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When I looked up to see Jessica sauntering over to me with a bottle of Irish whiskey dangling from her hand, I knew this evening was going to take a turn–for better or worse.

The party lived up to its reputation–just like always. It started sedately, with a range of friends from work and beyond mixing and eating. As the night wore on and the casual crowd left for home, the party evolved to a core group of closer friends while it moved inside to keep the noise down. The music got louder, and dancing broke out everywhere.

I had danced with quite a few partners that night and enjoyed it all. The ladies were loosened up and having fun. Finally, I needed to take a rest, so I had eased back into a couch to start a little people watching. As soon as I sat down, I saw Jessica look over. She disappeared for a moment, then she filled my world.

“That looks comfortable. Mind if I take a break with you?”

“Sure. Plenty of room.” I patted the place beside me.

Jessica laughed, turned, and then lowered herself directly into my lap. I automatically scrambled to put an arm around her when she lifted her feet onto the couch and turned into me.

“Such a gentleman,” she purred, then she took a sip. “Here, share some with me.”

The bottle was at my lips before I knew it, and the liquid eased into my throat. I swallowed and felt the warmth spread throughout my body.

“Good stuff, Jess, but I better stop with that. I’ve been keeping a mellow buzz all night.”

Suddenly I felt a hand on my chest, stroking and sending fire where there had only been warmth before.

“Are you sure about that?” Jess took another sip and then put the bottle close to my lips. “I really want you to join me.”

Suddenly, a button came loose on my shirt and a hand was directly on my chest, stroking in a much more intimate way.

An overwhelming set of desires washed through me, and I simply followed her lead, sipping again when the bottle tilted against my lips. What else can a guy do when a hot girl is in his lap and wants to party?

Jessica’s hand on my chest felt so damn good. I barely noticed the third swallow. Or the fourth.

“So what’s going on in that head of yours?”

“I’m a guy, so I only think about one thing, right?”

“No fun without the juicy parts. Come on, I want details. Let’s start with what’s she’s like.”

“I can like a lot of things. I guess she’s athletic and fun–that fits me pretty well.”

“That includes a lot of territory, but you seem pretty selective. There must be something more.”

“What I really like takes some time to find out.”

“Oh, do tell. What’s the sexiest part about her?”

“What the old story says. What’s she’s got between her ears. That takes work to understand.”

“Say more.” She rubbed her hand along my chest and put the bottle to my lips. “Here. This will help you open up.”

The fire flowing down my throat matched the warmth she was stirring in my body. Her closeness, her intimacy, and her vibes were carrying me along on a sensuous ride. I knew it was dangerous, but I didn’t care.

“I love smart girls. They’ve got to be smart to be truly wicked, and that’s what really turns me on. So I’m looking for a magic combination of smart and caring, yet wicked, adventurous, and a little kinky.”

“Ooh, I like that. So it takes some time to figure that out. That’s why you are selective.”

“Exactly.” Jessica was catching on. A part of me knew this was when the danger really started, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop.

“So open up a little more. What are you really looking for?”

“I want her body to be sensitive. You have to look at other things to figure that out. How does she enjoy life? How does she enjoy food? Does her body thrill to things? Can she savor the moment? Does she pay attention?”

“I like that. Good stuff in and out of bed. Now let’s talk about the wicked part.”

“We all have our dark, untamed side. She cares deeply, and that allows her to tap into that primitive energy and channel it for good with her partner. So she’s a bit of a sorceress. It takes some skill to wield that power well, but wield it she must. It keeps the relationship alive.”

“Oh, my. You just sent a thrill through my body.”

Hearing those words, an electric current shot through me. Not even thinking, I pulled her closer. Her hand on my chest became even more sensuous–caressing, exciting, and heating my skin.

She leaned her lips near my ear. Her voice was intimate and seductive. “Tell me about that kinky part. Please.”

“I’d love to, Jess. But it’s really personal. I’m not sure you want to know.”

“I’m not afraid of who you are, Logan. And you can trust me. I won’t betray you.”

She lowered her voice. “Start with the easy stuff. Feel out my reaction to your words.”

I was running out of defenses. So I did what she said: I just started talking and opened up to her reaction.

“She brings her entire body into lovemaking. Every little bit.”

“Yes, your sensitive, passionate sorceress ataşehir escort would. Why leave anything out, for either of you?”

“Of course.”

“I like that. So many guys are one way. Keep going.”

“She’s very skilled in the art of self-pleasure. That opens up the possibilities.”

“So her partner can focus on amplifying the pleasure, rather than simply creating it?”

“Wow, Jess. Well said.”

Jessica smiled at my words. Even more warmth stirred in me. It felt so good to tell her when she enjoyed it so much.

“She likes to show herself. To her partner of course. But maybe to her friends. She wants to share who she is.”

“Tell me a fantasy around that.”

“We make love while her best friend watches.”

“Oh, that’s hot. The friend doesn’t join in?”

“Different fantasy.”

“But real?”

“Of course. I’m a guy.”

“What about the other way? Does she get to enjoy one of your friends?”


“No jealousy?”

“We trust each other enough to share when the mood is right. One of her kinks is two guys in her at once. Her body can respond to that. I get off on her pleasure.”

“You respond to her.”

“We respond to each other.”

“You’re getting me all worked up. Tell me more about her.”

“She knows that true freedom sometimes requires boundaries. So she likes being restrained.”

“I think every women wants that sometimes. It’s a question of how deep they keep it buried. Men?”

“With the right woman, this man is open to a lot.”

“Nice answer. What else?”

“This one’s hard to describe the right way. She understands that pain is pleasure’s dark twin. Not for its own sake, but she knows how to dip into those dark waters to heighten the pleasure.”

“Kind of like right before we climax, we can respond to a lot of unusual things?”

“Just like that. In a simple form, it’s a distraction that lets you go higher. She gets that, but is working on making it an art form–much more than just a distraction.”

“Both directions?”

“Always. Most things can be good, if you’re in a skilled practitioner’s hands.”

Jessica shivered. “Can’t they. Oh, my.”

“One more thing. She’s not into humiliation, but she’s into confession. She wants to share who she is.”

“So that’s why she lets her friend watch.”

“And maybe she has friends she can learn from as well. She’s sensitive and responsive, so of course that turns her on.”

“Of course. Here, have a reward for sharing.” She brought the bottle to my lips, and as I took a sip, she kissed my ear. I moaned as the heat slid down my throat.

Jess took a sip herself, then leaned in again.

“Can we keep going? Can I get a little more personal?”

“Than what we’ve been sharing?”

“Even more,” she said, her eyes shining into mine. “Tell me who you think comes closest to what you want.”

“Oh, that’s way too personal.”

“We’re just talking fantasies here. You can share. Let me make it easier on you, and name a couple of people. How about Becky. Ever dream about her?”

“Good guess. Yeah, she turns me on.”

“But not enough to ask her out?”

“There’s someone else.” Damn, I had slipped.

“Of course there is. Is it Lauren?”

“Another good guess. I’m getting to know her better.”

“But you’re evaluating someone else?”

“That’s a way to put it.”

“Is this person close to you?”

“She doesn’t know how close.”

“Are you sure?”


“Never be too sure with a wicked sorceress. Now this fantasy girl, can you give me a hint?”

“Her name starts with a…”

“You can tell me, Logan. I promise you won’t regret it.” Her voice got even lower. “Just let go.”


“Oh my, God!”

I could feel the waves pour off Jessica.

“And you fantasize about her?”


“Tell me one, please.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Here, let me share a little, to help even the score. I trust you just like I’m asking you to trust me. Now, I keep a couple of anal toys around. I use them all the time. I really like them. Tell me a story and I’ll tell you one of mine.”

“Damn, Jessica, that’s beyond volcanic. OK, so you’re, I mean she’s…”

I felt a light kiss on my cheek.

“…spooned against me and she squirms her ass against my shaft. Her breasts are pebbled with desire and her nipples are diamond hard. She twists back a little, opens her hips, and then takes my cock to ease me into her back door. It’s sexy and fun and oh so pleasurable for both of us. After she gets me seated and gets into a rhythm, she reaches down and goes to town on her pussy. I work her nipples in time to her own efforts. When she gets close, I twist down hard on her nipples in the way she likes. She goes into orbit, her chest rigid with effort. When she comes in a hoarse climax, I feel her ass wildly clamping around my shaft. That rips my climax from me, and I spray into her clutching bowels.”

“Wow, that’s hot. I’ve had a avcılar anal yapan escort fantasy like that. In another one, I’m on all fours in front of a full-length mirror. I watch my reactions as he first kisses and teases around my ass. It is so submissive to get serviced that way. When he eases himself into my white-hot ass, we both watch our responses. Finally, I raise up and arch back against him. I watch him palm my feverish breasts as I find my pussy and then buck into his shaft. We watch each other climb to ecstasy, and I melt as he sprays inside me. I come so hard, he has to hold me up. I come back to earth and look into the mirror to see this wild-haired, sweaty, but thoroughly fucked and satisfied woman looking back at me. I’ve acted that fantasy out, solo, with my back door toys. I come hard every time.”

“I’m about to come in my pants.”

“You have no idea.” Jessica leaned close and whispered in my ear. “Tell me another. Make it dirty.”

“You’ve been a naughty girl…” I gave up on using the third person. “I have you tied up standing and give your bare ass the punishment we both know you deserve. Your best friend watches and eggs me on. When I am done, I fuck your brains out. You come so hard, you hang limp from your bonds. You friend masturbates and comes at the same time.”


“It’s your mother watching.”

“Oh my, God!”

I felt Jessica fighting to control her breathing. Finally, she whispered into my ear.

“Your words have got me so close. One little touch, and I would cum so hard.”

I realized how long Jessica had been in my lap and knew it was time to do something. I took a quick glance around. No one was looking too close. On an impulse, I shoved my hand under her jeans and panties, finding incredible heat and wetness. I plunged inside her fiery tunnel. Jessica bucked once, twice, and then came with a shriek into my ear. Her twitching ass set me off, and I came in my pants beneath her. We both whimpered a few seconds more, and then Jessica shocked me by laughing hard and yelling out: “That story is fabulous, Logan! I promise I’ll never tell anyone else.”

We both started laughing at that, wondering if we could pass off our orgasms as uncontrolled giggling. I slipped my hand out of her pants in the process. We got into a laughing fit, and I could see the eye rolls from a couple of people who noticed.

“Alright, enough whiskey for you, lightweight.” I made a big show of pulling Jessica to her feet. “Let’s find you a bathroom and then a place to sleep.”

“Who you calling lightweight?” Jessica grumbled as she let me pull her up.

I got her to the bathroom and stood guard for her, and she did the same for me. I cleaned up the mess in my pants the best I could and knew she had done the same. By the time we got out, the party was winding down. We knew a lot of people were crashing for the night from the sight of people sleeping everywhere. Our couch was still empty, and Jessica pulled the throw off the back and pointed me down. I got curled up and she settled back against me, pulling the throw over us. I draped my arm over her and she pulled it tight against her chest, humming in contentment. I let the warm glow I was feeling envelop me and drifted into a deep sleep, no doubt aided by the drinking of the night.

I awoke with the morning light. I had the expected headache, but that was overshadowed by the firm breast I was palming. Jessica’s fingers were intertwined with mine, so I knew it wasn’t just me groping her in the night. After a few minutes, I felt her breathing change, then her fingers lightly caressing mine. A lot was communicated in that intimate interplay between the two of us. I stretched my fingers back to capture hers in mine. In response, she pulled my hand tight, closing my fingers over her breast again. She let that message sink in, then she released me and stretched. She gently sat up, then slipped out from under the throw, padding off to the bathroom.

I found a bathroom myself and took advantage of the aspirin thoughtfully left out. I washed my face and got as presentable as possible. When I got out, there were signs of life in the house, with a lot of muttering and groaning. Jessica and I were both good friends with the hosts, so we planned on the traditional morning cleanup crew followed by piling in some cars for breakfast. We started by finding all the half empty beers and drink containers, then working through the kitchen. As we were working at the sink, Becky moved closer.

“You two looked pretty cozy on the couch.”

“I wish I always had a pretty girl to cuddle with,” I casually remarked.

“Maybe you should do more than wish.”

“Tell me about it,” Jessica grumbled.

Becky laughed and moved on. Jessica kept up some friendly banter, and we both participated in reliving the party at breakfast. Jessica admitted that she was pretty smashed and apologized for any potentially embarrassing moments.

“It didn’t look like Logan was expecting any apology, with you in his lap,” Becky avcılar bdsm escort observed.

“I admit it was a very pleasant way to get drunker than I wanted,” I replied. “So Jess is even for the headache she gave me.”

“And the cuddling all night?”

“OK, maybe she’s more than even.”

Everyone laughed, content to pass off our evening–at least for now–as good friends having a little fun.

When we got back, Jessica announced to the group:

“I’m going to burn off some of the aftereffects by walking home. Since you’re more than even Logan, perhaps you’d walk me back to my place and I can take you home?”

“And then we’ll be all square?”

“I didn’t say that, but I’ve got a few chores that might help.”

Everyone laughed, and I followed Jessica out of the house. We talked about random things for a couple of blocks. When we were safely away, Jessica suddenly skipped ahead and turned to me, her mischievous eyes afire.

“You like me!”

“What makes you think that?”

“Logan likes me,” Jessica taunted as she skipped ahead some more. It was a scene out of a first-grade playground.

“And you’re such a naughty boy. Who would have thought that cool, quiet Logan was so naughty inside?”

“Oh, no. I’m beginning to regret our conversation last night.”

Jessica skipped back to me. Suddenly, she was very close and whispering into my ear. “Oh, I promise you won’t regret it.”

Then she was skipping ahead in a singsong voice.

“Lo-gan likes me. Lo-gan likes me.”

When we got to her place, Jessica let us in, then turned to me. She came close and took my hands, placing them on her waist. She put her hands around me, and then looked into my eyes.

“Logan, thanks for sharing last night. I know I didn’t play fair, and you opened up more than you ever intended. But I loved every second of it.”

“You had me under your spell.”

“Like that sorceress you mentioned?”


Jessica pulled me close, and we hugged tightly for a long time. Then she pulled back.

“Like to join me to clean up? I’ve got toothbrushes, shampoo, soap…”

“Love to.”

“Come on, then.” She took my hand and led me to the laundry room.

“Let’s get these grimy clothes clean. Everything off. Don’t worry, you won’t need it for a while.”

Jessica mirrored my undressing. We were down to our underwear.

“You look fantastic, Jessica.”

“I like what I see, too. Can I see more?”

I carefully worked my briefs over my straining cock and sighed when it sprang free, iron hard.

“Oh, I definitely like,” she cooed. Then she turned around.

“Would you do the honors?”

I worked the clasp free, and she shrugged out of the bra. She slowly turned around, her eyes lighting up when she saw my reaction.

“You’re a dream come true.” And she was. Her firm B-cups rode high on her chest, crowned with hard nipples. I liked women whose nipples signaled their arousal.

Jessica smiled and slipped a finger under the waistline of her panties.

“Like to see more, naughty boy?”

“Love to.”

She laughed and slipped the panties down, daintily stepping out of them and tossing the into the drum. “Nice to get those sticky things off. Let’s get this machine going and move on.”

Jessica started the washer and took my hand, leading me into her bedroom and on to the bathroom. I appreciated her taste in decorating, and noticed the candles on the nightstand. When we got into the bathroom, she got a new toothbrush out of a drawer, and squeezed some toothpaste on as I held it out. We both grinned as we brushed in the mirror, alternating between each other’s eyes and other interesting spots on our bodies.

“That’s the most fun brushing I’ve ever had,” I remarked when we were done.

“Me too, although I bet we can find a way to make it even better sometime. Now let’s see about that shower.”

Jessica got the water going and stepped in. Then she beckoned with her finger. “Come inside, little boy.”

I stepped in and she pulled me into the spray with her. “Now, for our first kiss.”

I pulled her to me and our lips connected. Hers molded to mine, dancing over the surface, sending sparks and flashes through my body. I danced back, joining her rhythm. Jessica knew how to express herself through her lips. If she was half as good in bed as she was kissing, I was in for a fantastic time.

We pulled back. “That was everything I wanted,” Jessica breathed.

“I think you could tell how it was for me,” I replied.

“Let’s get clean so we can do that some more. Turn around.”

Jessica’s soapy hands lathered my chest, cleaning but also exploring. She stayed above the waist to start, getting my arms, chest, and back clean, her fingers deftly feeling out the contours of my body. After a rinse, she started a careful examination of my face, then my neck and ears. Thrills worked down my arms as I let her probe and caress, my senses heightened by my lack of sight.

“Yes, relax,” she hummed into my ear.

My hair wash turned into a scalp massage, and then I was directed under the spray.

“Now for the fun part,” Jessica teased, while her hands cupped my ass. She coaxed my legs apart and got everything back there more than clean, laying claim to every inch of my body. Then it was time for the front. I groaned when her soapy hand slid along my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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