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She tasted amazing, no bitterness to speak of but with a hint of sharpness that tingled my tongue. Her clitoris hardened quickly as I used my hands to pull her folds away. The sensation of my tongue on her plump nub sent a thrill through my body, making my hard penis jump on its own. My nose was against her asshole my mouth over her pussy. She smelled as good as she tasted, perfectly clean with a hint of raspberry body spray. Diving in, my tongue explored below her clit, finding her urethra before her larger tunnel. It was hot, wet and tighter than I expected when I pressed forward, searching and tasting her inner depths as my finger caressed her clitoris.

Darting in and out I penetrated her hot tunnel, enjoying the secretions I was coaxing out of her sex with each second I continued to play and devour this organ of exquisiteness. Reaching up I grabbed her round buttocks, spreading them apart and diving in deeper with my tongue. My index finger found her tight anal opening. I lingered there, gently rubbing the pad of avcılar grup yapan escort my finger around before moving on to her waiting wet hole. Two fingers easily disappeared into the hot wet tunnel as my tongue returned to her excited clit. She squirmed from the sensation as my tongue fluttered quickly back and forth and my fingers curled into her g-spot, pressing hard on the rougher patch of skin beneath her clit inside her vagina.

I felt her naked breasts touch my stomach as her head bobbed up and down on my hard cock. The sensation of her mouth sucking me as I ate her was unreal. It was difficult to concentrate, especially when she sucked extra hard or took me as deep as she could. Her saliva ran over my balls and I could hear her slurping and sucking over my own moans.

My fingers were coated in her juices, she was excessively wet and turned on and only getting worse as we continued our oral game together. I stayed focused on her clit, while my fingers sped avcılar masöz escort up in and out. The more focused I became the longer I could keep from cumming in her mouth. The things she was doing to my cock with her tongue and mouth felt phenomenal but when she added her hand, and began to stroke and suck, I knew I was in trouble. It was heaven and only that much better with her pussy in my mouth.

Her nipples were erect, poking my stomach each time she descended low to take me deep, her round breasts smashed against my flesh driving me crazy. I quickly found I could slow her down, by distracting her with pleasure. Each time I increased my speed on her clit she paused in her sucking of my cock. I needed to make her cum before she made me. I doubled my efforts, adding another finger and gripping her clit between my teeth, holding it in place while I pummeled it with my tongue as fast as I could. I felt her legs tighten, her sucking stopped all together and she began to shake avcılar otele gelen escort in my arms as I knew her climax had arrived. She screamed in pleasure. Her pussy convulsed on my fingers, grabbing at them as her pelvis quivered and legs shook.

My plan worked. She was cumming and had completely neglected my penis in her state of rapture. I was forced to let her clit go but continued to rapidly thrust my fingers into her body, keeping the pressure on as her orgasm continued. She was panting now, trying to find air. I could feel her breasts rapidly rising and falling until she gave in and fell onto me totally spent. Her hot breath came in gasps onto my hard shaft, her body warmer than mine as she lay atop me. Small jolts or shakes continued to grip her as the after effects coursed through her body. I removed my fingers, licking them clean and wrapping my arms around her in a loving embrace. She spoke, between gasps, breaking the silence.

“You… won… this… time, but I’ll get you next time for sure.”

“If you only knew how close I was,” I chuckled.

“I figured I almost had you. If I wasn’t such a sucker for that thing you do to my clit I’d have won.”

“That’s why I did it. I had to distract you somehow.”

“It was worth it. So since you won, what’s it going to be? Anal again?”

“Of course, what else?”

“I should have known.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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