost I had to eliminate any chance for them to be seen with me at school. In my own home I had more control, but in the classroom there were too many eyes, too many variables. So, as I didn’t want to quit my job (not yet) I had to get them out of my class. A task easier said than done, as no student ever got out of the remedial classes, especially not a senior class. As I said, it was a prison sentence, just meant to keep them occupied and within the school walls until the school year ended. It would take a special request, but given how new the girls were to my class, I was sure I could convince the principal that they were added by mistake. It may not be too late.

Monday morning came and I was at the school as soon as the secretary was there to unlock the doors. Mr. Daley, the principal, wasn’t in yet but that just gave me time to prepare. Jack Daley was once an up and coming star teacher. Valedictorian in high school, graduated suma cum lade in college, and winner of many teaching awards. The photos of him from high school football games and accepting awards and commendations early in his career showed that he was once a very handsome man. Once. Now, as I knew him, he looked so defeated. They say that taking on an administrative job will do that to you. The pay is substantially better, and many agree to become a principal for the chance to affect real change in the schools, but they are always bound by red tape.

As I read up on all the accomplishments he had documented in his office, Jack came in, with a coffee stain on his shirt and the remainder in a foam cup. His once thick black hair had receded and thinned, and his posture was not at all what you would expect from a former football star. His clothes were expensive, I’m sure, but he couldn’t coordinate for shit and so even with all the finer fabrics he looked like hell.

“Harper, what do you want?” he asked, already annoyed, no doubt due to the early hour and the week just now starting.

“I wanted to talk to you about moving some of my students to another class,” I explained right away, certain he wasn’t in the mood to mince words.

“Move sarıyer escort them where? You teach remedial Senior English. That’s the end of the line, Harper,” he needlessly explained before sitting in his tall, posh, brown leather chair, sinking into it as if he had no intention of ever getting back up. I decided to stand, hold some kind of dominant pose to hopefully better my chances.

“I have enough students as it is, Daley,” I started with, imagining the bullet points in my head as I had listed them hours prior.

“You and every other teacher.”

“They’re disruptive, and rude, and they hinder the learning of everyone else in the class!” I lied. He shrugged and sipped his coffee at the first two descriptors, not at all surprised by the behavior I was claimed they were exhibiting. He actually cracked a smile and spilled a bit more coffee on his shirt, without a care, when he snorted at the last point.

“Fucking Christ, Harper, ‘hinder the learning’?” he repeated my words back to me, making sure he heard it right. “What learning do you think is going on in there? I know you’re idealistic, but you and I both know those kids are waiting out the clock. I suggest you do the same,” he suggested, his faded eyes looking up at his own clock on the wall.

“Come on, Jack,” I began to plead, finally sitting; maybe being more submissive would flatter him and I could get my way then. “I didn’t make a fuss when you changed me to this class, and I promise this will be the last time you see me in here like this if you just move these students.”

Apparently my abrupt plan worked, and I could see a tinge of life return to the middle-aged man’s eyes. Pleased with my show of humility and begging, he sat up in his chair, reveling in his power, and finally started giving me more attention than the stain on his shirt. “Fine, fine. Just give me the names and I’ll find somewhere for them to wait out the year.”

“Thank you, Jack, this is such a relief,” I overplayed, sinking into my chair like he once had. He gestured in the air to hurry me along, and not wanting him to change his mind, I immediately gave him the names. “It should be easy, they’re the most recent additions. Pellegrino, Smithfield, and Briarheart.”

Daley had begun jotting down some information, moving the process along immediately, but dropped his pen immediately upon hearing the names. Instead of sinking back into his seat, he actually stood up. “I’m sorry, Harper, but I can’t help you,” he started to explain, moving toward the door and getting ready to show me out. “Those girls were put into your class because they couldn’t perform to our standards in their other classes. You’ll just have to bite the bullet.”

“What? What does that change? Of course that’s why they were put into my class,” I whined, trying to dissect his argument, for whatever good that would do, “but you seemed willing to move them all the same just five seconds ago.”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, Harper!” he barked, and for a moment I saw a glimpse of what I think the old Daley used to be like – powerful and assertive and confident in his domain. “Now get back to your classroom. We’re done here.”

Defeated, I left the room. I opened my mouth to plead, but the way Daley stood, the way he stared, told me it would do nothing but bring me further misery. I was surprised by his outburst, by his show of authority; I hadn’t accounted for the spine. But as I left, when I really got a look at his eyes, it wasn’t confidence he was exuding, it was fear. Not of me, certainly not, but of whomever put those girls in my class, of that I was certain.

Unable to affect any change, I went back to my class and prepared for what I was sure would be a trying day. At the very least, I only had the girls in my class for 90 minutes a day. An hour before lunch, and then thirty minutes after. This scheduling had always annoyed me, as it broke up my lesson plans and prevented a solid flow from beginning to end, but I had grown to appreciate the break from the girls’ antics, brief as it was. So while their presence didn’t fill my day, my thoughts were constantly of them. Not only their nature, but the traits I more shallowly admired. Vanessa’s heaving and heavy breasts, the same breasts I was able to enjoy days prior. Valentina’s marble sculpted ass and legs, which barely more than 48 hours ago were seated on my body, using my face for pleasure. And Vivika’s…well, everything about Vivika. I pondered what I would do when she finally approached me for sex, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist long. Maybe to get it over with, eliminate any remaining mystery her body held for me, maybe because I had become infatuated with her teenage frame. Either way, I knew I had no power over that girl.

Soon enough, the period came where the girls were in my class. One by one they entered, always arriving just before the late bell rung. Once again they sat in the front, Vivika in the middle, and Vanessa and Val on her silivri escort left and right, respectively. They sat so courteously, so proper and looking eager to learn. I remember praying my students, in this specific class, would show me that kind of attention and respect, and now I had come to fear it.

They let me get on with my lesson without incident, and as I felt my guard drop, they immediately pounced. I spotted Vanessa, first, in no small part due to the deep cleavage she continued to sport despite the numerous times I had sent her to the office due to the dress code violation. Playing with the fleshy valley, Vanessa was dipping her blue pen in and out, in and out, up and down, up and down, between her tightly confined tits. Each pass put the pen deeper and deeper, until finally it vanished completely between her globes.

I snapped my attention away, catching myself before I stammered further with my lesson, as if the other students were paying attention, anyway. The hard pass of my vision from Vanessa, past Vivika, landed on Val. Like Van, Val was playing with her school supplies, but her item of choice was a clear plastic, neon green, ruler. A somewhat juvenile choice for a high school student, but when I saw what she had planned for it, I understood. At first she was idly dragging it along her arms and neck, but when she spotted my eyes on her she changed course. Smirking devilishly, her lip ring straining against her plump lips, she started to drag the edge of the ruler down her chest, between her perky tits, tugging at the collar of her jersey. The sports shirt didn’t get way to expose her breasts completely, but enough was shown for me to know she wasn’t wearing a bra. The path didn’t stop there, and so the ruler popped past the restraints of the shirt and continued to trace along the shadowed contours of her abdominal muscles.

I had noticed how short her shorts were, both up the leg and down her hips, when she entered the room, but now she was just purposefully illustrating the point by running the measuring device along the hems at her waist and her legs. Like her shirt, she pulled against the fabric of her clothing with the ruler, only to have the shorts win out and snap back into place before I was shown too much. Her destination reached, finally. Delicate fingers began to pull the ruler back, and then released so the plastic slapped against her toned leg. She winced, I think, at least her body jerked initially. I wasn’t watching her face, admittedly. A few more slaps and she had grown accustomed to the pain as now she wasn’t wincing, but rather relaxing into the rhythm and spreading her legs. Her crotch, clothed as it was, exposed , she started repeating the slapping action between her legs, once again causing her to jump in her seat, but the way she bit her lip (I had to see her face, finally, to make sure she was okay) told me she was enjoying it.

Risking complete meltdown, I turned my gaze to Vivika to see which learning material she was using to violate her body. Once more, Vi showed her complete control over me with just the most minor of actions. What caught my eye was the way Vi was pressing her red painted nail against her plump, juicy, crimson lips. Parted slight, as if she were frozen mid gasp, I could just barely make out the pure whiteness of her teeth behind those ruby tiers. Once she saw me, the corner of her mouth pulled up in a smirk, and the lips parted further. The agile muscle slithered out and dragged itself along her lips, moistening them further and giving another layer of sheen to her lovely lips. I nearly lost it when she caught her lower lip underneath her teeth, biting down gently and further demonstrating the fullness of the tiers. Somehow my eyes caught themselves watching her finger, and followed it as it departed those gorgeous lips being gently devoured by her ivory canine. Down the finger flowed, tracing over her breasts and sliding along the smooth expanse of her flat tummy. Hidden it became when it tucked itself away into her pants, and as she was about to pop the top button on those tight leather confines, the lunch bell rang.

Alarmed, I fell back into my chair mid-stammering-sentence and without a word the students shot up from their seats just as quickly as I fell and headed out the door to get their lunch. The girls sauntered up to my desk, hips swaying in near unison to capture my gaze and distract me from telling them off.

“We missed you, Mr. Harper,” Vanessa started.

“Yea, the weekend just wasn’t as fun without you, Mr. Harper,” Valentina added.

“But we still found our own fun, Mr. Harper,” Vivika finished. “Didn’t we girls.” Van and Val nodded in agreement, looking at each other mischievously and betraying any mystery to what fun she was referring to. “We look forward to spending time with you again, Mr. Harper. In fact, we’re very excited,” she added, and reached over to Val without even looking, plunging her hand into the front of her shorts. The fabric pulled down, and şirinevler escort where it not for her hand in the way I’m sure I would have seen Val’s unshaven sex again. Val gasped while Viv played, and Van giggled. Vanessa joined in the fun, popping the top button off of Vivika’s tight pants and tugging the zipper down just enough to she too could start fingering her friend. In no position to leave Vanessa out, Val caught her breath and reached across Vivika, while she played, and eagerly snuck her hand under Van’s skirt, working her sex with her nimble digits.

They didn’t take long, as I soon learned they got what they needed almost immediately. All girls pulled their hands free, each with glistening fingers. As they left the room, after adjusting their skirts, shorts, and pants, respectively, they dragged their wet index and middle fingers across my agape lips and pressed the tips against my tongue, letting me sample all their flavors. After they left, and with a gulp, I immediately opened up my laptop and began working on a new seating chart.

Lunch was over, and one by one my students returned, and into their seats they sank, ready to nap off their meals. As always, the last ones in were Vanessa, Valentina…but no Vivika. Given their impact on my days, I noticed her absence immediately. When I asked the girls about this, they just smiled and said that she had gone home early, complaining of a stomach ache. I found this to be dubious, even if it were any other student, but at least that meant one less distraction.

Opening the second half of the period, I assigned the new seats, much to my students’ disappointment, but they would find that most of the seating hadn’t changed – it was just the V girls who would be shuffled around. Vanessa I placed in the back, behind a rather tall student so I wouldn’t be subjected to the sight of her breasts. Valentina was went to the back as well, on the opposite side of the room from Van. I suspected they would object, but never did their faces belay any sort of feeling of loss.

The rest of the lesson began normally, specifically with me talking to a room of students who had no interest in what I had to say and I was just running out the clock. Early into my resumed lesson, I heard a notice pop up on my laptop – I had received a request for a video chat. I bring my own laptop to work as the schools’ computers tend to be sluggish and uncooperative. Apologizing to the class for the interruption, I was about to close the computer when I caught Val’s look. She stared me down and shook her head slowly, telling me not to ignore the message. Curiosity always was to be the downfall of man.

Putting my laptop on mute, I casually accepted the request and tried to resume my lesson as if I had turned off the notice and it wouldn’t be a further distraction. What a lie that turned out to be. Immediately the picture came up and I saw that Vivika had indeed gone home, just not her own. I recognized the scene immediately as my own bedroom, with Vivika sitting comfortably on my bed and her own (no doubt) laptop resting on the dresser across from her.

Vivika crawled along the bed, still dressed in her dark clothes from before lunch, and began to scrawl on a piece of paper. She must have known I would turn the sound off, and came prepared. Finished, she held up the paper which read “First off, don’t turn off this chat. If the feed dies, I’ll call Van and Val and they will make the rest of the class a nightmare for you.” Satisfied I had read it all, she started writing again, then holding up a new piece that read “You don’t have to do anything, just continue on with your lesson as your normally would. I’ll do everything.” She winked when she caught my eyes looking up from the paper and to her scheming face.

What choice did I have? I certainly couldn’t end the class prematurely, and I couldn’t just leave the room, and I feared whatever plan she had for Van and Val to make my life more of a hell than it already was. So, I resumed my lecture, a bit shaky at first, but it didn’t raise any suspicions.

Vivika slid off the bed, and stood before the camera, just back far enough to keep her body from her knees to her head, in frame. I assume there was music playing now, as she began to dance to a melody I couldn’t hear. It was almost impossible to keep my eyes off the screen, but I had to look back to the class every so often to both look like I was still engaged with the lesson and assure myself no one was wise to what I was watching.

She started slow, as these dances tend to begin. I grew jealous of her hands, as they led to flow along her swaying hips, over her generous breasts, and coursing through her thick mane of red hair. It was hard to maintain my lesson and attention on the screen, but somehow I managed. Vi again chewed on her lower lip, when she wasn’t keeping her lips parted in a silent gasp. She bent down to come in close to the camera for only a moment so I could watch as her tongue dragged teasingly across her lips, just as she had done in my class earlier. Standing erect again, she tugged on her pants to show off some of her tummy, but mostly the area just above her pelvic region. With a pop I could hear in my own head, the button at the top of her pants released and the zipper was tugged down tantalizing slow.

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