Bobby and Traute

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I was 19. I was a PFC in the U.S. Army and stationed in Augsburg, Germany. I had been there for about a year. One of my fellow soldiers was Pete. I didn’t know Pete real well but I did know that he had a girlfriend named Heidi. I had met her a couple of times in town. I knew that Heidi did not live in the city but out in Odelzhausen which was a small town about 20 miles away. Pete had met her in a bar in Augsburg a few months ago. Usually she would travel into the city and meet him on Saturday mornings. They would rent a room so they could play all weekend and her going home late on Sunday evening.

I had convinced my CO to let me buy a car. Normally to be allowed to have a car you had to be either married living off base or be E-5 or higher. I felt really lucky to be allowed to have a car. I was only an E-3 but I was a good soldier and mature for my age. It was an older Mercedes-220 but it ran well.

One Saturday morning I was sitting on my bunk when Pete walked in and said. “Hey, Bobby, I’d like to make you a deal.”

I asked. “What do you need?”

I guessed that he wanted to borrow money and that the deal was that if I would loan him $10.00 he would pay me back $15.00 on payday. Back in the 60’s we got paid once a month in cash. This was the original payday loans with high interest!

Pete continued. “I really want to go see Heidi but I hate the trip out to Odelzhausen. It takes me 15 minutes to walk from the barracks to the front gate. Then it’s a 20 minute ride on the streetcar to the Haupt Bahnhof. (That’s the main train station.) I have to take the train to Dasing which is another 30 minutes. From Dasing to Odelzhausen is a 20 minute bus ride. After all that I still have to walk a few blocks to her house. What a pain in the ass. In your car it’s 20 miles in about 30 minutes door to door.”

“What’s in it for me?” I asked. I rarely played taxi without getting paid really well. I wasn’t wasting miles for nothing.

Pete went on trying to convince me. “We’re just going to Heidi’s. Her mother is a great cook. Her father is a nice farmer. And… She has a really cute little sister who just turned 18 last Tuesday.”

Now he had my attention! I didn’t have any special plans so I answered. “Let me change into some civies and we can be on our way.”

I figured this was just going to be a day trip and we’d be late getting back to the barracks. Even if we were past bed check time it wouldn’t matter because I had a weekend pass in my wallet. Pete and I went out to the parking lot by the barracks and got in my Mercedes. I grabbed my trusty map that always got me back to the base no matter how far I had wandered. It was going to be an easy drive. We headed out.

Pete said. “Heidi’s little sister isn’t so little. She may be young but her body is full grown. You know the saying about the farmer who knows how to grow ’em. She’s about 5 foot 3 and busty like Heidi. Her name is Traute. That’s the feminine form of the word traut which in German means strength.”

Most of the German schools taught English as a second language. If you were in a store trying to talk to an older German who didn’t speak English you could step out on the sidewalk and stop the first young German walking by to interpret for you.

After about half an hour we arrived in Odelzhausen. Pete directed me to Heidi’s. The family lived on a farm. I parked in front of the house. Pete and I got out, walked to the front door and knocked. Heidi answered the door. Pete got a big hug and a sweet kiss. I got a nice hug.

She spoke to me. “Come in and meet my family.”

Heidi introduced me to her mother and her father.

I responded. “Gute morgan. I’m Bobby.”

It was then that Traute walked into the room.

She said. “Hi Pete.” She looked at me and then at her sister. “Heidi, Introduce me.”

Heidi introduced us and we just politely shook hands. Pete had not lied to me. Traute was very pretty and very busty. Pete offered to take the girls to lunch.

We walked out to my car and both sisters said. “Nice Mercedes!” Their English was going to be a lot better than my Deutsche.

Pete opened the rear passenger door and Heidi slid in. I opened the front passenger door and Traute slid in. Pete and I closed their doors and walked around the car. The Mercedes was a four door so both seats were bench style.

We opened our doors and started to get in. Both sisters were sitting right in the middle of their seat. I guessed we were all going to be sitting really close. Pete and I got in. Heidi gave me directions to a small café that she liked.

Traute spoke to me. “I have been jealous of Heidi. She has Pete. I’m happy you are here.”

The four of us walked into the café with each couple holding hands. I was glad she was friendly and not shy. Pete and I just let the sisters order for us. We all enjoyed a light lunch. Pete even paid for all of us! We got back in my car.

Pete said. “Let’s go to the park where Heidi and I spend time when I’m here. I wish we had a blanket bursa escort so we wouldn’t have to sit on a bench or on the grass.”

“In the trunk. I’ll get it out when we get to the park.” I surprised all of them.

We found a place to park that was near the back of the park. Everyone hopped out. I got the blanket out of the trunk. It was just a normal sized blanket, not a real large one. It would have to do. We found a shady spot and spread the blanket out. Heidi and Traute lay down on their backs, one along each side, and Pete and I got in between them. We turned to face our partners, propped up on an elbow so we were looking down on them. Pete and Heidi immediately started a make out session. Traute pulled my face down to hers and pressed her soft lips to mine. It was a slow, seductive kiss. This was going to be fun!

Traute knew Heidi was too busy to pay any attention to anyone but Pete. She held my face close and whispered softly in my ear. “I am SO jealous of Heidi. For weeks she has been telling me all about the things she and Pete have been doing.

Telling me how wonderful everything feels. If I don’t understand something she is a good sister and tries to explain. I hope we can try some of those things.”

DAMN! I realized that she was starving for attention like her sister was getting from Pete. The day was getting better. We started kissing and as the afternoon wore on things were progressing nicely. Kissing led to touching. Her breasts felt soft but firm at the same time. They had to be 36 D.

Pete broke the bubble we were in when he spoke. “This is turning out to be a great day! Are you two doing OK?”

I answered. “We’re doing just fine. We’re getting acquainted.”

By the time we left the park to go back to the farm house my lips were a little sore. I didn’t mind.

On our way back Heidi said. “Bobby I’m sure you will like what my mother will have fixed for dinner. She’s a really good cook.”

The farm house wasn’t fancy but it was functional with no wasted space. When you went in thru the front door you were looking at the main room. It was longer than it was wide. Along the left side was a big table with chairs and then an archway into the kitchen. Next was the bathroom door before you got to the large stone fireplace that was the only heat for winter time. Next was the door to the parent’s bedroom.

Along the back wall there was a big firewood box and then the back door. Next were two upholstered chairs with a small table between them holding a tall lamp. Turning back along the other long wall were some book shelves. Then the door to Heidi’s bedroom. There was a couch between the two doors. The next door was to Traute’s bedroom. There was a buffet in the corner with a lamp on it. Between the corner and the front door was a love seat. The family had no boys.

Dinner was tasty. The sisters’ mother had fixed: rabbit, sauerkraut, carrots,

and homemade bread. She served a nice white wine with dinner. All six of us were satisfied when we had finished. The father went and sat down in one of the upholstered chairs. He picked up a book to read with light from the lamp.

The mother told her daughters to take Pete and me out for a walk under the moonlight. That she would clean up. She was speaking in German so I only understood part of it. The next thing Pete and I knew was a soft hand taking ours and leading us out the front door. The sisters were showing us around the farm.

After a nice walk we sat down on a couple of benches on the front porch. It was soon getting dark. We went into the house. Pete and Heidi sat on the couch with Traute and me sitting on the loveseat.

The sisters’ mother was finishing up in her kitchen. The father was still reading. In a few minutes she came out into the main room and said something to her husband in German. He got up and went to use the bathroom. When he was finished she took her turn. The both said. “Gute nacht.” And went into their bedroom. Heidi went over and turned the tall, bright lamp off. That left just the small light on the buffet leaving a soft glow in the room. Everything was quiet except for little sounds we hoped would not disturb the parents. I was really glad Pete had wanted to make me a deal.

I was beginning to wonder just how far things might go. Figuring that Pete had spent the night here before he probably wanted to stay tonight. Now that the parents were probably asleep things kept progressing a little farther. I kept hearing sounds of pleasure coming from Heidi. I was sure that Traute was hearing them, too. I was trying to remember what I had ever heard Pete say about Heidi. I remembered him saying once that she was wild in bed. Back at that time I figured that he was just trying to brag about what they were doing. But maybe, just maybe it was true. If Heidi was being wild in bed and then telling Traute all about it… I wondered what all the good sister was explaining to her little sister.

If that was the case Traute might honestly be wanting to try some bursa escort bayan of those things she had heard about. Oh well, that was dreaming. If Pete and I stayed the night he would be sleeping with Heidi in her bedroom and I was going to end up crashing on the couch when the four of us went to bed. And Traute would be sleeping alone. It was 10:00PM when Pete and Heidi got up off the couch. I could see that her blouse was partway unbuttoned. Pete went to the bathroom. When he came out Heidi went in. They sat back down on the couch.

Traute whispered to me. “Your turn.”

I got up and went to the bathroom getting rid of the last of my wine. When I came back out Pete and Heidi were still sitting on the couch. I was standing there talking to them. Traute came out of the bathroom and walked up beside me taking my hand in hers. Pete and Heidi stood up, said good night and walked into her bedroom. Traute turned to face me. I expected her to kiss me good night and offer me the couch. Was I in for a surprise!

Traute wrapped her arms around my chest pulling me tightly to her. I leaned down to kiss her good night. When we ran out of breath we broke the kiss.

Traute whispered. “Come to bed with me. Help me try new things.”

I was more than just surprised. I was shocked. Here I was in a German farm house with a young girl I had just met today. Her parents were sleeping just across the main room of their house.

Yes, her sister is in bed with Pete but they had been dating for several months. I had been enjoying Traute all day but this was a dream come true! I already knew what I was going to help her try… EVERYTHING! Somehow I wasn’t even thinking about what might happen in the morning when her parents found out that I had spent the night with their youngest daughter. My mind was excitedly trying to think about what she would look like when she was undressed. What if she wanted the lights to be off?

I would just have to use the braille system and my imagination. But seeing her full, firm 36 D breasts would be a fantastic sight. Traute brought me out of my shocked state, leading me into her bedroom.

There was a closet, a dresser, a night table with a lamp on it next to the bed and a wooden chair. The bed surprised me. It was a double bed with a goose down mattress about 8″ thick. It looked really soft and comfortable. I guessed she had turned the lamp on while I was in the bathroom.

She turned around to face me again. “I want to learn… but please go slow and talk to me. I like you.” She gave me the deepest, sexiest kiss of the day. She had me sit in the chair.

With me sitting in the chair she was standing right in front of me. The lamp was bright enough to illuminate her so I could see her clearly. Neither of us was saying anything. Words were not necessary.

Finally I said. “I like you, too. You are beautiful. Show me all of you.”

Traute started by sitting on the edge of the bed removing her shoes and socks. She stood up and slowly unfastened her calf length skirt, seductively pushing it down and stepping out of it. She had a half slip on that ended above her knees.

She slowly pushed it down and stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor with her skirt. She had on regular white cotton panties that were thin enough that I could see her dark bush. My hard dick was about to rip thru my pants!

She turned around slowly letting me look. She must have seen a movie about a stripper. She was acting it out really well. She stood facing me with her feet about a foot apart. She seductively unbuttoned her blouse, pushed it back off her shoulders and just let it fall off her arms onto the floor. Her bra matched her panties, white cotton and thin enough I could see her areola. The bra wasn’t doing a very good job of containing her 36 D breasts.

I thought this is a case of this year’s girl in last year’s bra. I was squirming in the chair trying to get my growing dick in a more comfortable position. She reached back and unhooked her bra. She leaned forward allowing the straps to slide off her shoulders and down her arms as the cups released her beautiful breasts. She stood up straight pushing her marvelous titties out for me. They were showing a little flush of color from her being excited. She wasn’t quite fully matured yet.

Her areolas were the size of silver dollars. The entire area of her areolas and her nipples were puffed out forming little domes on her full breasts. They looked so delicious I could barely resist standing up to hold them in my hands and suck on those puffy nipples. But, she still had her panties on. I forced myself to wait. Traute gave me a little, shy smile. She slowly pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. Just leaving them on the floor. She slowly turned a full circle letting my eyes feast on her young, sexy body.

She walked up close to me and said. “Your turn.” I slowly stood up and started to hug her but she put her hand on my chest keeping me at arm’s length. She whispered. “Wait.”

We traded escort bursa places with her sitting on the chair and me standing about 5 feet in front of her in the same spot where she had stripped for me. I picked up each foot, removing my shoes and socks, leaving them on the floor. To tease her I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, letting it fall to the floor. I turned around once like she had done letting her look at me. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down. As I started to push my pants down her eyes were wide open with a sparkle of anticipation.

She was really surprised when I pushed them all the way down and stood back up. My hard dick was pointing straight at her! I never wore underwear unless I was in uniform. I stepped out of my pants, took one step closer to her and turned a full circle with my dick sticking out hard as a bone.

I whispered as I didn’t want Pete and Heidi to hear me say. “Now, we are both naked.”

She whispered back. “I want us to feel each other’s body…now! Please hold me tight!”

I certainly agreed. We wrapped our arms around each other in a tight embrace that lasted a couple of minutes, trapping her breasts and my hard dick between us. There was a pile of shoes and clothes scattered on the floor. We shared a couple of deep kisses before moving to the bed.

Traute climbed on the bed and lay down on her back on the far side of the bed.

I joined her laying on my side propped up on my elbow looking down at her. We shared a couple more kisses. I started exploring with my free hand caressing her breasts, cupping and gently squeezing them. Her nipples were starting to bump up from my stimulation so I gently pinched each one to tease her.

I asked her. “Has Heidi talked to you about protection?”

She shyly answered. “She told me that they were using a rubber so she would not have a baby. How does a piece of rubber keep Heidi from having a baby?

I still have some other questions.”

“What questions do you still have?” I asked.

She started. “I learned in school that birds have their eggs outside. Like the chickens do. And animals have their eggs inside like the pigs do. I’m confused.

Why do pigs have 8 baby pigs, the dogs have 4 puppies, the bull and the cow make the cow have 1 calf. I know people usually have 1 baby but sometimes have twins. Why is that?” Before I could figure out how to explain all that she went on. “And Heidi tells me how wonderful it feels when Pete plays down there.”

“But she has also told me that the first time it hurt… and she almost didn’t want to do it again. I think I know what she is talking about but I’m not real sure.”

I asked. “Did she explain why it hurt the first time?”

She continued. “No… But about a month ago I was visiting Josef. He lives on the next farm. I kind of like him. I like hugging and kissing him. I like hugging and kissing you. Anyway, we were messing around out in the barn. Sharing hugs and kisses. He reached up under my skirt and put his hand on my panties. He said he wanted to put his fingers there. I know he can’t make me have a baby with his fingers so I told him OK… But just one finger.”

“He slipped his fingers inside my panties and was rubbing me there for a little bit. That felt OK. But when he pushed his finger in me it hurt… so I made him stop! I don’t know if that was what Heidi had talked about or if Josef did something wrong. I know it hurt. Not real bad but I didn’t like it.”

I said. “Let me explain if I can. When a girl is young there is a really thin piece of skin that covers your opening to protect it. When you are grown up and think about having a baby, that skin has to be broken… kind of like popping a balloon. Like the balloon, once it is popped it’s gone. Then a man and a woman can fit together to make a baby. Does that make sense to you now?”

She asked. “Does that mean that it won’t hurt if we do that? I still don’t understand how a piece of rubber keeps Heidi from having a baby. Do you have a rubber with you?”

I replied. “I have a couple of them in my shirt pocket. I like Trojan brand. I will show you how the rubber works when we need one. First I want to help you learn one way a man can give a woman extreme pleasure.”

She quickly said. “If it’s extreme… please go slow.”

I got up and put a pillow half way down the bed. I spoke softly. ” I want you the slide over and sit on the pillow so you are angling across the bed and lay down.”

She had a curious look on her face but sat on the pillow and lay back. I gently spread her legs apart. I leaned down on the bed between her legs and said, “I’m going to kiss you here.” I started with little kisses on her mound and down her outer lips which were starting to puff out and turn pink. She was getting wet.

I spread her outer lips with my thumbs. I licked her slit from all the way at the bottom up to her clit. I teased her for a few minutes. On the next lick I pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. Her hymen was open. She was squirming and biting her lip to be quiet. I took one more lick, stopping at her clit. I pressed my lips firmly around her clit, sucked gently and started flicking it with my tongue.

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