Brother’s Big Problem Pt. 01

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College student Kevin had come home very early from his date and was in his room looking at porn and masturbating but couldn’t get off. He went to the bathroom and passed his sister’s room, glancing inside her partially open door. He sees her curled on her side in a fetal position with a bare top and her hands clamped over her panty-covered pussy and she appears to be asleep. He watches for a minute, admiring her beautiful and peaceful face with her eyes closed and her full lips slightly open and breathing softly, her long brunette hair falling over her eye and cheek. He steps inside to get a better look. She doesn’t move and he feels a definite twinge in his already-hard dick. He strokes it through his boxer shorts. All he’s wearing are the boxers and a t-shirt. ‘Was she masturbating and fell asleep?’ He wondered. Her wonderful full breasts are squeezed out between her upper arms while her hands are trapped between her tightly closed thighs. The nipples cannot be seen. Her legs are bent at about a 45 degree angle, tightening her thin red bikini panties across her firm, round butt cheeks. It looks like her pussy lips are indeed trapped under her hands and fingers. He can see parts of her lips sticking out from them from the rear, under-her-butt view.

It turned him on so much that he had to rub his cock and stroke it for real. He just admired her hot body and rubbed his hand slowly over the shorts, thinking dirty thoughts a brother shouldn’t be thinking about his sister. He knew he should stop and leave, but he really needed release, and soon, or he was going to explode in a bad way.

He leaned against the partially open door and the door handle banged against the wall! She began to stir. He hurried back to his room, grabbing a porn magazine to hide his cock when he heard her heading to the bathroom. Oh, no, his door is open. He waits, hears the flush and soft bare footsteps of his older sister approaching.

She was on her way to bed after doing her toilet duties when she passed by the open door to her brother’s bedroom. A glance saw him lying back on his bed in a shirt and boxer briefs reading a magazine. Normally she would breeze by, maybe saying a brief “Goodnight” and retiring to her own bed next door to his. But something made her stop and go in.

“Hi Kevin. What’s up? I saw your light on and wondered why you were here so early. I thought you were out on a hot date with Susan. Why are you home?”

“Oh, Hi. I was but it ended early.”

“Oh yeah? No problem, I hope.”

“Well, there kinda is a problem. She broke up with me. It’s over.”

“Oh no! I thought you guys were going to get married and have babies and everything. What the hell!”

“So did I. We just had an argument and it led to her saying she wanted more than just sex, yada, yada, and that she wanted something different.”

“So that’s it? Just dumped you, huh? I didn’t think she was the type to leave a guy hanging.” She said, sitting down by him to comfort him, now wearing the panties, and a tight tank top that showed bare skin at the waist that she had pulled on quickly to go pee. “I’m so sorry.”

“Well, she left me hanging in more ways than you could imagine.” He said, feeling the touch of her hand on his shoulder.

“What are you reading? Is that PORN?” She exclaimed!

“You can see what it is. I have this problem and I was trying to get rid of it when you walked in.”

“What problem?”

“Well, I took a little blue pill before our date because I was planning on giving her a good time tonight and wanted it to feel good for her, and me too, of course. But she dumped me right after dinner and I have this big problem that I can’t seem to get rid of, so here I am.”

“What problem?” She inquired, still not grasping the situation.

“Well, if you must know, this!” He said, moving his left leg over toward her and removing the magazine from over his lower belly and crotch.

Seeing his firm penis stretching up to the waistband of his underwear, nearly to his navel, she finally understood and with a gasp, she uttered, “KEVIN! OH, I see, I think. What are you doing? I don’t want to see that!”

“Well, I should leave and let you get back to that, whatever you were doing. Sorry to interrupt.” And she started to leave.

“No, don’t go, sis. It’s not that easy. I thought I could just whank it off in the bathroom, but that didn’t work, so I dug out these old magazines, and had just started searching the internet, but nothing’s helping. I need a real woman. I have had some great sex with Susan and expected it tonight, but I can’t seem to get off without her.”

“Oh you poor thing. I wish I could help you, but I’m not Susan.”

“No, but you’re a woman, and I think I need a real human, a real touch maybe.”

“Good luck with that. I hope you find somebody.” And she started to leave again.

“Wait, don’t go! You’re human. And real, real hot that is. I was just thinking, maybe YOU could help me?” He pleaded.

“So I’m a real casino siteleri human, huh? And since I’m the only real human in the room, you thought I could help you? That makes me feel special.” She replied sarcastically. “And what about the big elephant in the room: I’m your sister! I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean for you to have sex with me. But maybe I could get you to just touch it a little, maybe give me a handjob. It doesn’t work for me to touch myself any more. But you’re a woman so I think you could help me out.”

“So I’m a woman. Again, not making me feel very special. A second choice and a real human woman. And what about the sister thing. No, I can’t do it.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. You know guys can’t think clearly when they’re in this kind of state. You know how guys are. You must ’cause you are one of the most beautiful women I know. And I know how smart and talented you are, and you have a killer bod to boot. I know I’m your brother but this wouldn’t be sex. It would be more like a medical situation. Remember that time you hurt your leg and I helped you bandage it? If you fell down or something, I’d be there to help you heal and get better, so all I’m asking is for you to touch my problem and help it get better, help my pain go away. Please, Kayla, just give it a try.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Girls hear what they want.

“Of course you are. Guys drool every time you pass by, and you should hear the comments about what they’d like to do with you, just guy talk, you know?”

“Really?” She wondered. “Guys say things like that about me?”

“Oh, yeah. I would too, but you’re my sister, so, you know, I can’t allow myself to think of you like that. Please, I won’t even look if it would bother you.”

“You can’t look. I would be too embarrassed. I mean, IF I did anything to help you.”

“Please Ashley?! I don’t know what else to do. I’d really owe you.”

“I don’t know about this. So, it really hurts?”

“It felt good for a while, but now it just is frustrating that I can’t make it go down!”

“I do feel sorry for you and want to help. Are you sure this is the only thing you can do?”

He shook his head ‘Yes’.

“Cover your face and I’ll see if I can do it.” She instructed, looking down at the bulge in his undies. It did look nice.

“Yes, thank you, Sis. Maybe you can think of some hot guy you know, or maybe someone you’d like to get to know a lot better, and imagine you are doing this to him, and not me. Close your eyes and visualize pleasing some sexy dude you work with or something. Try it.” He encouraged her, taking one last glance at her nipples straining through her braless top, and her long, smooth legs, right up to the panties that were barely covering her ass cheeks, and snug fitting to show her nicely rounded hips and trim waist. His cock twitched again. He closed his eyes and covered them with a hand.

She sat beside him, on his left side, facing the same way, and looked to see what she was about to handle. He had lain back on two pillows so that the lump in his underwear was easy to see, even through his dark colored shorts. She saw him checking her out, right before his penis twitched. She tentatively placed a hand over that lump, feeling the warmth first, then his firmness with the first touch of her palm and fingers. He gasped at the touch and she pulled her hand back slightly. She gasped too, but suppressed it so that he could not hear her. She looked down at his feet and thought of this hot guy she worked with. He was successful, handsome, and had a firm looking ass that she had been checking out every chance she got.

Kevin felt the warm hand on his penis through the straining cotton of his under-shorts. He tried to block out that it was his sister’s hand, not his girlfriend’s. However, thoughts of her bra-less breasts and barely covered pussy earlier crept into his mind. Her long, smooth legs came to his mind as he imagined what they would feel like to his touch. ‘No, no, just think about the hand on my crotch.’ He thought, trying to erase the ideas he was getting about his own sister’s body.

“How long’s it been like this?” She asked, wondering what it would be like to be a guy and have this “Problem”.

“Oh, maybe a couple of hours now, at least. It’s too uncomfortable in these shorts though. I was about to take them off when you walked in. Would you mind?”

“OK, so it hurts like this? I see it’s straining there. I guess I have to take them off sometime anyway.” She reasoned.

She twisted to grasp the waistline of his shorts and started pulling them down. They hung up on his head, which was struggling to get out, so she had to touch his head and poke it down to get the shorts past the head, then quickly got them over his penis and balls. His cock sprang up at about a 60 degree angle as she tugged the briefs over his hips and down and off his legs.

“There, does that feel better?” She asked, suppressing canlı casino a moan at the first sight of her “Little” brother’s nice, firm cock.

She’d never thought of him as even having a cock before, but there it was, a living breathing cock, standing up firm and proud. She touched it with her fingertips on the tip. It felt good. ‘Dammit!” She thought.

“Yes, that feels good.” He replied, letting her know that her touch was what felt good with a contraction of his hips.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”

She returned in a minute and he heard her fumbling with something. He heard a squirting sound then a hand rubbing something wet over the bottom of his penis, and all around it. It had a pleasant smell and texture that he knew must be her own personal lubricant. She grasped it with her whole hand around it and stroked it up and down. She looked away again, still not wanting to admit that she was touching her own brother’s cock, and went back to imagining that it was the guy from work that she was stroking. She saw his mouth opening and eyes narrowing at the pleasure her hand was giving him. His body was naked from the waist down, strong chest rising and falling, thighs opening for her, toes curling in delight. She wanted to please him and stroked longer and harder. Her left hand lay on his thigh.

Kevin felt every tug and touch, with her right arm lying across his chest and stomach and her hand expertly stroking him. She rubbed his leg up and down, outside, and inside, up higher until it touched his balls. He spread his legs wide to allow her full access to do whatever she wanted to do with him. It was all feeling good to him. He couldn’t see if she was looking or not but it didn’t really matter right now. It was feeling too good to worry about that, but the thoughts of her smooth leg and foot against his brought back the thoughts of her long, bare legs, disappearing up under those snug white shorts that she often wore. He wondered what her butt looked like bare, and if her pussy was shaved or waxed. His cock twitched in her hand. ‘If she only knew what was causing the twitch, she might run away’ thoughts crept into his mind. He wondered what she was thinking.

“What are you thinking?” He wondered out loud. “Some guy?”

“You really want to know?”

“Sure. Tell me about it.”

“Well, there’s this guy from work, I’ll call him Dick. I might have a little crush on him so I imagined what he would look like naked.”


“So he’s lying on this big bed naked with candles all around, just lying flat with his hands behind his head, and I’m stroking his big hard cock, giving him the pleasure he deserves. His skin is so nice and I can feel the rippling muscles under my touch.”

“Kayla, I’ve never heard you talk that way before!”

“Well I can’t think about what I’m really doing, now can I?”

He decided to drop the conversation and enjoy the sensations her hand was giving him, where her other hand decided to cup those balls that it had started touching a moment ago. Whatever she was thinking, it was fine with him. After a good while of stroking and caressing his balls, she shifted to get more comfortable, a move that pressed her right breast against his left shoulder. Her left leg swung over his left, trapping it tightly against her body. Her leg rubbing against his sent shivers right up to the cock in her hands. He withdrew his left arm and put it around her shoulders, freeing her to press her breast into his shirt-covered chest. He could feel her cloth-covered mound pressing and rubbing against his knee and leg as she involuntarily moved on him. She used her left hand to stroke his cock now, and put her right arm under his neck and shoulders, freeing both of her breasts to touch his chest. He wanted to touch her too, but knew he couldn’t.

“Is this helping any?” She asked.

“Oh, yes! You feel so good. That’s what I need, I’m sure. More. You’re the best big sister ever!” He gushed from the unexpected thrills that the touch of her body was giving him.

Her hand left his cock suddenly and he caught his breath wondering what was happening. He felt her struggling with something; her panties? She managed to free and pull them around to get them over her hips and down her thighs and legs to her feet. When she pressed back up against him, this time she was bare from the waist down. He felt her warm, smooth pussy against his leg for the first time and it felt wonderful. She rubbed it up and down his leg deliberately, not able to deny the raw urges in her own body any longer, for her brother’s big cock had awaken desires from deep inside her, inside her pussy.

“That Dick is one lucky guy.” He whispered through her long, wavy brunette hair.

“Yes, yes, I want to make you come, Dick. Come for me baby. I want it.” She replied, obviously caught up in the moment and thinking it might encourage her brother to come quicker.

But Dick didn’t come, and Kevin didn’t come.

‘I’ve got to try something kaçak casino more.’ She thought.

So she lowered her body a few inches, rubbing her ample breasts down his chest, stomach, and bare legs, until her head was right above his cock. It was the first time she’d seen it as a sexual object, not just a thing that her brother needed help with. She stuck her tongue out and took one lick across it. Yum, it was the edible strawberry lube that she had retrieved from her room earlier. Good choice. Opening her lips, she kissed his head and let it enter her mouth, her lips around it’s’ neck now, and it tasted good. ‘After all, it’s only Dick’, she thought, and she wanted to help him come. She took more and more until it was at her throat. It went there too, in and out she stroked it, loving the feel of it stretching her mouth and throat to the max. ‘God, what a cock!’ she thought guiltily.

Kevin was in heaven. The unexpected feel of his sexy sister’s tongue and mouth was almost too much. The feel of her pussy rubbing on his leg, her hand stroking him, and now, her warm wet mouth on his cock? Wow!

Briefly freeing her mouth, she asked, “I told you what I was thinking about. Now you tell me what you’re thinking about.”

He says, “Well, at first, Susan, because I love the way she sucked my dick. No, not your Dick, but mine,” He chuckled quietly. “Then I felt your hand on me, stroking me, and your leg and thighs rubbing mine, your pussy grinding on my thigh, and imagined how your big breasts would feel in my hands and mouth. Oh, God! I walked by your room earlier and saw you sleeping. You looked so peaceful lying there curled up with your hands between your legs, and I had to look and admire you. I’m the one who woke you up. So I’m thinking about you right now, your sexy body curled up and sleeping. Sorry.”

Interrupting her sucking at that revelation, she replied, “You pervert! That’s not nice. I don’t go around peeking into your room, do I?”

“You just did. So what? We both had our doors open, and I’m imagining your body and mouth now. Judging by what I saw there, I think we may both be needing the same thing. Am I right, sweet Kayla?”

“You pervert!”

Not wanting to answer, she looked at his big cock in her hand and opened her mouth wide and took several inches inside it. She didn’t want to tell him about the dream he interrupted in her room. So she kept imagining it was Dick she was sucking so hard and continued sucking and stroking it with her hand. Besides, it was a really firm and lengthy one at that and she thought that Dick would be lucky to have one like it. Oh, God. Now she’s horny too! She does need some too. “Dammit!” Kevin was right. She sucked him until her mouth and hand was beginning to tire. She needed to find out if he was close to coming.

“Are you going to come soon? I was just wondering how long it was going to be.”

“Oh, God, your mouth and hands and breasts feel SOO good that I never want it to end,” He gasped. “But, no, I just don’t feel like coming yet. I’m sorry but please don’t stop. Maybe I just need more?”

Feeling her own pussy grinding against his ankle and foot, she instantly knew what had to be done. She squatted on her knees between his legs and told him, “Sit up. And keep your eyes closed”

He did as she said, wondering what was happening. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head and tossed it away, and pushed him back down onto a single pillow. She pulled his legs closer together as she stood and straddled them. ‘Am I really going to do this?’ She thought. She got on her knees with her bare, waxed pussy right above his cock. She put a hand between her legs and over her clit and pussy, fingers stretching the lips apart until she felt her wet, engorged pussy, ready for a big dick. ‘Yes, I have to have it!’

She pulled her lips apart and sat slowly on the purple head of his stiff cock.

“What are you doing?” He jumped, not expecting this at all.

“Don’t worry. This will make you feel good, I’m sure. Just lie back and try to relax, and let it come anytime you want to. I’m on the pill you know, so it’s OK.”

She sat down and the head popped inside her. She gasped and he groaned. She sat down further, taking a couple more inches inside her. Her hips rose and fell unconsciously, fucking her own brother’s dick for the first time. She tried hard to imagine it was Dick’s, but after a while, it didn’t seem to matter anymore. He pumped his hips up to meet her thrusts, driving his cock further inside her until she was taking it all and his balls were slapping her ass. Her ass jumped up and down on his cock so far that it almost came out every time and she would slam her wet pussy down to his balls again, reaching around behind her to grasp them. She had the other hand on his bare chest for support. He instinctively reached up to hold and fondle both of her big bouncing breasts through the thin material of her top. They felt even better than he imagined they would be. She fucked him even harder then.

“Damn, sis, that’s fantastic! I knew you were horny from the way you looked sleeping, all curled up with your hands on your pussy. Please tell me what you were thinking when you fell asleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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