Discovering, Accepting, Learning Ch. 02

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The day after I discovered how much I loved sucking cock and having a man fill my mouth with his cum I shipped out. I was working on an oil tanker sailing from the refinery docks in the Gulf to NY and other eastern ports. All I could think of when I wasn’t working was how that man had made me feel, on my knees, his cock hardening in my mouth, filling my mouth with cum, calling me a cocksucker, showing me where I belonged.

I jacked off many times thinking about that experience and knew I would have to have more. As much as I loved women I knew I could not live without also enjoying the intense pleasure of giving other men what they wanted and deserved. Letting them use me to relieve their stress and as a receptacle for their cum.

I would sometimes flush with embarrassment when I first thought of it, but it would always make me hard and end with my stroking my cock until I came. I even learned to enjoy the taste of my own cum since I was unable to taste what I really wanted, another man’s cum.

I had been on the ship about two months when on one of our trips to NY it was announced that we would be doing some repairs and would be in port almost a week, instead of the 18 or so hours we normally were. This meant that we went on port watch which would give me plenty of time off to explore NY. I had never really been there before, other than for brief stopovers, so I was anxious to discover if the stories you heard were true.

Remember, this was in the 70’s so Times Square was in full swing, not yet cleaned up, and was the place where you could supposedly find any deviant pleasure you might want. I thought I would be able to find a porn shop and restock my supply of porn magazines as the ones I had brought on board from Texas were getting old and stale. I worked the midnight to 8AM shift while on port watch so the first morning when I got off work, after catching a few hours of sleep, I made my way to Times Square via a cab from the docks.

For a while I just walked around marveling at all the sights and sounds of such a wild place. There were bars, clubs, porn shops, movie shops, hookers walking around openly and any other manner of perversion you could possibly imagine. I loved it and was in a constant state of arousal as I walked around. Finally I walked into one of the many porn shops and it was huge compared to the one I had visited in Texas. There were more magazines than I had imagined, covering more types of sexual activity than I had ever thought existed. I was in heaven.

I walked around the store ogling the various titles and photos on the covers. I made mental notes of the ones I would want to take with me when I was done exploring and as I came to the back of the store I saw a door into a dark area that had a sign over it saying movies. I started to walk casino oyna in and see what was back there when the clerk told me I needed to get at least $5 worth of change to be allowed. I walked over to the counter, got my change and went back and found myself in a place that was amazing. There were dark hallways lined with booths with a little sign on the side of each booth showing which movie was playing. Like in front there were movies covering every kind of sexual activity you could imagine.

Of course my first thought was to go into one of the booths showing a movie with men blowing other men but I was too nervous about someone knowing what really turned me on. As much as I had loved sucking that man’s cock I still was very uncomfortable with the idea that others might know how much I have enjoyed being his cocksucker. I finally picked one that showed two women getting it on and went in. The door closed and had a little latch on it that let you lock it and once I found the coin slot I dropped a quarter in.

A small screen lit up and showed two women engaged in mutual petting and kissing each other. I was instantly hard and as I was in a small locked room went ahead and unzipped and took out my cock and began stroking. I did this until the screen went dark again, after 2 or 3 minutes. I quickly dropped in another quarter and resumed masturbating to the movie. I had used about a bucks worth when a sensed some movement and looked down to see a hole in the wall about 4 inches in diameter and someone was running their fingers along the edge.

I got very embarrassed and quickly zipped up waiting for the movie to run out so I could leave. Then I heard a man whisper to put my cock thru the hole. To this day I have no idea why I did it. Why I didn’t worry about the danger. I just did as he said and took my cock back out and slid it in the hole. I felt him caress it and then quickly take it in his mouth and I no longer cared about anything other than the pleasure he was giving me. I didn’t even notice when the movie went dark until someone banged on the door, nearly giving me a heart attack, and yelled to feed the machine or get out. I nervously dropped another quarter and went back to enjoying my first anonymous blow job.

I felt his lips working up and down my cock taking all of my 6″ cock into his mouth. He was talented and quickly brought me to the edge of cumming. I started to pull back and he backed off my cock long enough to tell me to finish in his mouth before taking my throbbing shaft back into deep. Within seconds I was cumming and shooting jet after jet of my cum into his mouth. He stayed with me till the end, never pulling off until I was drained and I pulled out. I was amazed at what had happened but also suddenly scared about being in such a public place doing such a private thing. canlı casino I zipped up fast and left out of the shop without even stopping to buy the magazines I had looked at earlier.

I walked down the street, alternating between amazement and fear over what had just happened. I saw a bar and went in and ordered a rum and coke and sat at the bar drinking it in a couple gulps before ordering another. As the liquor worked it’s magic I found myself getting hard again thinking about that stranger and how his lips felt engulfing my cock. As I finished my second drink I could not help thinking that I could do what he had done. Go back and find a good moving booth and wait until someone came in and offer to please him the way the stranger had pleased me. After all, did I not love the feel of sucking that man in Texas? Did I not crave to have another cock exploding in my mouth?

Drink finished I headed back to the porn shop and walked up to the counter, taking out a 10 this time to get change. “That was quick,” said the man behind the counter, “You must have enjoyed yourself.” I blushed as he handed me my roll of quarters and quickly disappeared into the back and walked along until I found a movie that promised to be two men pleasing a woman and each other. I went in the booth, dropped a quarter and the screen lit up with a close up of a man slipping his lips down a very large cock while a woman watched and held his head. I opened my pants and let them fall to the floor and was soon stroking my again hard cock as I watched.

A few minutes went by and I noticed a light flash from the hole in the wall as the next booth’s door open and closed. I heard the coins drop and kneeled down to look thru the hole. All I could see was a man stroking his hard cock. I could not see how old he was, what he looked like, or anything about him other than he was white and had a very hard 7 or 8 inches of cut cock. I dropped several quarters into my booth so I would not be interrupted and then ignored the movie as I stroked my cock and watched the man stroking his.

Finally I knew I could wait no longer. I was here to suck his cock and show him what a good cocksucker I was so I ran a finger along the edge of the hole. He must have seen as he turned so his cock was pointing at the hole but made no move to put it thru. I ran my finger along the hole again and this time he stepped forward and his hard cock came into my booth. The head was swollen and had a drop of precum on the tip. Shaking slightly I put my hand around only the second cock other than my own I had ever touched and leaned forward and licked the drop off the end of his beautiful cock. I ran my hand slowing up and down his shaft, filled with wonder at how much I loved cock. He just stood with his belly up against the dividing wall holding as much of kaçak casino his cock toward me as he could as I felt and explored his hardness.

I loved the feel of his cock. Loved that it made mine feel small in comparison. Loved that I was again doing what it seemed I was born to do, please another man. I could resist no longer and leaned forward taking just the head into my mouth. I slowly stroked him as I ran my tongue all over the mushroom head of his cock, tasting again some of his precum. I felt like I was home as I slid my mouth down the length of his cock. I could only get about 5 inches in my mouth because of the wall, but it still was more amazing than any other sex I had ever had. Fucking a woman, getting a blow job, from a man or woman, neither was nearly as exciting as feeling his hardness filling my mouth.

I sucked him gently at first. My lips working up and down his shaft as I sucked. I placed my hands alongside the hole and took as much cock as I could into my mouth until my lips were pressing against the wall. I held still there for a moment as my tongue worked along the bottom of his shaft. He then began a fucking motion in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and I loved it. I held my position and let him do the work, using my tongue to caress his skin and my lips to keep the suction up as he fucked my mouth. I realized I was being face fucked. A term I had heard of but never imagined being of the receiving end of. I loved it.

I felt like such a slut kneeling in a dirty dark booth while a man I had never seen, would never see, used my mouth for his pleasure. I took one of my hands off the wall and reached down and began to stroke my own cock while he continued to fuck my mouth. His strokes began to speed up and I knew it would not be long until he was cumming in my mouth and I could not wait. I wanted his cum. I needed his cum. I would only be complete when his cum was shooting into my slutty mouth.

Suddenly he exploded, with no warning and it was such a large shot of cum that I instinctively pulled back and off his cock. The next two shots of his cum covered my face from my lips to my forehead. I quickly took him back in my mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum until his cock began to soften in my mouth. He pulled out as I leaned back on my heels, using the fingers of my free hand to scoop his cum into my mouth as I stroked my cock until I shot off all over the floor.

I quickly got myself together, dressed and cum free and left the booth and made my way out front and took several magazines off the shelves over to the counter to buy so I could leave. I had sucked another cock, anonymously and loved it. I was again a cocksucker and loved it. I felt like a slut and loved it. I paid for the magazines and as I was walking out of the store I knew I would be back before the ship sailed. I knew I needed to suck more cock and I loved that I could do it without even knowing who was using me. I had a smile on my face as I made my way back to my ship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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