Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 04

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I awoke Saturday morning a little sore and sticky. As I rolled over, I could see that it was still twilight. Damn my body for not letting me sleep in.

My arm was trapped under my wife, so I gently slid it out from under her without waking her. As I sat up, I remembered that she was not the only woman there.

I looked out into the living room of our suite and verified that her friend Anna was there on the couch. She was, and must have gotten warm during the night, because she had kicked off the covers, leaving the top half of her naked body exposed.

Her red hair was splayed around her head, contrasting as always with her pale skin. Her long, dancer’s legs were currently in a ‘P’ shape, covered by the sheet.

Her b-cup breasts with their sensitive, upturned nipples heaved slightly with each breath. I smiled, remembering that not only had I spent the last night fucking the gorgeous redhead and my wife, but that I had another day plus to continue doing so.

After stretching and taking a piss, I decided Anna had slept long enough. I knelt down next to her and whispered:

“Anna, it’s time to wake up.”

I had to repeat myself a couple times before she finally started to stir a little. Despite my coaxing, she wasn’t really waking up, so I decided try something else.

Knowing the sensitivity of her breasts and nipples, I started to stroke and massage the teat closer to me. After a minute of attention, Anna finally responded with an “Mmmm”, though her eyes still did not open.

I kept going, and finally her whole body started to respond. Her legs shuffled a little, sliding the sheet down just far enough that I could see her pussy. When her legs opened a little, my other hand snuck in there and went for her slit.

My finger slid down her slit, touching her clit, which elicited a gasp from my wife’s oldest friend. That gasp left her mouth ajar, which was the opening I had been waiting for, literally.

I abandoned her pussy, and instead grabbed my cock and roughly pushed it into between Anna’s lips.

The sudden intrusion woke Anna from 10% to 100% in under a second, and I was greeted with her eyes opening nice and big as I fed her my snake.

She did not react by trying to push me off or close her mouth, instead what I saw seemed to be a little respect, like ‘you got me.’

Once she fully had her senses, she took control of her own mouth, and started to give me a great blowjob.

Now like I said, Anna was extremely competitive, and since cocksucking is the pursuit of competitive women, she was excellent at it.

Her lips, tongue, and two hands were in constant, synchronised motion, designed to maximize my pleasure. Even her eyes were a weapon, staring up at me when she was going slow, closed or facing down when she was going fast.

I was a passive observer, my only input to stroke my hand through her coppery hair as she pleasured me. The only sound in the room were the smacks and pops of her oral ministrations, and my grunts when what she did was especially good.

As the blowjob went on, I saw Anna look towards the bedroom, wondering if my wife Amanda was going to join us, or what my plan was. I think she was becoming bored with blowing me. When her attention slipped especially badly and my cock popped out of her mouth, I decided a little correction was in order.

I reached down and simultaneously twisted one nipple while cupping her jaw, which prevented Anna from crying out.

I whispered: “Amanda needs her sleep. If you wake her up, I will send you to get us breakfast downstairs in nothing but a smile. Your only job is to get me off.”

I saw the fire in Anna’s eyes, outward signs of the anger she was feeling towards me right now, but she must have taken my threat seriously because she wordlessly went back to quietly sucking my cock, though I caught her massaging her breast to take the sting out.

My little correction re-engaged her attention, and it was only a couple minutes later when I felt the familiar feeling of impending release deep within my balls. I did not make any purposeful outwards sign of what was going to happen, but Anna must have picked up on something because she suddenly dropped off the couch onto her knees.

Grabbing my cock with one hand, she captured only the head in her mouth while she jerked me with one hand, and massaged the base of my cock where it met my balls with the other.

The pale girl knew her stuff, and it was only a couple strokes before I started to cum. Anna felt it too, and froze, ready to receive my seed into her mouth.

Unfortunately for her, that was not the plan, so I grabbed my cock and pinched off my urethra with one hand. My other hand went to Anna’s head, pushing it back so that she looked back up at me.

“Close your mouth” I said, the strain in my voice evident.

Anna’s lip rose in a disgusted sneer, but she obeyed, closing her mouth and pushing her hair back behind her ears, presenting a nice pale freckly target.

I pointed my cock at the point between her eyes casino siteleri and fired. As the first stream flew out and painted Anna from her left eyebrow across her nose to her right cheek, my brain randomly wondered how many freckles I could cover in one load.

The next shot was lower, catching her lips and chin, which caused Anna to start a little. I didn’t want to miss, so I pinched myself off again and aimed higher. The third shot was another direct shot, dripping off her nose onto her left cheek.

The fourth shot fell limply on to her chest, so I leaned in and started to wipe the rest of my load across her face as the remainder of my semen dribbled out.

I was still holding on to Anna’s head with my free hand, so I used it to steer her mouth to my cock.

The fiery redhead could not open her left eye due to my semen draped over it, but she opened her right eye and took my cock into her mouth to finish sucking out my juices.

When my cock was too sensitive to continue, I pulled out, and Anna fell back against the couch. As her hands found her face to free her eye from the stickiness enveloping it, I grunted out:

“Don’t waste it.”

That got me a snotty look, but she complied, moving the semen from her eyelashes into her mouth.

As I turned to find somewhere to sit, I heard a burst of giggles from behind me.

Amanda was sitting up in the bed, long legs pulled up to her chest, her mouth buried in her knees. Her brown hair was a mess, as could be expected by our night, but her eyes had a smile in them.

“Ohmigod Anna, he got you good.”

I walked over and leaned over the bed to give my wife a good morning kiss.

“You will never, ever do that to me” she said, still chuckling.

I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, much too low for Anna to hear in the living room.

“Until your debt is paid, I will do whatever I want”. I punctuated my point by reaching behind her and pinching her ass.

The mood broken, my wife’s giggling cut off abruptly.

I did not want to dwell on the moment, so I stood back up and announced:

“Okay, shower time. Time to wash off last night’ activities.”

“Thank God” Anna said from the next room. “I am so fucking sticky.”

Amanda went out and helped her friend to her friend to her feet. Anna still had not gotten all the cum off her face, and as they walked into the bathroom, my wife helpfully pointed out the last remnants.

I let them pass me and enter the bathroom.

The suite’s bathroom was probably too large and took up too much room in the floorplan due to the large shower, but it would definitely come in handy if you had three people in there.

However, that was not my plan.

“Anna, where do you think you are going?”

“I’m going to take a shower and wipe your cum and our fucking off me.” Her voice was defiant, but I could hear fear there as well.

“I don’t think there is room for three in there. And we are in a bit of a hurry, so we don’t have time for two showers. You can clean off with a washcloth while we shower.”

Of anything I had done so far this weekend, I think this pissed her off the most.

“No way. I am not walking around with cum on my face. And my pussy feels like I fucked a fire hydrant last night. And my hair must looked like a fucking trainwreck. I am going to take a shower.”

She moved towards the shower, so I moved towards the bed. Picking up Amanda’s phone, I made like I was doing something.

Anna saw my reflection in the mirror and whipped around, her quick turn of mood and anger increasing her reputation as a redhead.

“Oh c’mon. Fuck. Fine.”

I put down the phone, walked into the bathroom, and handed Anna one of the washcloths. As she stood there, not sure what to do, I pushed my wife into the shower and followed.

The water felt extravagant. It was even better since Anna had to stand there using water from the sink as Amanda and I soaped and rinsed each other under the steaming hot water.

I wasn’t a complete dick though. I offered Anna the soap when we were not using it. I also managed to cop quite a few feels of my gorgeous wife’s thin, athletic body, including her A-cup breasts and fantastic ass, though I stopped before things got too serious. We had a long day ahead of us, and I wanted them both on edge, not satisfied.

As the three of us toweled off, I explained the itinerary for the day. I would be choosing their clothes, of course, followed by breakfast.

We would spend the morning walking around, maybe doing some shopping. After lunch we would hit the beach if it was warm enough.

After that we would come back to the hotel, change and find a place for dinner. I did not say what was after dinner, since I assume they knew it would be another sex-filled night.

When we were done drying off and moved back out into the bedroom, I told the girls to get cleaned up and do their makeup first while I got ready and got their clothes out. I let them get their makeup bags, and then canlı casino shut the door to the bathroom behind them.

I quickly dressed and went into the closet. I could not trust that Anna would bring what I wanted, so I chose her outfits for the weekend out of Amanda’s wardrobe at home and brought them with us. Luckily the girls were the same size, although since Anna was a little taller and bustier it meant everything I brought would probably be a little short and tight in key areas.

I had laid out their outfits and was just pulling my own socks and shoes on when Amanda opened the door and asked if they could come out.

I nodded and the door opened fully. Both girls were lightly made up, enhancing their natural beauty. Anna had even put her hair up in a bun, so while it wasn’t wet and clean like Amanda’s, it did not look like the bedhead it did when she went into the bathroom. Amanda’s was still wet, so she let it hang down over her shoulders.

As they stepped out, they both saw the outfits, and I saw Anna relax a little. I think she was concerned at what I might make her wear out in public.

The sundresses I had chosen looked to almost be a matched pair.

Amanda’s was white with a red flowery print on it. It had a halter top that made it tight through the chest with thin straps that met behind her head. The rest of the dress was loose and hung to mid-thigh.

Anna’s was white with a green palm leaf print on it that increased in coverage as the dress went down. It was strapless, and was cinched tight down to the waist. On Amanda it fell to mid-thigh, but on Anna it would be a few inches shorter.

After handing each girl her dress, they both headed for their bags, ostensibly to grab underwear.

“Uh-uh. I just handed you what you are wearing today. You can pick out shoes, but nothing else.”

Both girls froze, and I saw them trade a look. I moved into the bathroom to get cleaned up and left them to get dressed.

I could hear whispering while I was in there, but when I came out, both girls were dressed. They had both chosen flats to wear, white and red to match their dresses.

“Ready to go?” I asked, and both girls nodded. Amanda’s face looked nervous, but Anna looked pissed.

I grabbed my wallet and phone, Amanda grabbed her purse, and Anna stood there still looking angry, knowing she would not be allowed to carry anything.

I walked to the door, touched the handle, and turned around.

“I directed you both to wear nothing but the dress. Is that what you did?”

Both girls nodded again, but Amanda still looked nervous. I was not sure if she was nervous because she was not wearing underwear, or because she was wearing it, so I decided verification was in order.

“Well, I think I need to check. Pull up your dresses.”

Both girls looked at me, surprised, so I pantomimed the motion of holding up the front of a skirt.

They both did as I asked, reaching down and pulling their front hem up to their stomach, exposing two bare pussies, just as I had asked.

“Good girls. Now to check the tops.”

I took two steps until I was within an arms-length of each of them and unceremoniously slipped my hand into the front of their dress.

Amanda froze, apparently more nervous that I knew she was naked under her dress, while Anna gave me a look of ‘happy now’ as I proved there was no bra under there either.

Happy that I had easy access to all their bits and parts, I gave each girl’s nipple a tweak, and pulled my hands out. A grin on my face, I turned and opened the door, heading out for a long day of fun.

Being the offseason, not every restaurant was open for breakfast. I had found one hotel that served a brunch a couple blocks away.

Our walk there as uneventful except for the girls’ realization that it was windy that day, meaning they had to be on guard at every moment to prevent their dresses from flying up.

At the restaurant, we were shown to a booth. The place was sparsely populated, which was not surprising. As the girls went to sit, I directed one to each side. I slid in after Anna, pinning her in the booth.

As we looked at the menus, the girls discussed how starving they were. After picking out my entree, I lazily kept looking at the menu and slid my left hand up Anna’s leg and under her skirt.

She was talking as I did, but cut off abruptly as if to say “What are you doing?”

I ignored her reaction and just lightly stroked her thigh. I could see her giving my wife looks and indicating what I was doing. Amanda just gave a little smile and buried herself in her menu.

Our waitress was a middle-aged woman who took our order pleasantly and departed. After she was gone, I accelerated my touching, riding farther under Anna’s skirt until I touched her pussy.

After a few more strokes, I touched both legs to make her open up. She ignored me, so I turned and looked her in the eyes.

Her face showed resentment, but her legs opened. I turned back to the front just in time to see our server kaçak casino return with our drinks.

Our thirst was as large as our hunger, so we all attacked coffee and juice with gusto. Once my initial thirst was quenched, my hand went back under the table. I found Anna’s legs closed again,but they opened back up at my touch.

I lazily diddled Anna’s pussy, brushing her clit, slipping a knuckle into her, just basically keeping her on a low simmer.

Amanda was aware of what I was doing, so the girls just sat there in silence, letting me play. Finally our food came and I slipped my hand out. I heard Anna gasp from relief as my hand reappeared above the table.

Eating took priority over playtime, and the three of us devoured breakfast, sharing openly among our three plates.

When I was done, I slipped from one side of the table, pushing Amanda into her booth. I think she knew what was coming, because when I slipped my hand under the table, I found her legs were spread. I looked at my wife and she smiled back with a shrug.

Anna looked… sad? that I had moved to the other side of the table and was now playing with her friend instead. I saw her shifting a little bit, rubbing her legs together as if to scratch an itch.

By the time the check came and we departed, both girls were simmering.

Even though it was the offseason the town still got enough foot traffic that a lot of the shops were open.

It took a couple more blocks of walking to get to the shopping area, but with our full bellies it was good exercise. When we got there, I surveyed the area and found what I wanted. Taking the girls’ hands, I pulled them down the street and into a swimwear place.

Both girls protested that it was too cold to swim and they had brought bathing suits, but I pointed out the hotel had a pool and hot tub, and I wanted to buy them new suits.

I think they both squirmed a little, knowing what I would pick out for them.

I quickly found two string bikinis and sent them in the back to try them on.

I took a couple more minutes to find more, and then went back there near the fitting rooms.

The shop was being minded by a college-aged guy who was more focused on his phone than us, and the changing area was not visible from the front of the store, so I knew I could have a little fun.

I found a seat just outside the changing rooms where I could see anyone approaching.

Amanda came out first wearing a blue and white striped number. My wife’s fantastic body was on full display. The triangles of cloth fully covered her small A-cups, but displayed her lithe, athletic body and trim stomach. The bottom covered about half of her ass. She looked like the 10 she was.

As we were both admiring her in a mirror, Anna came out in a pink number that was almost the same cut. She was a knockout as well.

I smiled, grinning at the fact I had already nailed both of these beauties and had another day of doing so.

But then I let my evil side take over.

“Girls, you both look great of course, but I made a mistake. I gave the wrong bikini to the wrong girl. Go ahead and switch.”

The girls made to go back inside their rooms, but I kept talking:

“No need to go back in. Just do it quick out here.”

They both looked at me, mouths aghast. I motioned my hand to swap, so they did, quickly swapping tops and then bottoms.

Their speed caused clumsiness, and I was treated to a full moon of my wife’s naked bottom as she bent over to pick up the pink bottom she had dropped.

When they were done and adjusted, I moved between them and looked at all three of us in a mirror.

“Wow, you both look gorgeous. The colors are right now too. But I don’t want to buy the first thing you try on. Here are three more each. Go try them on and come back.”

The next half-hour was a fashion show of all colors of bikinis. All were cut very daring. I even had Anna try on one that was a V-shape that ran from shoulder to waist, leaving her exposed from belly button to throat.

Every outfit complimented the girl and vice versa, so it was hard to pick a couple.

When the girls had each tried on their last outfit, I told them I had one more each. I handed them the outfit and sent them back in.

Both girls had great bodies and knew it, so each time they came out of the dressing room, even in a bikini, they wore it proudly. This time; however, they both kind of slinked out. Anna even had her hand across her chest.

This bikini was the tiniest of tiny. The top triangles were only a couple of inches across, and barely covered the girls’ areolas.

The bottom was just as small, and I could see the top of Amanda’s slit peaking out of hers. The back was just a string. It was definitely not something you could wear out in public without causing a scene.

Anna in particular looked uncomfortable. Looking closer, I saw she had tied the top so tight it was probably cutting off circulation.

I moved closer, touching both girl’s bodies, seeing what was covered and what wasn’t. I asked how they felt, and Anna blurted out “exposed”.

Maximizing the situation, I commented that Anna’s white suit was not really the right color for her. I told her to go ask the clerk if he had it in black.

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