Dad’s The Man Ch. 08

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Mar. 11/09

Well, if the other night didn’t teach me to expect the unexpected with Daddy, this morning did.

See, I can’t overstate how much I like to tease him with my body. No, not tease, so much as give him a nice look. It makes me feel good knowing it makes him feel good to be able to check me out and I usually dress specifically for him around the house.

So, there I am this morning with my black hair band, black, baseball style cotton shirt with no bra. Below, I wore my favourite old jeans, the ones that are actually torn in back across the bottom of one cheek with wear and outgrowth, and I was leaning over the counter again with all my weight on one hip.

Daddy walks in and pauses as usual, looking my bum over as I’m casually swaying my hips back and forth, forearms on the counter, poring over last evening’s newspaper.

“Good morning.” I said.

“It sure as hell is, so far.”

“Daddy, don’t look at my bum!”

“Yeah, right.”

“(giggle) Have a seat, I’ll get your breakfast.”

I straightened up and made it halfway to the stove to turn the pan back on before he intercepted me with a very hot kiss.

“Wow. What was that for?” I asked.

“A lot of things. Don’t bother with breakfast, sweetie, I’ll get it myself,” he said with a grin as he grabbed my bum.

“(giggle) Ow! Daddy, no, you can’t go to work with no- ip! -breakfast!” I protested with a laugh as I flinched to his grabbing and pinching.

“I’ll grab the neighbour’s dog on the way out, then.”

“Eww! Ow! Daddy! (gasp!)”

He chuckled and pulled me into him, kissing me again as I giggled around his tongue, my hands on his hips until he shifted against me.

“Mmm, Daddy, your cock is all hard!”

“Yeah, that’s your fault,” he said, turning me around and starting on the buttons of my fly from behind.

“But,… what are you doing?”

I got an idea when my jeans were being pushed down my hips and to my knees, a better idea when he bent me over the counter again, performing this action just a rough enough manner to be exciting.

“I’m gonna take miffy before I go to work, kitten,” he said, clearing up any doubt.

“But- eep! –you’re going to fuck me right here and now!?” I asked incredulously as my panties were yanked down to join my jeans at my knees.

“You obviously want it, you little tease.”

“Oh, my-! Daddy! (giggle)”

Then, the head of his cock was slowly rubbing miffy up and down between her lips, pausing frequently to rub circles around my clitoris. In the interest of time and comfort, I grabbed the canola oil for want of anything better and handed it back to him.

At this point, I was pretty excited too and we were both moaning softly and breathing harder, however, there was just something a little funny about the canola oil thing. We laughed long and low about it, no absence of lust in that humour at all, as he took the bottle and poured a bit down between the cheeks of my bum.

He started himself at my opening and began caressing my bum with both hands as he pressed a little, both of us moaning louder. Our moans got louder still as he slowly worked his way in, mine turning to howls of exquisite pain as my chest lay flat on the counter with the side of my face. My arms twitched and writhed as though searching for something of their own volition, shoving some things out of array, knocking others over.

The ensuing soft pumping soon turned into repeated, solid thrusts that turned my world upside down. I wailed desperately, pushing the newspaper to the floor, the breadbox into the sink as he fucked me sooo good. He grabbed me by the back of my shirt and hauled me up as he kept thrusting, groaning his own pleasure into my ear and reaching around with one hand to play my oiled clit for me, his other hand going up my shirt to grab one of my boobies.

“Ahh-hh! Ahhh-hh Ahh! Ah-hhh, fffuck! Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah, fuck!” I deliriously called out, loving every second and so excited that he would use me like this.

He had my shirt pulled up to my neck and was kissing just under my ear when he came inside me, groaning as explosively as each eruption, still jerking his beautiful cock in and out as he did and filling me with blast after blast of his hot cum.

Then I orgasmed, and he had to cover my mouth again as my hands flailed in the air for something, possibly something to hold on to, gyrating wildly in my father’s firm grip. When I was done, he pulled out of me and I sagged to the floor, half on my front, half on one hip with my knees bent, bare bum in the air and my boobies hanging out. My breaths were coming in long, whining pants as I lay there with the palms of my hands on each side of my head, watching him grinning down at me while using the tea towel (of all things!) to clean himself off with.

He hitched his jeans up and bent down to give me a loving kiss on the cheek as I tried to recover from his spectacular assault, telling me, “Great breakfast, kitten. I’ll see ya in nine, love ya lots.” before walking out the door.

Absolutely magnificent.

I couldn’t casino oyna stop looking at him with big smiles of adoration after he got home and he often caught me and returned a knowing one of his own, once with a wink. I love when he winks at me.

I was doing a little clean up after supper, just handing him a coffee refill when he said, “Sit down, Kat, watch the news with me.”

“Yup, just gimmie about ten or fifteen and-“

“No, sit down here. You’re not a servant, you’re my beautiful little daughter, try to relax a little.”

“Well,… thanks for the nice compliment, but I’m keeping house like a woman is supposed to.”

He paused, smiling adoration at me this time before answering, “But, that’s not how we get along. You’ve been spoiling me like that, lately, and you shouldn’t. C’mere and watch with me, we’ll both get it later.”

He patted the seat beside him and I could only smile, walking around the coffee table to plunk down beside him. I leaned in, throwing a leg over his lap and an arm across his belly as his nice, big, protective hand started rubbing my back.

Some time later, while we discussed the latest US plan to open talks with Iran, the front doorbell rang. It kind of startled both of us, since people rarely show up and because of our recent change in relations, even though we weren’t doing anything we ‘shouldn’t do’ right then.

I got up to get the door, thankful I was dressed decently in a snug, short sleeved, pink sweater and a pair of light blue stretch jeans, my modern day ball breakers on my feet. I was even wearing a bra.

My aunt Peggy stood on our front doorstep. Surprisingly, she didn’t look quite as frumpy and unlaundered as she usually does. Under her open, knee length black coat was a barely half decent, light blue dress that stopped halfway from her knees to her ankles. It’s semi formless fit showed her hips and bust to a degree, but the get up was mostly just an attempt. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a moth fly out of one of the ridiculous front pockets. She even did something with her hair, actually brushing it, it seemed.

“Peggy! Come in!” I said cheerfully, my surprise genuine, my warm smile somewhat less than that.

I closed the door behind her as she and Daddy greeted each other, wondering what in hell would bring her out at this hour. She rarely visits and we always go to pick her up and take her back home when she does.

Peggy answered this question by announcing, “I was out doing some errands and I got held up at the bank, then it turned out that I had to head out this way for something, so I decided I’d stop in.”

“If you’re hungry,” I offered, “we just ate and there’s some left. Spaghetti.”

“No, thank you.” she said, turning to face me and giving me a quick once over with a smile that seemed sincere.

“Coffee?” I tempted.

” … Sure, I’d love a coffee,” she said, hesitating over whether it’d be worth it without alcohol, I’m sure.

She went in and, removing her long coat to lay it over the back of the chair first, sat in it and began conversing with Daddy as I went to see to her coffee, suddenly beginning to understand something about her. Her grumpy persona was her sober one, the brighter, chipper, friendly side emerged after she’d been drinking, but lately there’s been some dark undercurrents to her gassed up side.

My mild discomfort at Peggy’s intrusion turned to outright suspicion while I took my time with her coffee, deciding she was most likely fishing for something by the time I brought it out to her. Getting Daddy and myself a refill right after gave me a bit more time to think about the most likely fish Peggy was baited for. Maybe it was just paranoia, but I had a feeling she was baited the speckled superkitten.

When I returned, placing Daddy’s refill on the coffee table for him, I was dismayed to see her inspecting the injury to his arm, actually touching it as he held it out to show her. I got a grip on my sudden territorial instincts and sat down as she prattled.

“My god, this must have been horrific. Can you still move it around alright?”

“Oh, yeah. Mostly just epidermal damage, looks worse than it is.”

“You should have called and told me it was that bad, I would have seen to this for you so it wouldn’t have scarred like this. You know I have a First responders certificate.”

I began to bristle on the inside at this, remembering how I spread vitamin E all over it every time I changed that bandage, forced more into him along with other vitamins that he now takes on a daily routine because of me. Not to mention keeping him out of her septic tank and a lot of other things that made me want to slap the side of her stupid head just then.

“Actually, Kathleen did one hell of a job with it.”

” … Oh, really? Kat?”

“She got on her computer and learned all about what to do, changed the bandages every day, spread a vitamin all over it and a bunch of other stuff. Even the Doctor was pretty impressed with how it looks.”

” … You actually went to the follow-up?”

“She made me go,” canlı casino he said with a smile for me.

She also looked over at me, sitting at my end of the couch with my legs crossed, insultingly blatant surprise in her expression while Daddy’s arm still lay in her touchy-feely, grubby paws. I gave her a cheerful, yet sharp smile, made a little gun out of my hand and shot her with a click of my tongue, winking at the same time.

I swear her smile faltered just a little at that. She glanced down at my hand for a second, then up at me before picking up.

“Well, that’s good, Kat. You did good. But, you know, not all the information you find on the internet is accurate.”

“That’s why I only go to accredited sights and cross reference with other accredited sights, just to make sure.”

“Oh,… well, then,… How’s your job search coming along, by the way?” she asked while Daddy took his arm back, the subject closed, and while I made a mental note of re-arranging the furniture tomorrow so that the chair was near my end of the couch.

“Still nothing, unfortunately.”

“Oh,” she said, glancing me up and down again. “I thought you must have found something by the way you’re dressed.”

“Daddy spoils me rotten,” I explained with a smile, adding before I took a sip of my coffee, “Even though I tell him not to.”

“It’s not spoiling you,” he amended with his own lie, “you needed new clothes and you couldn’t buy them, what else was I supposed to do?”

“Wow,… I wish our dad saw it that way when I was your age. They give you a raise at the plant, or something?” she asked, turning to him.

“No, why?”

“Just wondered. So, what else has been going on? It’s been a little while since you’ve been out to the house and I was hoping you’d come out to check on the job Sheila and her friend did on my basement door.”

The casual smile on Daddy’s face melted as fast as mine did as we stared at her, those expressions becoming barely tolerant smiles as I wondered if she did that on purpose, or was it an honest, perhaps drunken slip-up?”

” … What?” she asked, looking from one of us to the other, her smile also and again faltering.

“You referred to Kathleen as Sheila,” Daddy informed.

” … I did? Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t,… Oh, my god, I did, didn’t I? Kat, I’m so sorry,” she apologized while I forced a forgiving smile, my hands demurely folded in my lap. “It’s just that you’re so much like her, especially what with the way you look and now with that blonde hair and those clothes like she used to wear,… I’m sorry, it was just one of those things, Kat.”

She seemed sincere in her apology and I nodded, allowing a more genuine smile to come across, saying, “It’s alright, I understand.”

” … God,…” she expressed thoughtfully, looking my face over. “It’s like bringing up the name of the devil, though, isn’t it?”

Another pause went by while I looked up at her, meeting her eyes and seeing the taunt there. She was baiting me.

“Peg,…” Daddy warned clearly in tone and expression.

“Oh, I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just,… Well, never mind. I didn’t mean to come here and,… Yes, well,…”

She continued to look at me like that, challenging me and I knew I could set her straight in a jiffy, and boy, did I want to. But, that would have been seen as an over-reaction, putting me on the outs with Peggy and then Daddy would have to go over to her house and- … Ah, of course.

“It’s alright, Aunt Peggy,” I offered apologetically. “I know what you mean. I’m sorry if my blonde bothers you, I didn’t mean to remind you of Sheila, I just wanted to look nicer. I can change it back if you really want me to.”

Well, this effectively disarmed her. I had to fight like hell to keep the smirk off my face as disappointment crossed hers.

“Kat,” Daddy said in his ruling tone, “you’ll have your hair Kawasaki green, if you want, it’s your hair. Peg, the conversation’s over. As far as your basement door goes, I’ll see it sooner or later, but if there’s an issue, Kat’s the best one to deal with it, ’cause she’s the one that did the job. She knows that, she takes responsibility for her work, I don’t have to check behind her cause that’s the way I raised her.”

“Well, John, I didn’t mean it in that sense, I’m sure it’s a fine job,” she said, looking at him as though he’d gone too far and that she had reason to be offended.

“Then it’s settled and there’s nothing to talk about,” Daddy said, ignoring his older sister’s expression of offense.

“Actually,” I put in after swallowing a very satisfying sip of hot coffee, “that kinda reminds me of something.”

“What’s that?” he asked, mostly casual again as Peggy tried to regain the portion of face that he’d just removed.

“Well, Aunt Peggy and I were talking a few weeks ago about the septic tank thing and we agree that you’re not doing it this time. I am.”

Through a supreme effort of will, I didn’t laugh out loud at the blinking expression on my aunt’s face.

“Why’s that, now?”

“We don’t want you doing stuff kaçak casino like that anymore if you don’t have to. I can do it myself, it’s not that big a deal.”

“If it’s not that big a deal, why don’t you want me to do it?” he asked. “You think I’m getting old, or what?”

“No, no, we just don’t want you out there breaking your back and making yourself old all the sooner.”

“You want me to slow down,” he said with a sarcastic smile.

“That’s right, isn’t it, Aunt Peggy?”

“Yes, you’re not old, but you’re not as young as you were, either,” she agreed, making a pretty good show of it.

“Fine then, it’s all yours. I’ll sit here and deteriorate while you-“

“Oh, Daddy, stop it! Tell him to stop it, Auntie.”

She made another good show, laughing and lightening the mood while refusing to look at me with anything longer than a passing glance, just to prove she wasn’t ignoring me.

She was no trouble at all for the rest of the visit, but I still worried about her travel arrangements. She’d probably try to mooch a ride, insisting on paying gas and giving up all too easily in the face of Daddy’s gentlemanly refusals.

Of course, she opted for the mooch and, with her personal motivations, asked him directly if he could drive her home and that she was more than happy to pay for the gas.

“Daddy, you stay here, I’ll drive Aunt Peggy home,” I decided with a cordial smile, getting up and stepping for the back door. “I’ll be ready in a sec, Peggy.”

She hesitated, probably trying to think of an excuse for why he should be the one to drive her, but I was already up and he said nothing about it, settling into the couch further and glancing at the TV.

” … Alright,…” she was forced to decide.

I was back, wearing my welding jacket, in less than two minutes, waiting and looking at Peggy with an expectant, polite smile. After another five minutes of small talk and goodbyes, during which time she’d stood and put her coat back on, she was following me out the back door. Neither of us said a word out in the driveway, or in the truck, until we pulled out of the subdivision and out on the main road. As we drove, I wore the same cheerful smile I had when we were at the house, hers mutated to a black scowl.

“So, umm,…” I began, glancing over at her and trying not to giggle. “What did you think you were going to accomplish back there, Auntie?”

I could see her slowly turn to look at me from the other end of the bench seat out of my peripheral as I slowed for an amber lit intersection, looking carefully before proceeding through, then glancing over at her with the same smile.

“Hm?” I prodded.

” … I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said in a flat, resentful tone.

“Okay, I’ll spell it out for you. I told you I don’t want Daddy out there working when he doesn’t have to, I told you I want him to start slowing down and enjoying his life for once and that’s the way it’s going to be. From here on in, if you need something done around your place, you call me. Daddy only comes when I need his particular knowledge, or a little help, and even then he’s visiting, not working. Thanks for your support in explaining that to him, by the way. (giggle)”

” … I was wrong,…” Peggy toned with a sneer. “You’re worse than your mother; may she rot in hell.”

“Well, if that’s the way you see it, I suggest you get your head out of your photo album and get with the program. Y’see, I don’t think I like you much anymore, Auntie, and the only reason I don’t see to it that you never show your face at my door again is that, other than me, you’re the only family Daddy has left and I don’t want to take that away from him. But, if you stay on the track I put you on tonight, maybe things can go back to the way they were at some point. I mean, it’s not like I’m the one who slept with your husband, is it?”

“You,… little bitch. Are you threatening me?”

“Yes, I am. And, if I were you, I’d think carefully. Daddy still has me and he always will. You have nobody else, and you need me to dig out your septic tank this spring, don’t you? And all those other things you need. Don’t you, Auntie?”

“Maybe I’m going to get on the phone to your father as soon as I get home and tell him all about this conversation, tell him I never want to see your whorish little face again.”

“You could do that, but the fact is that all I’m doing is looking out for his best interests, while you’re coming into his home and insulting his pride and joy right in front of him. You could lie, but you wouldn’t dare lie to Daddy and I can assure you that he’d only believe me anyway because you’re just the alcoholic, welfare recipient moocher on the other end of town, whereas, I’m his helpful, well behaved, clean living daughter who’s there, day in and day out. Who do you think he’s going to believe?

“Especially after I tell him how you’ve been picking at me lately and how I didn’t tell him earlier because I didn’t want him to get mad at you. I’ll tell him myself how I tried to pump you for information that day, how I apologized and even cried, how you forgave me, but started picking on me afterward. I’ll probably shed some tears as I’m telling him about it, the whole situation being so hurtful, me only trying to get along and all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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