Coed Wrestling Championship

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Look at you, you simply couldn’t resist coming here, could you? You saw the title and it simply pulled you in. That’s okay. If you are one of those people who like watching men and women competing against each other in the ancient sport of wrestling, then you have come to the right place. We’re all wrestling fanatics here. We’ve got what you want. You don’t even have to beg for it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. We know your dirty pleasures and we have come to satisfy.

We have collected this bunch of super-strong contenders and we are going to watch them compete for your viewing pleasure. It’s going to get kinky and disturbing up in here, so if you’re faint-hearted, you should split now. Our first contender is Mike Brown. A six-foot-two, 250-pound black man from Alabama. Mike Brown studied business in college while on a football scholarship. He played for various teams in the National Football League after his college career ended. He’s a legend in the United States of America.

Mike Brown was also a Heavyweight Boxer for a while. He won the World’s Heavyweight Boxing Championship by knockout against Mitchell Lawrence, the defending champ. This super stud was unstoppable. He also won second place in the World’s Strongest Man Competition. This stud is world-famous and has legions of fans. This big and tall black stud owns his own business. He runs three stores located in his hometown. He’s single and very much into experimenting. Mike is a rare find. A big man who likes big women. He has also been featured on the cover of News Week after he came clean about his bisexuality. He divorced his wife Katherine Edwards and moved in with his longtime male lover. Yes, good-looking and successful black men like himself could be bisexual. The black community was shocked. Mike’s hardcore fans didn’t care. He was still their idol. Oh, well. To each his own.

We’ve brought a strong woman to compete against this big man. Amanda Yamamoto is the name this champ responds to. Amanda is a bronze-skinned, red-haired Asian woman who stands six feet two inches tall and she weighs in at 250 pounds. A lifelong Sumo Wrestler, Amanda was very famous for being one of the strongest women on the planet. In Japan, she won the Gold Medal in the Women’s Sumo Wrestling League. She’s also a supermodel and spokeswoman for Lane Bryant. This big girl bursa escort has a lot of everything. Her breasts are huge but firm. Her belly is round and her butt is wide, big and chunky. Her body is thick but sexy in its own way. This babe has a fifty-inch butt, if you can believe that. Yeah, she is all that and then some. Amanda is an adventurous chunky chick who digs competing against both men and women in contact sports. Down for whatever, that’s her outlook in life.

Amanda Yamamoto and Mike Brown stand in the arena. They’re scanning each other. Both know what they’re in here for. First, they warm up with a little competition. They get undressed and prepare for the match. Mike is wearing a blue wrestling uniform. Amanda favors a red and gold one. They’re ready and start wrestling each other. A big man wrestling a big woman. Damn! Who’s going to win? Amanda was a varsity wrestler during her college years. Mike was both a football player and a champion wrestler in high school. It’s a tough call. The big bodies move around, grappling and squeezing. It’s anybody’s match!

Mike suddenly grabs Amanda and lifts her off the floor. Damn, this big guy is really strong. The big woman struggles to get out of the big man’s grasp. It’s not easy. He slams her down on the floor. Amanda screams as Mike pins her. Damn, that was hot! He just lifted her up and pinned her. He won this bout! They continue. Now that she knows how strong her opponent is, Amanda is a bit more careful. She’s always been a defensive wrestler. Mike comes at her. She tries to get his legs to take him down. He blocks her attempt and takes her down. Amanda is down once more but she avoided the pin!

Third bout, and they are still grappling like crazy. The big man is very strong. The big woman is very strong too. Both of them are fiercely competitive and neither wants to lose. Amanda rushes at Mike, choosing to be offensive rather than defensive. She catches him off-guard. Will he lose? Mike counter-attacks. He lets Amanda come to him, and this time he is on the defensive. Instead of charging her like a football lineman, he dives for her legs like a swimmer. This move surprises Amanda. She tries to catch Mike in a headlock. Though she grabs his neck, he doesn’t let go. They fall, and his huge bulk falls on her. Once more, she got pinned.

The wrestling bursa escort bayan match is over. Mike has won, but he has deep respect for his female opponent. Amanda lost, but she was no pushover. Mike says that she was the toughest opponent he ever had. Both of them walk to the showers and are about to leave. Amanda approaches us. What does she want? Amanda tells us that competing against men has a habit of turning her on. She wants to give Mike a reward worthy of a true winner, if you catch my drift. Well, we can arrange that, can’t we?

Mike is in the shower, relaxing before heading home. He sees Amanda coming with us. He looks suspicious. What in hell does she want, a rematch? Amanda smiles. Nah, she doesn’t want a rematch, at least not the way he thinks. What she wants is to get some of that. You see, our girl here is impressed by Mike’s sheer man power and wants to know what he can do in the sexual arena. See? Whoever told you that chicks like macho and dominant men was absolutely right. Now that she knows he’s the champ, she wants some of his action.

Mike hesitates, but he’s rather horny after this fight. Amanda knows how to alleviate sexual tension. The two large wrestlers caress and kiss one another. And it’s all happening in a pretty hot way from here. Amanda takes the champion’s cock in hand and starts to suck him off. As she sucks his cock and licks his balls, Mike really doesn’t seem to mind. Amanda is sucking a dick worthy of a champion. Mike is a man who is large in every way. His cock is twelve inches long and quite thick, and his gonads are as big as tennis balls. Yeah, he’s all that and then some.

When Mike does cum, Amanda drinks his seed. He returns the favor by laying her on the floor and spreading her thick legs. He starts to wet her pussy before giving her a serious lick down there. Amanda is moaning as Mike licks her clit and fingers her wet snatch. Yeah, the champ really knows how to please a woman. He continues to lick and probe her until her ecstatic screams fill the locker room. Isn’t that hot?

Not long after, Mike puts on a condom and slams his cock deep inside Amanda’s pussy. The big female wrestler is writhing on the locker room floor and caressing her voluminous breasts as the big man sticks his thick cock in her. Mike is pounding away at her like there’s no tomorrow. Amanda escort bursa is loving every minute of it. Mike then flips her on all fours and spread her huge butt cheeks. Amanda is a bit surprised, and asks what’s happening. Mike laughs, and tells her that she’s going to find out real quick.

Mike spits on his finger and slides that finger into Amanda’s puckered asshole. Amanda gasps. Although she’d had sex with dozens of men and quite a few women in her day, this bisexual female wrestler had never had anything up her butt. Well, today this was about to change. This was a first for Amanda. She had lost a wrestling match for the first time. She was also about to get fucked in the ass for the first time. Mike rubs his cock against her butt hole, and thrusts into her.

Amanda screamed as Mike’s thick cock went into her asshole. All of her life, she’d heard about it and dismissed it as something she never thought she would do. Amanda was a strong woman and the idea of letting a man fuck her in the ass screamed domination to her. No way she’d let that happen. Yet she was letting Mike fuck her. Mike, the handsome black stud with the huge uncircumcised cock. He held her by the hips and thrust his cock in and out of her hole. He pounded away at her like there was no tomorrow. Amanda took it like a champ. No screams, other than her initial one. The feeling of pain she felt the first time Mike thrust his cock up her butt was slowly replaced by a feeling of fullness, a pleasurable feeling.

Mike continued to fuck Amanda in the ass. He’d fucked a lot of women and a few men in the ass in his day but he’d never fucked an asshole this tight. Oh, yeah, he was fucking Amanda the big female wrestler in her tight butt hole and loving every minute of it. Face down and ass up, with his dick between the cheeks, that’s how he liked his women, and his men too. He continued what he was doing until he came, sending his hot seed deep inside Amanda. Amanda screamed as she felt Mike’s hot cum flood her ass. It felt awesome, unlike anything she’d ever felt before!

A little while later, Mike Brown and Amanda Yamamoto were laughing as they soaped each other up and left the locker room. Mike returned to Los Angeles, to the apartment he shared with his partner, ex-NBA superstar Harris Lancaster. This goes to show you that the strongest, brightest and most competitive people in the world could be gay or bisexual. If men everywhere need a champion to represent them in any event, there’s one man they should turn to, and that man is Mike Brown, the unbeatable Champion of Men everywhere!

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