Celebrating 3000

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Yesterday was a beautiful day at the beach… full sun, no wind, a welcome relief after several days of stormy rain, gusts and thunderstorms. Like countless other days, I awoke early, ran for 5 miles, went to the gym for a couple of hours, then returned home, put on my sheer Wicked Weasel 404s and hit the beach.

It was hard not to be introspective and reflective as I walked, as I realized that a milestone was about to be broken…
000. Now, on the backside of my 40s, lucky in love, lucky in business, My life is really so different than so many. A perfectly normal little NY girl, who just happens to be addicted to cock and sperm, and has been used by 1 short of 3000 largely strange men.

Funny, sad, perverse, frightening or erotic… I am not sure. While in large part the numbers are meaningless, the men mostly forgotten, there are always vivid memories of certain encounters that are now nothing more than entries in a journal… some wonderful, some disturbing, but all part of the “patch quilt” that is me…

… The first time I fucked my husband, my first BBC, my first Craig’s List ad seeking cock, my first DP, being paid for sex, a three day escort job to the Bahamas, fucking in the theater at FL! bread by 19 BBC, becoming pregnant, electing to not continue pregnancy, being beat up by 6 BBC, getting an STD, hosting my Las Vegas gang bang or sucking cock for 4 hours at a GH… I could casino oyna go on… such is the slut life I embrace.

An hour passed as I reminisced with myself… soon the sun’s rays bore down on me… I was warm, covered in a glaze of perspiration, and enjoying the admiration, and stares… my sheer moist micro-bikini proudly display a deep cameltoe and perky nipples… with not much left to the imagination. As had happened so many times before… the tingles began at my toes… ran up my spine… to the base of my neck. I was aware my pussy lips were swelling, becoming engorged from arousal… that my pussy was dilating… opening like a flower… god I love the intoxicating feeling. I knew I needed to be quenched and soon.

Shortly, I grabbed a stool at CrabTrap. I attracted the eye of two young surfers… 18 -19 years old perhaps… ripped abs, deep tans… cute… although awkward in their flirts… I loved what I saw… .soon they were on either side… their hands rubbing my thighs… after a couple of rounds… a stuttering invitation was offered to return to their room… eager and hungry… I did not make them work for me… I accepted eagerly. I left

Surrounded by my little surfer “dudes” amused that I was old enough to be their mothers.

We made the short walk back to their room… tired of small talked, I immediately took control becoming the aggressor, I knelt in front of them… and slowly canlı casino slid their suits to their ankles… their cocks were already 3/4 hard… my hands cupped each of their balls before I started stroking their fully erect cocks… viral, responsive,… I love young boys!

Soon my lips encircled their cocks… sucking, slurping, drooling until they glistened in my spit. I continued to work them… sucking one stroking the other… and once totally drenched in my throat lubricant… sucked them each until my lips were pressed against their ball sacks… I held until I was ejected from lack of air… choking, tearing, gasping… and leaving a coating of thick throat juice… but continuing jacking each between deep throats. Soon they forced me on to my back… my open and spread cunt left no doubt as to my arousal… and then the first entered me.

The sex was basic… what was lost in technique and experience was compensated by youthful energy, over the next two hours I was fucked continually by one, while sucking the cock of the other… the rotation was none stop… and I came almost constantly… my eyes rolled back into my head as my legs spread wider to take as much as I could… I arched my back to meet each thrust into my well used pussy… I shuddered and shook with each orgasm… I moaned, begged, spit, and dripped.

I clasped my legs around each as they plowed me… holding them close… alternating kaçak casino between cocks and deep kisses… I continued to hold my tight lock and began to grind faster and faster… and then the first let loose a scream… his head jerked back and he began to drain his full balls deep into me… he continued to pump… and I counted 7 pulses… seven thick ribbons of young cum… and # 3000 was history. Just like a choreographed dance… as he withdrew, and just as his sperm began to flow from my gapped hole, number two entered. He plugged my leaking cunt and began his personal marathon…

He was much more animalistic… dirty… “open your mouth Whore” as he spit into my open mouth. “you fucked out cum Dump”… his words turned me on more… I was determined to live up to his degrading commentary. He fucked me as hard as he could, but lasted about 4 minutes prior to shooting his sperm into me… he writhed in ecstasy as he continued to pump, convulsing in spasm as he flooded my slut hole

As he withdrew, a thick stream of our fuck cocktail oozed from me… luscious and so totally hot. I quickly took each cock into my mouth, sucking the final drops and swallowing the mixture of cum and my discharge…

And then as quickly as it began… I slide my bottoms over my now gapped and dripping cunt as trails of thick sperm drained down my thighs. The sheer fabric silhouetting my clit and lips now stained and wet from cum…

I proudly walked back up the beach… openly showing that I was freshly fucked… wearing their cum as an undeniable “slut” merit badge… something I am so proud of… I had fucked 3000 & 3001.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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