Come Over

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Come Over

I heard the distinctive tone from my cell phone letting me know I received a text from “her.” Yes, she has a distinctive ring tone on my phone. I never want to miss a text or call from my best friend. The text stated:

“Come over.”

I sat down in sudden surprise. I had fantasized about receiving this text – but, never thought it would actually happen. My best friend, a seriously sexy woman… I had thought she might be interested – but, until now I was uncertain… She was in a complicated situation. One which would most likely prevent us from having a serious relationship – regardless, of my desire. But, I desired her in every way. And, if circumstances allowed any limited expression of desire then I would accept the limitations… And, the invitation to participate in a “dream.” That was the agreement. That should I ever receive this text – anything that happened afterwards would be a dream and “as if it never happened” after the dream was over…

The cold air of the night began to seep into my jacket as I approached her front door. I gently knocked. As expected there was no answer. I tried the handle and the door was unlocked. I entered the home and felt the warmth surround me. The heat was turned up in the house. This was a good sign and I smiled – glad I wore a short sleeve shirt under my jacket. I was already excited and felt myself throb in anticipation. After adjusting my jeans for comfort I took off my jacket, deposited my boots at the door, and very quietly walked towards the kitchen.

As I moved towards the rear of the house I caught my breath and stopped in my tracks. I dared not to breathe in fear that this “dream” would end. I first saw a chair pushed away from the end of the dining room table. Upon the back of the chair were two lovely bare feet with green toenail polish that I knew she had playfully applied the week before. Soft lovely feet. My eyes traveled slowly up her bare ankles, her rounded calves and down her gentle thighs. She was lying on her back on the dining room table just as I had dreamed… Wearing a black “teddy” that would have reached down to her upper thighs if she were standing… Now the teddy had fallen back around her hips and partially between her thighs. I slowly moved my intense gaze up her lovely body. She always had the most sexy hips and now I could see them laid out before me. My eyes traveled over her body reveling in her stomach, her delicate ribs, her beautiful breasts… She was excited in anticipation. Nipples, obviously hard, poking into the material. My mouth watered. My penis throbbed continuously in my pants…almost painfully rigid. I stepped closer to the chair to look at her beautiful neck, her delicate shoulders.

She was wearing a blindfold just as in my dream. It covered her sparkling eyes. Her soft hair splayed out on the table around her face framing it perfectly. Her hair – it couldn’t be any more amazing. My favorite tones of color with just the right amount of curl. Strait enough to run my fingers through – but, with enough curls to be interesting. Dark walnut tones mixed with lighter auburn streaks. My eyes watered. She was that beautiful. Anticipation of being able to run my fingers through her strands coursing through my mind – the desire to hold her close to me and gently cradle her head in my hands as I hold her against my chest….

I slowly moved closer to the table. I knew I must take my time and enjoy this site – burn it in my memory because it most likely would never happen again. She was one of a kind – a sensational combination of sassy personality, sparkling eyes, soft hair, wonderful figure. I knew I had to treasure this moment.

She knew I was there; knew I was looking at her with desire; knew I longed to touch her body; knew she was sexy… Desirable. This was a risk for her. She had been hurt, been consistently rejected, made to feel doubt about her quality as a woman, to doubt her beauty… A brief flash of anger crossed my thoughts that anyone could ever make her doubt the wonderful vision I saw before me… Very brief. This was an act of courage and trust beyond recognition for her. An act I intended to honor in every respect. I wanted to leave her with zero doubt. I wished she could see the look in my eyes. Feel my desire.

Tears trickled down my face. Emotionally, right hand trembling with desire, I reached out to caress her right ankle. Her body jumped at first contact and I waited a moment for her to settle. She hadn’t been touched in a very long time. Neither had I – touched or been touched. A first time in a long time for both of us. Her breath was labored. Her hands gripped either edge of the table. I slowly moved my hand up, curved around her calve, over the top of her knee, and very slowly slid my hand down her thigh. My fingertips brushing the bottom of her thigh I moved my hand to within an inch of her sex.

I gasped in shock! My eyes frozen to her sex… She had on lacy green panties… How did she know my “panty color code?” Did she know that green was the “code” signaling that the wearer desired oral sex? How could she have known different color panties aksaray escort symbolized different desires? I was relieved she wore green. I knew the “boundary.” How far and what I could do. She knew it was my favorite thing to do. I almost couldn’t take it… I wanted to taste her immediately. Throw the chair out of the way. Rip the panties off of her and make her throb, quiver on the table, grab at my head, hear her moan, scream out in orgasm… But, I had to be patient… Discipline prevailed… This was all about her in this dream…

I slowly forced my hand to slide onto her right hip, lifted it so that only my fingertips remained in contact. Touched her skin with enough pressure to convey desire. I trailed my fingertips across the top of her mons to her left hip, up her left thigh and back down the inside again to within an inch of her sex… I could feel her heat, her desire to be touched. I cupped her left hip in my hand. Her skin so warm. So soft. I slid my hand across her stomach and back to her left side. I felt her delicate rib cage under my hand as I brought my hand under her left breast. I wanted to gently stroke her erect nipple between my fingers – but, I stopped myself. I had something more important to do first. So, my hand slid back to her center and stopped above her heart. For a moment I just felt her rapid heartbeat, her labored breathing. I took a selfish moment to continue to savor her every feature with my eyes. Her sexy ass pressed against the table, her back arched in desire, her chest pushed out against my hand as her shoulders were pressed against the table, her hands reflexively gripping the table’s edge.

I moved my hand up and gently traced her collar bones with my fingertips, her shoulders… As they stroked her neck she tilted her head back so I could trace her jaw. I slid my fingers under the lower part of her head and pulled her upper body closer so that her head was near the edge of the table. Kneeling on a chair I gently stroked her face with my fingers. I ran a thumb across her lips as she provides sweet kisses. Massaged her head as I eased my fingers through her hair. After several minutes of caressing her – trying to communicate with my fingers and hands that tonight wasn’t just about sex. It was about desire. It was about communicating to her that she was a woman of beauty. A woman of grace. Communicating that she deserved to be valued, treasured, satisfied. This was about showing her that she was important for who she was… An attempt to communicate that I wanted to relish being with her. That she was more important than only the sexual contact. I turned her head to the side. My left hand’s fingertips slide through her soft hair and I “cup” the top of her head. My right hand slides from underneath her left ear to do the same. As I hold her head in my hands and caress her face I bend down to press my lips to her forehead. I place several kisses as I move around her face. I kiss her cheek, her nose, her chin, her neck. I move my lips to her ear. I whisper to her that she is beautiful. That I can’t wait to taste her, to touch her. I ask her to be patient. I whisper that she should be loud if she wants. That I would like her being loud – but, that if she was quiet that would be fine as well. I would whisper that she should be comfortable taking my head in her hands, moving me where she wanted me, telling me what she liked – or, if she was uncomfortable with something… I would tell her the “safe word” was “frosty” (safe word = a word that is said any time someone is uncomfortable with what is being done or wants the current activity to stop). I would remind her not to remove her blindfold and that she isn’t allowed to speak about anything other than desired actions. That this is just a dream. That when I leave it will be as if it never happened – only, that we both shared a dream. When I left it she could wake from the dream. But, not before…

My lips move to nibble on her ear. They move to gently suck her upper lip between them. To begin a kiss. I hold her head in my hands as I kiss her lips. Her mouth opens and passion overtakes us. I feel her hands grip the back of my head. In our excitement our teeth bump and I feel her lips smile as we pause. Breathing heavy. Then, calming down we more slowly begin anew. Her lips yielding… Our tongues meet and swirl around each other. Aching for more contact… As we slow down I pull away to place small kisses all over her face. I take her hands in mine and replace them at the edges of the table.

I slowly begin to move towards the other end of the table. Taking my time I let my hands roam all over her body. I caress her arms, her sides, I cup her perfect breasts in my hands. I stroke her hard nipples under my fingertips. All the while I watch her body respond, move under my touch. Her chest rises and falls against the table, her hips lift, her shoulders twist one way and the other pushing her breasts out for me to touch. I run my hands down her sides, across her stomach. I slide my fingertips just under the edge of her panties and trace the top from one side of the body to the other. anal yapan escort My touch – sometimes like a feather, sometimes pressing hard with desire.

I can feel my cock throb in my pants with desire. I know that if I pulled it out I would barely be able to touch it before it erupted all over her sexy body. I dream within my dream that I climb up on the table, pull it out and rub it across her chest, tickle her nipples with the engorged tip, let her feel it’s throbbing pulsing heat as I moved it around… But, this isn’t about me… It is about her. She wore the green panties – which demand respect. Satisfaction! And, she is still wearing her teddy…. Although, it has ridden up around her waist.

I bend over and kiss her on her right hip. I sprinkle kisses across her exposed stomach to her left hip. My right hand runs up and down her thighs, my left moves across her upper body playing with her nipples as I kiss her skin. Every time I move to the edge of the teddy I use one hand or the other to inch it up some more. Slowly, I move it up farther and farther until it is bunched just below her breasts. And, I stop. I reverently reach with my hands and carefully move the lingerie above her breasts… I know she is self-conscious about them. Like a man obsesses that his penis isn’t a good size a woman worries the same about her breasts. But, I LIKE small breasts. Her breasts are beautiful. She is breathing hard. Her chest rising and falling…she thrusts her chest away from the table to allow me to move the teddy and demands attention. I move my hands so that my palms are to each side of her breasts and my fingers reach for her back. I take a moment to ravish her body with my eyes. She has a sprinkle of adorable dark freckles across her chest. I bend over and begin kissing them. One, two, three… I lose count as I move my way to her left nipple… When I get close I stop. I wet my tongue and lick around her areola. I get my mouth very close and gently breathe out. My hot breath washes coolly over her hard nipple and she thrusts it upward into my mouth… I suck her breast into my mouth rotating my tongue in circles. I alternate using my lips to soft yet firmly “pinch” her nipple, to a gentle sucking motion with my tongue flat and dragging across the top, to twirling the tip of my tongue around and around her areola. My right hand kneads, massages her other breast as I occasionally lightly pinch the nipple. I switch sides and revel in her ragged breathing, her gyrating body, her moans of desire… After several minutes I slow down and allow her to catch her breath. As I stand up my eyes wander over her body again in delight. I wonder if she has any idea how wonderful she looks…

I allow my hands to drift away until, again, only my fingertips remain in contact with her body. I trail them quickly up and down her sides from the top of her panties to the bottom of her teddy… I move so that it feels they are lightly and quickly traveling all over her body as I make my way towards her feet. As I get closer to her hips my fingertips begin roving all over her lower body and legs – yet, avoiding her “sex.” Her inner thighs, the bottom of her legs, her knees, calves… I, finally, make it to her feet.

Here comes the “moment of truth.” As I lift her right foot into the air will she cry out the safe word? Will she stop what is about to happen? I lift her foot up and forward so I can take my seat at the table… Except for her ragged breathing she remains quiet. I place the bottom of her right foot on my shoulder. I reach with my right hand to place her left foot on the opposite shoulder…

Again I pause to look upon her beautiful form. Her legs that propel her down the floor as we dance today give me a different type of pleasure. My hands glide up the outside of her legs… Up her calves and down the outside of her thighs. I slide them up her sides as I lean forward to view her from a different perspective. I pause again to look at her amazing body. In anticipation of contact she lowers her back and pushes her hips up. I groan as my mouth comes wateringly close to her pussy and I can smell her excitement. I lean back and my fingertips slide down her stomach to the top of her panties yet again. I run my fingers under the border teasing her with the possibility of removing them… She is a “good girl” and keeps her hands gripping the side of the table….

I tease by sliding my fingers around the edge of the outside of her panties. I move them lower tortuously slow – revealing slightly more of her mons… Sporadically, I’ll spread my fingers wide and slide my hands up her abdomen to cup her breasts, tweak her rigid nipples, feel the sides of her ass… I’ll run my hands up and down her thighs feeling her soft yielding skin. She is groaning in frustration, moving her hips from side to side, pushing them up in an effort to be touched… I place my hands on the inside of her knees and slowly push her knees apart as far as possible and place her feet on the back of the chair as I lean forward. My hands move slowly down towards her panty covered pussy. I can smell atakent escort her excitement. Her panties are soaked. My dick is so hard it hurts and I have to adjust it again. My hands slide slowly down the inside of her thighs putting pressure against her muscles and keeping her legs apart as she moves around in frustration on the table…

Finally, I lean forward and breathe lightly onto her vagina. I’m certain she can feel my warm breath more acutely on her inner thigh which isn’t covered by material… I carefully reach a finger from each hand forward and under the edge of her panties above her sex and pull the panties away from her lips. As I slide my fingers under the edge of the material and downward I lift her panties off of her wet lips. But, without touching her… She continues to lower and raise her hips in frustration… But, I can’t help myself. I have to tease her because I know that when she orgasms it will be even more intense the longer I tease.

I lower the panties back onto her sex, slide a fingertip down on either side of her swollen lips near her thighs, around the bottom of her ass, and grip her panties near her hips… Once again, I pause… Will she cry out the safe word and stop the dream? Does she doubt she wants what is about to occur… She groans and wiggles her hips back and forth and I know she wants me to get on with it! Her hips are lifted, shifting, wiggling, all but begging me to pull her panties off… So, I start sliding them down… The soaked center of her panties stick to her lips as the sides go up her thighs… She lifts her feet up and in front of me so that I can slide them off of her legs. Once clear she replaces her feet on the chair back behind me and I lift her panties to my face and inhale her wonderful aroma. I realize I’m shaking. My cock pulses in my pants. My mouth waters. A shiver runs through my body as I anticipate what is to come… I place the soaked panties in my lap, train my eyes on her right ankle and slowly move my gaze down her leg to her pussy.

My breath gets stuck in my throat! I can’t breathe. I feel my heart stopped beating… A pain in my chest causes me to gasp for air. I begin breathing hard, excited. My cock beating in my pants as my heart races… She shaved! She once made a comment that she thought I must like “pre-pubescent” women because I said I liked a shaved pussy… Did she realize that wasn’t why? Did she realize that with her pussy shaved I didn’t have to worry about her hair tickling my nose, that hair traps unpleasant odor, that it’s more enjoyable to feel lips and tongue upon slick juice coated skin than hard curly hair, that when I slide my fingers around her sex it is more pleasant to feel smooth slick skin, that it is easier for her to feel my hot breath upon her pussy? DAMN! It is all I can do not to take my blood engorged cock out and rub it all over her hairless pussy! Just knowing that it wouldn’t feel rough hair scraping… I could lay it against her lips to slide directly across slippery lava hot skin… I have to stop thinking, regain my composure. I’m so excited I’m having difficulty thinking…

I reach for her left leg and lifting her foot off the back of the chair I kiss the bottom of her foot. Little, soft, barely wet kisses along the inside of the arch. I kiss her little toe on the tip and each toe as until I get to her “big” toe. Slowly, watching her face I suck her big toe into my mouth. As I do so I wonder has anyone ever sucked her toes? Will she think this is weird? Does it affect her as it does me? A combination between erotic electrical pulses down my leg combined with a slight tickling sensation almost too intense to bear… Will she it sensual or a turn off? She squirms on the table but is quiet… I relent – not knowing how it affected her and slowly kiss down to her ankle. While I kiss her I keep my right hand moving, touching her legs, sliding between them to roam over her stomach, her breasts, trail fingertips near her sexy lips… I kiss the underside of her calf, the back of her knee, and slowly make my way down the inside of her thigh. As I get closer to her sex I begin to randomly mix up kisses with small nibbles and bites. When I reach her sex I slowly slide my tongue up her skin where her thigh meets her sex. Just outside her lips – not touching her lips – but, so very close. Smooth skin glides under my tongue as I get my first taste of her juices. Ughh…. It is all I can do to keep myself from latching my mouth on her sex and enjoying her fully. She tastes salty and sweet. I lick from down by the bottom where I long to enter up the left side of her vagina to above where I know her clit is located and back down to the center. I’m ready for her hips to leap off the table as I very lightly wave my tongue up and down and cross her lips leaving the ghost of a sensation as I move to the right side of her vagina. I was so proud! While her back arched and her shoulders slammed onto the table several times she kept her ass firmly on the table and I didn’t have to pull away. She tastes so wonderful. Her skin so warm to the touch. Her aroma filling my head. I’m almost dizzy as I look up her gorgeous body. Her body flushed. Her chest red with hot blood, her sweet pussy lips swollen. She gasps for breath… And, I haven’t even started yet… I kiss up and down her right leg. I try to give it the same attention I gave her left… But, we are both getting impatient with desire.

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