Comfort Amid An Inevitable Divorce

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The Call

Rapid knocking rang throughout the small house, followed by a young woman’s voice. “Tara! Tara, I’m here, honey. Let me in.” Kylie stood outside the front door in her day-to-day attire of t-shirt and jeans and waited a couple of moments, hoping her best friend would let her in. She knew that Tara wasn’t feeling her best right now and she was determined to lift her spirits as best she could, but her normally brightly-lit face showed faint signs of exasperation as Tara took her time answering the door. Once again, Kylie reached out with her voice, seeking to penetrate the wooden barrier before her. “C’mon, Tara, please let me in. You can’t just barricade yourself in like this, sweetie.” Just as she raised her hand to rap on the door once more, it slowly opened.

“Shh, Kylie….you’re announcing yourself to the whole neighborhood,” Tara scolded her sluggishly. Her physical appearance as she let Tara in was certainly not a presentable one. With hair disheveled and eyes somewhat red, she looked in her baggy sleepwear the same as she felt: weary, sad, and hurt.

The door swung closed in a listless manner as Kylie embraced her, rubbing her back soothingly. “I came over as soon as I hung up the phone.”

Tara sniffed as she hugged back, though not as strongly as it was received. “I don’t know why. I’m not exactly the best company right now.”

“How could I just leave you here all by yourself when Paul’s slapping you with a divorce?” Kylie followed Tara to the couch and watched her as she plopped down on it, covering herself with a blanket. It was evident that Tara was having a hard time coping with the inevitable end of her marriage. The coffee table in front of the couch was littered with soda cans and used, tear-stained tissues. Kylie looked around, surveying the damage manifested in physical form, then returned her gaze to Tara. She sat on the edge of the furniture and reached for her, stroking her hair affectionately, comfortingly. “We’ve been best friends since middle school. There’s no way I would abandon you when this is the time you need someone the most.”

Tara managed a small smile, her gratitude to Kylie deeply felt yet difficult at the moment to convey. “As uncertain as life may be, I always know I can count on you, girl.” She raised her hand up and wrapped her fingers gently around Kylie’s wrist, giving a light squeeze to indicate that she means every word and is ever so grateful to her. Then, a deep sigh escaped her. “Hell of a birthday present, isn’t it? ‘Tara, I know this is bad timing, but I want a divorce. And, oh, happy birthday!’,” she mimicked her soon-to-be ex with bitter sarcasm. “Talk about tactful.”

Kylie pulled back her hand to give it a discarding wave. “Fuck ‘im. Well, not literally, of course.” She grinned a bit as she attempted to get Tara to smile more. When she succeeded, her own grin widened. “If Paul’s gonna be like that, especially on your birthday, then he’s not worth your time or energy, not to mention your love. I know that you loved him, honey….perhaps you still do….but he’s the asshole here. He’s the loser. Just keep that in mind whenever you feel you’re getting down again, ok?”

Tara replied with a gentle nod. Though it was difficult, despite the divorce request, to not love her soon-to-be ex-husband after being with him for so long, Kylie’s loving assurance was infusing her with strength as well as the confident knowledge that she wasn’t the one at fault. Over the course of the past five months, Paul indulged himself in a passionate affair with his newly-hired receptionist. During that time, arguments between Tara and he would erupt over even the most trivial matters at least three times a week. She knew of his affair, yet she was determined to make the marriage work. After all, she loved him and vowed to be by his side through thick and thin. Time after time, she tried to get him to talk to her, to tell her the truth of why he was straying. Was it her? Was she not attractive enough, thin enough, pretty enough? Was she not good in bed? Did she not put out as much as he wanted? Even when he gave her vague answers, she offered that they see a marriage counselor. Yet all of her attempts to keep them together failed. His phone call to her from work not ten minutes ago was the slap in the face that brought her to the reality that she was losing her husband.

Kylie slapped her thighs with her hands in the way people do when they’ve come to a decision and she looked to her emotionally-wounded friend with determination. “Alright, girl, I’m gonna take care of this right now. You and I are going out.”

Tara began shaking her head in protest. “No, Kylie, I’m not up to it.”

“Oh, bullshit, Tara. I refuse to let you lie here and wallow in crumpled tissues, flat soda, and cartoons that scare four-year-olds. Now, c’mon.” She knew that Tara had to cope with and adjust to what was to come, but she also knew that she couldn’t let the situation drag her best friend down. In no way would Kylie let her fall into an abyss of sadness or wrongful guilt. She just casino oyna had to help her see the silver lining, to help her realize that her life wasn’t over along with her marriage. All the while she spoke, she had Tara’s hand and arm in her grasp and slowly pulling, trying to get her off of the couch.

Tara pulled back gently, grunting lightly and pouting. “Kylie, leave me to my misery, will ya?”

Kylie released her, but her gaze and tone of voice held no submission to Tara’s request. “Hell no! Staying here and cryin’ until your eyes fall out isn’t gonna help you. What you need to do is to get out, have a good time, and realize that you’re ridding yourself of a man that doesn’t deserve ya. And you’re not gonna have all the fun alone, missy, ‘cuz I’m comin’ with you. C’mon, girl, let’s go out, have some drinks, get busy on the dance floor, and have some wild, freaky, much-needed fun!” To show her she meant business, Kylie took hold of the blanket and snatched it off of Tara’s body, letting it fall to the floor.

With a loud sigh of resignation, she pulled herself up and off of the sofa. “Alright,” Tara gave in, “alright. Just give me enough time to get ready, drill sergeant.” She couldn’t help but cast her best friend a grin as she heard Kylie directly behind her, imitating the stereotypical military demand that one hears in movies.

“Move it, move it, move it!”

Laughter from both women ensued as Tara headed for a quick shower and a change into more outgoing attire while Kylie also changed in the bedroom, borrowing some of her best friend’s equally snazzy party clothes.

A Good Time

“Work it, people!!”

The DJ cried out these words as the two women entered the dance club, each step further submersing them in a familiar world of explosive lights and vibrant color, of persuasive music and infectious energy. This was a place that Tara and Kylie loved to come to, especially after a long and difficult day, be it at work or otherwise. It was a place where they could be uninhibited, where they could let loose their daily restrictions and workday facades and release themselves through drinks and dance.

Like a child eager to roam the zoo, Kylie tugged Tara’s arm gently, directing her to the crowding dance floor. “Let’s go, girl! Time’s a-wastin’!”

Tara followed her willingly with a smile as they quickly grabbed an available space. She couldn’t help but admire her best friend as Kylie surrendered to the music, letting the mesmerizing trance that played throughout take her as it wished. While Tara’s body moved somewhat clumsily, Kylie was a goddess when it came to dancing. The swaying of her hips was a seduction unto itself, which was evident by the eyes of the surrounding men and women which roamed from their partners. Being bisexual, she was quite comfortable, even flattered, by the lustful looks of both genders and she couldn’t help but be a little bit of a tease as she swayed her body all the more sensuously.

As the crowd thickened all around them, the two women began dancing closer together and Kylie put her arms around Tara’s waist, the gesture reciprocated as Tara’s arms went up and surrounded Kylie’s neck. If it hadn’t been for the incredible ease developed over the years, Tara wouldn’t have let her dance with her in this almost intimate way. Yet she held no hesitation when it came to having fun with Kylie. As things between her and Paul had been continuously moving along the downward spiral, she once entertained the concept of being with a woman even though she never had the desire to in the past. She had always been straight. When she briefly considered such, she knew that the only woman she could ever be comfortable with in that sort of a relationship would be Kylie.

As the environment of the dance club continued to soak into their systems, coaxing them to feel all the more uninhibited as the hard-driving beats pounded into their ears, Tara’s hands began to slowly glide down Kylie’s back and she gave her ass a quick squeeze, laughing as she was unable to help herself.

Kylie gave a bit of a gasp, not having expected such a move from her long-time friend. “Oh, feeling frisky, are we?” Following Tara’s comfortable, playful lead, she grinned as her hands moved down to greet Tara’s ass with a squeeze of her own, all the while gently pressing closer against her body.

As Tara felt her do this, she couldn’t help but be caught off-guard as her body reacted to the intimate grab and close proximity of Kylie’s body. She could feel arousal gradually begin to pool between her legs and it shocked her somewhat….yet….it excited her. Was she becoming attracted to her best friend? Was it a possibility that they could have a sexual relationship? She tried her best to mask her surprise through her smile and dancing, not wanting things to become awkward for the both of them.

They reveled in the playful sensuality they purposely exuded as they continued to dance amid the crowd. There was a certain aspect of it being naughty that was thrilling to the both of them. It wasn’t canl─▒ casino long that Tara started to notice a look in her best friend’s eyes as she smiled all the while. It was a gaze that seemed seductive, one of mutual attraction. As her eyes locked with Kylie’s, entranced yet curious as to what her best friend was feeling and thinking, the movement of her body began to slow to a gradual stop. Oh God, did she somehow sense Tara’s bodily reaction? Was she also possibly attracted to her, wanting to be with her in that way?

Kylie had felt the subtle tremble that went through her best friend’s body as she’d playfully squeezed Tara’s ass and had pressed closer to her. The juncture between her legs couldn’t help but ache with sweet need and desire as she secretly savored the feel of her body in her hands and against her breasts. Oh, she had a magnificent body….so soft and sweet, definitely tempting. For the past couple of months, she had become all the more aware of Tara as a potential partner, yet she refused to make any prior advances, knowing of her friend’s sexual orientation and wanting to respect that along with her marriage, despite the fact that it was failing. As she watched and felt Tara’s body slow to a stop, a bit of worry entered her. Oh, shit, did Kylie’s inner reaction cause her to be uncomfortable? Did she even sense it? Why was she stopping? She tried to keep her smile for Tara, but it didn’t work out quite as well as she hoped as she, too, slowed to a stop and looked to Tara with some concern. “Is everything alright, hon?”

Tara’s eyes blinked for the first time in what seemed like forever as Kylie’s voice snapped her back to reality and she couldn’t help a bit of blushing that rushed to her cheeks. Fortunately, with the constant movement of the colored lights all around them, it wasn’t noticeable. “Yeah….yeah, of course. Why shouldn’t everything be alright?” Tara managed to give her an assuring smile, all the while trying to keep the warmth gathering in her chest and in her panties unknown to Kylie. Wanting to get away from the thick crowd upon the dance floor, she gestured to the bar. “Want a drink?”

Kylie nodded as her smile remained. “Yeah, I’m parched.” Despite her best friend’s smile and assuring words, she couldn’t help but continue to sense some sort of shock within Tara. But she didn’t wanna push her. She knew that if anything was really troubling her, it would come out of her own accord. Keeping her silence, she followed Tara to the bar, rather grateful for the chance to sit down for a minute and think over a drink.

As they reached the bar, Tara gave a light slap to the bar to get the busy bartender’s attention. “Two beers, please.” With a relaxing sigh, she set herself down in one of the stools and Kylie joined her in the one next to her.

The two women then gazed into the large mirror upon the wall behind the bar, watching as the men and women behind them continued to move in their individual ways to the heightened, more frantic pace of the newest song to hit the dance charts. As they received their beers, they each took in a gulp, all the while pondering the questions concerning their own reactions as well as the possibility of the other. While the energy within the club remained seductive to the other present occupants, an energy specific to Tara and Kylie began to build between them, equally seductive, though in a very different way. Though there was a certain level of each being uncomfortable, they couldn’t deny to themselves the fact that they were reacting to each other’s touch, to the closeness of the other’s body.

Another sip of beer was taken by the both of them. Then another….and another….and another. Each sip bringing them not to inebriation, but to the realization that indeed they themselves felt a physical as well as emotional attraction to the other. They’d been best friends for so long, it shouldn’t have been this surprising. Plus, they’d always been so comfortable and at ease with one another, even though this was one of the very few incidents in which awkwardness hung in the air between them.

They soon finished their beers and Kylie turned to her best friend, a smile of renewed vigor gracing her face. She cocked her head to the side towards the dance floor, gesturing to it. “Care to go again?” She was rather hopeful, even eager, to dance as close with her as she did before, but she tried her best to not get her hopes too high. After all, there was a definite chance that Tara may be wary or not even want to get that close a second time.

With a warm smile of her own, Tara looked to the bustling crowd then returned her gaze to Kylie, nodding in response. “Why not? Let’s give these people a run for their money.” The two women grinned and laughed brightly as they slid off the bar stools and returned to the dance floor.

As they once again managed to find a spot, Kylie was quite surprised as well as elated when Tara resumed the close dancing position as before, encircling her best friend’s waist with her arms. She wasn’t able to suppress a quiet ka├žak casino moan before it passed her lips as she felt Tara’s breasts press gently into hers. Her hands, which surrounded Tara’s body in return, began to glide down as if guided by an unseen force, then came to a stop at her best friend’s beautiful bottom, resting there to savor the soft curves which dwelled beneath the fabric of her tight-fitting pants.

“You don’t mind, do you?,” Kylie asked, her voice attempting to rise above the loud, pounding beats.

Tara’s eyes and smile seemed more at ease as opposed to their first dance of the night and she gently shook her head as her own hands moved down to rest upon Kylie’s butt as well, reciprocating the motion. “Not if you don’t.” When she had returned her arms around her best friend’s waist moments before, she thought she’d heard Kylie moan in response, yet she wasn’t entirely sure. The music was so loud that it was difficult to hear her voice at its normal volume, let alone a subtle moan. But the very possibility that she did made Tara all the more excited.

The music surrounded them as though it were a lover, almost tangibly embracing the two as they danced with playful sensuality. Many of the men that looked their way appeared envious in their gazes, wishing that they had two women that would do the same and more for their erotic enjoyment. Even Tara was relishing this about as much as Kylie, getting a strange kick out of potentially having something that so many men wanted.

On and on, the dancing continued.

About three hours after first stepping into the club for the evening, they were ready to head back home. They were exhausted, but pleasantly so, grateful to have been able to shake off the tension, worry, and sadness that had plagued them, Tara in particular, earlier in the day. And so, with smiles of sweet relief, Kylie led Tara out to her car, got in, started the engine, then pulled away from the curb.

Birthday Surprise

The door unlocked and opened as Kylie entered and turned on the lights inside her home, Tara following just behind and making her way to the sofa. There she sat herself down and laid back lazily against the cushions with a contented sigh. “Whoo….thanks for tonight, Kylie,” she said with a smile upon looking up her best friend’s warm face. “You have no idea how much this meant to me.”

“Don’t thank me just yet,” said Kylie with a bit of a grin. “Your birthday isn’t over yet. Come on.” She gestured for Tara to follow her as she made her way into the bedroom.

With definite curiosity as to what more Kylie had up her sleeve, she pulled herself off of the sofa and walked after her.

Kylie went to the side of her bed and sat down, turning on the lamp at her nightstand as she did so. She patted the space next to her, a hint of something naughty in her eyes.

With an emerging grin of her own, Tara sat next to Kylie. “Uh-oh. I must be in for it, huh?,” she said with a giggle.

Instead of a verbal response, Kylie reached under her bed and pulled out a black box decorated with a red ribbon. It was shaped rather like a shoebox, but Tara had a feeling that its contents were a far cry from shoes. Eager to see what it held within, she gently pulled the ribbon loose and, as it fell to the floor, she lifted the lid. From her mouth flew boisterous laughter as she lifted into her hand a six-inch chocolate penis, her eyes wide with humorous shock.

“Happy birthday!!,” Kylie exclaimed as she, too, laughed, taking great joy out of the surprised look upon her best friend’s face.

“You bitch!,” Tara said jokingly as her eyes moved from the gift to Kylie then back to the gift. “I can’t believe you got me this!”

“Just think of it as a strong hint that I want something similar when I match your age in a couple of months.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively as laughter erupted from the two women once again. When they caught their breath, Kylie nodded to the erotic gift, her grin never leaving her face. “Go ahead, take a bite.”

Tara considered it for a moment, then nodded an “Ok.” She opened her mouth and took a slow bite of the mushroom-shaped head. A gasp of further surprise escaped her as she was greeted with thick, white cream which began to ooze from where she bit into it. She giggled as she looked to Kylie, her eyes conveying an “only-you-would-do-this-to-me” gaze as the tip of her tongue emerged, gathering up the cream as it began to thickly flow. “Mmmm….,” she moaned as she did so. It was so sweet….so erotically sweet.

As Tara enjoyed her gift, Kylie had her eyes fixed upon her. She couldn’t help but be entranced as she watched her best friend’s full, pouty lips wrap around the chocolate head. The tongue that licked up the cream filling beckoned her, causing wet warmth to gather between her legs as she sat mere inches from Tara. Unable to help nor stop herself, she leaned forward and parted her lips, extending her tongue to taste some of the cream filling for herself as a bit of it managed to evade Tara’s savory mouth. In the process, Kylie’s tongue grazed Tara’s. Though it was partly unintentional, it nevertheless caused a shiver of pleasure to travel the length of Kylie’s spine and coaxed a moan of her own out from within her throat.

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