Ben’s Wild Night

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The rain was coming down in lively sheets as I drank the last bit of my beer. It was closing time at the cafe and as the waitresses counted their tips and split them over the few free beers that were allotted to us, I watched the rain from the big picture window fall so hard it that it seemed to wash the world away.. Audibly I remarked that a taxi was in order.

Cindy, heard me and made herself available for the share. “Hey, that makes two of us.” she said loudly, waving a tan arm in the air for recognition , as if I called attendance or something. “I’ll call it up right now!”, she exclaimed and leaped almost straight up in the air. The payphone’s receiver was off the hook and in a long fingernailed hand in a second. Cindy talked quickly in her soft voice. Her teeth gleamed perfectly thought a quick smiling mouth. She tossed her shoulder length reddish brown hair as she talked, making fast flirty movements with hands. The perfect long nails on the tips of her fingers reflected the candle lights on the cafe’s checkered tabletops as they twirled.

Looking at her made my eyes hurt. She was a long limbed, petite, but full bodied angel. I had fallen in lust the moment I laid eyes on her. On that fateful day. I introduced myself as Benjiman Wier and she just laughed that little girl laugh and said that she would just call me Ben. I would come to call her Cindy, as everyone else did. She was quick to be a friend, and that was to my young tender soul more torture than I could bear. But I was after all Nineteen and women w ere still the biggest mystery in my life. I had my share of teenage romps in girlfriends living rooms, while the parents slept upstairs. Or the occasional quick oral fixation in that not so secret place in my old high school. But that was not enough to pierce the veil that all women young or old had holding just above their collected faces.

She bounced off the phone and to my side, slipping a that cool arm around my waist she told me to watch for the cab while she got her things and peed. I nodded and tried really hard not to hold her and kiss her while she stood there next to me. “Hey, hey Ben? Are you okay?” She pushed a brown lock of her hair out of her face as she said it. I felt the heat of her as one of her full breasts pushed softly against my arm. I pushed the distraction away . “No, no I’m cool…consider the eyes peeled!” I watched her bounce away again into the cool darkness of the cafe. Her round full bottom calling for my attention.

Luckily my things were already with me. I had the dubious honor of working as a dishwasher. To be honest it was messy work that left me stinking like food after my 6 hour shift was over. Clean up at the end of the night was an unsightly chore. The saving grace was the pay ( it was off the books) and of course Cindy. I had changed as quickly as I could after the clean up work was done. I wave of exhaustion hit me and I realized that I just wanted to go home.

The Honking of the cab broke me out of my stupor. Cindy grabbed my arm and pushed open the door. She and I yelled our good-bye’s as we dashed though the sheets of cold fall rain to the waiting cab. I closed the door behind me and fell deep into the warm leather of the cab right next to Cindy as she shook the water out of her shoulder hair and let out a “BRRR” of disapproval.

I gave the driver the directions to my place. It was always first anyway. I only lived about Two miles away and would take the bus if not for their scarcity at this time of night or the weather or any other excuse I could use to share a cab with Cindy. I was beginning to wonder if she was on to me yet.

She spread out in her space next to me. Giving herself to the heat of the cab and opening her jacket. Then casino oyna exposing the full roundness of her breasts through her white shirt as she arched her back and shunted the jacket off her shoulders. “Man its hot in here!” She waved her Red tipped hands in front of her face. I had to pull of my anorak in agreement. I thought I caught something , some kind of expression on her face, as I pulled my head out of my anorak. It was the first time I had ever seen that look in her light brown eyes. What could it had been? Hunger? Interest? Gas?

It was right about here that I began to understand that this would not be another ordinary trip home. The mystery began to clear when Cindy asked me out right ,” So how long have you been working out with weights?”

“Oh I guess since school started again. What a month now? I thought I needed some time in the gym. I guess I was right huh?” I said as casually as I could. I was always a spry, healthy child and to my surprise my spryness turned quickly with the end of my teen years into a strength of form. My chest was full and my arms round with muscles. But I was not very active during the summer and decided that time in my College’s gym would be time well spent. Cindy’s remarks were payment enough.

“It’s paying off aright. I just noticed how big your chest has gotten. I mean it was always big but now it s all muscular. You know, Buff.” The word “‘Buff’ rolled around her red lipsticked mouth with a ton o f gusto. She was touching her full upper lip with a long fingernail as she said it. The mischief in her eyes was unbounded. I was almost taken aback when she reached over and placed her hand on my chest and began to softly rub it through the cotton T-shirt. Almost but not quite.

“OOOO, Ben nice and hard! Your girl friend must be having a good time with you!” Cindy knew that I had broken up with Donna months ago but I reminded her anyway. Voice trailing it away with the bad news. Donna was a very smart and pretty girl, she liked being with me but somehow didn’t like me. I caught her with my best friend on a date. On a night she had just blown me off. It was a crushing blow.

“Oh yeah, that’s right Ben. Sorry.” The “sorry” didn’t ring very true in the back of a hot cab as she pressed her hand against my chest. I knew I was turning red so out of sheer embarrassment I dropped my head to get a better look at the floor of the cab. At this moment I found out where Cindy’s other hand was. Her skirt was hitched just enough to let me see that her hand was making slow and deft movements over her panty less crotch. In the low light inside the cab I could just make out the outline of her pouting pink pussy lips under the brush of reddish brown curls of pubic hair. My eyes couldn’t have been wider or my surprise greater. My slack jaw made it hard to form words, so Cindy helped me out in bubbly but sexy low tones. ” Oh I don’t like underwear very much, besides I like the way pantyhose feels on my pussy. It keeps it nice and moist all day. Almost as much as thinking of you, Ben. I know you want me. I can see you try to hide it. Its so sweet. It made me start looking at you differently, Ben. And you are sooo cute. Especially that ass. All the girls love it.”

The hand that was on my chest moved down to my crotch and curled around the bulge in my jeans. ” Nice pants.” Cindy breathed though a slight silly smile. Her beautiful brown eyes haughtingly asked what I was waiting for.

Although full of trepidation, I turned in my seat enough to look at her in all her womanly splendor before I dove in. My lips leapt to her lips, crushing them with full force. Her hot tongue flew into my open mouth. She tasted of burgundy and the cafe’s tomato basil biscuits. Her favorite after canlı casino work meal. I pulled up her shirt from her tight black mini skirt and reached under it. Flipping the bra’s cup to the side, I palmed a waiting breast in my cool damp hands. As I felt the nipple expand against my open palm, Cindy let out a low moan. Her hand had slipped into my pants and was handling my cock softly. She began to pump it with calculated precession. I had dreamed of this moment in so many ways that to be deeply entrenched in its reality was almost enough to make my blow my wad right there.

Then the cab stopped. “That’s 5 bucks kids.” the driver said ambiguously. Cindy pulled herself together quickly as I reached into my pants pocket for the money. She was out of the cab and into the rain as I slapped the fare and tip into the open slot in the cab’s Plexiglas divider. As the cab spun away I ran under the awning of my parents old brownstone and fumbled for the keys. Our eyes locked in almost desperation as the time ticked by. The key found the lock and door opened, letting us tumble into the foyer. As I locked the door behind me and switched on the light, I heard an audible gasp followed by a stifled chuckle. Cindy had her hand over her mouth and was pointing down at something. I looked down and was surprised to see my cock suspended , bouncing back in forth In front of me like a buoy on rough seas.

Cindy stopped chuckling and gave me a very serious look. She pushed me with both hands against the foyer wall and got on her knees in front of me, inhaling my cock into her mouth in an instant. The pleasure was almost overwhelming. She sucked on the head of cock hard, as she stroked its body with one hand. I placed my hands on her head and began to play with her soft hair. As quickly as she started she stopped. She stood up and turned opening the door and stepping into my living room as if she lived there. As I turned on the lights, Cindy had already walked a few feet ahead of me and dropped her bag on the floor. She was working the zipper on her skirt and slightly bending forward pulled it over her wonderful round ass. I watched the skirt as it tracked down her impossibly long legs to the floor. The darkness between her ass cheeks beckoned me. She looked over her shoulder with a sly smile and wiggled her hips.

I threw off my jacket and got on my knees behind her. My face and hands pressing against the heat of her ass cheeks. I inhaled the her scent through the pantyhose as I began to run my hands up and down her perfectly shaped thighs and legs. Cindy was braced herself against a wall and breathed heavily, as I began to press my tongue against the pubes of her mound. Tasting the sharp sweetness of her pussy through the soft roughness of the pantyhose. Cindy began to press my head deeper into her ass cheeks and I began to wonder how long I could go without breathing. Suddenly, she pulled my head away and turned around. Taking her shirt and bra off, she released her ample breasts into the coolness of the room and walked over to the couch. She sat down and started to cup and massage her breasts and nipples with both hands. She Lingered on her nipples with her thumb and forefinger, her mouth grinning a sly grin. “Do you like my tits.” she asked almost growling.

I nodded briskly as I knocked my sneakers off my feet and tugged at my pants. “Are you going to show me baby. Show me how much you like my tits.” Her face took on an urgency that was painful for me to look at . Finally, with all my clothes off, I kneeled in front of her. I took one of the puffed, brown, half dollar sized aerole into my mouth. I sucked on the nipple with full force as Cindy braced herself against the couch with both hands. My hands gripped her small waist kaçak casino as she moaned in ecstasy. One breast then the other fell into my licking and sucking maw. They were like large fruit that were my only sustenance and I drank them in deeply. Her hands were all over my head and face. They crushed my hair this way and that as the exclamations flew from her pretty mouth.

I couldn’t wait any longer and neither could she. She pulled on my hair until my face turned to look into her deep brown eyes. ” I want you to fuck me hard now.” She hissed thought her teeth. She stood up and then half pulled half tore the pantyhose off her body. She then turned around, put her knees on the couch and spread them enough so I could see her open pussy mound invitingly before me, thick brown and red curls surrounding it like a reef. She was rubbing it with her hand. I could smell it’s heady aroma fill the air. I held my cock in one hand and placed the other on her fine, round ass. “Come on baby. Yeah, put that hard cock inside me baby. I’ve been waiting for it for so long.” I almost came hearing those words come out of her mouth. I positioned myself behind her and slowly began to guide my cock to her pussy.

The head of my eight inches pushed up into her pink pussy lips. I rubbed them a little luxuriating in their feel, then I broke into her warmth with a slight wiggle of my cock’s head. Cindy let out a sigh, then she bucked her hips against me, sinking my steel hard member almost midway into her pussy. I groaned loudly as I moved deeper into that amazingly tight warm tunnel. I began to pump myself in and out of her with a slow rhythm. My balls slapping against her as I went. She reached underneath and cupped them. I groaned and kept going, reaching over and groping her tits as I went. ” Oh yeah!” Cindy yelped as she began bucking harder against my cock. Her nails clenching into my ass as we pushed the session into a higher gear.

I began to feel something stirring deep in my balls, but I didn’t want to give into it yet. I pinched her nipples hard as her ass bucked against my man meat. She looked over her shoulder her mouth half open. “Baby, rub my clit.” She pleaded with me over her shoulder. ” If you do, I’ll come so very hard, baby.” Her voice was light and sing song. How could I refuse her? My hand flew from her nipple to her wet hot button. I began rubbing against it with my thumb with even pressure. My thumb slipped back and forth over her clit. Cindy began to gasp for breath.

At this point, Cindy was bracing herself against the wall above the couch. The couch itself was bouncing back and forth against the wall, and its springs made loud squelching noises as we continued our pleasure race. Cindy tossed her head back and hissed “Yes, baby Oh yes.”, though gritted teeth. I was pulling on her hair with one hand as if it was the most natural thing, while still rubbing her clit raw with the other hand. Cindy suddenly stiffened with orgasm. Her head arching up toward the ceiling. There was a brief moment of timelessness and then she rammed her ass against my cock with a new ferocity.

Pounding it hard and fast into the deepest parts of her love canal. Her hands holding on to the couch cushions on either side of her. I felt the beginning of the end start boiling out of my balls. We both came to a complete and total halt at once. My hands clenched on her hips for support as my roiling seed burned like molten lava out of the tip of cock and deep inside her. I bucked my cock a few more times before falling down on my side on the blue carpet. Cindy fell next to me, her breathing shallow and her face glowing with satisfaction. I pulled her close, and we kissed tenderly on the lips for what seemed like long time before we fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning in each others arms, smelling of sex and sweat. She didn’t wait a minute before asking me if I wanted seconds with a mischievous grin. She didn’t have to ask me twice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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