Daddy for Dessert

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Jamie was sitting in front of a college essay she didn’t want to write, when her phone rang.

“Jamie, it’s your father”

She was happy to hear from him – he’d been away on business for a few weeks, and she’d missed having him around to answer questions about her college work, or to lend her money!

“We’re going out for dinner, get a cab and we’ll meet there in 20 minutes”

20 minutes! Jamie quickly ran through the shower and chose an outfit. She and her brother had a game of teasing each other when they went out, and tonight she was going to wear something ridiculously slutty, to see how much she could embarrass him. Her mother and father were used to their children’s silly game, so she wasn’t worried what they would think.

20 minutes later Jamie was walking into the restaurant, scanning the tables for her family. She’d chosen a tight black minidress, showing off much thigh and doing nothing to hide her ample cleavage. She knew she looked awesome in it – her gruelling gym routine wasn’t for nothing. She’d left her blonde hair loose, and 3-inch heels completed her look. Jamie knew it was over the top, but she could risk losing the game to her brother!

Her heart sank when she spotted her only her father waiting at the table – she’d wanted to make a grand entrance! Hurrying over, she stood opposite him, realising that the table was only set for two.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“It’s just us, hon, didn’t I mention that on the phone?”

“Nope – if I’d known it was just us I would have worn something a little more appropriate”

Jamie’s father, Brett, had been studiously avoiding looking below his daughter’s neckline since he caught her walking in the doors, but now he let his eyes wander, taking the sight of his daughter in.

“You and that silly game with your brother – one of you has to end it!”

Jamie sat down, and let her father order. He asked her about her college work, and it seemed like it wasn’t that casino siteleri long until they were walking out the door together. Out in the car park, Jamie began to feel light-headed. Brett grabbed her by the arm, and helped her walk to his car.

“Young lady, you’ve had the best part of two bottles of wine all to yourself, no wonder you feel a bit light-headed! I’ll drive you home, don’t worry.”

The car park had been full when Brett arrived, so he had parked in the furthest corner, but now it was completely empty. Jamie stumbled a few times on the way – the wine and the heels doing nothing for her balance. Brett finally grabbed her around the waist, and guided her to the car. Balancing Jamie on the hood while he moved to unlock the car, Jamie decided she would rather lie down – the wine making her dizzy. Brett came back around to help the front of the car, just as Jamie decided lying down was making it worse, and as he put his hand out to help her up, he managed instead to brush against her breasts. Embarrassed, and hoping she was too drunk to notice, he quickly pulled away and tried again to offer her his hand.

Jamie had noticed, and the brush of his hands across her breasts was electric. She wasn’t sure if it was the wine, or the night, but all of a sudden she wanted him to do it again.

“I don’t know if I can stand, daddy. I’m feeling really dizzy now.” Brett put his hands around his daughter’s waist, and lifted her from the car. Now they stood face-to-face, he could feel his daughter’s hard nipples through her dress and his shirt.

“Are you cold, baby girl?” She shook her head, and began to run her hands down his arms, down his sides. She took a long look at her father – she’d always thought he was handsome, but he was her father! She’d never thought of him like that…until tonight in the car park.

“What are you doing baby?” Brett had to struggle to catch his breath – he saw a change in his daughter’s eyes, and the hunger he suddenly canlı casino found there made his cock jump up to attention.

“Feeling my daddy’s powerful arms,” Jamie replied, “and wondering what he could do to me.”

“What…he could do to you?” Oh, no, this wasn’t happening.

“He could hold me down and take me right here, and I couldn’t stop him.” Brett couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his daughter! He went to pick her up and put her in the car, when she surprised him with a kiss. He could feel the hunger and desire there, her tongue lashing at his mouth. Moaning, she pressed hard against him, hands running down his back as she could feel his hard cock pressing into her.

“Baby, I think I should get you home now.”

“Daddy, I think you should fuck me now,” Jamie breathed in reply.

That was Brett’s breaking point, he lost all control. Kissing her hard, he moved one hand up to cup a luscious breast, while the other when down to grip her tiny ass. He pulled her dress down and let her breasts spill out, their creamy whiteness reflecting in the car park lights. Jamie moaned again as the cool air hit her nipples, before Brett took up one of them in his mouth. Licking and nibbling one pink nipple, he gently caressed and tweaked the other one with a hand. His free hand, which had still been holding onto her ass, gradually moved around to the front of her dress, and between her thighs. Jamie leaned backwards onto the car, as her father found the only thing between his fingers and her wetness was a tiny thong. Moving it to the side, he ran his fingers between her legs, lingering on her clit. Jamie moaned again, louder this time, and Brett kissed her hard to muffle the noise.

Slowly, far too slowly for Jamie’s liking, Brett inserted a finger inside his daughter, marvelling at how wet she was. Jamie gasped, and Brett pulled away.

“More, daddy,” She whispered. If more was what his baby wanted, that’s what she was going kaçak casino to get. As he slid two fingers inside her, his mouth went back to her creamy breasts, tasting the soft skin and hard nipples. Jamie had moved her hands down low now, and undid her Brett’s trousers, freeing his hard cock from its confines. Feeling her father’s powerful cock in her hands made her wetter than ever, and gently she began stroking its long length, moaning hard against the fingers still moving inside her.

Brett took his fingers from his daughter, and licked them clean, savouring the taste of his baby girl for the first time, before plunging his tongue into her mouth and letting Jamie taste her own pussy juices. He took her hands from his cock, and lifted her arms over her head. She looked at him confused.

Twirling her around so she faced the car, he bent her over and in one swift movement plunged his dick into his baby girl. She screamed in pleasure as he pulled out slowly and plunged in again. She squirmed as he held her down, arms over her head.

“Daddy…” Jamie breathed.

“Yes, my baby girl?”

“Fuck me.”

It was all Brett needed; he began pounding his little girl from behind, feeling the surge of his orgasm begin to rise. There was no other sound in the car park except his balls slapping against his daughter, and her screams of pleasure. He pushed up her minidress so he could take in his daughter’s perfect ass as he fucked her, the sight of it nearly pushing him over the edge. Jamie was still writhing and screaming beneath him, trying to lift herself off the car. Firmly, he held her arms with one hand, with the other began to spank her.

Her screams changed back to moans of delight and desire, and he spanked her ass again. Each time his hand connected with her ass she tightened her pussy’s grip on him, and as he spanked her hard, he finally began to unload in his daughter. Her pussy tightened around his cock, trying to milk every last drop of cum, and he collapsed on top of her.

His cock began to soften and slip out of her, and Jamie could feel the trickle of her father’s jizz run out of her pussy and down her thigh. She turned around to face him – it was her turn now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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