Daddy and Virgin

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My wife had left me a few years earlier because I didn’t devote every second of my life to her…and therefore, I was a very selfish man. Our daughter decided to stay with me until she finished high school. I know it sounds cliché, but my ex was jealous of the father/daughter relationship. Those two never seemed to be ‘ok’ with each other. Her friends were here and she didn’t feel like changing schools just for mom. She turned 18 a few days ago and will be graduating this year with high marks. I’m very proud of her for being so tough during these trying times without mom. My daughter’s name is Becky. She is about 5’4 and around 110 lbs. Her body is toned and tight, very athletic. Blonde hair that flows down just past her shoulder blades and blue eyes that seem to radiate with happiness. Skin as smooth as silk and not a blemish to be seen. My little angel.

We lived in a nice house in a pretty good neighborhood with a big backyard. The swing set in the backyard was getting old and squeaky. I had spent all weekend lubing it up and putting braces here and there to hold it in place, and painting it in case anyone were to start swinging, which didn’t seem likely. I guess I was bored. Becky walked out of our sliding glass door and smiled to me, letting me know she was home from school and that she was going to change out of her school clothes and into something more comfy. Fine by me. Although, her school clothes didn’t look very UNcomfortable. A black pleated skirt and a pink skin-tight T-shirt that was showing her midriff, which included her bellybutton, and a little diamond bellybutton stud giving off sparkles with the sunlight. I had taken her last year to get her navel pierced.

I earned a lot of points for that one. She thought I was the best dad in the world. I mumble under my breath as she waves, “My goodness. What an incredible display of a fuckable woman.” Did I just say that? Nah, she is my daughter. My princess. My babygirl. It wasn’t until she came bounding outside again when I truly understood what she meant by ‘more comfy’. She came out wearing a new shirt, which I had bought a couple days earlier for her birthday. I felt really guilty buying it for her….at the time…. I had even secretly mixed the shirt in with some other shirts and skirts and stuff so it wouldn’t stand out too much. I didn’t want her to think I was thinking about her in a sexual way, just wanted her to have a sexy shirt, just in case…you know…Anyway, it was a pink extra small sized Barely Legal half-shirt that showed off her toned abdomen and her perky little boobs. No bra either, I could see her lil’ nipples starting to get erect. “Probably about a 34b.” I said to myself.

She had also put on a white skirt she used to wear a few years ago. This skirt was very much shorter than her school skirt. I had bought this skirt for her about five birthdays ago. Now it was extremely short since she had grown quite a few inches in those years. It wasn’t a tight skirt. In fact, it was very loose…it had been washed so many times the fabric was thin, nearly see through. A slight breeze would have fanned it up exposing her…who knows what she was wearing underneath. “Why must she torment me with these slinky outfits?” I said to myself. It seemed to me, she enjoyed showing off her pert little body to her daddy. Always wearing the skimpiest articles of clothing around me. I enjoyed the flirting and the way she paraded around the house wearing next to nothing. I had never tried anything sexual with her. She was my daughter…..she was also a beautiful and sexy girl. What a dilemma…

“Whatcha doin, dad?” Her voice was soft and caring. Music to my ears.

“Oh, just tightening up a few bolts and making sure this thing doesn’t hurt anybody.” I watched as she approached. The closer Becky came to me, the more I thought her skirt was see-through. It looked as though the sun was shining right through her skirt. I could actually see the outline of her legs and…my, my, my… I could see where the inside of her thighs met. And they didn’t touch, which left an area that went straight across. My little girl’s pussy. “I wonder if she shaves?” I said to myself.

“Dad, nobody has been swinging on this thing for a long time!” She came right next to me and kissed my forehead.

Trying not to look up her skirt, I said, “I know baby. Guess I was just reminiscing to when you were a little girl. You always wanted me to push you on this damn swing.” I smiled.

“Daddyyyy. I loved when you used to push me from behind. Then sneak around front like I was going to crash into you…but then you would step out of the way at the last second!” She laughed. I loved her laugh. It made me smile no matter what kind of mood I was in.

“Well, I think it’s safe again.” I stood and admired my work, trying not to think about what she had just said—”push me from behind”. Why must I turn everything sexual? I said to myself.

“Can we try it out!?” She giggled and sat on the swing. I stood there. “Um, Dad, I can’t swing unless you push casino siteleri me.”

“Oh..uhhh..Right….here we go then.” I came up behind her placing my hands on her shoulders and began to push. The harder I pushed, the higher she went. The higher she went the more she sat back in the seat, moving her butt almost off the back. “Harder daddy!” Her skirt was hanging off the back now. It was all slow motion at this point. Like a dream. “Faster daddy!” It seemed like forever for her to get back to me…I watched as she came arching, swinging back…I didn’t move. I stood right behind her. Becky was almost above me as she reached the end of the backswing and began the downswing. Just at that point, her skirt floated back and up. Oh my goodness. (thump—thump!!) My heart skipped a beat. Right in front of my face, my little girls’ perfect buttcheeks were panty-less and within inches of my wide and never blinking eyes. White and creamy, two round globes of my hearts desire. The next time she came swinging back I almost had a heart attack. I swear I saw her buttcheeks jiggle and spread. For a split second…Did I just?….I swear I did. I saw the most perfect butthole on earth. “Holy shit.” I said, apparently not ‘under my breath’ enough.

“What’s that daddy?” She didn’t wait for my response. “Keep pushing dad, this is so fun!”

“Anything for my little girl.” The next time she came swinging back I pushed…but…the only place to push was…her butt.

I tried to place my hands on the outside of her skirt. I missed. My hands landed squarely on her nice firm ass.(An electric shock went from my hands on Becky’s ass straight to my cock.) I think I actually gave my daughter’s ass a little squeeze in the process of pushing her forward again. She is going to freak out, I thought to myself. When she kept spurring me on, I kept squeezing her butt and pushing. Now I was purposely making sure my hands went under her skirt and onto the finest ass in the world.

Did she know it was her skin I was touching? Or did she think I was pushing on the outside of her skirt. I didn’t want to hurt or emotionally scar my baby, she is everything to me. I had to stop. I was getting a serious hard-on. My shorts had a noticeable tenting in the front. I started to collect my tools when….

“Daddy..Just a couple more times….Pleaseeeeee!!!” She whined to me with her cute puppy-dog eyes and her babygirl voice.

“Baby,” I tried to sound fatherly. “Your skirt is a little short, your giving your old man quite a view back here.”

“I know it’s short dad, it’s ok. You’re my dad, I trust you. You’re the only one I trust actually.” Her comment made me proud that she had so much faith in me.

“Becky, you’re swinging so high all I can push is your sweet little bottom.”

“I know! I have felt your big hands squeezing my ass on every push. You know what? You are the only guy to ever feel me up!”

“Baby! I did not feel you up. I just …umm, I just..” My head was spinning.

“Just a couple more pushes, then I promise we can stop.” She talked me into it.

I put down my tools and walked behind her again. We made eye contact. I could tell she really wasn’t upset about me fondling her butt as I pushed.

“Do you always wear skirts with no panties?” I flirted. I grabbed her butt more convincingly this time. Becky let out a little scream, “Hey!!”. Squeezing as long as I could before gravity took her away. Dayum…She has an ass to die for. Next time she came back to me, I decided to get a little more brazen. Her butt had now slid way back off the seat. I actually saw her cute puffy pussylips this time. I put my hands close together…I spread her cheeks apart and gave her a quick kiss on the butt as she stalled for that split second, before swinging forward again. I clearly saw her shaved little girl pussy and butthole. lt was the most fantastic sight I ever laid eyes on and it will be forever engraved in my memory.

“Daddy!! Did you just kiss my butt?!” Her voice wasn’t angry or worried. It was more a flirtatious, sexy question that she already knew the answer to.

“I couldn’t help it darling. Your butt is the most beautiful butt I have ever seen. If we keep this up you’ll give me a heart attack.”

“Okay dad! I don’t want to kill you! (a mischievous grin appears on her angelic face)…… You like young girls, daddy? I like this shirt! You got this for me right, dad? I know you have a subscription to the magazine. (she winked at me) Last push, make it a good one!” I knew that would come up. “Yes, baby. I got the shirt when I renewed my subscription. (I lied, I purposely bought it for her) I didn’t know who to give it to. So, uhhh, I thought you had the most deserving body… and attitude.” ‘Wow, what a great excuse!’ I said to myself. “How did you know I have a subscription to that ADULT magazine?”

She didn’t have to tell me to ‘make it a good swing’ twice. When she came back to me I caught her and held her above me for a second before letting go. Just a split second. canlı casino A moment lost in time, where time stood still. My hands fondling her untouched, amazingly tight, silky smooth, perky, virginal 18y.o. ass. That in it-self caused a mini-squirt of cum to shoot out of my cock.~~~~I reached up and gently pushed my little girls buttcheeks apart exposing the…cleanest, tightest, cherry-intact most-fuckable butthole my eyes had ever even fathomed. Yes. I kissed her right on her anus. No tongue. Just a solid planting of my lips on her backdoor. Right between her perfect fleshy globes. I gave it a kiss, my lips surrounded her unsuspecting flower scented anus. I didn’t know what she would think or do. Gravity took over as my young innocent daughters’ asscheeks left my awe-struck eyes. My lips still bouncing back from the single greatest kiss of my life. One that I hoped would come again very, very soon.

She just let out a little whimper as I kissed her ass. Letting her go, she swung forward and actually fell off the swing! My kiss must have sent shock waves through her body causing her to forget about balancing. She was OK, just a couple tears. For some reason, when I see tears in her eyes…..I get really turned on. I noticed she had scraped her knee, just a little blood. Lifting her with ease up and into my arms, I took her into the house and laid my little angel on the couch telling her to stay put while I went and got a washcloth, Band-Aids, and some anti-infection stuff. She had a sad face on when I came back.

“Are you ok, baby?”

“I’m ok daddy, I don’t know what happened. I accidentally fell off. Is it a bad cut?”

“Noooo, not at all.” I smiled and used the washcloth to dab the dirt off her little wound. I turned on a light next to the couch and used it to light up her scrapes and make sure I got the dirt out. “Just a scrape babe, you’ll be ok. Let ol’ dad here clean you up and you’ll be back in action in no time.”

As I cleaned her knee, I happened to look up her thigh to make sure she wasn’t cut anywhere else. She noticed this and helped me look by spreading her legs and looking at her own milky thighs as well. She spread her small legs apart almost exposing her delicate flower. “I was in your room the other day looking for a towel…and I saw a bunch of magazines behind your pillow. I’m pretty sure you had some of these.” She pinched her shirt where it said ‘Barely Legal’. She was blushing. The bright light seemed to make Becky’s white fleshy skin glow; she was truly ‘my sweet baby angel’. I had a HUGE erection at this point and had to re-adjust myself. She giggled.

“Stop giggling, it’s just an itch.” I couldn’t help but to gaze at this almost naked, glowing-white, virgin laid before me. When did my daughter become the new sex-goddess of my dreams?

“Uh huh.” Sarcasm she got from me. “It looks like the itch is getting bigger.”

I gave her a stern look and finished cleaning her up and put a Band-Aid on her knee. “I hope you aren’t offended by the stash of dirty pictures and movies I have. A single man like me can get a little lonely…sometimes.” I glanced up her legs again and saw her shaved little girl cunt. It was hairless and looked tight and tiny. My breath was taken at the sight of her young and pure teen twat. “You get lonely, Daddy? Awww, that makes me sad. I don’t mind if you look at those naughty magazines, or anything else. I love you, dad.” Becky was thanking me for doctoring her wounds as I dreamily wandered…”or anything else??? Did she just say that?? Nah, must have meant something else. I was drooling for my own candy-girl……I could see myself resting my cheek on her puffy little pussylips, such smooth lickable tight pink lips, I could feel—– “Earth to daddy, come in daddy.” Awakened from my lustful haze.

“All set babe.” I said while staring at her pussy.


“Yes baby?” Still looking straight at her perfect pussylips.

“Daddy, Thank you. It feels a lot better.” My view was blocked as she leaned forward and gave me a big hug.

“No problem babe,” I snapped out of my trance. “That’s what daddy’s are for.”

I tried to regain my composure. I tore my eyes away from the nubile valley of ripeness that was between my daughters’ thighs. At 5’4 and 110 pounds, Becky was light and springy, always bouncing and gliding everywhere rather than just plain walking. Dance and karate classes kept my girl toned and sexy, not to mention quite flexible.

“What should we do tonight, babe? I was thinking of getting dinner started.” I got up and turned into the kitchen in one un-comfortable motion, my cock was throbbing for the first time in years. I hoped she didn’t see the bulge in my pants as I got up. Once in the kitchen I was able to feel a little more at ease. As much as I wanted to just rip off her skirt and use my daughter as my sexual playtoy, fulfilling all my fantasies, doing with her as I please…. I could never hurt my little girl. I love her way too much. I knew she was flirting with me, letting me see kaçak casino what my eyes desire. I am hers. If she asks or wants or needs, I will be there for her. My princess.

“Let’s stay home tonight, dad. You took care of me today. So, why don’t I cook dinner for us and let me pamper you all night long.” I tried to say something but she put her finger on my lips, not letting me resist. “Daddy, I just want you to know that you have been the best dad a girl could have ever hoped for.” Tears welled in Becky’s eyes. “You have always taken care of me (sniff-sniff) and…and…”

Becky fell into my arms sobbing, crying not in pain but in pure love for her father. I gave her a big hug, squeezing her close to me as the emotions ran through us. I looked down into her innocent big blue eyes, with tears slowly tracing down her cheeks, So true, so real, so unbelievably young and tender. Her tears of love and her virginal innocence made me utter a low guttural growl as she knelt by my side. My male animal instincts were becoming more and more difficult to resist.

“So, I am yours tonight, daddy! Your wish is my command. Just consider me your personal slave. OK daddy?” She gave me a kiss on the forehead and stood obediently in front of me. “I will change clothes if you wish, master.”

“No ‘master’ stuff, baby. You don’t have to do this, baby. —–Her eyes told me she wouldn’t change her mind.— But, if you insist, why don’t you go and get some of your skirts and stuff. You can model clothes in front of me until we find you some suitable attire for the evening.”

My little girl really knew how to please me. I was impressed to say the least. She put some pillows on the couch and made me a nice cozy spot in front of the T.V. I changed into my robe and rested on the couch waiting for my sexy young teeny-bopper to strut her stuff in front of her favorite man. I didn’t even notice she had placed a few of my dirty magazines and dvd’s on the table. “I wish she was my slave….” I laughed to myself. She came into the room wearing a gray sweater and sweatpants.

“Hmmm, casual and comfy, but not quite what I had in mind.” I motioned for her to twirl in a circle so I could see all angles. She could wear anything and make it look sexy, I thought.

“Baby, turn up the heat a little, I don’t want you getting a chill if you happen to be wearing something a little sexier then that!” I said, insinuating how I will most likely want her dressed.

“OH! I see, does daddy want me to dress like a sexy lil’ slut for him tonight?” She pouted her lips and looked down, twirling a strand of hair with her fingers. “Oops, I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to use dirty words.”

“Aww, My poor girl, I don’t mind if you say some dirty or naughty words. In fact, I kind of like it.” I winked as her eyes came up and smiled at me. “That’s a good girl,” I patted her tushy, “Now go and see if you can find something….less….to wear.”

She came back in wearing a cooking apron, which read: “Kiss the Cook” And nothing else. Just the apron.

Becky busied herself with dinner preparations trying to avoid my stare.

“Umm, Becky….” She looked in my direction. “Your ‘master’ wishes to see the cook at once!”

“Yes daddy?” She answered from afar.

“Come in here, please, and let your old man make sure the cook is ready.” I stated, sternly.

An 18 y.o. virgin with blond pigtails and a cooking apron finally stands in front of me. The apron does well at covering her most sought after goodies. Her pale perky teenager boobs are half covered; her nipples are hidden well. The apron is short and comes down in front just covering her naturally hairless, sweet and luscious, young puffy pussy slit. I pull a pillow to my lap as I sense a growing problem. My lovely sweet girl twirls in a pirouette exposing her ripe tender ass to my wolf-like eyes. No panties, no thong. She sees I am at a loss for words…and sways her virgin butt back into the kitchen.

“I know I should have put more clothes on daddy, but it got really hot in here, I hope your not mad at me.” She looked for my answer.

“I’m not mad at you, babe. You have a fantastic body, you deserve to be able to show it.” I thought about what I just said, “That is, you can show it to me. Daddy doesn’t want you to show other boys. Do you understand, sweetie?”

“Yes, daddy. I understand. I’m so happy you think I have a pretty body, I always feel so self-conscious.”

“Becky,” My tone was firm and true, “You have no reason what-so-ever to think of your body as anything but flawless. If I were younger, and not your father…..well, let’s just say that I would do anything to f……….. have you as my wife.”

“Oh my god, daddy! You are the best man I’ve ever known. I wish I could meet a guy just like you.” Becky hugged me tight. As I wrapped my arms around her and felt her naked flesh against my hands. I rubbed her lower back. As she left my embrace, she turned to go back into the kitchen. I gave her firm little bottom a nice swat with my hand, making a cute spanking sound. She jumped and tried to slap my hand away, she missed and grabbed her ass where I had just swatted it. Rubbing in small circles in mock pain as she slipped into the cooking role again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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