Designer Baby

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Nobody sitting around the boardroom table had a clue I was pantiless. Dressed in my Gucci Navy suit I was the image of conservatism. Beneath the knee-length skirt I was naked from the top of my stockings to my waist.

Seven of the firm’s top executives sat around the long oak table. R.W. Morgan, Chairman of the Board sitting at the head and Gove Merritt, the C.E.O., seated on his right.

I was the sole female attending the meeting other than Kathy Gardner, Merritt’s note taking secretary. Being the head of Public Relations my presence was required.

Number one on the agenda of New Business was the retirement party for R. J. Riddle, the firm’s founder.

R.J. had started the business as a fledgling talent agency catering to the local theatrical arts community and it had bloomed into one of the nations foremost leading sources new faces.

I had come up through the ranks. R.J. himself had recruited me in the early days to come and work for him. I was a run of the mill actor doing mostly television commercial work.

Being the granddaughter of a Cherokee Indian I presented a stunning appearance. Standing five foot, seven inches with lustrous Raven black hair cascading to the small of my back I offered a stunning example of Aboriginal beauty.

It was no wonder R.J. took me as his lover for the first five years of my employment with the firm. Sharing R.J.’s bed sky-rocketed my career in the agency.

Within two years I was head of west coast operations and in less than year I was back in New York as Head of Public Relations.

The Public Relations director was like the Secretary of State to the President of the U.S. I made many of the day-to-day decisions in the operation of the multi-million dollar empire.

On a typical day I would sign-off six figure transactions and hire or fire upper level management personal as required. I reported directly to the Chairman of the Board.

“Leslie has proposed a rather unique suggestion for R.J.’s farewell party.” Morgan began. “It would be held at the Hamilton Club and our lovely Public Relations Director would be the entertainment.”

The men around the table looked confused, uncertain what Morgan had just announced meant.

“Ms. Taylor has proposed that each of us be allowed to invite one guest and she will offer her impeccable body as the evening’s prize, the winner being determined by an auction process. All funds would be donated to the R. J. Riddle Foundation with a tax receipt issued.”

There was a busy murmur around the table as the group of very surprised executives discussed the surprise announcement.

“I turn the table over to Leslie ucuz escort for questions.” Morgan ruled.

Rodger English Head of Legal chimed in first.

“Where will the successful bidder get to enjoy your body?” he asked.

On a specially set up bed in the middle of the Men’s smoking room.” I answered.

“So the others will watch?” Rodger continued.

“They shall see everything from beginning to end.” I confirmed.

“Will condoms be necessary?” George Janssen from Advertising asked.

“I shall not be practicing birth control, it is the decision of my partner whether he wishes his seed deposited in my vulnerable womb.”

My plan was much more complex than my eager associates suspected. They thought I was auctioning off my booty as a jester of appreciation of R. J. Riddle’s accomplishments. This was partially true but I had a secret motive.

At thirty-two I was resolved to pursue my career and forgo marriage for the time being. Yet I had a strong desire to produce a child, someone to leave behind to continue my existence in the future. I knew my biological clock was ticking and the risks to pregnancy multiplied as years past.

I had lovers of course but nobody noteworthy. I had used acquaintances for mutual gratification always practicing safe-sex.

I wanted to become pregnant and for my stud to know he was breeding me. My conception was to be a celebrated event.

Another buzz circled the table as my excited colleagues discussed my offer to be impregnated.

The date for R. J.’s goodbye was set and the meeting adjourned.

The Hamilton Club was booked for the Friday night my ovulating should be peaking. The garden would be ready to receive the seed.

There was an outstanding attendance considering everyone was obsessed with watching the World Cup play offs. Britain was playing Brazil that night, a game nobody wanted to miss.

As a compromise the big screen TV in the club’s games room had been tuned in for guests to catch glimpses of the match.

Twenty-seven men were congregated in the Flag Room, the room R. J. Riddle Inc. had booked for the occasion.

The venerable R.J. was seated in an overstuffed easy chair in the corner where he could observe the evening’s goings-on.

The remainder of the group were scattered around the room in small groups chatting while nursing their drinks.

As I made my entrance Cliff Belington of Belington’s Auction House called everyone to order.

I wore a floor length Emerald green silk sheath with a neckline that plunged to my navel and a side slit up to the waist. The only other thing ümraniye escort I was wearing was a single strand of pastel pink pearls and sprits of Jon Patou’s ‘Joy’.

I received a standing ovation of awe as I walked to the podium.

“Gentlemen, may I present Ms. Lesley Taylor.” Belington announced.

A polite round of applause.

“As you all know Ms. Taylor has agreed to auction the privilege of using her body for the purpose of breeding a child. Ms. Taylor will carry the successful father’s child full term and give birth. This privilege will go to the highest bidder no matter whom it may be. Does everyone understand?” Belington begin.

A wave of whispered chatter went though the room.

“As an added incentive Ms. Taylor has agreed to reveal what you will be bidding on.”

That was my cue to drop my dress.

Unfastening one button allowed the gown to slide down my body into an emerald puddle around my black pumps. I stepped out of the silk and stood proudly naked before the room.

The gasps were audible as twenty-seven men drank in my beauty, each already fucking me in their minds.

My chocolate brown nipples stood erect, the tubular teats jutting out from two inch diameter aureoles.

A Marquis cut diamond sparkled from my navel and the silver clitoris ring peeked out from between my labia.

I stood in a stance with my feet apart about eighteen inches which displayed my vagina in its best pose. The short shiny strands of my immaculately trimmed pubic hairs adorning the entrance to my womb.

Twenty-seven cocks imagined themselves sliding though these curtains.

“Who will start the bidding at one thousand dollars?” Belington asked.

“One thousand!” quickly rang out from the back of the room.

“Do I hear fifteen hundred?” the short bald auctioneer responded.

“Three thousand!”

It was Peter Wendover, one of the up and coming suits from sales.

Peter was married to an attractive blonde who did not want to spoil her body through childbirth. Peter and Belinda had been talking about adopting an Asian infant and actually started the process.

“Five thousand!” the dark hair stranger bid.

The room buzzed with speculation. Who was this mysterious bidder that was willing to pay five grand to father my child?

The stranger had brought a sudden stop to the bidding. Five grand was a lot for a piece of ass.

“Five thousand once, five thousand twice, sold to the lucky man for five thousand dollars!” Belington declared slamming down his gavel.

It was done and my womb had been sold to the handsome stranger üniversiteli öğrenci escort to grow his seed.

The room buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the actual breeding.

As planned the crowd moved to the Smoking Room which had been arranged for our purpose.

All eyes fell on the black leather covered bench which was to be the altar where I was to be taken. It was the size of a single bed well padded with a large black silk covered pillow at one end for my head. There was a large open floor area surrounding the table where onlookers could watch me being impregnated from all angles.

I was lead to the bench by the hand and sat naked as my entourage followed and surrounded me.

I swung my legs up onto the table and placed my head onto the pillow. Opening my legs with my knees in the air I was ready to me mounted.

The stranger walked to the table also naked. He had an athletic physic and a rock hard cock that was soon going to be all mine.

The crowd watched fascinated as the handsome stranger mounted me. His beautiful hard cock slid into my waiting receptacle.

My legs mechanically wrapped around my lover’s hips in a hold of love.

“Give me a baby!” I pleaded.

He felt as if he belonged in me, his cock was a perfect fit in my hungry pussy. Mechanically my hips began to swivel beneath his tugging his erection from side to side.

My movements excited him and he began to make love to me more aggressively.

“Ooooh, fuck me hard Baby!” I begged.

He began driving his meat into me forcefully, his cockhead touching my cervix. I knew when he ejaculated millions of his spermatozoa would find their way into my tubes on their race to my ovaries. I knew this good-looking stranger was going to impregnate me.

The others watched in awe as we did that ancient dance of love, our bodies moving in perfect synchronicity, my hips rising and lowering in rhythm with his thrusts.

His cock slide in and out in an ever increasing tempo as my canal became slick with my juices. That familiar tingling was sparked deep between my legs

“I’m going to come!” I warned him so load that all could hear.

Gripping my bare shoulders in his hands he kissed my mouth.

I could hold back no longer, the beast had escaped its cage.

My orgasm engulfed me like a spectacularly large destructive wave sweeping my body away to a place I had never been before.

The room with its spectators vanished as the intense ecstasy between my legs consumed my every thought. For a brief millisecond I dwelt in the land of the big “O”.

“Oh yes, fucking yes!” I screamed as my body writhed in the throes of rapture.

The following Monday I showed up at work dressed in my usual matronly attire as if the previous Friday evening’s adventure was only a fantasy in my associates’ minds.

Everyone looked at me curiously wondering if I were carrying my mysterious lover’s baby?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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