Cool Night Hot Tub

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We start this story with two people in a hot tub. The players are Maria and Jason. We join them as they slip into the hot tub, under a full moon on a cool winter’s night, steam from the tub rises slowly in wisps before being engulfed by the chill of the night.

They moved around the tub until they find a comfortable place where they could be in each others arms and still feel the others body pressing against their flesh.

They press their lips together, tongues exploring each others mouths as they caress their bodies.

Jason’s hands roam down Maria’s back then around each of her tight butt cheeks, sending a shiver up her spine and a moan to escape her mouth. Maria’s hands move from the side of Jason’s face to the back of his head, down the back of his neck and coming forward to his chest, squeezing his pecs and making him moan.

It does not take too long before Jason’s throbbing cock is pressing against Maria’s pussy. She gyrates her hips against his cock until she can feel her outer lips engulf his manhood. Even with the heat of the hot tub he can feel the heat from deep inside her against his cock. She can start to feel the pressure of his cock sliding on her outer and inner lips, and to her pleasure she can feel her clitoris being rubbed by the head of his cock.

Maria leans her head back and presses her pussy against his cock, just as his hands move back up hers sides and around to cup her full breasts. With the index finger and thumb of each hand he gently rolls her nipples; the night air and her arousal have made them stiff.

Breaking their kiss and moving his hands back down to her ass, he pulls her up slightly as his lips wrap around her left nipple and his tongue swirls around as he presses his face into her bosom.

She arches her back, pressing her breast to his hot lips and grinding her pussy against his throbbing cock. With each of her gyrations he feels the swollen head of his cock brush against her clit, eliciting moans from both their mouths.

Maria now reaches down and cups Jason’s balls in her hand and gently massages them, getting them ready to shoot hot cum when she gives Jason his up coming orgasm. Maria’s attention causes Jason to momentarily let Maria’s hard nipple slip from his mouth as he moans in pleasure. He quickly regains his composure and zeros in on Maria’s other nipple and gives it the same love and attention he gave the other.

It isn’t long before they are both ready to give the other more pleasure. It is Maria who makes the first move, sliding down off Jason and letting his lower body float to the surface as his arms steady bakırköy üniversiteli escort his upper body on the side of the tub.

Maria glides between his legs, her hands caressing the under side until they reach his ass. Once there she lowers her head, gently kissing his hard shaft as her hands squeeze his cheeks. Her tongue moves first up to the tip of his cock, then back down past the base, circling his heavy balls before making broad licks back to the tip.

It is all Jason can do to keep from cuming as she lowers her mouth over the head of his cock, tongue swirling. Her hands again caress his balls as she slowly takes all of his swollen shaft into her mouth.

Her tongue swirls around the head of his cock while one hand caress his balls and the other strokes his shaft, squeezing as Maria strokes up his shaft making the head of his cock grow in her mouth. Jason moans as Maria’s tongue swirls around the under side of the head of his cock. Jason’s hands move to the side of Maria’s face, cupping her cheeks as she slides her mouth the length of his cock. She lets his cock slide out of her mouth and grasps the base of his cock, then turns to rub its engorged head around first one nipple then the other, before slapping the head against her hard nipple and letting it slide between her breasts and pushes them together around his throbbing cock.

The pre-cum provides just enough lubrication for his cock as he slides between her breasts, he can feel her hot body as his balls move, the engorged head of his cock sides in and out between her breast as she flicks it with her tongue. He thrust forward and holds it there while she takes the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue and bringing him to the brink but not over as he slides back between her breasts.

Now Jason takes the initiative and pulls away from Maria, only to pull her up out of the tub and places her on the edge. He lowers himself into the water and between her thighs, kissing his way to the prize that is her pussy.

His mouth glides gently over the outer lips of her pussy, he can feel the heat coming from within her, he can almost taste her sweet juices as his tongue passes back over her outer lips. Maria closes her legs gently around his head as the sensations reach her brain, just then with broad strokes, his tongue starts to lick her steamy hot pussy, when he hears her moans he drives his tongue in deeper as he licks upwards her clit. Next he wraps his lips around her clit and sucks as his tongue darts across her clit, making her thrust her hips forward, grinding bakırköy bdsm escort her sweet pussy into his face. Jason keeps his tongue dancing over her clit as her slides two fingers into Maria’s tight pussy, it only takes him a couple of seconds to find her G spot. Now as he strokes her G spot he pulls back slightly from her clit and sucks in some air, this makes Maria’s clit chill just for a few seconds before he wraps his hot lips around her clit again. This brings her over the edge several times, but Jason keeps going, for he has not felt her G spot orgasm yet. Jason knows that when Maria has a G spot orgasm, he will have to hold on or risk being thrown across the hot tub. He can feel her legs start to tremble and her pussy start to grab at his fingers…. it is building, soon she will have a G spot orgasm.

First Maria’s back starts to arch, the muscles in her legs start to tighten; she can feel waves of pleasure start to radiate out from deep within her pussy traveling up her back and down her legs to her toes and back again.

She takes quick deep breaths, this seems to make the waves flow more easily through her body, then without warning the most intense pleasure she has ever known seems to burst forth from her G spot. Jason can feel her pussy tighten around his fingers at the same time as more of her sweet juices hit his tongue. Her legs bend and close in on his head, drawing it deeper inside of her just before the orgasmic spasm almost sends Jason across the hot tub. With his free hand Jason has held on to Maria’s hip and tight ass, she is glad he was not thrown clear, as this would have interrupted her orgasm.

Soon wave after wave of pleasure starts to subside and Jason goes back to the broad strokes of his tongue across her pussy and clit.

Just as he feels her relax, he raises up out of the water, his cock as hard as ever and gently glides it into her hot pussy. First he feels the head of his cock slide in as her pussy seems to caress it, then his hard shaft slides deeper into her, he can feel her pussy welcome him with gentle squeezes. Maria’s moans tell him of the pleasure she feels from his cock sliding in deep as her hands reach for his ass, trying to draw him even deeper.

Jason starts his thrusting off slowly and with purpose, starting in as deep as he can then sliding back out until the swollen head his cock almost comes out of Maria’s tight, hot pussy. He can feel her squeezing her pussy muscles just before he is ready to side back in, making her puss feel even tighter around his hard cock. Jason moans as he slides bakırköy elit escort back inside of Maria and reaches out to fondle her firm breasts, almost matching the rhythm of his thrusts as his lips find her aroused nipples. He revels in the feel of her nipples as his tongue flickers and swirls around her nipple before he kisses his way up her neck and back down to the other waiting nipple.

His hand moves to stroke her clit as he thrusts in and out of her hot pussy. This starts another orgasm to flow through her body, Jason can feel her pussy clench his cock as she cums. Jason has to try hard not to cum himself, seeing and feeling Maria’s orgasm almost sends him over the edge.

Jason is able to hold back his own orgasm this time but he knows if Maria has another powerful orgasm like the last one. Maria can sense this and holds her own smaller orgasms back just enough to help build to a powerful one that both Jason and her can share.

Maria can see the pleasure building in Jason’s face as his thrusts start to lose their regular beat. Jason can feel Maria’s pussy start to squeeze his cock as he thrusts deep inside of her, he knows that she will have an orgasm soon and tries to hold of his own till then. Jason shifts his thrusting ever so slightly, now he can feel her G spot with the head of his cock. The look on Maria’s face also signals to him not to hold back any longer. He does start to slow his thrusting down, pausing just long enough when the head of his cock has all but past the outer lips of Maria’s hot pussy, then he thrusts deep inside making the head of his cock stroke her G spot. Maria’s back starts to arch and gyrate as she can feel her orgasm start to peak. Jason can now feel his balls start to tense up, preparing to fill Maria’s tight pussy with his hot load. At close as any two people can, their shared orgasm starts, as Jason feels his hot load pump from his balls and down his hard cock and into her tight pussy, Maria feels her pussy start t grab his rock hard cock. Maria can feel the waves of pleasure roll through her body, and then just as she feels herself having one of the most powerful orgasms ever, she can feel his hot cum start to fill her and then feels her G spot orgasm start to take over.

Jason feels his orgasm start in his balls and radiate out, as if following his cum being shot out of his cock and into Maria’s now quivering pussy, he can feel each shot of cum leave his cock as it enters her pussy. Both of them strain to keep their eyes open to see the pleasure on the others face; this makes their own orgasm feel that much better. It only takes but seconds for the orgasm to flow through hem, but the pleasure seems to last for minuets.

Jason’s cock starts to pulsate after he has filled Maria’s pussy with cum; this causes her to arch her back and makes her squeeze his hard cock, starting the whole thing over again. After a few minuets this settles down as they stare into each others eyes and finally kiss deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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