Bridal Party

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Wedding Party

We received our invitation to Liz’s cousin’s wedding. It was far enough away that we booked a room at a motel in the area and had my mom watch the kids for the weekend.

It wasn’t until we were well on the way to the destination that Liz told me we would be rooming next door to her brother and his wife. I found him to be a bore but his wife was a tasty dish on any menu. Friday night was the usual meet and greet at a small pub booked by the couple. It was close enough to the motel that Liz and I walked to the pub. Appetizers and drinks quickly lubricated the conversation. Family catching up on history, gossip, and other tidbits filled the air.

I, Liz, Bridget, and Matt walked back to the motel. Matt and Bridget walked arm in arm in front of us. I watched her ass swaying under a light dress in time the clicking of her heels on the sidewalk. I was getting hard, wrapped my arm around Liz, and cupped her far cheek, and massaged her ass the rest of the way.

We quickly said goodnight to the others and slid into our room. With alcohol and nasty talk from the walk, we were both excited. Our clothes were scattered around the room before we landed naked on the bed. We were pawing at each other like newlyweds. We had not been away from the children for several months and I had a major set of blue balls. Liz’s excitement was heightened by the glasses of wine she had at the party. When she rolled me on my back and started playing with my cock I could hear voices from the next room. Matt was telling Bridget how hot she looked naked. My cock quickly hardened as Matt was moaning and talking dirty.

When Liz crawled up my body and kissed me with her warm wet lips I couldn’t take it anymore. Rolling her on her back and spreading her legs I slid my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. I started slowly. The voices in the room had calmed so I concentrated on my lovely wife. My cock was snug in her velvet pussy when I heard the first moans of my sister-in-law. They started softly but quickly got louder and more frantic. As Bridget got more excited my thrusting increased as well. I closed my eyes and my cock swelled bigger inside Liz. Her legs wrapped around me as drove into her body with the force of a crazy man. In my mind, it was Bridget under me. Her sloppy pussy was sucking the sperm from my body. I steadied myself by grabbing the tits under me and leveraging my thrusts to make sure my cock was deep in the lady under me. When Bridget gave out an orgasmic groan I could take it no more. With one final thrust, I froze. My cock was fully in her sweet tunnel as I seed slammed into her cervix. My groan and Liz’s gasp filled our room as we exploded in unison.

I fell next to my wife and we both dropped off the sleep. We were naked when a knock woke us up the next morning. Liz kissed me sweetly then grabbed her robe. She answered the door and Matt cheerfully spoke, “Morning. You two ready for breakfast?”

Liz told him we were still asleep and Matt stood there eying her through the thin silky material of her robe. “Damn. Sis, you are looking good! Get dressed and meet us in the coffee casino oyna shop my treat.”

“We will meet you guys in a few minutes.” Liz tried to close the door but Matt reached in and grabbed her ass through the robe. She squealed and slapped his hand away, giggling. Closing the door she turned and told me to get up. We dressed and ate breakfast with Matt and Bridget. The conversation quickly moved to last night. Both ladies said they had drunk more than they should have. But Bridget made sure to poke at my wife.” I should have known you would have had a few. When we were kids you were at all the big parties.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“Oh. Come on Liz,” Bridget talked a little louder, “you know you were busy in high school!”

“You were busier than I was!” Liz giggled. But Bridget was not giggling. About then Bridget’s phone rang and the conversation quickly ended. The girls were being press-ganged into working on the hall so things were ready later in the day.

Matt and I finished our food, kissed our wives, and went our separate ways. Back in our room, I lay back on the bed and slowly stroked my cock. Remembering the night before my cock came to life quickly. The sounds of Bridget fucking Matt was a potent enticement and I shot cum all over my abdomen. I took a hot shower and was dressing when Liz walked into the room.

“You go back to bed?”.

“Yeah, I was remembering last night.” I didn’t elaborate anymore. Liz smiled warmly and gave me a long passionate kiss. “It was fun!” She jumped in the shower as I sat in a chair and watched TV.

Liz walked up behind me as I sat on one of the dining chairs and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her nipples were hard behind each ear as she swayed to music being played outside the window. My cock being hard I walked her around me and dropped the towel on the floor. She straddled my lap and lowered herself down until my cock vanished inside her warm, wet body. Her soft moan made my cock come to full attention as she bounced on my lap. Soon we were nibbling and licking each other as our pelvises slammed together. I knew I would not last long so I started biting her nipples and ground my pelvic bone against her clit. We came quickly and dressed for the wedding.

The usual service, procession to the doors of the church, photos, and race to the reception occurred in a logical order. We caught one of the shuttle boxes provided by the groom’s family to the hall so we could enjoy the night.

Champagne with dinner got things started. Liz and I started dancing but I quickly dropped out.

I was sat at our table and watched Liz and Bridget dancing when Matt walked up to the table and settled into a chair. We quickly exhausted the weather, sports, and other small talk. After a brief silence Matt sipped his beer and said, “Damn man, my sister looks good tonight.”

” Your wife is a hottie too.”

“Yeah. But we heard you two last night. You were tearing her up!” Matt looked at me. I saw that look in his eye. “You hot for Liz?”

“Of course. I used to jack off thinking about her in the shower.” The alcohol canlı casino brought out feelings Matt had kept hidden a long time. “I still dream about her ass.”

“I understand man.” I sipped my beer, “I would fuck Bridget for sure.”

“You want to fuck Bridget?”. Matt asked. ” Would Liz let me hit her hot ass?”

“I doubt it,” I answered. “But if we get them both a little drunk and blindfold each of them we can switch rooms.” We ironed out the details and quit drinking so we would be close to sober. We kept slipping drinks to the wives and danced slow dances with them. I kept telling Liz how hot she was and how I could not wait to get her back to the room. Massaging her sides and sliding my cock over her mound. When all the festivities were over we made excuses and the four of us ordered an Uber and returned to the motel.

Liz and I started kissing and stripping off our clothes. When we were both naked the fun began. “You want to get kinky?” I asked. A sparkle in her eyes told me she was more excited than usual. I grabbed a scarf out of her suitcase. I fashioned a blindfold. In seconds she was laying in bed with my ties around her wrists and her eyes covered with the scarf.

I went down on her. I kissed her from her left knee, up her inner thigh, around her pussy, and down to her right knee. Her pussy was dripping wet when I got up, wrapped my robe around me, and opened the door to the hall.

Matt’s hand nearly poked me in the eye. “Is she ready?”

“Yes,” I said,” yours?”

“Bridget is in bed. Her hands tied over her head with a blindfold over her eyes.” Matt’s cock was pointing toward his chest as he spoke. “Enjoy buddy.” Before I could answer he was in the room and closing the door.

I walked into the room and closed the door. Turning around I found Bridget naked and prone on the bed. I dropped my robe and crawled between her open legs.

My cock head drew a clear line of juice as I moved up the bed. My tongue met her clit as my body settled on the bed. I licked her button as Bridget softly moaned. Kept working her clit as she moaned, “You never did that before.” I lifted her legs and wormed my way into her wrinkled hole. Her moans increased in volume as I opened her hole with my mouth and fingers. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me in deeper. I licked from her ass over the tender flesh between it and her pussy and dove in her slick hole. I drank her fluids as her body offered up her joy. She came several times as I ate her pussy. I could stand it no longer. Moving up her body my cock tapped her sensitive clit. Bridgett came again as I rubbed my cock over her hard nub.

Bridgett begged, “Please fuck me hon.” I aimed my cock head and rammed into her with one hard shove. She sucked in a breath and came. Cock pussy clamped tight on my cock as I lay on top of her and felt her body shaking under me. When she came down I started pumping in and out. She quickly got excited again and came over and over as I groaned each time my pelvis slammed into hers. I tried to hold back but her body was a new joy and I was close to cumming when I pulled out. kaçak casino

“Why are you stopping?” I stayed quiet and aimed at her asshole. “No! You know I don’t….dododon’t…..oooohhh.” My cock entered her and I fucked her tight ass until I felt it loosen. Bridgett was moaning again and pushing up to meet my thrusts when I emptied into her body. Her orgasm locked her sphincter around my shaft. I lay next to her and rested trying to hear what was going on next door.

I could hear Liz begging next door. First asking Matt not to fuck her. Then moaning as her body started enjoying the sensations she was getting. Finally,y she was begging for him to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. I knew the sound of her orgasmic joy when she gave in to the fucking she was getting. A few minutes later a knock on the door told me they were finished. Or so I thought.

I opened the door naked. Matt walked into the room with Liz in tow. Whimpering like a baby she asked, “Where are you taking me?”

We winked at each other and he led Liz to the bed. He whispered in her ear, “Lick her pussy and ass.” Liz tried to refuse but Matt cracked her on the ass and yelled, “Do it.”

Liz timidly licked the pussy in front of her until Matt rammed his cock into her pussy. The force jammed her face into the cum-covered hole in front of her. The cream covered her moaning face. Her tongue sank into Bridgett’s pussy. Both ladies were moaning now. I knelt on the bed and fed My sister-in-law my cock. My eyes closed as I fucked her mouth. That quickly changed when Matt told Liz to,” Lick her ass.”

Liz panted,” No.”

Matt pulled his slime-covered cock out of her pussy and shoved the whole thing into her tight ass. She yelled and started screwing her tongue in Bridgett’s ass. Matt took that moment to pull Liz’s blindfold off at clearly ask, “How does Bridgett’s ass taste?”

Matt started fucking her hard as I rammed my cock down Bridgett’s throat. Both women moaned as we abused their bodies. I pulled Bridgett’s blindfold off as I shot my cum all over her face. The combination of her shot and orgasmic joy made the lines of cum across it the more exciting. Matt filled her ass with his seed then pushed her up the bed to look Bridgett in the face. In unison, they asked, “You fucked my husband?”

“Bridgett. I knew you would about anybody.” Fire filled Liz’s eyes,” You bitch!”

Bridgett snickered and reminded my usually angelic wife, “It was your tongue in my ass lady. Why don’t you clean your husband’s cum off my face?”

The look on Liz’s face softened and the tip of her tongue started licking my seed off her cheek. Bridgett kissed Liz’s face while Liz cleaned her. By the time she finished the two ladies were making out hot and heavy. Hot enough that I and Matt were rock hard. I rolled Liz over on her back and rammed my cock in her wet pussy. Matt matched me and rammed into Bridgett. The four of us were pawing at each other. Matt played with Liz’s tits and I played with Bridgett’s. As we fucked our wives, they were passionately kissing.

Matt and I both exploded nearly at the same time. Liz and I returned to our room and fell into bed. We didn’t open our eyes again until 12. We packed the car and left without talking to our sex mates the night before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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