Change of Life Ch. 03

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All I could think about as I watched Mandy began to walk up the steps and take me into her big master bedroom was her body and what I was about to do with it. It was like a dream that had come true, sex with no strings none at all. All she wanted was a fucking once a week and boy did I need that too. As we stepped into the room she shut the door and turned to me. She looked a little scared; I could see it in her eyes. But if the truth were told so was I. She said, “I’m a little scared Buddy! You’re the only other man I have been with for almost 20 years now. Can we go slow?”

I said, ” That would be good Mandy. Slow is good and feels so much better.”

She smiled and said, “Umm!” Then she excused herself and went into the bathroom that was connected to the room. I stood there waiting and started to think about what was to come. Could I actually do this? Could I cheat on a woman who was the mother of my two children but who had no sex drive at all? None! She never had any and I was a cuckold husband only this one didn’t have a wife out fucking someone else. This one was not getting any sex and his wife wasn’t either. The only difference was she didn’t care. I surely did and was extremely tired of jerking off every fucking night so I could sleep and function. If I hadn’t jerked off, I would have cheated on her 19 years ago. I knew that and now faced with a choice, having an unbelievably sex woman offering her body to me once a week with her husband’s blessing or staying with the masturbation.

It was a no brainier when I saw her come out of the bathroom dressed in a short black babydoll outfit. It was very thin and sheer so you could see her large breasts swaying under the material as she walked towards me. Then if you looked down her body you saw a completely shaved vagina and a set of very long shapely legs. Mandy said, “You like?” She turned around and showed me her back an ass that would give any man a hardon.

I stepped forward and said, “Oh yes! I like very much.”

She smiled and said, “Thank Paully, he got it for me yesterday and told me you would like it.”

She stood in front of me and turned slowly letting me take in all of her charms. I held my hands on her hips and pressed my body against her ass. I kissed the back of her neck and reached under her arms and cupped her large breasts. My cock was rock hard and pressed against her ass. She lifted her arms and wrapped them around my neck as she lay back against me. I could feel her breasts rise as she lifted her arms. I squeezed and pinched her nipples. She moaned softly and said, ‘Harder Bud! Pinch them harder!”

I did. She turned and faced me then pushed into me and kissed me hard sliding her tongue into my mouth. As my hands ran down her back and over her ass cheeks, I cupped them and pulled her into me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body against me tighter. My cock was throbbing and she smiled as she felt it jump. She reached down and squeezed it still inside my slacks. When we broke the embrace I said, “I have to tell you Mandy, I’m a little scared too! You’re the first woman I have been with besides Shirl for 25 years. Yes, let’s go slow.”

She backed away and sat on the bed with her legs opened and I could see the babydoll outfit had casino oyna no panties at all. Her shaved pussy was shinning at me wet and ready. She said, “Strip for me.”

As I did, she smiled and said, “Bud! You have a very nice body.” When I had everything off now but my boxers, and she came to me again. I kissed her soft warm lips and pushed my tongue into her wet mouth as she reached inside my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. She pulled away and said, “Let me see this hard thing. Oh my!! Bud you are very hard, very nice indeed! Just look at this nice hard cock I have today! I think we are going to be good friends. Yes, we will be very close especially if you know how to use this hard thing. Can you?”

I said, “Let me show you rather than answer that question Mandy. But first I have to taste you. I have to lick that soft bald pussy just like I have dreamed of doing!”

She looked at me and said, “Have you dreamed about me Bud? Did you wack off thinking about me baby?”

I blushed a little and said, “More than once sweetheart. More than once I shot off thinking about how it would be with you under me or sitting on top, riding me hard. More than once.”

She smiled and said, “Well Bud I’m flattered! You really want me to ride you on top?”

I smiled and said, “Oh yes! That would be wonderful. But, actually, anyway we do it will be nice I’m sure. You are so hot!”

She almost laughed out loud as she said, “Thank you Bud. Now come on and show me what you have but first do what you said you were going to do. Lick me!”

I pushed her back on to the bed and as she sat down on the edge, she opened her thighs as her legs hung off the edge of the bed. She smiled as I dropped to my knees and put a hand on each knee and pushed her legs opened more. Jesus her cunt was almost dripping wet with her anticipation.

As I held her legs opened wide and moved my head between them her aroused wetness gave off her excitement. The scent of her sex drifted up into my face and I could hardly wait to taste it and her. As my mouth pressed against her inner thigh, I licked up and just to the sides of her opened pussy. She moaned and said, “Oh yes Buddy! Lick me!”

As I pressed my face into her, she laid back and rested on her elbows to watch me. I heard her moan again softly as my tongue licked slowly up her entire slit and then back down so I could wiggle the tip of my tongue into her open hole. My mouth and tongue began to please her as she held my head and lay back on the bed completely now.

She moaned again and said, ‘Oh yes! Lick it baby! Lick my pussy! Oh Buddy your tongue feels so nice on my pussy. Umm yea in my hole! Lick in me! Oh yes! That’s it! Yes! Oh fuck yes Buddy right there! There!! Oh God yes baby now suck! Suck it, suck it, suck it!! Suck it now! OH FUCK YES!! Harder! Suck me harder! OH Jesus Buddy! Oh yes!!!!!!” And she went off like a rocket cumming like a fountain on my face.

When she had slowed down and was rotating her hips moving her pussy all over my face I used my fingers to spread her outer lips wider and looked at all the pink insides of that desirable pussy! Now I moved my finger into the gapping and spazing hole and felt her arch up off the bed a little. She told me, “Use two baby! Give me two fingers canlı casino Bud!”

I did and when I inserted them deep inside her I searched for and located her “G’ spot. As I touched it the first time, she began to fuck my fingers as I kept my face only inches from her pussy watching it.

I could see her snatch taking my fingers in and holding them as I tried to pull them out. I could actually see her pussy squeezing around them and as I pulled them out about an inch of her pussy came with them. Then I would push them back in and she would lift or moan or grunt with enjoyment. I watched as my fingers fucked her for a few seconds.

Then I moved my head back into her and pressed my lips against her throbbing clit. As I licked and sucked it alternating between the two my fingers picked up speed. She cried out and lifted her hips and that spectacular ass up off the bed as she arched her back. She began fucking my hand and face like I had never seem a woman do before. It was like I had dreamed about. She was going to be a great fuck and she was so damn hot!

I saw her body moving and going wild and she didn’t try to hide any of her enjoyment. She was proud of the way she got off. All the lights were on and we were both completely nude. She loved showing off her body. Mandy was nothing like my wife and I as fucking loved it!

As her second orgasm slowed and then finally resided, I moved up from between her thighs with a face covered with her cum. I saw her breasts rising and falling quickly as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were closed and she had a sweet smile on her face. I kissed her and lifted up. She said, “that was really good Bud. God your tongue felt so good. We will have to do that more often that’s for sure. You do want to do more of that don’t you?”

I almost laughed. I said, “Oh yes I enjoy eating pussy almost as much as I like to fuck. And now I want to fuck you! Now Mandy! I want you! And I want on top the first time, just like I jerked off to the fist time.”

She said, “Did you cum a lot when you were thinking of me?”

I laughed this time and aid, “Oh yes! But not as much as I am this time!”

She smiled and said, “Do it! Fuck me now baby! Fuck me just like you dreamed about Buddy! I want to feel that hard cock in me! Here let me glide it in for you. She reached between our bodies and as my fingers moved out of her wet box, she rubbed the swollen cock head up and down her pink insides a few times and them placed it at the door of her pleasure zone. She said, “Push!”

I did and the head went right in she was that wet. She smiled and said, “Just like you dreamed about baby! Now, push again!” I did and she moaned, “Oh yes! Mumm! Here we go!”

I felt her body already moving as I lay between those marvelous legs pumping in and out of her. She was unbelievable so open, so encouraging, telling me what she wanted and when to do it, “Faster! Harder! Now slower!”

She drove me on and on! It was like I had dreamed about! And as her excitement of an approaching orgasm move closer, Mandy’s bottom lifted once and then twice as she pushed her clit against my pelvis. As I used all of my cock, fucking deep inside her it became too much for both of us. We pushed the last of any embarrassment kaçak casino or shyness out of our minds and she wrapped her legs around me and humped her body up meting my thrusts down into her.

As she began to cum she cried out so loud I wondered later if Shirl had heard it in our house next door? I pulled Mandy’s legs off my back and lifted them higher up over her head. As she was bent in half, her cunt gushed with cum and she cried out again as the orgasm swept over her.

“God, you’re so hard! So fucking hard!”, she told me as I pushed as deep into her as I could get my cock.

One of her hands went to her clit to begin the fly over it stimulating and actually assaulting it as she rubber her hard round thick bud!! As I started to cum she had another gigantic climax and her bottom came up again to meet my cock fucking down into her pussy hole. “Yes, yeeeees, oh Jesus! That’s good, oh fuck so good and hard!”

I backed out of Mandy’s cunt a little and then pushed hard going even deeper into her cunt. The shots of cum were now pumping out faster and faster as I reached the peak of my own orgasm. She moaned louder as she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight feeling every drop of cum pump into her hole. It over flowed. There was so much of it a small pool began to develop under her ass. And with each thrust of my cock some squirted out around the shaft and splashed over our thighs and ass.

My throbbing cock was moving back inside her one last time. When I released her thighs she began move her body faster. She was pushing and thrusting and humping and pumping and pumping and pumping her snatch. Her head was rolling and thrashing from side to side as she moaned and moaned and then cried out with an orgasm that gave her complete satisfaction. I had never heard anything from my wife when we had sex like Mandy and I did the first time.

She pulled me tight to her using her arms and legs and using her feet to shove my ass down into her and holding me there as tight as we could get. Our bodies merged completely again, she wrapped her legs around me and held me as her cunt worked any remaining cum my cock might still have inside. She was still rocking her body moving my cock in and out, in and out, until she exploded one last time.! Then her body became still and almost frozen. I looked at her face contorted into a pain and pleasure picture! Mandy reached the pinnacle, the height of her best orgasm yet and it had taken over her body. She ‘purred’ like a leopard, as her mental and physical stimuli was over loaded and totally spent. Her body hung in the air and lifted us both up off the bed. Then her body settled down and almost flopped back into the mattress.

My cock was too far-gone now and I had cum to hard to stay hard. I could feel my cock slowly begin to deflate. But the expression on Mandy’s face show me was of pure sexual satisfaction. She was a mature woman about 38 but who looked like she was 32 and she had discarded all her married rights and given her body to me completely. And, she had giving herself to me with all she had inside her. We had fucked like animals. As I looked at my watch I realized it had been almost an hour and a half and there was no going back now. We had done it! I wondered how her husband Paul felt downstairs hearing us as he most certainly did? Was he now still my best friend? Was this going to fuck up a great relationship or start a even better one? After all they both had wanted me to do this. Time would tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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