Christmas with Mom at the Cabin Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Sorry about the hiatus hope this story makes up for it.


During the days leading up until Christmas the two men made every effort to have sex with their aunts and Mark had to make extra effort trying to sneak in with his mom as well. Mary was totally oblivious to all the sex that was going on, she may have the body of a porn star yet she could be a prude at times. The news came on Christmas Eve that Mark’s father would not be able to join them due to a death of a colleague in a drunken driving accident. He would have to remain home for the holiday at least until after the funeral was taken care of.

That night they all sat in the living room drinking wine, eggnog and brandy, they sang Christmas carols and watched it’s a wonderful life on television. It was now after midnight and it was officially Christmas day. Mary excused herself and went up to bed to sleep off all the partying she was doing with family.

“She never could hold her alcohol well.” Scott said.

“How would you know?” his mother asked.

“Mom she is not always the little angel you think she is.” Scott replied.

“So what do we do now?” asked Mark.

“Well we could stay up and wait for Santa or we could go to bed.” Sarah said.

“Why don’t we just party a little more Aunt Sarah?” Scott replied.

“How bout a game of truth or dare?” said Kathy.

“That sounds like fun.” Mark replied.

The questions were pretty tame, they usually were about experience or experiences with both mothers finding out some things about their sons childhoods. The young men asked the usual kind of questions and dare of the mom’s, until Scott gave Sarah a real dare.

“Sarah truth or dare?” asked Scott.

“Dare.” She giggled from the effects of the wine.

“Make out with my mom.” He said bluntly.

“What!!!!” both women said in unison.

“You took the dare mom.” Mark chided.

“Okay, why do guys always want to see this?” she asked reluctantly going over to her sister.

The two of them stared into each others eyes for several long moments giggling and then they got quiet. Finally Sarah leaned in and kissed her sister on the lips, the two of them kissed for a couple of minutes. illegal bahis Scott could have sworn that he saw tongue and Mark was going to ask the next dare when the kiss ended. Finally the kiss ended and Mark got ready to ask his question, this time for his Aunt.

“Aunt Kathy truth or dare?” he asked

“Dare what else could they possibly want us to do.” She laughed.

“Make love to my mother.” He said.

“Mark I think this game has gone to far.” His mom said.

“Yeah Mark a kiss is one thing, but making love to Sarah is another.” Kathy said.

“I do not see what is so hard for you two to do this dare, mom I know Mark has fucked both you and Aunt Sarah. I too have found a few times to have sex with Sarah too and I hope that I will get a chance to fuck you before we go home for the holiday.” Scott explained. “So I do not see what the problem is with the two of you entertaining Mark and me for a little while.”

Both women were dumbfounded, both of them had bisexual experiences while in college. It has been years since either one of them had the opportunity to make love to another woman, let alone their own sister. Yet the way Scott had summed up everything that has happened at the cabin, committing incest with their sons and nephews. What would it really hurt if the two of them were to make love to each other?

Kathy got off the couch and made the first move, she took Sarah in an embrace in the center of the living room. The two of them resumed the passionate kissing they had done only moments before. During the time they were kissing they made a few breaks to remove the sweaters they were wearing and bras.

Sarah leaned down and sucked on Kathy’s large breasts, she was always a little jealous of her sister’s endowment. Kathy moaned softly as her sister went back and forth between both of her breasts, something different about another woman sucking on her nipples than when a man did it.

Kathy pulled her sister away and began to suck on Sarah’s small round breasts, her large puffy nipples sucked into her mouth. Both women were getting hot as they continued to arouse each other, they both decided to stop and remove their pants. They took their panties off and stood there kissing again, illegal bahis siteleri rubbing each other between the legs.

Kathy grabbed her sister by the hand and pulled them both down to the floor, Sarah realized what she wanted as Kathy laid flat on her back. Sarah climbed on top of her sister and straddled her face. Sarah eagerly put her face into her sister’s crotch and the two of them began to explore each others pussies.

Both Mark and Scott had their large hard cocks out and were jerking off to the sight of both moms’ on the floor in a sixty nine. After a few minutes of licking, sucking and fingering each other the two women collapsed in a massive orgasm.

Scott got out of the chair he was sitting in and pulled his aunt up off the floor, he positioned her on the love seat and began to fuck her from behind. Mark got off the love seat and got between Kathy’s legs, he could not get over how hot this was watching his mom get eaten by her sister, fucked by her nephew, while her son fucked his own Aunt.

Both sons’s fucked both mothers good and hard, their large cocks pounding in and out of already slick pussies. Scott stuck a couple of fingers up his Aunt’s ass driving her over the edge to a hard orgasm; he grabbed her around the stomach and pumped a load of hot semen into her. Mark had pulled his Aunt’s legs up onto his shoulders and was getting his big cock deep inside her pussy. Soon he too was shooting his load into his Aunt right on the living room floor.

The four of them fell asleep in the living room for a few hours at least; it was Scott who woke up first. He looked over at his naked mother’s naked body, his cock got hard instantly has he stared at her naked form. He got up and rubbed his hard cock over her lips, she instinctively parted them so he could slide his cock in. At first she thought it was Mark, she opened her eyes to see her son standing above her putting his cock in her mouth. She just moaned softly and eagerly began to suck on her son’s large fat cock; damn she thought this boy is just like his dad in the cock department at least.

Mark and Sarah heard the slurping from across the room; Mark took his mother into his arms and kissed her. The two of them kissed passionately canlı bahis siteleri for several moments when his mother decided to climb on top of her son’s cock and start to ride it. Sarah fine round ass was doing all the work as she controlled the pace; she rode his cock until she had a pleasant orgasm.

Scott was now fucking his mother as he was now on top of her, his mother eagerly accepting his big cock in her cunt. She kept whispering in his ear to fuck mommy hard as he jack hammered his cock in and out. Mark was now lubing up Sarah’s ass, he could not wait to fuck his mom up the ass. It had been a few days since the last time he was able to do it in her ass, he was ready to get into her tight anus.

Scott looked over and saw what his cousin was doing; he had never had anal sex and really wanted to try it. He stopped fucking his mother long enough to get up and get the lube, he returned to his mother. He rubbed some on his large cock and instructed his mother to roll over so he could lube her up as well.

“Scott I never let anyone fuck my ass.” She said.

“Mom your ass belongs to me and I intend to have It.” he replied.

He lubed his mother’s virgin asshole up and gently slid the head of his large cock into it, she moaned loudly as pushed another inch in. She did not realize it but her son soon had most of his cock slid up her ass. He began to gently fuck his mother’s ass, the sensation of drove Kathy wild.

“Oh GOD, fuck my ass baby, oh it fucking hurts so good, fuck mommy’s ass, fuck it.” She begged over and over.

Soon both sons’ were exploding into the asses of their wonderful mother’s on Christmas day in the living room of the cabin. Mary heard all the noise from one of the upstairs bedrooms; she knew it was sex sounds she heard. She quickly packed her bag; she found her mother’s car keys in her mom’s purse and went downstairs.

“You people are fucking sick!” she yelled. “Fucking sick and I will be going and I will be telling my Uncle what you sick fucking perverts are doing.”

“No wait.” Shouted Kathy

“We can explain.” Sarah yelled.

It was too late the young woman stormed out of the cabin; she started her mother’s car and left down the road. The four of them stood in the cabin’s living room wondering if the Mary was really going to go tell Sarah’s husband or just blowing off steam.

“I told you she is a prude.” Scott said matter-of-factly.


Last chapter coming soon.

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