Deb and Ken’s Excellent Adventure Ch. 06

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We’re clean from our showers. A very special lunch is being served right in the spa and indeed it is amazingly special. On top of the serving tables are six beautiful Jamaican people, three men and two women. An amazing smorgasbord of exotic food is being served from these incredibly sexy human food platters. It’s an incredible array of finger foods, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, pastries, sushi, and dim sum are among the delicious choices. We start by plucking items from the body with our fingers, allowing our fingers to explore and tease the bodies. By the time the lunch nears its end we are eating directly from the bodies. A few of us get to dive in and suck the last morsels of food from their lips, necks, breasts, thighs, toes, and those most erotic spots, their cocks and pussies. It’s an incredible turn-on for us and for the human serving trays.

After a few drinks the group divides up, some heading for massages, some for the Jacuzzi, some for the sauna. Our group heads off to the steam room. As we enter the light level is very low and subdued. It’s an interesting layout, a rather large room with tiered bench seating to the right. To the left is a waist high wall the length of the room. Interestingly there are a row of cuffs along the top rear of the wall. My imagination takes off. Others arrived before us and are distributed across the bench area.

I direct Deb to the wall, put my hand on her back, indicating I want her to bend over the wall. As she does, I cuff her wrists bakırköy escort in place. James does the same with Vanessa and others from our group follow suit. I drop to my knees behind Deb and begin licking between her cheeks. I run my tongue along her rear opening doing a dance with my tongue, probing her, entering her, fucking her with my tongue. A few men from the bench area have come down to join us. A man with a sizable cock has found his way to the other side of the wall and is now rubbing his cock over Deb’s face. Her love of cock is immediately obvious to all observing as she dives forward to take him into her mouth and instantaneously down her throat.

I step back from Deb’s rear and gesture to the man with the beautiful big black cock sitting in front of us to come take his place at Deb’s rear. By now Deb is wet, not only from my mouth and tongue, but from the sweat of the steam. As he approaches I drop to my knees, take him in my mouth to get him really wet. After a few minutes I take his cock from my mouth and guide him to Deb’s rear opening. He is hard, thick and long. His mushroom head is against her opening. She wiggles her ass and he enters.

On the right James is fucking Vanessa. She too has a second person in front of her and she is lost in passion with a cock in her mouth and James in her pussy. Liz is to the left of Deb and she has a cock pounding her from both ends. We are such a horny, slutty group. I can’t take it and I want some cock too. I move beşiktaş escort to the opening to the left of Liz and bend over. One of the women from the bench quickly joins me and cuffs me in place. The then moves to the other side of the wall, takes my head between her hands and forces me between her legs. No question what she wants and I use my lips, tongue, mouth and nose to rub, suck and fuck her cunt with the skilled magic dance I’ve done so many times.

A second woman has joined me. She grabs my cock and balls, squeezes and strokes them, while her other hand explores my ass. She is teasing me, rubbing between my cheeks but doesn’t enter me. It’s driving me crazy. I try to move so that her finger penetrates me but without success. The teasing continues. My cock is hard and rigid in her hands. She strokes quickly the length of my cock, fast then slow, then fast again. Her fingers have stopped and something else is between my cheeks. It’s familiar. It’s hard. It’s much larger than fingers. One of the men has joined us and begins to fuck me as the hand on my cock continues its dance.

I can here Deb, Liz, and Vanessa, each moaning, crying, and begging to be fucked harder. I know Deb is in heaven because there’s nothing she likes more than being fucked in the ass. She is so amazing. She has control of the muscles in her rear and it feels like you are being clamped tight as your cock goes in and out of her. She doesn’t need to tell anyone to fuck her harder as her actions beylikdüzü escort communicate it through her talents. You can’t help but fuck her with every last ounce of energy you have.

The woman at my mouth has climaxed at least three times and continues to grind her cunt against my mouth. She is insatiable. The man behind me is approaching his release. He is pounding me deep. He has his hands on my hips. The woman on my cock has replaced her hands with her mouth. She feels like a vacuum cleaner trying to drain my balls through my cock. The man in my ass makes one last deep thrust. I can feel his cock spasm. Oh my God, he must have stored his cum up for weeks because I’m being filled. As his torrent continues I’m taken over the top and the woman on my cock has her mouth filled. With my last spasm, the woman grinding on my face screams and finally releases me.

For the next hour, those of us cuffed to the bench are used again and again. Men and women are using us. We are sucking cock, eating pussy and being royally fucked. We’re filled with and covered in cum. The steam has drained every last morsel of energy from us. James has mercy on us and releases us from the wall. I can barely walk. We stumble our way to the door and head for the showers. Barely refreshed but clean, we head to the whirlpool to rest and enjoy a nice cool refreshing drink. There are those around us sitting on the edge of the pool being eaten or sucked but our gang just wants to relax. We’ll soon head back to our rooms for a nap and then get ready for whatever the evening will offer.

Deb and Ken’s excellent adventure will continue in part 7. The spa was amazing. How much erotic pleasure can a couple pack into just two days? What’s next? I hope you enjoy and will continue to follow our grand adventure.

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