Bright Arrow Ch. 03

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Kevin woke up late the next morning to see the mountains in the distance lit by the morning sun. He took a deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of Pike’s body pressed close to his back. Kevin could feel Pike’s cock, half hard poking at his ass. His arm was thrown over his chest pulling Kevin back against him and his nose was lightly brushing the hair on the nape of his neck. Kevin sighed and turned over to lay face to face with Pike. It wasn’t long before his long, dark lashes fluttered and his eyes opened. Pike smiled.

“This is a nice way to wake up?”

“How’s that?”

“With you in my bed, watching me sleep.”

“Not creepy?” Kevin grinned.

“Not at all.” Pike said and grabbed Kevin’s hip to pull him closer. He leaned his head down and Kevin closed his eyes expecting a kiss but only felt Pike brush the tip of his nose back and forth against his. “I would, baby but I’m pretty sure I’ve got morning breath and since this is our first morning together I’ll be nice and spare you.”

“But other mornings I might not be so lucky?” Kevin asked as Pike got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. His eyes wandered down to the beautifully made ass as it walked away.

“I could keep some Scope in one of the nightstands.” Pike called from inside as he peed and brushed his teeth. Kevin followed him into the bathroom and gargled then relieved himself.

“What did you have in mind for today?” Kevin asked walking back into the bedroom. Pike grabbed him from behind in a bear hug.

“I was kinda hoping for morning sex if you’re up to it?”

“I think that sounds like a great idea.” Kevin said and turned around and lifted his head for a kiss. Pike met his mouth with his own and slowly walked Kevin backward till his knees were pressed against the bed. Kevin let himself fall and waited for Pike to climb up and cover him with his body.

“You know, it’s quite possible that we might not leave this bedroom today.” Pike warned.

“I think even you with your voracious sexual appetite would need to stop for food.”

“True. But we could bring it back up here.”

Kevin laughed and wrapped his arms around Pike as they kissed again. Pike climbed up and offered his dick to Kevin who took it in his mouth and ran his tongue around it’s soft, velvety length. They both moaned and Pike slowly fucked Kevin’s mouth before turning around and sucking on Kevin’s swollen member. Before Pike was about to cum, he pulled off and got down on the edge of the bed to lift Kevin’s legs.

“Ever been rimmed before?” Pike asked.

“Actually no. With all of the diseases and-.” Kevin stopped as Pike broad tongue flicked at his ass. Pike used his clever little muscle to stroke and massage, then to tongue fuck the hole he couldn’t wait to slide his cock into.

“Oh God.” Kevin moaned softly and closed his eyes to let himself just feel. He took his dick in his hand and the combined pleasure had him moaning louder and gyrating back against Pike’s face. Pike stood up.

“Yeah, I think you’re ready. Baby, hand me the lube.” He said and smeared a large quantity of the lubricant on his large cock before aiming and slipping passed Kevin’s outer opening. Pike rocked and slowly buried himself into Kevin who winced at the pain.

“Take some time, baby.” Pike said as his manhood reached full depth. Kevin felt himself slowly relax and the pain abate.

“I’m good, Pike. Fuck me please?” Kevin asked.

“Since you said it so nice.” Pike smiled and started pumping into his lover.

It was morning lovemaking, simple, sweet, and new. They had the whole day to explore each other and they took their time doing it. Pike picked Kevin up from the bed and sat on the side with Kevin on top of him, allowing himself to be ridden while still pushing up from beneath. Kevin bent his legs effectively kneeling on the bed which gave him greater leverage. The pleasure in Pike’s eyes added to his own gratification. Pike hugged Kevin tightly to him and stood up.

“Woah! Where you going?”

“You’re a big guy but I’ve got you.” Pike answered.

“Yeah, but where are we going?”

“Ever been fucked against a wall?”

“Um… no.” Kevin said.

“Any objections?”

“No.” Kevin said with no objection whatsoever.

Pike smiled and brought them close to a wall, leaning Kevin back against it.

“What do I do?” Kevin asked.

“You take it, baby.” Pike said and thrust his cock deep inside. Kevin felt the cock slam back into him and small stars appeared around the outside of his vision.

“Oh fuck!”

“Like it?”

“Oh Pike! YES!”

Pike kept slamming into Kevin who was thrilled to feel the thrust of Pike’s cock as well as reverberation of the wall against his back. He threw his arms around Pike’s neck and held on as best he could.

“Kevin, I’m cumming!!” Pike said and slammed over and over again as his dick thickened and shot his seed in Kevin’s ass. Kevin felt his own release building in his groin.

“Pike, don’t stop! I’m close! Don’t stop!!” Kevin felt himself build and then shoot casino siteleri his own cum between their chests. Pike lowered them gently to the floor where the lay, catching their breath.

Kevin looked over at Pike who was smiling from ear to ear.

“I haven’t done that since I was a kid.” He chuckled. “I wasn’t sure I could do it.”

“You did it and did it well. I’m beyond impressed.” Kevin said. Pike brought a hand up and cupped Kevin’s cheek.

“I wanted to impress you. It’s important to me because in the short time we’ve known each other, you’ve become important to me.”

“Pike, you don’t have to impress me. Not that I didn’t appreciate that.” Kevin smirked. “But you impress me just by talking to me.”

“Yeah?” Pike asked with a childish expression on his face, but Kevin could sense the honest surprise. “So you’re not embarrassed by the dumb jock you’re sleeping with?”

“Where the fuck would you get an idea like that?” Kevin said offended. “You’re not dump. I actually haven’t seen you play sports so it’s not the jock thing. Besides, that’d be sexy.”

“You’re a doctor and you save lives and find cures and shit. I build houses.”

“You started your own company and give people reasons to live, like houses that they love and live in. What’s all this about?”

“Just a little insecurity, I guess. Not sexy but honest at least.” Pike chuckled. “I just don’t want you getting bored with me.”

“Insecurities happen. There’s no way around it. I’m insecure that you’ll figure I’m too old or something.” Kevin stated.

“Never happen.”

“Well, it’s there and it’s something we’ll have to work on.” Kevin said and rolled over to lay on Pike’s chest. His heart was still beating rapidly. “I am really into you though and I don’t think I can be cured of that.”

“No? What’s the prognosis then?” Pike said and cupped Kevin’s ass cheeks in his large hands.

“Not good, I’m afraid. The condition might worsen. My best advice is to just let it run it’s course.”

Pike smiled and leaned up and kissed Kevin long and hard.

“Sounds good. I ever tell you how much medical double entendres excite me?”

“No, you never have.” Kevin laughed.

“It’s a new thing.”

They spent the day hiking through Pike’s land and the surrounding area. The dogs ran along side them or explored on their own though never going far enough that they couldn’t hear their master’s cry. Pike and Kevin found a waterfall that fed a pool of clear water. Though they both had the same idea, the morning’s lovemaking still left them tired and they tacitly left it for another day. They made their way back to the house and started making lunch.

“I don’t have a lot of food in there, huh?” Pike asked.

“It’s ok. We’ll make sandwiches.”

“Are you excited about visiting your cousin tomorrow?” Asked Pike.

“I am. I never really thought about it before, but I realize I should have done this years ago.” Kevin said as he made the sandwiches. “Thanks for the kick in the ass.”

“Not a problem. It’s good to have family around. Speaking of that, how were parents when you told them you were gay?”

“They weren’t bad.” Kevin smiled, remembering his parents reaction. “I told them when I was in med school and they started yelling.”

“Yelling? That doesn’t sound too good.”

“I thought they were yelling at me cause I was gay, but then I realized they were upset that they weren’t going to have grandchildren. Once they got over that they were ok with it.”

“You could always adopt or do the artificial insemination thing.” Pike said and took a bite of the sandwich Kevin offered him.

“Yeah, that was the plan but I think they’ve kind of given up hope. I did too actually.”

“Hope of what?”

“Meeting a man who I thought was worthy of being a father of my children.”

“Well,” Pike said and took a swig of his beer. “I’m not saying I’m worthy. Shit, I don’t even know if I’m ready yet, but I’d like kids. Just FYI.”

“That’s good to know. And for the record, I think you’d make a great father.”

“We can still beat them right? When they piss us off?”

“We’ll have to wait till they’re a little older, but yeah. We can beat them senseless.”

“Good.” Pike said and chuckled. “You feel like going grocery shopping with me? I know it’s not really date weekend type stuff but it’d get us out of the house.”

“One, I don’t mind being in your house with you. Two, I don’t care if it’s date weekend type stuff or not. Sounds like fun.”

“Cool. We’ll have to go into Cheyenne. I’ll buy you dinner.”

“No deal. You bought last night. It’s my turn. Mind if we stop by my house so I can pick up a change of clothes?”

“Not at all, but you’re not buying dinner. I offered first.”

“You didn’t offer. You told me that you were going to buy me dinner. I refused and counter offered. Your move.” Kevin smiled smugly.

“I should pay cause-.”

“Don’t give me the ‘I’m the man in the relationship’ shit. I don’t feel like listening. Just accept so we can canl─▒ casino go.” Kevin said and watched as Pike went to get a clean shirt, grumbling all the way. He just chuckled.

They stopped quick at Kevin’s so he could change and then made the twenty minute trek into the city of Cheyenne. Country music blared from the stereo and Pike drove happily singing along. Kevin had to admit, though his taste in music left a little to be desired, he did have a beautiful voice. At the shopping center, they grabbed a cart and started down the aisles. Kevin watched Pike’s choices and tried to restrain himself from commenting. It was the hot dogs that put him over the edge.

“Do you know how many nitrates are in those things?”

“But I like ’em.” Pike answered defensively.

“Do you know what nitrates do to your body?” Kevin asked.

“I’m not sure I wanna.” He said like a petulant child. Kevin sighed.

“All right. Get them.”

“Thanks.” Pike grinned.

Kevin smiled to himself and thought about small changes he’d like to make to Pike’s diet. He was interested in changing Pike, just making sure he ate healthier. It’s not the same thing, he thought. Kevin felt a small feeling of fear. Had they really gone this far, this quickly? He could definitely see Pike as being a part of his life and the feeling gave him some comfort and a little anxiety. It had been a while since his last relationship had ended so badly and the feelings of hurt and heartache came back swiftly. He had gotten used to being alone. It was easier. They finished shopping, ate dinner at a small Mexican restaurant and headed back to Pike’s house. The evening for Kevin was spent in an odd funk where he both enjoyed Pike’s company and feared the new feelings he was having.

“Hey, you there?” Pike asked as they sat on the couch finishing their glasses of beer.

“I am. Sorry. I was just thinking about something.”

“Me, I hope.”

“Yeah. Actually I was.”

“Anything you want to talk about?”

“No, I’m fine. I guess I’m a little more tired than I thought. Someone wore me out last night and this morning.” Kevin said and Pike chuckled.

“You ready for a little more wearing out?”

“I don’t think my ass could take it just yet.”

“Well there’s other things we can do.” Pike suggested taking Kevin’s hand, pulling him up and leading him upstairs.

They laid down naked in bed and pulled each other close. They started off kissing, rubbing and stroking each other. Pike rolled over to lay on his back still holding Kevin in one arm. His erection swung with the beat of his heart. Kevin followed suit and the two stroked themselves, watching each other and kissing.

“I didn’t know you were left handed.” Kevin observed.

“I’m not but I got used to it the last couple of years. A guy likes a change sometimes, you know?” Kevin laughed.

“Why don’t I help you out there?” He asked and took Pike’s throbbing cock in his hand. Pike returned the favor and stroked Kevin’s erection. They stroked each other’s dicks while they kissed and mated tongues. “Pike, you’re so beautiful.” Kevin said, taking in the long, muscled length of his lover’s body.

“Ah Kevin. You’re the beautiful one.” Pike said through ragged breathing. “Oh Kevin, you’re going to make me cum.” Their hands stroked until their release shot and covered them both. Pike recovered first and washed up in the bathroom and brought a warm, wet towel for Kevin.

“Thanks. I didn’t feel like moving just yet.”

“That’s all right. It’s good to know that you get just as excited playing as fucking.” Pike said, throwing the towel back into the bathroom when Kevin was done with it.

“It’s not the playing or the fucking, it’s you. You make it so much more.” Kevin said startling himself at his honesty.

“Well now, that’s really good to know.” Pike said and pulled Kevin into his arms. They kissed and snuggled closer. “Lights off.” Pike said and the room was suddenly dark.

“Good night, baby.”

“Good night, stud.”

They woke early the next day, put the dogs in the kennel and got ready for their long trek to Alamosa. It would take four hours to get there and they were hoping to be there just before noon. They climbed into the truck and started out on their trip.

“I should stop and get Ethytrol.” Pike said.

“This truck still uses Ethytrol?”

“I have to. Electric trucks just don’t have the power of combustion engines yet and I need it for work. At least Ethytrol is cheap and lasts a while. Not like the old days.”

“I know. I remember paying sixteen dollars a gallon for gas and I had a hybrid.” Kevin added.

They stopped and filled up the truck’s tank with the fuel which was made from rotting vegetation, garbage with a few additives mixed in then continued their trip. Kevin looked out the window watching the impressive views of their rural area slowly turn to more developed urban areas. By lunch time, they were pulling into his cousin’s driveway and looking up at his cousin’s house. It was a cute blue house set just ka├žak casino outside of town and she was there at the door.

“Kevin! Hi! It’s great to meet you.” Said the cute little redhead as she came down off the porch. They stood awkwardly in front of each other not sure if they should hug or not until Cathy pulled Kevin in to a hug.

“It’s great to meet you too.” Kevin said returning the embrace. “This is Pike.” He said simply.

“Nice to meet you Pike. Are you guys together?” Cathy threw her arms around Pike as well.

“We’re working on it.” Pike said with a smile.

“Great! Well, welcome. Come on in.”

She led them in to her house which was obviously lived in by an active family.

“I apologize for the mess but we’re always running these days. My husband’s at work. He’s a nurse at County Hospital and the kids are… Well, the kids are wherever they are.” She laughed. “Once they hit the teen years I guess parents become the enemy and no one tells me anything.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a great house.” Pike observed.

“Thanks. You guys want coffee?”

The coffee was french pressed and as flavorful as it was aromatic. They sat and talked of their lives up till the moment and eventually got on the subject of their parents disagreement.

“I have no idea.” Kevin said. “Any time I asked my father he would just say that he didn’t want to talk about it.”

“My mother said once that your father was a `stubborn ass who needed to lighten up’. She was a bit of a free spirit and I think she regretted that they didn’t talk toward the end. She died so suddenly neither of them got a chance to make up. I gave a half-hearted attempt to find your parents to let them know but I didn’t find them until after the funeral.”

“What did she die of?” Kevin asked.

“HLF. She was in California for a bit when one of the first outbreaks happened. They didn’t even know how to treat it.” Cathy said. Kevin dropped his eyes and felt Pike’s hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. Have I said something wrong?”

“No Cathy, you haven’t. I’m so sorry for your mother. HLF is a horrible disease and if there was anything I could have done I would have.” Kevin said shakily.

“I don’t understand. It’s not your fault, Kevin.”

“Yes, it is. I work for the NCMS. I’m in charge of the labs which are studying HLF and we haven’t made much progress. Each death is my fault.”

“No, they aren’t. As a doctor you should know, death just happens. There’s no rhyme or reason. The bad don’t always die first and the good don’t always live forever. We don’t live for ourselves, Kevin. We don’t even work for ourselves. Your work will help the future, not the present. If you found a cure today that’s a bonus for us. If you never find a cure then someone will base their work on yours and find a cure tomorrow. You can’t blame yourself for anything. That’s selfish. You’re not that important that the fate of the world should rest on your shoulders.” Cathy finished. Kevin was speechless for a moment then began to laugh.

“Wow. I don’t know whether I should be insulted or relieved.” He said and Cathy smiled.

“I’m an EMT and firefighter. I’ve seen a lot of bad happen to people and there’s no way to get around it. You just have to accept it and do the best you can. Sometimes we get to be the shining light in someone’s life and bring them back from the edge of death and sometimes we get to be the witnesses to their lives and be with them as they go.” No one said anything as they pondered her words.

“I’m sorry, I recently became a Buddhist.” Cathy said and Kevin and Pike chuckled.

They spoke for quite a while until Cathy’s beeper went off alerting her to a call.

“911 center to Alamosa Ambulance ALS, 52 year old female patient complaining of abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, red rashy areas and general malaise. Use code 42 protocol.”

“Shit! I have to go.” Cathy said and started to the door.

“What’s code 42 protocol?” Kevin asked.

“It’s a possible HLF victim. It’ll be the fifty third since the beginning of the year. I hate to do this but I’m going to have to leave. I should be back in an hour or so.”

“Let me come with you.” Kevin said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I know you’re a doctor and uniquely qualified but you’re not used to being on an ambulance.” Cathy argued.

“I did some time on an ambulance in med school. I can handle it and I’ll only be there in an advisory position.”

“All right.” Cathy said after thinking it over. “But you do what I say, all right?” Kevin nodded and turned to Pike.

“Are you ok with this?”

“How can you ask that? Just go. I’ll be fine.”

Cathy and Kevin jumped in her SUV and headed toward the squad house. As they pulled up they saw the Ambulance outside and running with a driver waiting for them. He was a large man who was dressed in an isolation suit just as Kevin wore at work. They jumped in the back and headed out. Cathy and Kevin through on their suits as they rode to the scene.

“Kevin, I’m serious. I’m assuming since you’re in research you don’t treat patients every day?”

“I do treat patients but no, not every day.”

“Well, if you need to step back I want you to do it. I don’t need to worry about you, ok?”

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