By Accident, On Purpose Ch. 03

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Anal Fingering

“Fuck my son Maribella.” Mom had told her, watching as we fucked. They held hands as Maribella fucked me to a noisy orgasm. Mom leaned down and French kissed me like a lover as I spurted deep into this lovely girl. We fell asleep in a jumble.

It was dark and raining softly when I awoke. “Mmmmmm.” Mom moaned very softly, and I realized she was not asleep. “Oh Kev,” she whispered, “You really have an amazing penis, sweetheart.” Mom’s hand was stroking my body gently, teasing me mercilessly, down a thigh, back up the other, tickling around and around my cock but not touching me. Her lips were right next to my ear.

“You… turn me on!” Her voice was so quiet, but my head screamed out silently, repeating what she had said. My cock lurched in response. “There. I said it. I always want to be honest with you darling.” She kissed my ear softly. “You make me so turned on.” Another soft kiss. “Your cock…” she hesitated. “Your gorgeous cock, is so… well… gorgeous!” Her hand had returned to scratching my chest. “Looking at it makes me want to… I want to…” She couldn’t actually say it. I waited.

“Can I touch you?” she whispered, this time so quietly I almost didn’t hear her. I could only hear the blood pounding in my ears. “May I touch your gorgeous penis… Kevin?” I noticed that we were both trembling now. “I know that I’m your mother, and that touching your cock is so wrong, stroking and caressing your perfect penis is so wrong, but…” I simply tried to lay as still as possible. “I want to sweetheart. I want to feel you in my hand, touch you so intimately, be so naughty with you. Be more than your mother. May I stroke your cock Kevin?”

I simply nodded slowly. “Oooooh sweetheart, darling. I think we are both to the enjoy this so much.” She cooed into my ear, kissing it again. “Are you really okay with your mother being this naughty?” I simply nodded. She hesitated a long moment. “I hope I don’t burn in hell for this, but…”

Her hand gently settled on my aching shaft. “Oh god!” she moaned. Her fingers slowly closed around me. “Oh sweetheart. Oh Kevin! So thick and full.” She whispered straight into my ear. I could feel her lips on me. Her tongue snaked out and gently caressed my ear. She squeezed and released me a half dozen times. “Oh baby. Your fucking cock!”

I laid still and let her explore me. She gently felt every inch, stroked my balls and then stood it up and turned to look at it. She made a happy sounding moan as she began to slowly stroke the length up and down. “So beautiful Kevin.” She told me. “Your penis is such a lovely… thick… hard… big cock!”

I felt movement and noted that Maribella was awakened by now. “I go?” she whispered, wondering if I wanted to be alone with my mother, as she stroked my erection. My arm around her pulled her tightly to me, letting her know that I wanted her to stay. She readjusted a bit and laid her chin on my chest, watching. “Is so nice, yes?” she asked Mom.

“Oh yes! Is very nice.” Mom agreed. She was stroking me full length now. “So very nice!”

“I kiss?” Maribella asked her. Mom nodded to her. Maribella moved a bit more and Mom held my cock so that Maribella could kiss the tip. Mom gave her loving encouragement as she took the head in her mouth.

“Oh yes! That’s it sweetheart, take his cock. Suck my son.”

Mom’s hand went from my cock to her face and cupped her cheek as she took me deeper. “Oh Maribella, that is beautiful.” I pulled a pillow under my head to watch. Maribella worked up and down taking me deeply, while Mom caressed my tender balls. “Suck it sweetheart. Oh yes, suck that thick cock. That pretty, thick cock.”

We continued like that for a while, Maribella’s sucking became noisier, Mom continued to moan and encourage. Maribella pulled off of me after getting me very close to shooting. “Now you kiss?” Maribella asked, looking to my mother. I felt Mom stiffen a bit at the suggestion. Touching I think was one thing, her boundary, but oral sex with her son was beyond her comfort level.

Having gotten no response, Maribella slowly rose from the bed and shuffled around to the other side. I had become so entranced by her limping gait, the way it made her hips sway and her breasts bounce that I became even hotter. She got onto the bed behind Mom, who had watched her progress as well. Maribella spooned up behind my mother and gently took her full breast into her hand. Mom said nothing, but I could tell this situation was pushing her boundaries hard.

“Now you kiss.” Maribella stated, looking at my mother. It wasn’t demanding, so much as offering permission. If it was possible for one person to give another, a mother, permission to suck her son’s cock, she was giving it. “Wondrous good to kiss it.” She said in her funny English. She was now toying with Mom’s nipple and kissed her neck. “Kiss Kevin’s cock”. She said again.

Mom’s eyes, wide with a kind of shock, turned to me. I tried to maintain a neutral look; available, even desirous, without looking casino oyna like I was asking or begging. Mom’s look seemed to beg me for my opinion on this momentous occasion. She looked a bit terrified.

“I would… so love it.” I told her softly. Her panicked look seemed to melt. A slight smile came to her lips.

.”Would you?” she asked me softly. “You wouldn’t be all freaked out by that?” I smiled and shook my head. I told her again that I would love it. “Oh baby.” She said. “I… am so glad to hear that.” She grinned shyly. “Because I want to.” She admitted. “I am so unbelievably turned on and… feeling so fucking naughty!” There was another long pause as Maribella pulled and twisted her nipple. Mom’s eyes rolled shut at the sensation. Her hand found Maribella’s and silently encouraged her to continue, then moved to take my cock in her grasp again.

.”Normally,” she began again smiling demurely, “I am so straight laced and… conservative and… normal. But now I’m about to suck my son’s cock.” She had such a naughty look on her face, that I giggled. She did too. “I’m going to suck my son’s cock.” She told me. “I’m going to suck my son’s cock.” She turned and told Maribella, who simply smiled and nodded. Maribella’s hand drifted down from Mom’s breast to her hip, her bottom and then between her cheeks. Mom’s reaction made it obvious that her pussy was being fondled.

“Kiss Kevin’s cock”.

Mom kissed me deeply, then my neck and nipples and then rib cage and stomach. “Oh sweetheart.” She moaned, face to face with my cock. “Oh baby.” Was all she said before dropping down to kiss the head, wetly. Her lips were soft and elegant, light pressure. Both girls readjusted themselves for comfort. Mom moaned deeply as she slid her soft, wet lips over the head and down the shaft. She moaned again as Maribella began fingering her pussy more deeply.

“Yes, Mommy. Suck Kevin. Suck his cock. Chupa es. Chupa the grand pene de sus hijo. Oh si. Oh si!”

The incredible thrill, following Maribella’s exquisite sucking earlier, had me ready to pop too soon. “Oh Mom! Slow down. Oh go slow. I’m going to cum too fast.” She looked up at me, grinning.

“Yeah? Oh please do, baby. I want it! Please do.” She dropped back onto me and began bobbing furiously. My mind briefly wandered to thoughts of how my father could have possibly given this up. Mom was after my cum. She was tickling my balls and sucking me deeply, gagging slightly. “Oh give it to Mommy.” She moaned. “Yes sweetheart darling. Cum in me. Let me taste your sweet thick load.” More sucking. “Shoot it sweetheart. Shoot it in my mouth. Feed Mommy.”

Maribellla’s hand was a blur, fucking Mom’s pussy fast. My head dropped back onto the pillow. I grabbed both Maribella’s hip and Mom’s hair as my hips began an involuntary fucking motion. Mom moaned that this was good.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as my cum began to flood her mouth. She emitted a warm gurgling, happy sound at the feel of my flood. She swallowed, then again, drinking my sperm; her sons’ sperm.

My body continued its herking and jerking, as I finished issuing a ton of cum; my balls ached with the release. Maribella jumped out of bed and shuffled quickly around the bed again, climbing back on to face my Mother. She understood immediately and they shared a long deep kiss sharing my cum between them. Maribella then brought some of my cum to me. I took it from her lips and tongue; it wasn’t bad.

We cuddled up again. The rain was now pounding with such force it sounded like the roof would cave. We fell asleep regardless. The pounding sound didn’t wake us again.

Faint light filtered in. I was somewhat confused at the unfamiliar surroundings. I was in Maribella’s’ room. I gazed around at her sparse furnishings and the few knick knacks that she had gathered over her life of… I realized I didn’t know how many years. I made a note to ask her later. My thoughts drifted to the sensation of having Mom lay with us last night. In my dozing state I had to replay the events of last night to even remember that she had stroked my cock, then actually sucked on it until I came in her mouth. My cock began to rise at this momery, but my head was overcome with fear as to what she might be thinking, this “morning after”.

I rose from the bed and pulled a wrap around my midsection, covering my thick bouncing penis. There was a delicious scent coming from the kitchen as I passed it. Maribella was dressed in her kitchen outfit, chef’s jacket and long apron, while speaking with some vendor on the front porch. Neither noticed me as I slunk passed.

Mom was not in her room. I couldn’t find her anywhere. After yesterday’s revelation from my father, I feared anything might be possible. Beginning to panic I ran to the path to the beach and reaching a clearing noticed her sitting alone in a chair, far below, watching the surf. I stood watching to see if she gave any hint as to her thoughts, but she sat motionless. Though the sun was technically up, it canlı casino would be awhile before its rays would reach the beach.

I went back to the kitchen and found Maribella cooking something for dinner. She had made some fresh pastries and strong coffee for us, but didn’t know we were up. She made no motion to embrace me, kiss me, or even acknowledge that we had fucked last night. I approached her cautiously and slowly pulled her into my arms. She seemed neutral about it, as if her service was to be expected and required no tip.

“Kiss me?” I asked her. She gave me a look that I had come to recognize as her questioning why I would want to. She relented though, more out of what felt like duty than desire. “You don’t want to kiss me?” I asked. She haltingly told me that she did; very much, but would never assume that I would want to, or that she could decide to, either way. “Do you wish to kiss me?” I asked again. She admitted that she did. “Then do it.”

What followed was one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had. It began tentatively, but when I was agreeable, Maribella became possessed with the desire to kiss the living shit out of me!! We ended up nude and hard and wet against each other, but didn’t fuck right there. She was pulling at me, biting my lips gently, sucking my tongue, nibbling my shoulders and pulling me so tightly against her, I could barely catch my breath.

Finally, when she pulled away, she seemed shy and embarrassed for letting herself go like that. I smiled and pulled her back to me. I kissed her softly, letting her know that I had enjoyed her abandon. I turned her around and laid her over the counter, pressing my cock against her wet pussy. Pulling her head back by a handful of her hair, I kissed her neck. “I want to fuck you again… later.” I whispered. “Would that be okay?”

“Oh señor,” she responded, “Señor Kevin. Fuck me now.”

I thrust my painful cock against her wetness for a moment then pulled away. “Later.” I told her. She looked over her shoulder at me, with a look that begged to be hammered deeply, but I grabbed the waiting tray of coffee and pastries and headed out, winking at her. She stayed bent over and simply settled her chin in her hand, giving me a naughty longing look. My hard on led the way out. I headed nude for the beach.

Mom was still watching the waves, wrapped in a blanket, as I approached with the tray of goodies. “Good morning.” I stated simply. She made no motion; not startled, not expecting me. This by itself was a bit alarming. I pulled a table and a chair over and sat down quietly. We were both quiet. I fixed myself a cup of Joe and ate a pastry. I then poured her a cup and asked if she wanted anything in it. She always took cream and a bit of sugar. She finally turned to face me. She studied my face for a long moment, then looked to the cup and simply nodded. I fixed it the way I recalled she took it. She smiled wanly as she took the cup from me, carefully avoiding contact between our fingers.

We sat motionless, soundless for roughly 20 minutes. Finally, I started, “Mom, I…”

“Kevin…” she said. I totally froze. She had used that tone of voice reserved for moments when I was truly and deeply in trouble; the voice that said ‘Don’t you say another word!’ Another long silence ensued. Finally she chuckled a bit, but not in a good way.

“Who am I?” she finally asked, to no one in particular. I was afraid to answer. She then turned to face me. “Who am I?” she asked again. I had no answer, but was suddenly ready to drawl under the sand. A storm was brewing in her eyes. “Do you know?” her tone was growing insistent. “Do you? ‘Cause I don’t.” she was shaking her head a bit. “What… the fuck?!” she asked to the ocean, returning her stern gaze to it.

I had absolutely no idea how to proceed, sitting almost hip to hip with a live grenade. I noted that my penis, so proud and full moments before, was retreating fast. “I just don’t get it.” She continued, to the light breeze. “Who have I become? I mean… apparently I’m the kind of woman men leave at home while they have families elsewhere. That appreciates the smallest measure of affection from her husband, put up with the… the… limited fucking, because he’s already shot his load in someone else.” Another horrible pause. “The kind of woman, who, when the shit gets in the fan… wants to… wants to…” I felt the pressure building. “She wants to fuck her only son!!” she yelled at last.

“Mom.” I said trying to contain the maelstrom.

“No!” she exclaimed, turning to me. “No! You don’t get to…” Her eyes were crazy, she was losing it. “I’m you mother! I should have feelings like this!! I mean… Holy shit… I…” Her eyes shot to my wilted penis. “I… I…” her hand came up to cover her mouth. “I sucked your cock, Kevin!” Now I was really shocked that she would admit it, aloud. “I swallowed your cum!”

“Mom, please don’t; feel bad about…”

“I don’t!” she stated loudly through her hand over her mouth. kaçak casino “I don’t! Can you believe that?! What the fuck?!” I was confused now. She must have seen it in my eyes. “Apparently I’m the kind of woman who sucks her son’s cock, eats his cum and loves it!” I was aghast. “Yeah! I loved it! I loved it Kevin!!” she was fully shouting now. She slumped back in her chair as if to say, ‘How you like them apples?’.

We gazed into each other’s crazy eyes for a bit. I watched her entire countenance change. The confusion and bewilderment left her eyes, then sadness overtook them, then tears came.

.”I just want to go home.” She said as she began to sob. “I want to go home to my husband, my family, my friends, my normal life.” My heart now ached for her desolation. “I want my life back.” She sobbed.

As she slumped in her chair, the blanket around her shoulders fell and both of her breasts became exposed. With this bewildering display, I was starting to become aroused again. I silently chided myself for being so unfeeling and then dropped to my knees in the sand. I gathered her hands in mine and simply held them. “I want to go home.” She repeated sobbing. I knelt there for awhile as she cried. My heart ached for her, for me, for the family that was; now totally demolished. It also ached at the fact that I had taken advantage of her fragile state to get a sexual thrill for myself. My tears were flowing now as well.

I stood, pulled her to her feet and then lifted her into my arms. She felt limp and poured out. Her head lolled against my shoulder as I repositioned her on me and then sat back in my chair, enfolding her in me. I reached over and pulled her blanket over us and we sat there for a long time, in the shade of the mountain behind us, daytime but not yet sunny.

Mom jerked in her sleep, waking us both. We had fallen asleep, her on my lap, my legs completely asleep as well. “Sorry.” She whispered into my neck. Awake now, I simply held her, becoming more aware of every inch of her nude skin that touched mine. One of her breasts was completely exposed, the nipple stiff in the slight breeze. My hand was actually resting on her hip, so low it was actually touching her butt. Her arm was around me, her hand on my hip. Her free hand came gently up to touch my face.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered again. I was sleepily trying to figure out what she was sorry for. “So, so sorry.” She repeated.

“For what?” I asked, kissing the top of her head.

“For… for doing…” she stammered. “You know.” My silence indicated that I did not know. “You know. For doing what I did.”

“It’s natural.” I said, letting her know that crying over her being left by my father was okay, it was not her fault.

“Hardly natural, Kevin.” She said slightly sternly.

“Dad leaving was not your fault.” I told her.

“I’m sorry for doing what I did.” She repeated after a long, thoughtful pause. “Sorry for taking advantage of you.”

“Taking advantage of me?” I asked confused.

“It was unbelievably wrong. I can’t believe I did that.”

“Did what?”

“Kevin. It’s embarrassing enough without…”

“What are you talking about?”

Mom pushed up enough to look me in the eye. “Your cock?” she said in an embarrassed whisper. “Sucking your… sucking your cock Kevin.” She could not even look me in the eye, for this confession. Her hand came up and covered her face in shame. “Oh my god!” I feared to make it far worse, but could not resist saying,

“That was so incredible.”

“Kevin!” Her eyes were on mine again. Her voice had the same ‘Don’t you say another word!’ tone.

“Well, it was. You were incredible. You ARE incredible!” Her eyes continued to glare at me, voicing my positive opinion about something so shameful. Mom was shaking her head.

“I need to get home.” She said as she tried to get up off of me. I grabbed her hand and prevented her moving.

“Home to what?” I asked.

We shared a long intense look, before she slumped into me again, defeated. “Who am I?” she asked again. I stroked her hair.

“Andrea Jean Mallory.” I answered. “My mother. My beautiful, wonderful… sexy… gorgeous mother. You are who you always were. She shook her head at me.

“No. Not anymore.” she disagreed. “I have become… I don’t know what.” she looked to me again.

“What? You’re different? Someone else? Your husband left you, so… you’re not you anymore?”

“But… what I did… with you…”

“What? You gave me some pleasure. You’re different now?”

“Gave you some pleasure? I didn’t scratch your back, Kevin.” She said loudly, then dropped her voice and whispered, “I stroked you… I… sucked you.” I reveled in the memory of it. “I sucked your cock baby. THAT makes me different. I don’t know what got into me.”

“Did you hate it?” I asked, she looked surprised at the question, but shook her head. “Did I force you to?”

“No baby! Of course not…I…”

“Did I enjoy it?” This genuinely confused her. She seemed worried that I had not.

“Did… you?” she asked, “Did you enjoy it?” I smiled and nodded. Her hand came up to cover her mouth and she had to look away, embarrassed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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