Casie’s Very Happy Birthday

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Walking up to the house’s front door, Connor was nervous. He rang the doorbell and stood waiting for someone to answer. He didn’t see a car in the driveway. Just as he was about to turn and leave, the door opened revealing a girl just shy of five feet tall, with shoulder length hair, sparkling green eyes, and breasts about 32 B. She was wearing a light, floral print summer dress.

“Hi! Can I help you?” she asked in the sweetest, most innocent voice Connor had ever heard.

“Yes, I’m here to speak with a Mr. O’ Dwyer or Mrs. O’ Dwyer, are they home? I’m Connor, they should be expecting me.”

“They both left separately earlier this morning, they won’t be back ’till late tonight.”

“Do you think it would be okay if I came in and waited?”

Just then, a voice calls from deeper in the house. “Casie, who is at the door?”

Casie just turns and hollers, “Someone named Connor looking for Momma and Daddy!”

Just then, Connor caught sight of a redheaded girl over Casie’s shoulder “Well, let him in, don’t be rude and make him stand in the doorway.”

“Well that’s what he was just askin’, if he could wait for them. I was about to call you, you were left in charge Aili.”

As Aili got closer, Connor could make out that she had bright, deep green eyes, about five feet four inches tall, and 38 C breasts. Her red hair reached down to her waist, she had smooth tanned skin and freckles, she wore a light summer dress, only hers was plain and white.

“Well hello, I’m Aili, you probably gathered that since my little sister already said, and this is Casie, she’s not big on manners sometimes. Plus today is her birthday, so she thinks she can get away with murder.” she said as she greets Connor with a handshake.

“Well Casie, happy birthday. You are such a beautiful girl; I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Do you have a big party planned?”

“Unfortunately not, with our parents gone it’s just me and my sisters Aili and Ceira, she’s in the other room. We were going to play a game and have some fun, but that was right before you arrived.”

“Well, I don’t want to get in the way of the birthday girl’s fun. Would ya mind if I joined you?” Connor said.

“Aili can he can he?” Casie asked excitedly. “Are you sure you want to, you don’t even know what kind of game it is.” Aili warned.

“Well we can’t disappoint the beautiful birthday girl, can we?” Connor asked.

“Yeah Aili don’t disappoint me, Please! please!, please!”Casie begged.

“Do you promise to play the birthday girl’s games, Connor? No weaseling out of it? You know how girls can be, you did promise her too.” Aili said.

“Yes, I promise to play whatever you’d like to Casie.” Connor swore. “Pinky swear.”

So after all the motions have been taken care of, Aili said, “Well, let’s go and introduce you to our other sister Ceira, out in the living room. She must be wondering what’s going on at least.”

As they all walked into the living room, Connor saw for the first time Ceira sitting in an arm chair watching T.V. mindlessly opening and closing and swaying her legs. Ceira looked just as beautiful as her sisters, with long raven black hair down to her waist, beautiful big blue eyes, and 34a breasts. Unlike her sisters, Ceira was pale without freckles. She too, was in a summer dress. So with her moving her legs absently, Connor could see she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress.

When Ceira realized she wasn’t alone anymore she stopped moving her legs and said, “Oh hello. My names Ceira, you are?”


“Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, trust me.” Connor said. And he wasn’t lying either. When Ceira had stopped moving her legs she had given him a perfect view of her bald pussy.

With all thoughts of games forgotten, Aili noticed him looking and leaned in close to Connor, whispering, “Hey handsome, like what you see? I sure do, those shorts aren’t hiding the huge erection you’re getting from staring at my sister’s pussy.”

At a normal volume she said, ” Ceira, are you enjoying flashing our guest, or are you not aware of that fact? Oh by the way, Ceira’s not the only one who doesn’t wear underwear around here Stud.”

Just then, Ceira claps her legs closed and blushed, Casie seeing your his bulge exclaims, “OH MY GOD!” and crouches down right in front of you him shamelessly saying. “Jeeeesssssuussss! That’s huge!” She grins up at him in awe and reaches and starts rubbing it through your his pants.

Aili yells, “Casie, good lord don’t you have any boundaries? At least let the guy sit down.” “Come on over and relax Connor.” Aili calls from the couch.

“Uh okay, I’m really sorry about … well you know, I … um mm” He explains.

“Don’t worry about it; you got caught up in the moment. Ceira’s an attractive woman, the rest is biology, completely natural and understandable.” Aili explains. “Really, its Ceira’s fault for not paying attention to what she was doing.”

Connor says, “You’re right about it being casino oyna natural. Being alone with 3 attractive, well beautiful really, girls it was bound to happen. I’m just a little embarrassed.”

Aili smiles and nods to Connor “Mmmm, so you think we’re all beautiful, huh?”

“Yes, God yes!” Connor says nodding.

“So…” Aili says with a mischievous look. “If my pussy was exposed you’d stare at it too. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Well yeah, I mean… um mm. Well like you said it’s only natural.”

Aili laughs. “I’m so glad you play hard to get.”

Connor feels sheepish, but at least he was being honest. “Hey don’t worry, I was just joking around. Hell, after seeing that bulge I’d jump at the chance to see yours too.” Aili tells Connor honestly.

“I want to do more than see it.” Casie blurts out without thinking.

“Way to make everyone feel awkward, Casie.” Ceira says from across the room. “You lil horn-ball.”

Connor says, “It’s okay, I bet that sounded better in your head, huh Casie?” trying to smooth things over.

With a little giggle she says, “Yeah. But I’m serious too; it is my birthday so I think I should get what I want.”

Aili breaks in with, “Anyway! So Connor, look over here. What do you think?” as she pulls up her dress in the front. “Ya like it better than Ceira’s or what?”

A little shocked he explains, “Well I only saw hers across the room. And I….”

“Okay I see. Ceira get over here next to me please.”

Groaning in disgust, Ceira says, “Okay!”

With Ceira sitting next to Aili now on the couch, Connor stands there staring. Aili lets out a sigh and pulls up Ceira’s dress.

“Hey!” Ceira cries out.

“Why do you think I called you over?”

“Now Connor be honest which one do you like better?”

After a few moments of staring back and forth Connor admits, “They both have their own positives, like I like how Ceira’s is bald, but yours looks hot with that neatly trimmed stripe of red hair. So there’s no way I could choose one over the other.”

“Awww He’s so sweet.” Ceira says.

As Casie stands up on the couch next to him she hikes her skirt up and practically pushes her cute little hairless pussy in his face. “How about mine?”

Connor notices is that Casie’s little cunt is dripping wet, her clit engorged and aching to be touched. Casie’s cunt is so close to his face that he can feel the heat coming of it, she smells so sweet that for a second he’s lost.

Ceira snaps him out of it by saying, “Casie, you little perv, stop trying to rape him. Relax and just show him, sheesh. So you’ve seen ours big boy, why not release that monster and show us. It’s only fair.”

Connor thinks, ‘It is only fair.’ Shrugging, he undoes his shorts and lets them drop to the floor, allowing his cock to spring out towards the girls.

They all gasp, finally Aili says, “Shit! It’s bigger than I thought, what are you part horse?” and starts to rub her pussy as she stares at Connor’s cock.

“Aili you dirty slut what are you doing?” Ceira cries.

“Are you serious Ceira, that doesn’t turn you on? Fuck, Casie’s been turned on for a while, likely since the front door. Hell, she already touched it. Look at her poor little pussy and clit she’s so turned on. Are you going to telling me that cock doesn’t turn you on?”

“Its does turn me on but… ahh fuck it you’re right, I gotta touch myself too.” Ceira admits.

In the meantime Casie has been sitting there holding back. No longer able, she hops up and starts sucking Connor’s cock while rubbing her clit. She can’t get much into her mouth but tries with everything she has, the whole time moaning and breathing heavy. Finally she abandons her attempts to suck Connor’s 10″ huge cock and just licks and sucks it all over. “Oooo… uuuggghh… MMmm… Gulk… aaAAaa.” Casie moans.

Aili and Ceira can only look on and finger themselves hard as their little sister became lost in fog of sexual euphoria. “Ohh fuck! Look at Casie go off on that cock Aili. Ugh… ugh… ugh. It makes me so hot. UuuuGggHhhh! Oh God… this is so hot.” Ceira says.

“I… Oooo…Know! Ahhh… Ugh Ugh Ugh… I can’t stop pounding my cunt its soooooo… OOoooo… fucking hot, I can’t wait to fuck that huge cock.”

“I know. But seeing as…ugh…as…it’s… Casie’s… Ahhh! birthday… MMmm… Let her be first.” Ceira says as she pounds her hot wet fuck hole with 3 of her fingers.

Connor can only smile and enjoy what’s going on.

Ceira cries out as she cum’s, “Holy Fuuuucckkkk! Yea, yea, yea, yea, OOOoooo! UUUGGGHHHH!!!!” As she recovers from her orgasm she hears Aili cry out.

“MmmmmMmmmm yes, yes, oh fuck yes! That’s….. Uuuuggggghhhhh ….mmmmnnnnnn!” her sentence was cut off by a mind blowing orgasm that has her body locked in an arch. As she was trembling, she also quivered and quaked, the whole time letting out a soft whimpering moan. Her eyes had a glazed over quality, locked on the ceiling with a moony look on her canlı casino face. Her long red hair tousled, and clinging to her face, makes her look like a disheveled angel. With a contented sigh Aili collapsed back to the couch.

“Oh Aili, you looked so beautiful when you came just now, like an angel.” Ceira said hugging Aili and tenderly kissing her lips.

“MMmmm!” is the only response Aili can muster.

In the meantime, Casie has managed to get half of Connor’s cock down her throat and is jerking the rest. She’s reduced to an almost constant moaning punctuated by the sound of Connor’s cock entering her throat. “MMMmmmm… Gulk… gulk… MMMmmmm… Gulk…gulk…MMMMmmmm!”

Ceira seeing this says, “Sweetness, you’ll never get that all the way in.” She guides her off of Connor, which doesn’t take much effort. “Connor goes go ahead and lie on the couch. Casie honey, let sissy help you get Connor’s cock into your poor little frustrated pussy. Poor girl, you’re so horny you don’t know what to do.” Just as Ceira finishes her sentence Casie has her locked in a passionate kiss.

After Casie stops kissing Ceira, Ceira guides her little sister over Connor and guides his cock just inside Casie’s pussy. “Casie? Are you ready for your birthday present from Connor?” Ceira asks.

Casie only nods with a faraway look in her eyes.

“Okay, Casie. You can do this, press down on Connor’s cock.” Ceira say as she straddles Connor face. Casie forces herself down Connor’s cock taking all of it in at once.

“AaaHHHH! Fuuuccckkkk!” Casie screamed and collapsed onto Connor’s chest not moving, and moaning softly.

“Good job, Sweetness! Yay! Good job Stud, you just took my 18 year old little sisters virginity. Now and eat me out while she takes a break.” Ceira says as she strokes Casie’s back lovingly.

“Mmm that feels much better. Oooo you’re good at that Connor. So Connor, is your cock still hard inside Casie?”

“Yes, Why?”

“It’s just that if you were really worried about how old she is you’d have gone soft already, also you would have asked before you let her suck your huge hog. Anyway, start to slowly fuck her now. See if she’s ready for it.” Ceira tells him.

As he starts to pull back Casie lets out a low moan. “Mmmm…” and as he strokes back in she says, “OOooo… yeeess… sssoooo… fullll… ugh! My God!” Casie moans and mumbles into Connor’s chest as Casie starts rocking her hips grinding her pussy around Connor’s cock moaning. “Mmmm! talk…ugh…’bout…a…uuuhhh…happy.fucking.birthdayyyyeee! MmmMmm.”

Little by little, Casie recovered and soon she took over, Connor was no longer the one in control. Casie was up on her feet bouncing on Connor’s cock telling him what to do. “Grab my ass and fuck me Connor, Squeeze it good and pull me onto your magnificent cock ….MmmMmmm!…harder!….that’s it…Ugh! Yeah, yeah, yeah, break my little cunt ….mmmmmm …make me cum!”

Ceira was in awe of Casie’s transformation. Watching her work Connor’s cock like a pro, and Connor’s talented tongue she couldn’t hold out anymore. As she started to cum she grabbed Casie and pulled her into a loving kiss before her orgasm was too much for her and she threw her head back and cried out. “Fuuucccckkk! MmmMmmmm….Casie your…uggghhh…sooo fucking sexy! OOooo I love you…I love you……OhhhgodIloveyousomuch!!!!!! Uuuugggghhhhhhhhh!!!”

Just like Aili had Ceira had come so hard she could only tremble and shake against Connor’s chest while Casie held onto her while grinding on Connor’s cock, quickly nearing her own orgasm.

“Woo! That was hot! I’m sooo glad I set up the video camera while Ceira took the time getting Casie ready for her first time. It’s so rare to catch moments like that on tape.” Aili said. “Ceira’s orgasm is just such a bonus.”

Just then, Connor grunted and cried out. “Uuuugghh! I’m cumming!” and as his cum emptied deep inside Casie’s pussy, Aili zoomed the camera in on her face to capture forever the look on her face as she was inseminated for the first time in her life.

The look on Casie’s face was pricelessly innocent then changed and ran the gambit from astonishment to transcendence in a flash. Casie still holding Ceira looked right into the camera, as it all happened, and then as if something popped the look was gone and she grunted. And with Connor still pumping into her and Casie grinding into him she started to cum herself. “UUUUggghhhhhh! NNNnnnnnnn!” she cried over and over riding a wave of bliss never known before. “OOOooohhhh! FFfffuuuccckkk! Don’t stop, please God don’t ever stop!!!” she wailed as she pressed he face into the crook of Ceira’s neck holding onto her sister like she was her life line. “Oh! Fuck me yeah! yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!” But Connor was nearly done emptying his cum into her.

Casie, however, couldn’t stop herself riding his still erect cock, and with both of the girls on top of him he couldn’t stop her. So she continued to buck and grind crying, “OOOooo! OOOooo! OOOooo! UUUggghhh!” rocking kaçak casino her hips front to back rapidly whenever she would cum again.

Ceira steadied her and lovingly stroked her hair and back and whispering encouragements, knowing that no matter how franticly she fucks Connor’s cock it would end sooner or later.

Aili leaving the camera framed out on all of them joined her sisters, crawling in behind Casie hugging them both and kissing each in turn. With Aili and Ceira hugging her it restricted her motions, causing her to slow and making her cry. “It feels so good I don’t want it to stop.”

Aili kissed her neck telling her not to worry. “There will be more times after this, many, many more. But you will never forget your first time, and what a first time it was! Now, stop and thank Connor.”

As Aili and Ceira got up and released Casie, she slumped forward onto Connor’s chest and slid up to wrap her arms around his neck, where she started raining kisses down onto him. She kissed his neck, and cheeks mumbling ‘thank you’ between kisses. “Oh thank you, thank you, and thank you ever so much. Thank you for the most wonderful first time, and thank you for the best birthday present ever!” with that said she kissed him on his lips passionately.

Casie breaks off the kiss and slides down Connor’s body and starts to suck his deflated cock tasting their co-mingled fluids. “MMMmmm!” she moans and says “We make a good pair Connor don’t ever forget that.” on wobbly legs she walks naked over to the chair Ceira was first in and flops into it to rest.

Aili walks to the camera and stops it, removing the memory card and replacing it with a new one. Then goes over and slips it to Casie, kissing her lips tenderly and whispers “Don’t lose that, wait until you see it you’ll cum just watching it. I sure did.” Casie closes her hand and holds it lovingly to her chest.

Walking over to the couch carrying the video camera on its tripod she says, “Let’s take this party to a bed, mine to be specific. Cas’ just rest there until you’re up to moving, ok Sweetness.”

With that said Connor gets up and reaches for his shorts. “You won’t need those for a while, go ahead and leave ’em there and follow us.” Ceira says.

Not really paying attention to what way they were headed, Connor just followed the sister’s naked asses. When they arrived, Aili set up the camera in front of her king size bed and turned it back on and hit record. Ceira crawled onto the bed in front of the camera and pointed her ass towards it, reaching between her legs she slowly fingered her pussy as if teasing the camera. Looking over her shoulder she said, “OOooo! You like what you see? You want it don’t you… MMmmmm… I know you do, it’s okay. I’m not mad. You can do whatever you’d like. Just….MMmmm! be gentle. What? Who is that, Oh… my sister silly, she likes watching sometimes. But if you’re really good…” she giggles for effect “… she might join us. You want that? MMMmmm… I thought you might. MMMmmm… Sissy come show our friend what he might be missing.”

As if they rehearsed this, Aili walked over to her and took hold of Ceira’s hand sliding her finger out and sucked on them for a bit, before she started licking and sucking on Ceira’s pussy for a few minutes. “Oh yeah! MMmmmm… Don’t stop sis.”

Aili stopped and looked into the camera cocking her head to the side and waggled her finger back and forth saying, “Uh uh, If you want more you know what you need to do.”

Connor, a little confused as to what was going on, just lounged farther up the bed enjoying the show. Aili turned back to Ceira and asks “So how do we decide who gets to fuck him first. What do you think?”

Ceira rolls her eyes, “As if you need to ask, of course I think I should.”

“Any reasoning to it?” Ceira nods motioning for Aili to come closer. She whispers in her ear explaining her reasons. “Ok, when you put it that way it’s only fair.”

Aili says, “Are you good to go Handsome?”

“Good to go.”

“Well, lay in the middle of the bed” Once in position, the girls crawl up the bed on each side of him.

They stop at his dick, sucking it in turn until he’s fully erect, then turning their heads sideways they start at the base of his cock facing each other sucking his dick between them with their lips touching, sucking and rolling their tongues causing Connor to moan. “Oh fuck that’s awesome.”

Aili stops and crawls up next to Connor’s head, grabbing his arms she put them over his head and throws her leg over his chest and lays down across his body, exposing her juicy pussy to him.

Ceira straddled his crotch pinning his cock between his abdomen and her moist pussy, she slowly slid herself up and down his cock making it slick with her fluids. Aili quickly began to lick Ceira’s juices off Connor’s pinned cock, and soon it became a game between the two of them. To see how much Aili could lick of before Ceira came back. After a bit of this it just became Aili licking Ceira’s clit when it was close and sucking Connors cock head when it wasn’t. With Aili’s pussy so close to his face he reached out his tongue and started to lick. “Stop!” she said swatting at him with a hand, “Don’t do anything unless we tell you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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