College Ch. 01

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Oh, how I wanted him. He could make me wet by just looking at me.

If only I could……………… If only it was allowed……………….

I’m a 20 year old college student, and I have a huge thing for one of my lecturers. He’s in his late twenties or early thirties, with a tanned body and these gorgeous eyes I just want to melt into.

It all started when I enrolled in undergraduate courses. I was a fresh-faced 18 year old girl, ready to take on the world. I arrived on campus to go to registration, enrolment and to pick up my course schedule. Of course, it being my first day on campus, I naturally got lost and bumped into a stranger while looking around for a map of the campus.

He was drop dead gorgeous. I couldn’t believe I had run into (literally) one of the hottest guys on campus. I quickly mumbled my apologies for bumping into him.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going. Sorry”.

He smiled, flashing his perfect teeth. “It’s fine, no harm done. I guess you’re new to the college?”

“Yes,” I said, “and I’m actually lost. You couldn’t by any chance happen to know where the registration room is, do you?”

He was looking down at me with these gorgeous blue/green eyes. I started to blush and get really warm. He smiled again as if to apologize. I think he noticed my discomfort from being around his gorgeous body and piercing eyes.

“Yes, if you just go to the building on the corner and turn left after the entrance, registration is in that room”. I smiled my thanks.

“I guess I’ll see you around campus…and thanks again for your help.” I started to walk away. I could feel illegal bahis his eyes scorching into my flesh, almost like he was undressing me with them. I glanced quickly over my shoulder. I was right! He was there watching me walk off, smiling…….. Perhaps college won’t be so bad after all.

I finally got to registration, meeting up with the friends I had made when we picked up our course packages. I told them about my encounter and they couldn’t believe it.

“No way,” said Emma. “Only you could manage to come to college on your first day and bump into the hottest guy on campus. You have all the luck!”

“Emma, it wasn’t like I planned it. And besides, it was quite embarrassing. I mean, I bumped into him unintentionally but still it was pretty embarrassing. He was probably only smiling out of politeness so he wouldn’t laugh at me.”

“Oh, come on, Kerry,” Emma sighed. “We all know guys practically fall at your feet. Remember high school?”

Emma and I had been best friends since we were kids, all through school and we were now together in college. The way Emma went on, you’d figure I was a supermodel. I’m 5″ 11′ (mostly leg) with an hourglass figure and a 36 C cup. Emma, on the other hand, was a supermodel. 5″8′, petite frame, fabulous features and a 32 DD cup: a package that guys would do everything for, including kill the president, just to win her over. We had had our share of boyfriends, but nothing that could ever go absolutely head over heels about.

Anyway, after registration we were given a map of the campus to go explore and get a feel of college life. Also, we were told to meet in the sports hall at 1pm illegal bahis siteleri to meet with our course coordinator.

So Emma and I walked around enjoying the day. Emma was catching plenty of guys’ roaming eyes, and she loved it. Finally 1 o’ clock arrived and we went to the sports hall. Just as we took our seats the guy I bumped into walked in and up to the top of the hall!!! I couldn’t believe it…… He was a course co-coordinator. To make things even worse, he was MY year’s course coordinator. I was going to die of embarrassment. I pointed him out to Emma, mouthing, “he’s the guy I bumped into this morning!”

“Oh my god! I know you told me he was good looking, but I never thought he was that good looking! He could be an actor.”

He started to talk and started calling out the student names for the class he’d be leading at 2 o clock, I nearly fainted. I couldn’t be in the same room as him; I was having a hard enough time dealing with being in the same hall as him!! I already just wanted to reach out and touch him and I’d only seen him twice…how would I deal on one to one basis?

When he got to my name he looked up, caught my eye and smiled. My face was on fire, as well as my pussy. I don’t ever remember being as horny as I was right now. I was going to be in his group at 2. Thankfully, so was Emma. It wouldn’t be that bad, hopefully. When he was done calling the names, he asked me to hang back for a moment.

I was standing there in a nervous state. My pussy was absolutely dripping wet. I needed release, I couldn’t stand it. He was smiling as he walked over.

“Hi Kerry. I was just wondering whether you canlı bahis siteleri got to registration okay this morning?” I relaxed a little.

“Yes I did, thanks to you.” I couldn’t help it. I’m an impulsive flirt.

His smile grew wider. He touched my arm. I could feel the heat and wetness between my legs start to grow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you who I was this morning, but I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Uncomfortable!! If only he knew what he was doing to me now!!! When everything in my body wanted him to feel my body against his, the softness of his lips on mine, the growing passion…. “It’s okay,” I said. “Besides, it was nice just to make a fool of myself in front of someone I don’t know.” He started to laugh.

His hand was still on my arm….. I wanted him so badly I was dripping wet and it was only 1:30. He started talking about what classes I’m going to be taking and how do I feel about college. He looked at his watch ……

“Kerry, we have to get to class now. But we probably shouldn’t walk out together, or people would get suspicious.” I laughed.

“Suspicion is good…it adds a sense of excitement,” I reply, pulling off my best flirtatious eyes and smile. He looks into my eyes almost like he’s looking right into me. He moves closer to me. We are practically millimetres away from each other. I could just tilt my head and our lips would meet. He whispers into my ear. “Maybe it is, and maybe I’ll find out someday.” I nearly cum right there. He keeps looking at me with those eyes. How am I going to manage to get through this class? I say to him, “We really should be going. You wouldn’t want to keep our class waiting……I mean, your class.”

I smile and walk off as he watches me. If only he knew all the things I want to do to him, and the things he could do to me. I wonder if he was thinking the same thing…

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