Cruel Irony

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Gratitude is expressed to “Hawkeye Couple” and Sam for their editorial assistance. Their gracious assistance has helped to move the story to the next level.


Doris, like most women, loves weddings, especially weddings of family members. Radiant brides in their flowing gowns, handsome grooms in their fine tuxes and youthful, excited faces made her romantic heart flutter. Tears of happiness flowed freely. Weddings remind her of that joyous day 28 years ago when, in her white bridal gown, she was escorted to the altar by her father. He gave her in marriage to her beloved Royce in this very same church. Escorted from the narthex to the seat reserved for the mother of the groom, her knees weakened.

Jeffery, her 22-year old son was minutes way from being wed to Pamela. His marriage to Pamela, a woman nearly 17 months her son’s senior, grieved and cut Doris deeply. Yet for the sake of family peace and stability, for seven months Doris has put on a brave happy front. She knew that if she strongly opposed the marriage her strong willed son would have more than likely eloped.

As the scents of the floral arrangements filler her nostrils, her heart was heavy as she enters the pew. Her husband slipped beside her. His holding and squeezing her hand did nothing to lift the heaviness upon her heart.

Earlier that morning, as she dressed in her light blue gown, she thought, “woe to any mother who has to watch her son marry the wrong woman but can only smile while anguishing inside.” All day she had wanted to scream but could not find neither the voice nor courage.

Jeff and Pam have known each other all their lives. Vince and Tara Anderson, Pam’s parents, were the first to arrive at their door when Doris and Royce, along with their newborn, moved into their new home almost 24 years before. As it turned out, Royce and Tara were acquaintances in high school when they played in the same school band across town for two years. In his senior year Royce had asked Tara, a sophomore, to the homecoming dance only to find that she had already accepted to attend with another young man.

The two women quickly became the best of friends and the husbands became golf partners. Naturally, as their children grew, the two Anderson children and the three Kimble children mirrored the friendship their mothers had developed. Though a street separated the families, they often functioned as one large family with a band of pavement and green space between the two halves of one larger home.

Both parents were surprised when during Pam’s senior year that Jeff, a junior, was Pam’s prom date. Their parents knew Pam and Jeff boated and fished together at the cottage the two families shared, and that they attended sporting events and dances with the same group of friends, that they played in the same trombone section in high school, but they had not suspected that the hours Pam and Jeff spent talking would move beyond friendship. Neither set of parents imagined that Jeff and Pam had romantic thoughts toward the other. Jeff’s and Pam’s siblings were not as blind as their parents to the budding relationship.

Thinking about the various rites of passage associated with proms Doris breathed a sigh of relief when Royce sat Jeff down to talk about Pam and the prom. Royce reminded Jeff a woman must be treated with respect, treasured as a priceless jewel rather than merely used as an object for his pleasure. He cautioned him about letting his hormones and peer pressure unduly sweep them to bed each other. The speech was not unknown to Jeff as he heard it before every first date. Also, seeing it modeled was not new either as Jeff saw how Royce treated his mother with love and adoration. Royce reinforced the message further by reminding Jeff that he should do nothing to harm the love and friendship the two families shared, or put his friendship with Pam at risk by a misstep in a moment of passion.

As Doris and Royce watched Jeff escort Pam to Royce’s freshly washed Avalon, Royce mentioned they made a lovely couple. Doris nodded her agreement. They did look good together even if Doris did not share her husband’s enthusiasm. She knew Pam was not the right woman for her baby.

Until early August, Doris lived quietly with her inner tensions as Jeff and Pam dated that summer. One evening she expressed to Royce that Pam was not right for their Jeffery. When asked why, Doris replied, “A mother just knows these things. They are not right for one another.” Her husband dismissed her feelings as groundless. The following May, Doris’ concerns remained when Pam returned from college to be Jeff’s date at his Senior Prom. Again, Royce dismissed her negative comments.

While Doris hoped all her children would attend her and Royce’s alma mater she was quietly pleased Jeff enrolled at another college, as Pam was attending Doris’ alma mater. She was comforted that Jeff was going to a college 70 miles east of home while Pam’s was 55 miles to the north. bizimkent escort Being 67 miles apart by the shortest route would help any fledgling romantic feelings die. Doris was confident that the separation, along with raging hormones with hundreds of available dates at hand, would direct their romantic attention toward others. Not always subtly, Doris encouraged her son to play the field. It was too early to settle on one girl, she argued with Jeff. She knew Pam was hearing similar encouragements at home.

The summer after Jeff’s freshman year and the next, Doris was happy when Pam worked at a National Park in Wyoming. Each Christmas and summer Doris asked Jeff about his love life. Though he guardedly gave no details, she sensed her son was dating. Through Tara, she learned that Pam also was dating at college. By early October of her senior year, Doris was thrilled to learn that Pam was in love with a young man she had been dating regularly. Jeff, now a junior, was dating seriously a coed named Lisa.

When Doris asked during a March telephone call when he would introduce Lisa to his parents Jeff replied, “When Lisa’s father will accept me dating his daughter.”

Doris was furious that her baby was rejected by Lisa’s father. Jeff was a man of character and would do well professionally. He would be an excellent husband and father. When Doris asked her son if he really loved this woman Jeff replied, more than any other. From how he talked, Doris knew her son had found his true love. She encouraged him to persevere and assured him that love has a way of conquering and prevailing if he was patient.

A week later when Doris mentioned Jeff’s problem to Tara, Tara said Pam had a similar problem, except it was with his mother. Though David was facing opposition from his mother Pam was not giving up. Their relationship was getting so serious that, upon graduation, she accepted a junior high teaching position to be near him. The position she accepted was 95 miles southeast of her childhood home and she was looking for an apartment in a town 15 miles north of the school.

Tara wondered if the relationship was doomed as long as David’s mother kept putting down Pam. Doris offered understanding support while complaining about narrow minded, interfering parents.

During a July 4th barbeque, Doris pulled Pam aside to learn about David and encourage her. From the gleam in her eye and the tone in her voice is was evident Pam was deeply in love. She gave the young woman the same encouragement she had given her son along with a few unflattering terms she attached to the objecting mother. Pam just smiled.

Things had not gone as well as they appeared the prior summer. At Christmas Jeff and Pam stood before their two families to announce their engagement. While Doris was getting over the shock and formulated a carefully worded objection it was evident that Royce and Tara had known beforehand. Unknown to Doris, Royce and Tara had visited their children the Saturday after Thanksgiving to talk about the announcement.

Tara threw her arms around Jeff. She was pleased to have him formally part of their family. Royce did the same with Pam. While this was happening, Kristy, Jeff’s elder sister, emerged within seconds with champagne and glasses for all. Immediately, Royce offered a toast, “you two bring nothing but joy to our two homes. We are all very happy. Now, to the toast: may your marriage enjoy the same love, passion and devotion that I have enjoyed with my wife.” As he finished Royce looked at his wife’s eyes. As he stared her down, Tara cried, “hear, hear,” before adding “may you two have a happy and fulfilled marriage.”

Doris could only give a half-hearted smile as she raised her glass. As she looked at her baby, Jeffery David, she knew she had been neutralized. It was only then that she realized that Pamela’s middle name was Lisa. Unwittingly she had pronounced judgment upon herself when she said “David’s mother is an over protective unloving bitch.” She felt so foolish.

As the organ played and the groom’s party entered Doris’ mind drifted back to that magical afternoon and evening when Jeff was conceived. As Royce left on a five day business trip, he dropped Kristy and Betty, her two children, off at her mother’s for eleven days. When he returned, they planned to use the time to reconnect without the two youngsters disturbing them or demanding attention.

The afternoon of Jeff’s conception, Doris was relaxing by their pool. Dressed in the yellow bikini she often wore, the mother of two was enjoying the opportunity to tan without having to watch the children. The yellow bikini was much naughtier than her black bikini. She used to wear the yellow bikini frequently before Kristy was born. Though it now barely held her larger breasts, she still wore it once or twice a summer to get a rise out of Royce.

Teasing was far from her mind when he lay in the lounge chair beside her. bostancı escort Sex was far from her mind when she put on the bikini. She wore it that day as it would give her the best opportunity to have the smallest tan lines. Regardless of the intentions, a sensuous woman who enjoyed sexual banter and dressed in bikini of that sort, blended powerfully with a Speedo clothed handsome and horny man. Jeff’s father was just such a man. Their banter became more sexual in nature and more overt as the afternoon progressed. Doris always enjoyed looking at Jeff’s father’s handsome features. He was the handsomest man on the block, with firm abs and a gorgeous ass.

In his Speedo he reminded Doris of Carl, her high school sweetheart. Carl took her virginity on a Saturday beach outing. She recalled the early evenings she and Carl spent that summer when his mother was working. Such memories reminded her of the passion and the energetic naïveté of youth.

The tight Speedo and his manly form stirred her interests and then some. He saw her desires in her eyes and upon her face. Her heart raced further when she noticed his bulge. Sex with Royce in the prior months had been less frequent than desired. Royce’s business trips because of the pending merger took him on the road seven to twelve nights a month. Too many 12-14 hour days at the office left him exhausted when he was home.

More than at any time since the birth of Betty fourteen months earlier, Doris felt sexually alive and eager. The infrequent love making, the teasing and banter that continued in and out of the pool, helped her to become sexually primed. Like teens, they debated which had better breathe control. They decided to settle it by seeing who could go furthest underwater without diving. The pool was longer than normal on one side, as Royce needed it long enough to swim laps.

He went first and emerged in three feet of water six feet shy of the far wall. Doris’ high competitive spirit was at its height when positioned against a man. Though her lungs started to ache, she pushed herself with four additional desperate strokes. While passing him on the last stoke with her right arm pumping forward and down, several of her fingers inadvertently hooked on the upper edge of his Speedo pulling it partly down his legs.

Breaking above the water just past him she gasped desperately for breath. As she sucked in air, her mind took in what she had just occurred. He laughed loudly. Her left bikini cup had pulled to the side exposing her one breast. Suddenly he pulled the top string of her bikini. The yellow cloth dropped. Both her breasts were exposed to him. Before she could react he kissed her lustfully. There in the pool she surrendered. Her wonton feelings dismissed the initial thought of pulling away. The thought of going into the house was lost in the passion of the moment. She moaned as her tongue started to dance with his. This unbridled passion, missed since the children came along, ruled over her mind and heart. If her neighbors were looking out their windows they would observe a steamy scene and given fuel to the rumor mill.

As his hand played with her left breast and hardened nipple, her right embraced his hardness. Within five minutes of toying and playing with each other they entered the house. They did not make it past the den before she was on her knees before him. Unleashed, and without children around, she became again a sexual tigress, an energetic tigress that had been suppressed since her first child had turned 6 months old.

His manly shaft disappeared repeatedly between her lips. She made love to his hard cock. Her head bobbed up and down wildly. She glanced upward. His eyes rolled back in his head as he felt the tip of his cock enter her throat. She only stopped her ministrations when she felt he was about to cum.

Moving to the sofa, Doris enticingly removed her damp hipster. He pulled her down upon the sofa. She spread her legs and slowly drew her pointer finger upward along her pussy. He accepted the unspoken invitation to move between her thighs. Her womanly juices thickly coated her womanly lips before his tongue touched her. Tingles of pleasure flowed through her as his tongue and lips explored the length and depth of her pussy. He was like hungry an animal devouring his prey. Vocally, and with her hand running through his hair, she encouraged his animalistic energy. It had been too long since she was the focus of such unbridled passion and lust.

Her increased breathing rate signaled her growing pleasure. She felt herself climbing toward the pinnacle moment. As he started to suck her clit into his mouth her hips quaked. She screamed loudly, much louder than she had cried since the children arrived. Being an unencumbered screamer at heart, Doris missed the freedom to vocalize her body’s pleasure. Years of pent up screams echoed throughout the house. As she came down from the pinnacle of pleasure, his eyes gleamed büyükçekmece escort as he continued to lick and suck her pussy and clit.

Doris’ body continued to respond to the pleasure she was feeling. As she moved toward another climax she pulled her lover upward by his hand. She grabbed his hardness. It was aimed it at her womanly center. She knew what she wanted. And she needed it right then.

He knew what she needed. He thrust forward. His hard shaft parted her lips and pushed into her very core. Her eyes closed as she panted her encouragement. His thrusting became harder and harder, quicker and quicker. Her vaginal walls stroked at his hard shaft as it drove back and forth. Their moans grew more passionate. Again her voice rang out filling the house with her joyful tones. They danced as one as her womanly channel warmly embraced his hardened manhood.

His lips pushed upon hers. Welcoming his kisses, she wrapped her legs around the top of his thighs, pulling him deeply into her. Her right hand moved through his hair to insure their lips remained locked. Through the connections of their sexual cores and their lips they expressed their lust and sexual needs.

She came again, far stronger than she did in his mouth. She was not coming down too far from her pleasure before her lust drove her to an even stronger climax. Their lips broke apart as they both gasped for air and moaned with deep urgency.

The joyous lustful look in his eyes at that moment remained burned into her vivid memory even today. As if they were spoken just moments ago, on her son’s wedding day Doris’ mind still replayed the fervent cry that spilled from his lips. “Ohhh baaabyyy, yourrr so gooood, aaaahh. I’m about toooo.” Before he finished his warmth shot forth into her on a mission to create life.

Their eyes remained fixed upon the other as their primal procreation dance moved toward its conclusion. The warmth of his release and his driving into her cervix brought forth another climax from her. This one was not as strong as its predecessor but still satisfying and welcomed. Or was it a continuation of it harder predecessor that started about fifteen seconds before his release? It did matter, for whatever it was they enjoyed basking in the primal fulfillment of the moment.

The wedding march being struck brought Doris out of her reminisces. She stood and looked upon the bridal party as it progressed to the front of the sanctuary. She felt defeated as she was unsuccessful in discouraging this union. Since January she faked her happiness. Her husband told her in no uncertain terms that her vague objections based upon her womanly intuition were misguided and counterproductive to helping her son’s marriage start well.

She knew this union that was not right. Yet she could not come out and give the specific reasons why this marriage was not right for her baby. Her eyes fell upon Betty going down the isle ahead of the bride. She hoped that in a year or two Betty would be going down this isle as Ben’s bride.

The eyes of the mother of the groom fell upon the bride arrayed in white satin, silk and lace. A twelve foot train flowed behind her. Pam was absolutely beautiful. Her face had an angelic shine. Her smile and eyes were infectious as they broadcast her happiness. She looked upon this lovely figured woman with fine breasts and nicely curved hips. This beautiful, kind and gentle girl became a woman before her eyes and then captured her baby’s heart. Doris could not fault her son for falling for this ravishing vixen. She knew vixen was too strong a term, but it did express her detest that this woman in a matter of minutes would be her daughter-in-law.

Jeff and Pam had much in common. Having too much in common was the problem. Doris feared that the marriage would fall apart when they discovered the truth. The disintegration of their marriage would tear at the fabric that held the two families together. It would cause a rift between Doris and Tara, her best friend. Doris did not want to loose Tara’s friendship, but she was in a no-win situation. When the marriage fell apart she suspected that her own marriage would be at risk. She feared that it was only a matter of time. She could lose now or lose later. She opted for later, hoping beyond hope that later would never come into reality.

The eyes of the groom’s mother fell upon the face of the bride’s mother. Tears of pride flowed from Tara’s eyes. Pam was so much like her mother. Tara was emotional, loving, calculating and fiercely loyal in defending her home. Pam would be the same. Doris’ eyes welled with tears as in that moment she identified with her friend.

Then Doris’ eyes fell upon Vince. He looked stoic as he escorted his daughter down the floral lined isle to present the groom with his bride. Royce grasped her hand in a lovingly squeeze. She looked lovingly at her beloved husband. Royce smiled. His eyes were moist as he fought to hold back the tears. She loved her husband so deeply that her heart ached only to please and love him. This marriage had put her against him. She had been in anguish over the conflict she had with her husband over their son’s marriage. Tears welled in her eyes too, but these tears were tears of a different nature than her husband’s and Tara’s.

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