Coach Judith

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Judith had been the women’s physical education teacher at Rosemont academy for a little over 12 years. At 34 she was in great shape and enjoyed working out. At 6′ even she was a tall striking woman with an immense set of breasts. She tried to hide them but a pair of 40D’s was not easy to hide. What she enjoyed even more was all the opportunities she got to see so many of the college girls she taught in various stages of dressing or just plan naked in the showers. With the help of a fellow teacher, who also enjoyed watching the gals, she had installed two different one-way mirrors in her office that she used to watch the locker room and the showers.

She especially enjoyed was having the girls lacrosse team around. A number of the girls really enjoyed exposing their charms. She has on more than one occasion watched two or three of them stay after so they could enjoy themselves in the shower or the locker room.

Yesterday she had watched Leah, one of the seniors, breaking in a new freshman. She watched Leah in the shower with Kristen soaping her body up. Leah was a good foot taller than Kristen and stood behind her, one arm around her under her breasts while her other hand was busy filling her pussy and working her clit. Judith was at the mirror, moaning as she watched, her own pussy filled with a vibrating toy, her spandex shorts keeping it in tight.

“Oh Leah, I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m cumming again!!! Ahhhhh “moaned Kristen over and over as Leah turned her sideways so the Judith would have a good show. Leah and a few of the gals knew that Judith had installed the mirrors after they had by chance gotten it out of Coach Diane. The gals had found Diane in her office fucking herself behind her desk as they were changing. After having some fun with her, mainly spread across her desk as she eat pussy and got eaten, she had said how she loved to watch them shower. Leah put two and two together and had investigated Judith office and found the one way mirrors.

“Ok my little slut, time for some real fun, out to the benches you go!” Leah said as she led Kristen into the locker room. She made sure to pick the bench nearest Judith’s office. Using some tape she secured Kristen’s arms and legs to the bench so she was on her back and her legs to her chest, her pussy wide open and facing Judith.

Judith watched as Leah put in her 3 tongue studs. Each was about a ¼” in diameter. She straddled Kristen’s head with casino siteleri her shaved pussy and reached back and spread her cheeks.

“This is how it works slut. You have to make me cum before you do or else for the next month I can fuck you wherever and whenever I want. If I cum first, well that’s just good for me!” laughed Leah as she lowered her ass down and Kristen dove in Judith was cumming over and over watching! Her light blue spandex shorts were dark blue the entire front and down both legs from her cum juices. She reached back and grabbed the phone, calling Diane.

“Diane speaking” she answered.

“Fuck me Diane… I can’t stop cumming!!! Ahhhhhhhhh” wailed Judith into the phone.

“Who are you watching today bitch? Who is making you cum on that fuck stick you love having buried up your twat!” replied Diane, as she imagined Judith against the glass watching one of her girl’s being taken.

“It’s Leah, with a freshman. She is about to teach her how 3 large metal tongue studs feel going over her tender clit and virgin ass! I can just image how intense it would feel! Oh god, there she goes, and I can hear Kristen begging as she is doing her clit!” said Judith. Judith could see Leah run them over her clit and in unison hear Kristen wail as with each pass she would cum. Over and over Leah worked the clit, over and over Kristen came. Diane could hear her over the phone and came along with her, remembering when Leah had done her the same way on her desk as the other girls watched.

Kristen could no longer move; she had cum so much she was almost passed out. Her clit was totally inflamed and rock hard, sticking out a good ½”. Leah was ready for her cum now! Getting her water bottle she sprayed Kristen face till she was aware enough to be able to know what was to happen next. Leah spread her legs and got Kirsten’s pussy below her so that she could rub up against Kristen’s. She could feel Kristen’s clit and how hard it was. Then she started rubbing her hips back and forth faster and faster working their two clits together!

“You like Mommy’s clit on yours? Oh yeeh, that’s it! Work yours back and forth too! Oh yea, oh yea! I feel my pussy juices cumming all over your clit little slut! Said Leah as she worked her pussy down hard. Over and over she came. Kristen felt like her clit was on fire but could not stop cumming either! Judith and Diane listened and phone fucked the other, as they came together along canlı casino with the girls!

The next day was Saturday and Diane had planned to have Judith over for dinner. She had also planned some fun for after dinner with some new toys she had gotten along with some bondage gear. Judith enjoyed playing where she would find Diane tied up by a robber and before she set her free have her way with her. Judith enjoyed having Diane find new toys to fuck her with. Anything that was long and hard was fine for her ass and pussy. The week before Diane had pretended to be a saleswoman selling vacuums. She had used the hoses to suck on Judith’s clit and nipples till they were red and enlarged. Diane then covered the vacuum handle in butter and after bending Judith over, had her impale herself down on it. The greased chrome handle went easily up her butt hole till a good foot of it was buried in her. As the handle slide in, the switch caught on her hole, clicking the vacuum on as it went by. The vibrations were intense! Judith could only stand on tip toe, as leaning in any direction was impossible with that cold steel imbedded in her.

“Open wide dear, I have another attachment you will enjoy!” laughed Diane as she watched Judith working her way down the shaft, deeper and deeper into her bowels.

Diane had a nozzle that was about 3″ in diameter with 1″ long rubber bristles on the head. Taking the nozzle she started working it in and out of Judith’s pussy opening. Soon the nozzle was slick with her juices and started to slip into her hole spreading it unseemly. She stopped when it was half way in. Judith’s pussy lips were buried in the bristles, being pulled as they caught on them as it went in and out.

“Well dear, one last special attachment to try, I am sure you will love it! I know I will!” Diane said as she dropped her sweats.

Diane had on a shiny black strap on. Pulling the nozzle out of Judith, she jammed the nozzle down hard on the rubber cock. Now she had a very special fucking tool, one that Judith was about to get! Pushing Judith down on the couch she pulled the chrome handle out of her bowels. Lining the nozzle up with Judith’s fuck hole, Diane leaned forward and watched it spread her.

“Bet you are wishing this was you doing one of those little horny bitches you teach. Or maybe better, it was one of them doing you!” hissed Diane as she feed the cock into her.

As the wide head spread her hole the bristles kaçak casino caught on her lips, causing Judith to moan as each one tore at her hole. Diane worked her hole hard. The sounds of Judith being taken filled the room. Diane picked up speed, fucking her faster and faster till her hole was wide open awaiting the next stroke! Finally Judith screamed and passed out. Diane smiled knowing there was more to come!

Judith awoke to find herself tied to the living room chair with her legs tied and spread along with a ball gag in her mouth. She heard the door bell ring and Diane’s voice at the door. Someone was with Diane!

“Come on, I have a surprise in the living room for you dear” said Diane as she led her visitor in.

Judith could not believe her eyes and started to struggle trying to get free! How could Diane do this to her! It was Leah wearing a mask over her eyes and just panties. Diane had her by the hand leading her toward the chair.

“Don’t say anything dear, just listen. I know how much you enjoy a wet tasty pussy and I have a real treat for you. One of my girlfriends is tied up here to the chair. Its no one you know but by the look on her face she is looking forward to getting to know you better!” smiled Diane as she played with Leah’s nipples and watched Judith shaking her head trying to get free.

Diane gently pushed Leah to her knee’s and guided her face to Judith’s wet hole. Judith struggled trying to get free. Judith could not believe Diane was doing this to her! What if Leah discovered it was her that she was about to eat! Diane guided Leah’s face right down to Judith’s wet pussy and then using both hands held it tight to Judith.

“That’s right dear; stick your tongue in deep. Taste her! She is one horny bitch. Bet she loves your surprise. I KNOW she will love those studs you have! Run them over her clit! Oh yes, can you taste her cumming! I knew she would love that!” moaned Diane.

Diane stood beside Judith watching her cum, her eyes wild as she filled Leah’s mouth. She had one hand in her pussy and the other hand working some fingers up her ass. She watched Leah working Judith’s clit over as she pumped her own pussy remembering how those studs had felt. Judith made one last spasm and passed out!

Diane got Leah to her feet and to the door. She got her dressed and told her there would be other opportunities to play more. She told Leah that she could have some of the girls join her next time.

She went in to untie Judith and was already looking forward to what Judith would do to her!

Let me know what you thought of part one and I am sure there will be more to follow. So please vote and email me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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