Brockton’s Big Women Need A

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The sun rose over the City of Champions, also known as Brockton, Massachusetts. In my mansion located on Brockton’s West Side, not far from the local high school, I smiled to myself. This was a looking to be a good morning indeed, preceded by one great night. Brother Samuel here. The one and only. Your favourite big and tall, good-looking, forthrightly bisexual Haitian-American stud. Who am I? Just your average hell raiser on vacation. Recent college graduate and summertime adventurer who’s taking New England by storm. That’s me in a nutshell. Let me tell you about what I’ve done.

Last night, I hooked up with these two chicks from Cape Verde and I had a lot of fun with them. I met this light-skinned, short and plump, big-booty and kind of pretty Cape Verdean chick named Andrea Mendes and her Jamaican friend Veronique Angleterre, a tall, thick, busty and big-bottomed chick with jet-black skin and a rather ugly face. She still had the biggest ghetto booty I had seen in years. I met these two broads at Dunkin Donuts, somewhere along the South Side. Andrea was going on and on about men when I walked in. At first, this irked me but later, I found myself amused and joined the discussion she was having with her co-worker Veronique.

Females are always going on and on about men and our many faults. If you ask me, women are just as flawed as men. Perhaps more so because men know they’re flawed but women think they’re perfect. Andrea was telling Veronique how she thought there were no nice guys left on the planet. This made me laugh. Both women stared at me. I told them the truth, point blank. Let’s say that there are two hundred men in one room, thirty of them were bad guys and the remaining one hundred and seventy were decent men. We bring two hundred women in the room as part of a speed dating service and they’re going to mingle with the men and all that.

Guess what, ladies? The thirty bad men will not only get all the women but they’re definitely going to score while the remaining one hundred and seventy good men will be dateless and alone. Why? It’s simple, really. Women always pick the bad guys. Ten times out of ten. Show a woman a nice man and she will find him boring. Show her a psychopath and she will find him irresistible. When he mistreats her, she’s going to be crushed free spin and bitter and assume all men are like the one she chose to date. It’s not really the man’s fault. It’s the woman’s fault for always choosing the psychos over the nice guys. End of story.

After I finished my little spiel, I looked at Andrea and Veronique. The two of them were smiling. I grinned. I know I was right. Women are always choosing the bad guys over the nice ones. They’re all guilty of it and they know it, though they will never admit it in a billion years. We chatted like that for half an hour while I drank my water and ate my egg and cheese sandwich and hash browns. I learned a bit about them. Andrea and Veronique were both natives of Brockton and they were currently attending community college. That’s cool. I like to see my fellow black people bettering themselves through education.

I went to a Boston-area private college which had an equal number of male and female students, which was cool. Unfortunately, nearly all the students were black. I was the school’s first black male valedictorian as well as the first published author the institution had ever produced. Andrea and Veronique were really impressed.

Hey, I’m not lying about any of it, I told them. It’s my life. Pure and simple. That’s the way I got things done. That’s all. As I talked to them, the conversation took a turn for the strange and the decidedly erotic. Andrea complained out loud that since her Puerto Rican boyfriend Enrique got himself on lock down in Plymouth County Jail for beating up some other guy, she hadn’t gotten laid. And it had been three weeks. I was stunned. In Brockton, chicks are very forward. Especially the Cape Verdean ones. However, it was still a shock for me to hear this young and reasonably attractive young Cape Verdean woman admit aloud that she was one horny bitch. Her choice of words, folks, not mine. Veronique joked that she hadn’t been able to get a moment’s peace since her best friend’s boyfriend got locked up because Andrea was insufferable when she was horny.

I looked at Andrea and smiled. Is that so? Andrea grinned. Then she point-blank told me that her vibrator was broken from overwork and she needed to get some dick, badly, before she went insane. Man, the chicks in Boston bonus veren siteler got nothing on them Brockton females. Such refreshing vulgarity. I liked it. I looked at Veronique, and told her that perhaps she should take her girlfriend out to a club and get her laid. Veronique laughed and said she tried, but Andrea’s attitude turned off a lot of the players in Brockton. They knew her reputation as an eternally horny yet foul-mouthed drama queen and steered clear. I smiled and told her that I was not the kind of man who was phased by a reputation. With that being said, I put all doubts and games out of the day and volunteered my desperately needed services to these two ladies. What do you think they said?

You know, sometimes I do these things while knowing better. It’s not a good idea for a young man, especially a young black man, to simply hop into bed with any random women he meets. The brother in question can find himself in a lot of trouble. You can find yourself falsely accused of anything from simple assault to kidnapping and ‘forced entry’.

Also, I heard that some chicks hide a diabolical ‘thing’ in the part of themselves where no man would think to look, all just to hurt the poor guy in the worse way possible. Also, some women who seem sexually adventurous carry around a disease ( not the flu) that they want to pass onto some unsuspecting guy. I know all this. I know I’m taking a chance each time.

Yet I put all those fears aside as I went into the ladies room with Andrea while Veronique put the “Closed For Cleaning” sign on the door. We went inside and got busy. Let me tell you, Cape Verde chicks are freaky but Andrea was freakier than I would have expected. She went straight for the dick. Unzipped my pants and took my long and thick, uncut black cock in her mouth. She began sucking on my cock like it was pumping life into her body. I thrust my dick all the way to the back of her throat. She didn’t gag. Hot damn, this chick knows how to deep throat. She took all that I had to give, and then some. When I came, she drank my seed without spilling a single drop. Now that’s what’s up!

Next, I spread Andrea’s legs and took a good look at her pussy. Ever since I watch a certain movie, I never stick my dick into any woman’s snatch deneme bonusu veren siteler without first making sure there isn’t a trap waiting in there. I probed Andrea’s pussy with my digits, giving her a thorough inspection. Satisfied, I gave her pussy a good licking. In no time I had her squealing. Then, I put her on all fours and began tapping that ass.

Watching this plump Cape Verdean chick’s big booty bounce while getting fucked turned me on like you would not believe. I got my nut after a little while. Then I went for something else. I took some of my cum and smeared it all over the crack of Andrea’s ass. She seemed surprised but didn’t protest. I slid one finger into her asshole. She gasped, then pushed back against me. Clearly, she liked it.

Also, this big-booty plumper was no stranger to butt fucking. I pushed a second finger into her asshole, fingering her and twisting my finger around inside her. She squealed and asked for more. And so I gave her more. I pulled my fingers out, and she protested. I pressed my cock against her backdoor and pushed it inside. I began working my cock deeper into Andrea’s asshole. Her asshole was warm and tight, but not too tight. Just the way I liked them. She’d been fucked in the ass before, more than once. Females are always lying, saying they don’t like anal sex. If you ask me, if more women were put on all fours and fucked in the butt, it might actually take them down a peg or two. They might be better for it, you know. Come down to earth. Just a little.

As I fucked her in the ass, the plump Cape Verdean chick went buck-wild. I smacked her ass, watching it turn a nice shade of red. She yelped in surprise but I could tell she liked it. I love the feel of a tight asshole around my dick. It doesn’t matter if I’m with a man or a woman. Whether they are black or white, big or skinny. I can and will fuck them in the ass. Oh, and for you anal sex amateurs out there, I got a secret to share with you. Big women have tight assholes. Just ask my plump friend Andrea here. Well, now you know. It’s an interesting bit of wisdom. Pass it on. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m kind of busy blowing my load deep inside Andrea’s asshole. It’s kind of the highlight of my afternoon.

After a few minutes, Andrea and I exited the ladies room. Monique greeted us with a big smile on her plain face. Andrea was grinning from ear to ear and so was I, to tell you the truth. This was fun. I departed from the Dunkin Donuts, and wished them both well. I headed back to my house. Just another Saturday night in this adventurer’s life, you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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