Completely Taken

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I stretch my naked body long in my sheets as the cool summer morning air blows through the open window making the sheets ripple like water over my skin. The smell of freesia and fresh cut grass drift in and around me. My eyes lazily flutter open; the warm early morning sun causing them to shut and then open again a few times to adjust to the light. My arm instinctively slides to the right side of the bed leaving me instantly disappointed at the empty space. Waking from a delicious dream that caused desire to pool between my legs has made me needy. Not just for release but for more; for bare skin against mine.

“Ugh.” I groan as I climb out of my bed, throwing on the t shirt and sweats that lay beside my bare feet. Grabbing my phone off the night stand, I head up the stairs to the kitchen.

“I need coffee.” I say to myself out loud.

After coffee and the news, I change into orange mesh shorts and a white tank top over my black sports bra and climb on the stationary bike in the living room, with my newest audio book playing on the table close by. Perhaps I can workout all of my sexual frustrations. I know it won’t completely work but it has to help some.

The story of a missing woman floats on the air as I pump the peddles hard. Soon the sound of the narrator is muffled by my imagination. Lips against the back of my neck, hands moving over my chest and down to my breasts, my breath coming in short spurts as I feel my inner thighs tingle. I start grinding my pussy against the seat of the bike and wonder what it would feel like if I put a vibrator or toy on the seat while I worked out. After 30 minutes of vigorous riding and still feeling like I need an orgasm more than a shower, I hop off the bike, frustrated.

I decide I’ll shower after laying out in the sun, but choose to change into my bikini top and short jean shorts over my bottoms. Firing up my laptop, I answer a few work emails and place an important order before grabbing a towel, ipod, headphones, and tanning oil.

My earbuds fill my ears with “Springsteen” as I spray another layer of oil on my skin and roll onto my stomach. Breathing in the scent of my coconut oil I feel so relaxed and drift off. I dream of hands on my back, rubbing in more oil. The oil is so warm from sitting outside in the heat.

“Mmmm that feels heavenly,” I murmur in my sleep. The sharp pain of a strand of hair being pulled in with his hands startles me awake and I quickly roll over to see that I was clearly not dreaming. He stands above me, a sexy smirk on his face. His eyes piercing blue and smoking with a hunger matched only by the need I feel burning in the pit of my stomach. I pull my long dark hair to one side over my left shoulder as I sit up. He’s holding out his hand to help me stand. As soon as our skin touches, my heart leaps in my chest. I stare at him with my dark brown eyes, studying his handsome face. He licks his lips and I want them on my skin. His stubble …I want to feel it between my legs. God I need him. He pulls me into his arms and kisses my mouth greedily. His tongue thrusts it’s way between my lips and caresses mine. I can feel his erection through his jeans, pressed against me. My knees feel like they could give. I can feel strong pulsing between my legs and my wetness starts to work its way down to my inner thighs. He pulls away from me suddenly.

“Lay back down on your towel,” he snaps, “Face up.”

I do as he asks, still trying to catch my breath from the intense kiss. Does he want to take me right here in the back yard? I look around. Nobody is here. Well we are in the middle of nowhere. A grin plays on my lips. Sometimes living so far from people has its advantages. He reaches behind his back and produces a silk scarf.

“Head up.” he orders. I pull my head and shoulders off the towel and he ties the scarf snugly over my eyes and around my head.

“What are you doing?” I giggle at him.

“Shh.” is the only reply I get. I feel something soft…like velvet floating over my skin. I lift a hand to brush it off.

“Hold ataköy escort still.” his gruff voice commands me. I try not to giggle. Since when is he so serious anyway? The softness is traveling over my exposed stomach, and down my right leg. This time I can’t help it. I giggle out loud as I reach to rub the ticklish spot on my leg. All at once I feel two strong arms grabbing me up from the ground and planting me on my feet. Light flashes, disorienting me, as he swiftly takes the blind fold off of me.

“If you can’t hold still, I guess I’ll have to make you.” I can’t help but notice a twinge of evil grin spread over his face. That heavy, fluttering feeling spills outside of me with that look. Mmm I love this mood he is in. I’m surprised as we walk past the bedroom, into the master bathroom. I’m quiet because, honestly I don’t know what to say to him. This mood is all new to me. I don’t know what to do with it. He’s usually very forward and to the point when it comes to sex. I have never had to wonder what he would do or what he wants. The sound of the shower snaps me out of my thought bubble.

“Am I taking a shower?”

“WE are. We need to wash off that oil.” His blue eyes are darker now but the skin around them crinkle into a small smile. Soft music floods into the bathroom with the flip of the speaker switch on the wall. Looking me in the eye, he starts to undress me. Untying the halter strap around my neck and removing my bikini top, letting my breasts hang loosely. I follow his lead, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it over his muscular shoulders, letting it fall to the cold wood floor. After we are completely naked, I gaze up at him as he admires my naked body. He opens the shower curtain and motions for me to get in. The warm water shoots on my chest and stomach, waking me from what feels like a foggy dream. His hands caress my hips, steadying himself, as he slips in behind me.

“Do you have a hair tie?” he asks. And I hand him the one around my wrist. He pulls my hair up into a messy heap on my head and wraps it tightly with the hair tie, leaving my shoulders and back exposed. Grabbing the bottle of body wash, he pours it into his strong hands and works it into a thick lather. Starting at my neck he works it into my muscles. Rubbing his way down to my shoulders, and down both of my arms. After massaging my fingers, he releases me and then presses his hands against my upper back, right behind my breasts. I lean in to him thinking he will reach around to grab my breasts but he doesn’t. He massages that part of my back, circling around almost to my breasts and then back again. It’s excruciating, making me ache from the pit of my stomach clear down to my clit. It’s pulsing, needing to be touched. I reach down with my hands to massage it a little. Just to release a little of the tension. As he massages down to my hips, he feels my hands moving down my body to my pussy and stops me.

“No!” he almost growls in my ear. It makes my whole body jump. “Let me do the touching. Do you know how to keep your hands still?” My heart is pounding in my chest as he whispers these words in my ear. Had my fingers been on my clit at that moment I would have exploded at the sound of his whisper.

Jesus, why can’t I touch myself??!! I need to! Or I need you to touch me! Come on!! I’m shouting at him in my head.

“Put your hands on the shower wall.” he orders. “Spread your legs. I need to wash you.” I do. I hear more body wash being squirted out…his hands rubbing together again. He massages the lather into my ass and down inside my thighs, back up over my hips and around to the front of my stomach. Washing just above my pussy, not touching the lips. I moan.

Oh my God this feels so good! Please just touch my pussy. Just rub over my clit quickly. Anything. Please, I beg in my head. He doesn’t. He just keeps teasing me. I’m practically panting, my whole body shivering, waiting for release. My clit so swollen that one touch would send me over the edge.

“Rinse.” ataköy eve gelen escort he says as he climbs out of the shower, leaving my head reeling.

What?! That’s it? Frustrated and close to angry, I rinse the soap off my body and turn off the shower head. When I throw the shower curtain back with a little too much force, I see him standing there with a towel in his hands, stretching it out for me. He has already dressed himself in his navy blue boxer briefs. I climb out and snag the towel out of his hands clearly irritated at him for teasing me, and dry myself off. He chuckles as he watches me.

What is he laughing at anyway!? I could smack that look right off his smug little face, I fume to myself. I reach toward my bikini bottoms on the floor, but he lightly touches my chin lifting me back to a standing position and shakes his head at me. Ok… no bottoms then. Taking my hand, he leads me to the bedroom. It’s cool, despite the 90 degree heat outside. The humming of fans envelope my senses, and suddenly make me feel relaxed and almost sleepy. He swoops me up in his arms and lays me in the middle of the king size bed. The silk brown comforter feels good on my freshly showered skin. He goes from one post to the other, releasing the soft tan curtains that are tied up around the bed, the fans lightly swishing them around. Pulling the curtains apart at the middle, he sets on the bed motioning me to sit up. As I do, I see the black silk scarf in his left hand. He reaches around, tying it again over my eyes. Holding my shoulders he pulls me into him, pressing his lips softly on mine. His hands slowly glide up my neck and to both sides of my face. Suddenly his kiss becomes more needy, almost angry, as he pulls me harder into him. He releases me as quickly as he had first touched me.

“Lay down.” he says gruffly. Again I feel the soft tickles on my neck, over my ears, face, lips. He lingers on my lips and I, again, reach up to rub the spot with my fingers. He groans, and the velvet feeling stops.

“Hands up.” I do as I’m told. He wraps something cold around my wrists, binding them together. Beads? They feel like a thick string of beads. Then I can feel him pulling something attached to the beads to the right. Tying it to something because I can’t put my hands down now. Then pull to the left. He’s tying them to the corner posts of the bed. My arms are held up over my head. I tug a little. I can’t move them at all. It’s so frustrating and such a turn on at the same time. He moves the same thing he was using before across my bound hands, and I can feel that it’s a feather, or something similar. He straddles my hips and I can feel his erection still tucked inside his boxer briefs pressing against my pelvic bone. I wiggle my hips trying to feel him lower.

Leaning down he whispers in my ear, “Hold still or I’ll tie up your legs too.” The threat is delicious and unnerving at the same time. I hold still anyway. I feel the feather lightly slapping me on my chest, just above my swollen breasts. The middle is like a hard stick so it stings just a little. He continues to slap me with it over my skin. Slight sting mixed with soft kisses from the feather make my breath accelerate. As soon as it touches my nipple I moan again, arching my back and trying to reach for him. But I can’t because my hands are bound. He softly whips it over my stomach and down my hips. I feel my skin flush as my breathing turns to moaning.

“God I want you baby…please…” I beg him.

“Shhh.” He puts is lips on mine with a kiss as soft as the feather on my skin. Rubbing the feather up my knees and inside my thighs as I throw my head back whining. I want to lift my hips to place my pussy over the feather. To feel something against my clit. But I don’t. I try to stay still. He bends my legs, placing my feet firmly on the bed, with my legs apart. I feel exposed, the air from the fan flitting across my wetness. Reaching down to my ass he lifts it up so the only thing holding me there are ataköy grup yapan escort my bound arms, and my legs. My whole body trembles. Light kisses shock my body, as he runs his soft lips inside my knees, edging closer up with every kiss. My whole body is quaking and threatens to collapse with orgasm.

“Put your hips back down.”

What is wrong with him? Is he trying to make me crazy?! He must not know I’m so close each time he does that…if only he would quit shushing me and let me tell him. He spreads my legs again, and I can feel soft air, not from the fan, on my skin. He’s blowing air up my hips and over my stomach. He blows on my nipples, and I can feel them rise and harden. Wetness replaces the cool air over my nipples as he circles his tongue around one, lightly kissing between breasts to show attention to the other side.

“Mmmm, yes baby.” I moan. I want to feel his whole mouth on me but every time I lift my chest closer to his mouth he backs away until I’m still. Lightly, he trails kisses down my stomach and over my hip, then back up right under my breast, starting all over again for the other side. It feels like he’s kissing every inch of my skin. More tingling between my legs as more wetness builds inside my pussy. Moving my hips I can feel that my clit is so hard, just the slightest movement makes me gasp for air as I squeeze my legs together.

“I told you…” he begins to say, as he pulls at my left foot tying another thick string of beads around my ankle and then to the post on the left side bottom of the bed. He repeats the same action on my right ankle. My legs are apart, firmly stuck to the bed. His tongue feels warm between my legs.

“Mmm you really are wet. You taste amazing.” he whispers, continuing to lick and suck at my inner thigh. He sprinkles kisses up a little further until I think he’s finally going to put his tongue on my clit. I feel his hot breath over it, and then he is kissing me from one hip to the other again, biting my skin lightly. I feel like I may lose it again. The tension is rising in the pit of my stomach, my breathing is fast, my head spinning. And then he stops. Quickly I feel my orgasm slip away from me.

“No!! I was so close!” I yell at him. He chuckles. Smug son of a bitch! I scream in my head. I have half a mind to figure out how to release myself from these beads and not give him sex for a month! As if he is reading my mind I feel him undoing the beads around my ankles. Wait wait, I didn’t mean it! I want to keep going. Oh please, let’s keep going!! I will him to read what I really want. Undoing the ties around my wrists, and then taking off the blind fold, he sits me up. His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas. I rub the indentation on my wrists where what I can see now as pearls were digging into my skin. He reaches for my head and kisses me hard on the mouth.. He pulls me around to my knees, lightly biting my bottom lip before releases our kiss and then spinning me around so my ass is almost against his hardness. He stings my skin with a smack and then pulls my hips up a little bringing my ass higher in the air.

I feel his hard cock slip between my dripping pussy lips, wetting it with my juices before pushing quickly inside me. I scream out as he fills my insides. He grabs my ponytail, pulling my head up to meet his face as he kisses me hungrily on the mouth while slowly, but forcefully pushing in and out of me. My body starts to shake and my thighs try to push together. I can feel it building and I know I won’t be able to stop it this time. He holds my back against his stomach and kisses me deeply, growling in my mouth. Pulling away from the kiss, he holds my hair to the side so he can look me in the face. His eyes dark again, he half whispers, half growls.

“Do it. Cum. Now!” It erupts from my stomach down to my clit and deeper inside me. A rush of sweet waves wash over my whole body. I can barely even hear myself screaming, but I know I am. I am vaguely aware that he is still pulling my hair, saying something to me. But I don’t understand him. As the pleasure is flooding all the veins in my body I feel him explode inside of me. His cum shooting hot, deep to my core. It feels like I am cumming for hours…time makes no sense. And then my body gives way and I collapse on the bed, shivering, tears running down my face, but not crying. Completely taken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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