Cumkiss Ch. 01

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Haley increased her pace, bobbing her head faster as she gently twisted Will’s cock with her hand. At the same time she fingered her pussy frantically, hoping to achieve another orgasm herself.

“Suck that cock, you cum-eating whore!” Will said. “You’re such a slut you get off on sucking cock, don’t you?”

Haley could feel the pressure building and was eager for Will to climax. In response, she bobbed a little faster still, her brown hair bouncing in her ponytail. She then focused her tongue on the sensitive underside of his tip. She could tell this had the desired effect as Will’s balls tightened quickly. She gave one last bob of her head and kept pumping with her fingers as she waited. Soon streams of Will’s thick cum began spurting into her mouth. She swallowed fast, recognizing this load was starting stronger than most, with copious bursts of flavorful sperm coating her mouth and tongue. Despite her efforts, a little did seep out of her mouth, coating her lips and dripping down her chin. When Will was done coming, she licked her lips. Haley then looked Will in the eyes and scooped the excess off of her chin, savoring the taste of her man with a smile.

God, Haley loved to suck cock. More than that, she loved to swallow cum. Sometimes she managed to get herself off as she did it. She hadn’t quite managed another orgasm this time, but she was close. And she still enjoyed it. She felt like such a slut, and it was wonderful. And Will was so appreciative, egging her on with the dirty talk. You’d think she’d find it demeaning, but that was wrong. It made her feel desirable. And shouldn’t a woman feel wanted in the bedroom? A little kink definitely spiced things up for both Will and Haley lately.

Thinking about this, feeling content, Haley, with her fingers still in her pussy, started to move in to give Will a tender kiss, but before she barely started, thought better of it. Instead she went to the bathroom and washed up and brushed her teeth for bed.

When Haley returned to the bed, she finally snuggled up to Will and gave him a kiss. When she did, she could still taste herself on his lips from when he went down on her. It used to bother her, but now it just turned her on to know how much it turned Will on.

Sitting there in the afterglow, Will asked, “Haley, when you finished blowing me, were you going to give me a kiss, but then changed your mind?”

“You noticed that?” Haley asked.

“Of course, what stopped you?”

“Guys don’t like kissing a girl after getting a blow job. Everyone knows that. I didn’t want to put you in an awkward position of turning away,” she replied.

“But you wanted a kiss, right?” Will asked.

“Well, yeah,” Haley said, thinking that was a dumb question.

“What makes you think I’d shy away?”

“My experience. You’re not the first guy I’ve blown, you know.” Haley was starting to feel a little exasperated.

Will came at it from a different angle: “When we first had sex, you would never kiss me after going down on you, much less suck my cock after it was inside you, right?” Haley nodded. “But you eventually did it anyway, and now it almost seems like you enjoy it, don’t you?”

“Right, but that’s different,” the brunette tried to explain. “I did that because I figured out it would turn you on. Eventually I realized it turned me on, too. It made me feel like your little slut.”

Will responded, “so you did it because I enjoyed it, at least at first. But you would have enjoyed a kiss just now and chose not to. I saw your fingers will still inside of you at the time. Do you think it might have put you over the edge?”

“Maybe . . . I don’t know. I guess at the moment if you kissed me and rubbed my clit, it would not have taken much to get me off again. What are you saying? casino oyna That you want to kiss me after you cum in my mouth?”

Will hesitated. “Not exactly. What I want is to please you and make you feel as satisfied as you make me feel. I’ve never really thought about kissing you after, but if it’s something you want, I’d never be so selfish as to deny you, especially considering what you’ve done for me.

“If you’re in a moment of love, or lust, or whatever, I never want you to feel like you can’t kiss me. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for you in bed, Haley. You’re such a slut for me, I think I owe you the same.”

Haley smiled. Will always made her feel appreciated. “Well if I try it next time I blow you and you turn away, I won’t be offended. I know how homophobic guys can be about that.”

Will sighed, seemingly in exasperation himself. “Well if it’s something you want in the moment, I’ll do it for you, rest assured.”

The next morning was Saturday, and Haley awoke to an empty bed. Knowing Will, he was at the gym. He worked hard to stay in shape, and it showed. Haley didn’t work so hard, but still managed to keep a nice figure, or so she was told. Her belly was flat, her ass had just enough plumpness to wiggle when she danced. And her tits, well, those got her a lot of attention. They weren’t huge, but a solid B-cup and hung with that upward tilt that made her nipples pop. “Plump and perky” is how Will described them, and she couldn’t argue. If she went out without a bra, she always got some stares, no matter the temperature.

As Haley showered, she found herself dwelling on her post-coital conversation with Will from the night before. Did she want to kiss Will after blowing him? Or was it just a tender moment? Or something else? The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was something else. She loved being Will’s slut, proving that she was there to please him in bed. What better way to prove it than to kiss him after blowing him? He could FEEL she was there to please him. He could SEE her do it, too. But if he could TASTE it on her lips . . . the thought of that made her pussy tingle – another of his senses to appreciate her efforts. She hadn’t even realized it until now, but she was massaging her labia while she considered it. Damn! She was turned on!

She grabbed the shower head and used it to her advantage as she considered it a bit more. What if she went further? What if she made sure her lips were coated with Will’s sperm when she kissed him? Maybe even a little cum on her tongue – she could pass it back to him as they kissed.

“Ungh!!” Haley gasped, cumming hard as she pointed the shower head at her pussy with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other hand. She dropped the shower head as she braced herself against the shower wall. The water was spraying her legs as she tried to regain her senses from one of the most explosive orgasms she’d had in a while. “Damn!” she exclaimed aloud. Then to herself, “I need to take advantage of Will’s offer. This could be fun!”

Later that evening, Haley and Will relaxed on the couch feeling sated after a lovely dinner of salmon and a summer salad. They had shared a bottle of white wine and were feeling warm and comfortable cuddling as they watched some TV. Haley didn’t really care what they were watching, her thoughts returning to her masturbation session in the shower. Would she have cum if she kissed him last night? With her fingers still playing with her pussy? She thought she might have.

“What are you doing?” Will asked. “Have an itch?”

Haley froze. She just realized that she again had her hand on her pussy as her mind wandered. She looked up at Will with a sheepish grin, and said, “Just thinking of you. If you’re not too busy, you could help a girl out. I can see you canlı casino want to by the size of that protrusion in your pants.”

“It’d be my pleasure!” Will replied, as he got on the floor in front of Haley and removed her slacks and panties. Without preamble, Will dove into Haley’s already wet, shaved pussy. He worked his tongue over her lips, occasionally nibbling in a delightful manner. He looked up at Haley with a smile as he worked, winking and telling her to relax and enjoy.

Will cupped Haley’s ass and gently pulled her forward to allow himself better access. He took his time from there, alternating his tongue and fingers inside her and with pressure on her clit. For her part, Haley removed her top and starting fondling her tits, gently squeezing them and playing with the nipples. She thought about how nice it would be to get Will to rub his cock on her tits, leaving some pre-cum on the nipples, only to watch him lick it off thereafter, then kiss her.

Wow! That gave her a spark! What a beautifully depraved idea. She considered that some more as Haley felt her orgasm building. Will had two fingers inside Haley, probing her inner walls, finding the g-spot. At the same time, his tongue was on her clit. That, combined with her depraved thoughts pushed Haley over the edge – she came hard! So hard her thighs clasped around Will’s head, involuntarily holding him in place, mouth on her clit, as she convulsed.

When Haley finished cumming, Will came up for air. “Damn! You’ve never done that before! I couldn’t breathe for a minute there! I guess I did well?”

“Very well!” Haley sighed. “I’m so relaxed. Come give me a kiss as I recover.”

Will obliged, sliding next to her and giving her a soft kiss, with just a little tongue. Haley savored the taste of her pussy on his lips. She couldn’t believe she used to dislike the taste of herself. It was such a turn-on to know he just pleased her in such an unselfish act. It turned Will on, too, Haley could tell. He was unconsciously humping her leg while he kissed her and fondled her tits.

“I guess it’s my turn to take care of you. Want your little slut to suck your cock?”

“You know I do,” Will replied, “but right now I think I want some pussy.”

“Say no more,” Haley replied, unbuckling Will’s belt and helping him out of his pants. As she did, she moved down to be able to pull his pants and underwear fully off his body. This left her eye to “eye” with Will’s cock. She saw the pre-cum on it, and couldn’t resist a quick lick of the tip. She then looked at Will’s face as she placed his member between her tits had had him stroke a couple times. This only caused more pre-cum to drip.

Feeling daring, Haley then rubbed the head of Will’s dripping penis on her nipples, coating them with his juices. After that, she worked her way back up his body, positioning her pussy over him. She then guided him inside her. Will’s dick always seemed to fit just right inside her, stretching her nicely, but not too much. It felt so good.

Haley leaned forward and kissed Will as she started to ride his cock. She wondered if he could taste himself on her tongue, but figured a quick lick probably didn’t leave much flavor behind. But if he sucked her nipples, he’d definitely taste it – they were certainly still covered in his pre-cum. So Haley grabbed Will by the neck and shoved her tits in his face, encouraging him to suck her nipples as she rode him.

And Will did! He sucked her left nipple without a second thought. When he tasted what was there, she could feel him hesitate for a second, but then keep going. Haley couldn’t resist saying something.

“You taste that, baby? That’s you’re pre-cum. Do you like it? You know I do. Not as much as your cum, but it’s still delicious. There’s more on the other kaçak casino nipple. Why don’t you be MY good little slut and lick it off for me?”

And God bless Will, he did just that. But he did more; he put on a show for Haley. He looked her in the eyes and gently licked around her nipple, doing circles around it, making sure he got it all. When he had, he clamped down and sucked and nibbled on Haley’s tit, uttering “mmmmmm.”

That was it for Haley; she came again, riding Will’s cock. What a turn on to have her own little slut! When she was done, she could see Will was close. She stopped moving, allowing him to come down a bit. She leaned in to his ear, whispering, “My little slut is taking good care of me tonight. That’s two orgasms already. I think it’s your turn.

“Now I’m going to start riding this cock hard in a second. I do not want you to come in my pussy though. When you’re close, I want you to warn me so I can get off you and take your cock in my mouth, tasting your cum and mine as you let loose. Think you can make that happen?”

“I sure hope so!” Will said, obviously excited at the prospect.

With that, Haley started bouncing vigorously on Will’s lap. There was no finesse to it, just raw, animal passion. Will grabbed her hips and enjoyed himself. Up and down, Haley went until, after a short time, Will said, “I’m getting close!”

Haley bounced off his dick, slid her body down, and replaced her pussy with her mouth and tongue. Almost instantly she could feel Will’s cum jetting into her mouth. She let it gather there as she sucked him, trying to taste her own juices and those from his cock mixing in her mouth. She’d never focused on that mixture of flavor before, loving the sweetness of herself mixed with the saltiness of Will. It was delicious! And it was oh so slutty!

Haley swallowed a little of the mixture when she realized she couldn’t hold it all in. She also had her finger working her clit, thinking she might come a third time. Three times so close together! All she needed was a little something more. She looked up at Will, his eyes full of contentment and love, and she knew what she needed.

Haley climbed back up Will’s body, moved his hand onto her pussy, grabbed his face, and kissed him. Will was as good as his word, giving Haley an open-mouthed kiss as he rubbed her clit. Haley stuck her tongue into Will’s mouth. With it went much of the cum still in her mouth. Will was obviously surprised, but kept kissing Haley, their juices passing back and forth.

Haley loved it! She was almost cumming. She thought if she took it one step further . . .

Haley pushed the juices into Will’s mouth and ended the kiss, moving her lips near his ear and said, “Swallow it. Be my little slut, Will. Show me you’re as much my cumslut as I am yours. And for fuck’s sake, keep rubbing my clit as you do!”

Will looked Haley in the eyes and opened his mouth. But he didn’t say anything; he didn’t spit out the juices. Instead, he simply let her see the juices sitting there. Then he closed his mouth, smiled as he looked at Haley, and visibly swallowed their mixed juices.

And Haley came for the third time in less than 30 minutes. She rode it out as Will rubbed her clit. Focused on the feeling until it was simply too much. She then grabbed his hand to stop him and kissed him deeply.

Will was such a slut for her, Haley knew she could never go back to vanilla sex again. This newly found fetish of hers was just too much fun. She hoped Will was enjoying it. She looked in his eyes, searching for the answer. Did he enjoy the snowball? Or was this going too far for him? How could she know if he enjoyed it, too.

Then it quite literally hit her, right in the thigh. “It” was Will’s dick, and he was hard again much sooner than expected. She looked at Will’s cock, then at Will’s face. He grinned sheepishly. Haley’s grin was much more devious. So, too was her laugh. “This is going to be fun,” she thought, as she continued to chuckle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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