Black Psychiatry for Beginners

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“Miss Jasper, after due analysis, it has come to my attention that your fear of anal sex is rooted deep in your subconscious, I feel that in order to overcome this rather irrational fear, you need to confront it in the most vivid way possible,” Dr. Jean-Luc Charles said in that deep baritone voice of his as he looked at his patient, self-styled diva, University of Ottawa campus queen and apparent neurotic mess Bianca Jasper.

In his decade of practicing psychiatry, Dr. Charles couldn’t remember dealing with a more beautiful yet disturbed individual. Seriously, Bianca Jasper’s love-them-and-leave-them attitude in her dealings with women and men, her need to dominate others in her social life and her hidden submissive desires and fascination with dominant men, well, Dr. Charles couldn’t imagine a more complex and disturbed young woman if he tried.

The two of them were in Dr. Charles office in the Bay Street sector of downtown metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario. As was his custom, the good doctor patiently waited for his quirky patient’s response. Dr. Charles, trained in psychiatry at McGill University, had seen many cases of neurotic sex addicts but Bianca Jasper was unique. This was a case Dr. Charles found most challenging…and perplexing.

This wasn’t the good doctor’s first hay ride. There was something about Bianca Jasper which Dr. Charles found…mesmerizing. And dangerous. He was initially reluctant to take on a patient like Bianca Jasper, a six-foot-tall, curvy and beautiful young black woman of Jamaican descent who was bursa escort plagued with sex addiction and a ton of neuroses. Still, the good doctor liked a challenge, and Bianca was all that and then some.

“Yes sir, I absolutely concur,” Bianca said in a sultry voice, raising her smooth brown legs in the air and fingering her already wet cunt as Dr. Charles filled her asshole with his long, thick and glistening dark dick. The feel of Dr. Charles throbbing dick in her asshole was like no other sensation Bianca had ever felt. Who knew the tall, bespectacled, middle-aged Haitian psychiatrist had such masculine prowess left in him?

“Good, now open yourself up to me, my dear,” Dr. Charles said, and he gently sucked on Bianca’s toes. Taking a deep breath, Bianca willed her asshole to open further to accommodate the bulk of Dr. Charles thick Haitian dick. In her twenty three years, Bianca Jasper had been with handsome, virile men of all hues, but she’d never been with a brother from the island of Haiti before. If Dr. Charles here was any indication of what Haitian men were like, then Bianca definitely wanted to visit that island.

“Yes sir, your dick feels real good in my ass, sir,” Bianca murmured, rubbing her tits together and pinching her nipples as she looked up at Dr. Charles. Clad in a dark gray suit, blue silk shirt, black tie and black silk pants which were around his ankles at the moment, the forty-year-old black male psychiatrist looked virile, masculine and handsome. And his thick dark dick was serving the hell out of Bianca’s bursa escort bayan ass, fulfilling her anal cravings and subduing her fears.

“Just like I promised it would,” Dr. Charles said, and without another word he thrust two fingers into Bianca’s wet cunt, causing the young Jamaican woman to gasp in surprised pleasure. Grinning wickedly, Dr. Charles twisted his fingers this way and that inside Bianca’s cunt, roughly exploring the young woman’s pussy with his thick digits. Bianca winced, and gritted her teeth. The twin sensations of Dr. Charles two fingers in her cunt while his long and thick dick filled her asshole thrilled her like nothing else ever had, and she squealed in delight.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m going to cum,” Bianca said, squealing loudly and writhing madly on Dr. Charles fine oaken desk, her gorgeous, voluptuous body covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Moments later she came, her wet, hairy cunt oozing hot girly cum. Dr. Charles gathered the trembling, screaming Bianca in his arms, until the sensations wracking her lovely nubile form subsided.

“Are you alright my dear?” Dr. Charles asked, cupping Bianca’s chin and looking into the young Jamaican woman’s chestnut eyes. What mysteries lay just beyond those orbs, the doctor wondered. Bianca nodded slowly, and a wicked smile spread across her lovely face. Dr. Charles finally pulled his dick out of Bianca’s asshole and the Caribbean vixen winced as she felt suddenly empty, the good doctor’s magnificent penis having exited her backdoor.

“I feel fine, doc, escort bursa I just feel empty without your D in me,” Bianca whispered, and Dr. Charles hugged her tenderly, until the moment passed. A few minutes later, Bianca Jasper put her clothes back on and stood before Dr. Charles, who looked at her with more than a trace of admiration. Clad in a black vest over a white blouse, dark gray Capri pants and stylish black heels, Bianca Jasper looked every bit the modern woman…and then some.

“See you next week, and take care of that booty for me,” Dr. Charles said, grinning, and Bianca Jasper froze and stared at him, perhaps peeved at his temporary breach of protocol. As sudden as it came, Bianca’s indecision vanished and she smiled, then planted a kiss on Dr. Charles lips, and he smiled and kissed her back, and then, without a word, she walked out of his office, and headed for the elevator down the hall.

“That was fun,” Bianca Jasper whispered to herself as she rode the elevator down to the street below. As she made her way to the nearby parking lot where her Lexus awaited, the young Jamaican woman felt a pleasurable burn in her bottom, where the good doctor’s steely dick all but branded her. Dammit, the good doctor was something else. Well worth the price of admission…

Smiling, Bianca Jasper drove to the University of Ottawa campus, where the sorority sisters over whose lives she presided anxiously awaited her presence. Wielding power over ordinary mortals who were impressed with her beauty, fierce intelligence and wealth gave Bianca Jasper enormous pleasure. Running a sorority was a lot of fun. As their Pledge Mistress, it was Bianca Jasper’s duty to put the nascent sisters through a special kind of hell, and she was looking forward to it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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