Bob , Angie Pt. 04

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This is the story of an older couple who shared building a business but ran into trouble with their relationship and are getting back together but in a more open manner.

In Part 3 Angie met Bob’s first challenges.

Edited by WindySwimming

Bob takes Angie to Gunnison beach

Bob was up first, showered and started breakfast.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Bob said as Angie joined him. “How about breakfast? I wanted something light after last night’s feast so I just fixed coffee, toast, fruit and yogurt. Is that ok?”

“Sounds good.”

“We need to be on our way,” Bob instructed. “We are going to the beach today.”

“The beach, which beach?” Angie asked.

“Oh you will find out. Wear swimsuit, shorts and I think maybe one of my old white dress shirts, and comfortable shoes. We need lots of sunscreen, towels and blanket. Let’s bring the strongest sunscreen we have for me.”

Angie turns a nice olive color with a little sun. Her biggest concern was to not get too dark. Bob had a lighter complexion and needed to be more careful.

Angie smiled and ate quickly, dressed, and put the stuff Bob indicated in a bag. Bob showered and put on a swimsuit, baggy shorts and a tee shirt. Edward was waiting for them in the lobby wearing shorts, tee shirt and beach shoes talking to the door man.

“Good morning, Mr and Mrs Hall,” Edward greeted them.

“Good morning Edward,” they both said as they got in the car.

As they were leaving town Angie asked, “Where are we going? This looks like the way to the Jersey shore.”

“It is.”

“You know I do need a better swimsuit. This one makes me look old.”

“It doesn’t make you look old but we do need to replace it.”

After about an hour and a half they arrived at Gunnison Beach. Edward pulled up to a spot with a traffic cone very close to the entry of the beach. Next to the cones was a big white truck with three men sitting on the tail gate. One of the men moved the parking cone and Edward pulled in. He got out and hugged each of the guys. They were all slim well-built men, wearing speedos and beach sandals. All three had longish hair but hairless bodies. For lack of a better description they were pretty.

“Ok guys let me introduce Mr and Mrs Hall,” Edward said to the three men. “This is Ernest, Ernesto, and Charles.” Ernest removed his tee shirt. Ernest was a heavily muscle black man about as tall as Angie. Ernesto was Hispanic about the same height as Ernest. Charles and Edward were about six feet tall. All four had six pack abs and obviously gym rats.

“Mr and Mrs Hall you may want to lose your shoes here and wear these beach shoes,” Edward said pointing to some pull on with rubber soles and mesh tops.

“Ok guys grab something and let’s go,” Edward said as he opened the truck of the limo.

There was a lot of stuff coming out of the truck including a large ice chest that Ernest and Ernesto carried, lawn chairs, and bags of stuff. Angie and Bob had their own bag with blankets, towels and the like. It was obviously an all-day event.

Almost immediately Angie saw a sign that said, “Entering Clothing Optional Area.”

“Well I am no longer concerned about my old fashioned swim suit,” Angie said smiling with some trepidation.

The next sign said, “Beware Nude Sunbathers.”

Edward led the way to a cabana set on the boundary of the beach furthest from the water. There was a boardwalk directly behind it. There was a sign on the cabana that said, “Occupied by the Halls. Trespass at your own risk.” The top and back of the cabana was made of white tarp material over a light metal frame. The two sides were a mesh material. The front a thin material pulled to the sides. This setup gave a little privacy but clear view of the beach and ocean while catching the cooling ocean breezes.

“This is yours for the day,” Edward said. “Ernest and Ernesto rent these out by the day. I have taken care of their fee. The chest is full of water, beer and a bottle of white wine. There are also some snacks and sandwiches. Glasses, eating utensils, towels, beach covers, and other items are in this bag. Can you think of anything else you may need?”

“No, I think you have taken care of everything I could imagine,” Bob said as Angie agreed.

“Then time to go native,” Edward said smiling. The guys had their speedos off before Bob and Angie moved. They took Bob and Angie’s clothes as they removed them and placed them in another bag. “Get the sunscreen,” Edward said. “It is important to keep putting the sunscreen on about every hour and make sure your face is covered well. Bob you need to be particularly careful but Mrs H you look like you are already tan. Mind if I call you Mrs H?”

The guys hardly looked her nude body.

“I was going to say call me Angie, but I like Mrs H. But do you call Bob Mr H?”

Edward smiled at Bob saying, “Yes, I do around friends.”

Before Angie knew what was happening Edward had taken her bottle of sunscreen squirted her casino oyna front rubbing from the top. He handed the bottle to Charles who squirted sunscreen across her back. Edward gently rubbed her shoulders and arm while Charles did her upper back. Angie realized that Ernest and Ernesto were doing Bob the same way. Bob did not look particularly comfortable with this but did not say anything. Edward squirted a big glob on one of her giant orbs and started rubbing each in a circular motion till he got to her areola. He took some in his hands and made sure it was covered with an extra thick layer.

“You take the sun well but be careful not to burn your nipples,” Edward instructed. Angie shook her head in acknowledgement. She could not help herself; she was getting excited. Charles had progressed to her ass where he was kneading lotion onto her big ass. He spread over each cheek and made sure to cover in the crease. Edward squirted a stream across the top of her pussy and rubbed from her thighs to her navel. He then took a dollop in his hand and spread her legs a little and rubbed the lotion in from her stomach to the crease of her ass. “This is the area to assure is well covered in lotion. Your pussy lips get sunburned more easily than the rest of you. Trust me I have seen it enough times.” Angie now wanted to be fucked.

They finished on their knees doing Angie’s legs. Charles took her sunscreen and placed it in their beach bag as Edward handed her his sunscreen. “Now my turn.” Angie and Bob had now figured out that Gunnison beach was a friendly place with few limits. Angie repeated what had been done for her on Edward. She was on her knees when she got to his privates Edward said, “Make sure my bad boy and adornments are covered nicely. This is the area where we are most vulnerable.” Angie squirted a big glob on her hand and stroked over the length of his semi hard penis and tip. As she was doing this Charles was covering his ass and legs. She took another glob and rubbed on his hanging testicles.

As she finished she leaned back on her haunches, looked up at Edward and asked, “How was that?”

“I believe that did the job. Thank you Mrs H. Now let’s do Charles. You take his back.”

Angie looked over at Bob who was now doing Ernesto’s back and they smiled each over and shrugged. Charles dick was hard as Edward greased it and his balls. He then gave it a pat and said, “Down boy, you’re in mixed company.”

Charles looked at Angie and said, “Sorry, ma’am. But a bad boy will be bad.”

Angie laughed and said, “That has always been my experience.”

They realized that a young black police officer was watching them. Ernest reached out his hand and said, “Hi, Officer Blake, these are my friends Mr and Mrs Hall. They are here to enjoy our beach. Can you make sure they are protected today?”

Officer Blake smiled, slipped the hundred-dollar bill in his pocket and reached out his hand to Bob saying, “Mr Hall I will be happy to watch your cabana. You are free to do whatever you want on my portion of the beach within reason.”

“Thank you Officer Blake. We appreciate your service,” Bob said as he extended his hand to shake. After they shook Bob got his wallet and added another hundred to Officer’s Blake’s palm.

“Yes sir Mr Hall. You do whatever you want, I will have your back. Ma’am you have fun today and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

“I will Officer,” Angie said with a big smile. “Thanks.” Officer Wilson nodded and went to a position not far from the cabana but on the town side of the boardwalk giving him a full view of the beach.

Ernest said, “The extra hundred was not necessary but in New Jersey more will get you more. The only thing you can’t do now is rape someone.”

There heard singing coming form down the beach. Angie and Bob looked down the beach and realized it was coming from a large tent with all four sides open. Edward said, “Ok boys time for church. There is a church service on the beach that we go to most Sundays, you are welcomed to join us. It is non-denominational but follows the Episcopal Prayer Book. “

Bob looked at Angie to see what she wanted to do. It had been some time since they had been to church but they were Episcopalian. Bob and Angie both thought, It might be good for our relationship to share this. Besides we have to see this.

Without speaking Bob knew Angie was thinking the same thing, “We would be happy to join you.” Bob picked up the bag with their clothes just in case and followed the boys to the tent. There were folding chairs with an aisle down the middle. The service bulletin was laying on the chairs under a hymnal. The front left side was obviously the gay and lesbian section with about twenty of the fifty attendees seated there. There were three lesbian couples, while the remainder were men. There was a little over thirty straights mostly couples. Bob and Angie sat in the back row left side next to a very attractive black couple. They were the only people on this row with the other canlı casino rows almost full.

The service began as the song leader announced the processional song. The congregation sang, a female priest and two male lay service people marched down the aisle. The priest was wearing a white robe with the proper vestments while the two lay people were nude. The priests robe was very thin and nearly transparent. She was older and overweight. It was one of the oddest things Angie and Bob had ever seen.

The service went as normal with readings and a short homily. The homily’s theme was about accepting people’s differences. Then came the peace. At the peace it is normal to shake hands and say, “Peace be to God,” or some variant with the people around you. Here there was much more joy and everyone hugged everyone else. In the commotion they lost track of who was gay and who was not and for that matter, who grabbed your ass. Angie realized she had been groped more than a few times.

The black couple introduced themselves at the peace as Shanice and DeShawn Jones. She looked like a darker version of Meg Ryan only with a large and muscular nicely shaped butt and legs. Her color was only slightly darker than Angie’s olive skin. Bob thought her butt was her best feature along with eyes that were very alive. She was five foot four and had perky C cup breasts. She was very striking and absolutely sexy.

DeShawn was a large muscular man that Angie thought had to be an athlete. He was as tall a Bob but far more muscular, with muscles that ran across his stomach, from his sides to his groin, and very muscular legs. He had to weigh 230 pounds. He was a handsome man even with no hair on his head. Sort of an LL Cool J type.

The collection plate was passed with Bob putting five hundred in the plate. Angie noticed that DeShawn put in a couple hundred. Angie was sure DeShawn noticed Bob’s donation. The service followed the standard Episcopal liturgy, ending with a processional of the priests and servers marching down the aisle to the back as the congregation sang.

Bob and Angie could not sing very well but Shanice and DeShawn could really sing.

As the song finished, Bob looked at DeShawn saying, “Man you guys can really sing.”

DeShawn said, “Thank you, are you guys from around here?”

“We live in Manhattan. You?” They stepped out to the side.

“We live in Newark,” DeShawn answered. “Probably takes you only a little longer to get here than us. Is this your first time?”

“Yes, it is,” chimed in Angie. Before she could ask anything else, Edward and the boys came up.

“Sorry to interrupt but we are going to our section of the beach,” Edward said. “We will be in that direction. Mr H just text me when you are ready to go or need anything. The guys tell me there is a big barbeque going on in the gay section of the beach if you want to join us for lunch.”

Bob looked at Angie, DeShawn and Shanice, “You guys want to find a restaurant where we can sit down in the shade and enjoy a meal?”

DeShawn looked at Shanice who said, “That sounds good to me.”

DeShawn shook his head yes. Edward smiled and said, “Sometime this afternoon you should come see how the other half lives. I think you would find it interesting.”

“We will do that,” Angie answered for Bob who nodded his approval.

“There is a small open air restaurant that serves a great hoagie and cold beer. Make sure to try their cold slaw. Take the boardwalk, it will be an easier walk.”

“Sounds good,” Bob said.

The boys walked off. As they did the priest came up now not wearing anything. She said, “I am so glad the four of you came to the service today. I hoped you enjoyed it.”

Shanice spoke with one of the sexiest voices Bob and Angie had heard, “DeShawn and I certainly did. My name is Shanice but most people call me Shan. This is Bob and Angie.”

“Have you known each other long?” the priest asked?

“Just met at the service,” Angie said. “But something tells me we are going to be good friends.” Shan smiled at Angie and shook her head in the affirmative.

“My name is Mildred,” the priest said, “If you must Reverend Mulholland but I really prefer Mildred.”

“Good to meet you Mildred,” Angie and Shan said in unison.

“Please come back to Gunnison Beach and our service anytime,” Mildred said. “Can I borrow the boys for just a minute?”

“Sure,” again Angie and Shan said in unison, Angie put an arm around Shan and they both giggled.

Mildred took Bob and DeShawn by the arms, walked them some little ways off and held on to them as she said a few words followed by a quiet prayer.

“I wonder what that is about?” Shan asked.

“No idea.” As she finished her prayer, hugged both these tall good looking men and they walked back to Shan and Angie.

Mildred said, “May God bless you all.” She turned and left.

After Mildred was out of ear shot Shan asked, “What was that about?”

“She wanted to thank us for our contribution,” kaçak casino DeShawn answered. “She then said a prayer to bless the gift and us and described how important she thought this ministry was, mainly bringing religion to people who usually are excluded. I don’t know about Bob but it made me feel good to be here.”

“I agree,” Bob said.

“Now I am starving,” DeShawn said as he rubbed his stomach. “I am a big boy and I need to eat.” It was almost one o’clock so they were all hungry.

As Angie looked at DeShawn she saw a really big ripped boy. It was probably an illusion but she thought his dick was hanging down a third of the way to his knee. It was a monster flaccid, she could not imagine what it looked like hard and excited. The thought made her groin twitch. She imagined being ravaged by this giant. She also wondered how Shan took this. She was not big except her butt. She also noticed Bob looking Shan up and down and could feel DeShawn’s eye looking her up and down. Shan had her pubic hair waxed except for a heart shaped patch just above her slit and pointing down to it. The thick curly hair was trimmed short and died purple.

Bob broke the stares they were all in when he demanded, “Let’s go find that restaurant or we will have to get rescued.” So they went on their way with Bob and DeShawn in front followed by Angie and Shan.

As they were walking and talking they found out they did have a lot in common. DeShawn a few years older than Shan, DeShawn was an accountant with a MBA, Shan was an English teacher, and no children. When Bob found out DeShawn was an accountant he asked, “What firm?”

“I started a firm located in Newark a few years ago,” DeShawn said with pride. “You.”

“Angie and I started a firm located in Manhattan over twenty years ago.”

“Did you say your last name is Hall?” DeShawn asked.

“That’s right.”

“Don’t tell me you are the primary in Hall Partners, LLP,” DeShawn said with his eyes open wide.

“That’s us,” Bob said. “How did you know?”

“I studied how you started up,” DeShawn said, “hoping it would help me and it has. I hate to ask this but would you mind spending part of your Sunday discussing business.”

“We just lost them,” Shan said to Angie.

“Yes we have but let’s give them a little room. I am interested in finding out more about you. I love how you do your pubic hair.”

Shan reached down and touched the heart saying, “Thanks, what do you think of the purple?”

“I like it,” Angie answered. “Do you change the color?”

“Yes, often,” Shan smiled. “I like to keep it interesting for DeShawn. He never knows what he will find when he opens the package.”

Wow!” Angie exclaimed. “That sounds like a good idea. I had laser treatment on my pubic area some time ago making it bald. I was glad I did because my bush was very thick, black and ugly. I never thought of doing something like you did.”

Shan answered, “You have a beautiful pussy. Those fat lips are very sexy. Men stare at you all the time. I wax so it takes some effort to have it look like this. Of course being black my hair is thick, dark and curly like you described. Without doing something, I don’t like how it looks. However, I like how this look.”

They were coming up to the restaurant so Angie and Shan stopped that discussion, as Bob said, “Here is the restaurant. How does this look?”

They all agreed this looked okay.

Most people were wearing a shirt so they also but on shirts but did not bother with buttoning them up.

As they were seated Bob asked the girls, “You girls seemed to be talking up a storm. What have you girls been talking about?”

Shan and Angie looked at each other smiled, Shan said, “Girl stuff.”

Bob nodded. DeShawn and Bob had beer while Shan and Angie shared a bottle of white wine that was not great but did the job of giving them a buzz.

The guys talked mainly about business while Angie and Shan found out a lot about their families and more personal things. With the wine was finished they decided it was time to go back. DeShawn and Bob had lost count of how many beers they had.

“We have a cabana set up,” Bob announced. “You guys want to join us and enjoy the rest of the day with us?” Bob asked. “After all we came to enjoy the beach.”

“That sounds good to us,” Shan and DeShawn said. They removed their shirts and headed back to the cabana with Angie and Shan walking in front. Angie did not have to look back to know DeShawn was staring at her prominent ass and Bob was studying Shan. Bob was fantasizing about fucking this black beauty.

The conversation continued all the way to the cabana. When they got there DeShawn said, “Let us go get our stuff if you guys are serious about sharing your spot. You really have a good set up here.”

“We seriously want you to join us,” Angie said without giving Bob a chance to veto. Bob smiled to himself as he had observed Angie looking at DeShawn’s massive dick.

As they were out of ear shot Bob asked, “Think you can take it?”

Before Angie thought she said, “I sure want to try!” She immediately but her hand over her mouth with surprise. Bob laughed hard. She said laughing, “Did I say that out loud?”

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