Cygnus Breeding Labs Pt. 02

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(Warning: This story includes futa, oviposition, and cum inflation)

Background: In the distant future, humanity truly takes to the stars. A golden age of science and technology launches the species into a universe merely dreamt of my previous generations. Medicine progresses and increases the human lifespan, aided by interspecies cooperation with alien worlds. One of the big players in biological research, Cygnus, is well known for testing the boundaries of what the human body can do.

Individuals can sign up to be experimented on with alien genes, in exchange for large sums of money of course…


Early the next morning, or so Danni would guess in the confines of her windowless room, the sounds of clanking, buzzing, and a few expletives emanated faintly through the doors leading back to the test chamber. The sound drew her from her slumber, and she got up to get ready for the day. After a quick shower, she slipped into the elastic test suit, which hugged her curves yet didn’t feel too tight, and poked her head out the door to the lab.

The Operator was crouching near some kind of machine up against the wall, tampering with it and having obvious difficulties. Nearby, there was a translucent blob of green matter the size of a large bean bag chair. It wasn’t obvious if it was a liquid or solid or what; it looked a bit like jello.

“Everything going alright?” Danni asked as she approached the Operator. “What is this thing?” She asked, gesturing towards the blob.

“Yeah there’s some kind of glitch with this thing,” the Operator grumbles. She slammed the side of it with her fist and it projected a faint UV light on the wall. “Finally!” She sighed as she shut the machine off again. “This guy here’s going to help us out with the next test. It’s technically… well… a plant or an algae or something. It’s not sentient.” She explained.

The Operator pulled out a tiny laser pen and shot it at the blob, which responded by forming a small flailing tentacle on the point, searching for something to grab. Danni stared at the blob, wondering if this thing was really safe as she began putting the pieces together.

“So this thing reacts to light, but it’s NOT actually a plant… what IS it? I’m still in the dark on what’s going on here,” Danni prompted.

“Well, what it is doesn’t really matter, it’s what it does. The light gives it an excess of energy to use,” the Operator explains as she toys with the pen light some more, causing tendrils to form and disappear. “It creates ‘eggs’, which are really just pockets of a similar goop, but it happens very infrequently and requires a warm, safe space to deposit them,” she continued.

“I’m guessing that I’m supposed to be that warm, safe space…” Danni trailed off, looking slightly unamused.

“Bingo,” the Operator called back over her shoulder as she made some calibrations. “I think we’re about ready to begin, if you’d like to go ahead casino oyna and take a seat on it.”

Danni walked over near the mass and looked back to the Operator. “Just… sit on it? Like this?” She asked as she lowered herself onto it, sinking in slightly.

“Yup, juuust like that,” the Operator assured her as she wrapped up her work. She turned the machine up to what seems like a low level, and small bumps and tentacles appeared all over the blob, feeling around.

They found Danni’s ass and began to concentrate around it. Danni tensed up a bit and looked nervous at first, but the Operator was careful to gradually increase the light level. The tentacles grew longer and thicker, and began wrapping around her legs. They slid Danni’s test suit pants down around her thighs. Danni let out a gasp as some of the tentacles felt around her pussy, contemplating entering. Some others worked up her back and around to her mouth. The whole mass was caressing her now, but not constricting her, and she seemed more comfortable at this point.

Danni’s breathing picked up, and she was definitely getting a bit excited. The tendril near her pussy dipped in briefly, then decided to fully enter, along with one other near her ass. Both slid in a few inches and wiggled around. Her eyes widened as the slick slime familiarized itself with her insides. It must have decided she was a worthy vessel, because the tentacles thickened up significantly inside her and began thrusting slightly, filling the room with a wet schlicking sound.

Danni let out a moan and jerked forward a bit as the creature became fully comfortable inside her. In the ever-intensifying light, it thrust faster and deeper, exploring Danni’s insides like nothing before.

“O-oh, fuck, it’s so far in,” Danni moaned as she gyrated her hips. The tentacles near her mouth finally decided to slide in, and began working their way down her throat. The two in her nether regions thrust and wiggled deeper, creating a writhing bulge in her belly. Danni let out a muffled moan as she rubbed the mass through her skin, and it pushed back against her hand.

Some masses began to gather at the base of the tentacles. Dark green orbs about the size of golf balls started pressing against Danni’s lower entrances, and shot up the tentacles near her mouth as well. Her eyes widened as she felt them amass and press against her, and the first few ‘eggs’ shot into each of her holes. Each one bulged in her throat on the way down, and spread her pussy on the way in, forming small bulges in her stomach.

She moved her hands to feel the orbs run down her throat and bulge slightly in her stomach. The pleasure was becoming a bit much and she gyrated faster and harder as the creature thrust. The Operator did her thing, taking some notes and interacting with her tablet. She cranked up the light further. Eggs began forming much faster, and began shooting into every hole with only a second or so between canlı casino each one.

Danni winced at the faster paced filling. Her whole body shook as she climaxed, bucking her hips and shutting her eyes tightly. She figured that might be a cue for the Operator to stop, but the eggs kept coming as she felt the aftershocks of her orgasm. The light grew brighter, and eggs began flooding in at a constant pace, along with some warm, cum-like liquid. Danni’s stomach and womb were filled to a late-pregnancy size, and the entire blob began vibrating slightly.

Danni looked at the bumps of the eggs in her bulging womb, and clutched her belly as another climax wracked her body. She shivered and moaned in overwhelming pleasure as the slime further overpacked her body, having converted about a quarter of its mass into eggs so far. The Operator approached and began prodding and scanning Danni’s stomach as she continued to grow. Danni lay limp as the thrusts went on, glancing at the Operator as if idly asking for help.

“Don’t worry, it’s almost done,” the Operator said flatly in a feeble attempt to comfort the overencumbered subject.

The slime had emptied about half its form into Danni before slowing to a halt, and the eggs inside her began vibrating slightly as well. The tentacle in her mouth retreated, letting Danni lean forward a bit, her lumpy belly hanging off her. She gasped for air and whimpered, unable to speak at first.

“How ya doin’ hun?” The Operator asked, as she handed Danni a bottle of water, which Danni shakily accepted. The Operator began massaging her belly, which was quite a bit bigger than the previous day. She shut off the light, and the tentacles withdrew from Danni; the blob slunk away into the corner.

“Ohhh~… I’m alright, that was just…” Danni trailed off, trying to catch her breath. She stumbled over to the table and leaned against it, not used to all the extra weight inside her. Her legs quivered as her vibrating belly continued to stimulate her, causing juices to drip down her legs onto the floor. She looked shaky enough to fall over, but managed to slide up onto the table instead, where she desperately massaged her taut skin. “Ah~ wh- what happens now?”

“Well,” The Operator moved to the end of the table between Danni’s legs, only the top half of her head visible to Danny over her tum, “normally these would grow for twelve hours or so before they’re ready to come out, but we’re going to expedite the process a bit,” she finished.

“Uhm, expedite how?” Danni asked, before hearing a click and a beep, accompanied by a moan from the Operator- very similar to the day before. Her suspicions were confirmed when the tip of the Operator’s penis came into view over her domed stomach. “Oh, of course,” she rolled her eyes, then bit her lip, imagining the massive rod stuffed inside her with all the eggs.

“Don’t worry hun,” The Operator tried to assure her, “there won’t be as much as kaçak casino yesterday, but this serum ought to get it done.” She stroked her cock until it reached full-mast, then began prodding Danni’s pussy as her balls continued to fill with a blue fluid.

Danni felt the Operator enter her all at once, showing very little restraint since she was already pretty stretched out by the blob earlier. Two hands planted themselves on the underside of her gut, which assisted the cock inside her in stirring up all the eggs. Danni’s eyes rolled back and she spasmed in orgasmic pleasure around the Operator almost immediately. She pinched her nipples and bucked her hips in tune with the Operator’s thrusts, maintaining a continuous climax.

“Danni, I’m getting pretty close, so get ready-,” she warned, just before losing her edging battle and unleashing several blasts of goo cum. The fluid filled in between the eggs in Danni’s belly, but didn’t go much further before stopping, and the Operator pulled herself out. The extra filling left Danni panting, trying to cope with the new pressure within her. “Welp, that should take care of half of em, but we’ve still got more,” the Operator explained between heavy breaths, much to Danni’s shock, as she applied another syringe and slipped her shaft into Danni’s ass.

“F-fuuu~uuck,” Danni groaned as her womb churned full of goo and eggs. Before long, the gelatinous spheres began to absorb the first round of fluid and began expanding within her, all while the Operator plowed her relentlessly. Danni’s nerves were nothing but fireworks by then, and she couldn’t do much besides clench around the Operator and try to stay conscious.

“My god, you’re so fucking tight,” The Operator grunted, abandoning her professional attitude again. She gave Danni’s growing belly a slap and fingered her while building up to the next goo torrent. She built up to the edge, and all it took was one more orgasm from Danni’s spasming snatch to elicit the Operator’s own. She hilted herself inside again, swelling Danni further with her cum and the growth they fueled, before pulling out not long after.

Danni just laid back, trying to catch her breath as the orbs within her expanded, testing her capacity, before a few were forced out of each of her holes as they had nowhere else to go. A chill ran down her spine, and she let out a gasp as a few more rolled out. Danni’s overfilled tummy let out a deep, churning rumble. “Uh… M-miss Operator… I ~OOOHHH~!” she was cut off, crying out as her ass and pussy both erupted a fountain of fluids and eggs, each hole stretching wide as the torrent emptied her. She bucked her hips, moaning in pleasure. By the time she was emptied, Danni’s energy was spent; all she could do was lie there and pant.

The Operator began collecting the eggs into some sort of container. “Do you need anything before I leave for the day?” She asked, resuming her professional tone.

“C-can you help me up?” Danni asked shakily. The Operator assisted her to her room before resuming her work. Danni rolled into her bed and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of all manner of erotic things that might await.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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