Band Mates of Self-Gratification

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The skinny talk show host with the tacky blue suit placed the album cover in front of the camera and told the audience when they could buy the band’s music. The old man made an involuntary gesture with his lips, and then introduced Self-Gratification.

The lights focused on the stage, and the band burst into a heavy combination of electric bass and resonating drums. The guitarist burned an eerie melody as the drummer and bassist pounded a beat that could tear through your very soul. Things flashed bright and the music stopped. A sole spotlight flickered on, and a thin gothic figure appeared. Like a matador that had just side-stepped the most vicious of bulls, he trudged towards the center. His nail polished hands took hold of his microphone and he sized up the crowd for a moment. He was wearing black skinny jeans that matched his black, skin-tight t-shirt. Furthermore, his sneakers were black as well, along with his black punk-like bracelets. The pale boy had sleek, red and black hair that swooped over a heavily shadowed eye. The figure is the band’s leading man, and his name is Aiden Thaddist. The audience roared with the desire to hear the rock star’s sexy screech, and he wailed off his signature, “Self!” The band heard the war cry and sped back to life. The singer’s deliberate movements immediately spun into quick, effeminate gestures that seemed to be imbued with an incredible sense of life.

As always, the sun-starved eighteen year-old gave a performance that would be remembered forever. Thaddist was a presence that simply couldn’t be ignored onstage. Off of it, however, was a different story. Drugs and sex usually snubbed out the god-like energy that possessed him during his musical endeavors. He took a bow and then stood next to the quirky host that was thanking everyone at home for watching. The show’s director gave the off-air signal, and Aiden collided into another one of the band’s many hit numbers. Throughout the set the rock star noticed a girl that was in the first row. She was blonde haired, had an innocent face, and was truly mesmerizing. The groupie was the only one in the crowd that wasn’t going wild—she simply stood there, watching.

Somewhere between the songs “I’ve got my hand” and “Touch me too,” Aiden decided that he would fuck that girl tonight. After the autographs, after the pics, and after the hugs with his legends of fans, he would have that blonde’s amazing lips on his cock. The pretty-boy waved to show his people that he had enough of the crowd, and he was escorted to his bus. As he was about to climb the stairs of the expensive vehicle, a voice called out his name. Normally something like that wouldn’t have stopped him, but he allowed himself to halt, for he knew the voice belonged to the girl. The gothic prince turned and made eye contact with her. She froze, not quite sure what to say to Aiden Thaddist, her all time fav vocalist.

The groupie boarded Self -Gratification’s tour bus and began undressing; each of her round and firm breasts was capped with an erect nipple. Her eyes asked Thaddist if he wanted what she had to offer. He did. The now shirtless rock star removed the syringe’s needle from his vein, undid the tie-off, and threw himself on the leather sofa where the young canlı bahis girl named Katie was sitting. She kissed his slender torso and slid off the couch, putting herself in the oral sex position. The girl’s delicate hands unraveled the front man’s gothic belt, and unzipped his tight jeans– his exposed underwear were beginning to feel the pressure of a stern erection. Through this Katie and Aiden were by no means alone. The lead singer shared this particular bus with Mark Oak, the band’s bassist. Mark was watching intently with a hand down his pants. I wish I were Aiden.

The girl was wearing nothing but white-lace panties when she slid Thaddist’s boxers just above his knees. The pretty-boy had sweetly groomed pubes, and a tattoo on his right thigh that read Love Me— the tatt was the only thing that marred his otherwise pure body. The punk rocker’s status as a musical god had led Katie to believe that he was well endowed—maybe an entire foot long. But she soon discovered that he was more like half a ruler (Five and three quarters of an inch to be exact). His penis was circumcised, slightly angled to the left, and begging Katie to take it with her glossy lips. At this point the girl was too drenched in lust to be disappointed. She kissed Aiden’s cock and took one of his testicles in her warm succulent mouth. In a matter of seconds she had to let go, for his pink, velvety scrotum became tight. The groupie was eager to please, and so she opened her mouth wide and took in all of the singer. Her mouth slid back and forth, her tongue twirled up and down, and her hands stroked round and round. The rock star took hold of her head, and his face contorted the way it would when he wailed onstage; it signaled to all that he was cumming. His hot jizz spewed out of his dick and down Katie’s throat. The boy hadn’t had sex in two days, (he had been too busy doping himself up) and so when he climaxed, it was an explosion in every sense of the word.

Katie was both pleased, and very irritated. On one hand, she rather enjoyed Aiden’s semen as it gushed into her mouth. The gooey substance was for the briefest moment an entire notch above ecstasy. On the other hand, the cum on her tongue quickly began to grow salty, and it didn’t take long for her to be reminded of snot. It was too late though, for she had already swallowed the vast majority of the love-fluid. The icky feeling that the jizz created in the back of her throat immediately nauseated her. Katie removed herself from him, and the sickness in her chest killed the disappointment she felt when the leading man had finished so soon.

The stocky guy that had been watching the gothic Thaddist get head from the pretty Katie was almost at the boiling point. His stiffy was feeling raw, and beginning to chafe from the lack of lubrication. Very quickly, Oak spat on his right hand and continued to jerk away, as his left massaged his short, brown pubes. Watching his band mate get his dick sucked by the groupie was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. Too bad Aiden was lacking endurance. Although, his friend’s semen dripping down the blonde’s chin was truly a sight. He replayed the facial in his mind as his chubby hand stroked his sizable cock, but it wasn’t the same. Mark needed some live bahis siteleri action to flag-off to.

Aiden couldn’t believe that he had cum so quickly. As soon as the intense pleasure from the orgasm subsided, he was washed from head to toe with embarrassment. Fuck, and his bassist had seen it too. The girl didn’t seem to be disappointed, though. She did, however, look sick. The rock star zipped up and re-did his gothic belt. He asked her if she was okay, and the girl said she was—he didn’t press on. The front man walked her over to the bed and laid her down. He wiped away some of the guy-liner that had smeared into his piercing blue eyes, and trudged to the bathroom.

The girl was asleep, Thaddist was in the restroom, and Mark was still horny. Self-Gratification’s bassist watched Katie laying face down with a lust in his eyes that was powerful enough to be creepy… real creepy. He saw that her ass was so fucking perfect, and that her flawless buttocks were connected to killer hips, which are a part of an awesomely flat belly. Oh, and those perky, milky white breasts—the pervert bit his lip in red-hot desire. Oak wanted to so badly go over there to that bed, rip off those sexy panties, and give it to the girl the way a real man would. Not like that pretty-boy, Aiden. Yeah, the Leading man and him are friends and everything, but he had to face it… his band mate was a sissy amateur when it came down to fucking.

Shit! How Mark wanted to make his way over there and kiss those stern nipples. How he wanted to move his lips down to the groupie’s hot pussy, where he would spend an hour lubricating her. Then he’d press his big seven-inch cock through her swollen vaginal lips. His hungry boner would finally feel the liquid embrace of the young girl’s wet cunt. The thick stiffy would challenge her pussy to stretch as wide and deep as it could. Oak’s vein covered prick would go in and out without the fear if its cum escaping anytime soon. The blonde would moan uncontrollably as they viciously went at it all night. Then they’d…

Then they’d nothing. She would scream at the first sight of his obvious beer belly. Maybe even laugh at his bulbous noise, and beady little eyes. His stupid facial hair certainly didn’t help any. The fact of the matter is that someone like Oak would never have wild, passionate sex with someone like Katie. Girls like her are for guys like Aiden. It’s not fair! This is so not fair. He took a deep breath and walked over there anyway. By this point the stocky loser was completely absorbed by lust; she was gonna get his love whether she wanted it or not. The bassist ignored his ill-fitting tee and went straight for the baggy jeans he was wearing. His string strumming hands tossed his pants to the side and dropped his plaid boxers to his ankles. The ugly faced rapist let his saliva drool out of his mouth and dribble onto his dick. His eyes glazed over in lust and he gave himself a hard stroke as he thought of the things to come. Images of breasts and firm asses flashed on and off in Mark’s head. The random shots of pornography were more than enough to drive him closer and closer to the very brink of submission. Scenes of penetration plagued the bassist’s eyes like a disease, and he got to the point bahis şirketleri where he was boiling hot.

Over the years the vicious man had seen Thaddist fuck so many women, so many times. Oak would always lurk in the shadows and watch the rock star’s cock as massively drenched cunts swallowed it. The moans and gasps of sheer pleasure surrounded him, making sure that Mark could hear nothing but the rhythm of his own desire. Many of those times the stocky loser would give into the temptation and let his inner hunger dominate him, his hand then being his only form of release. But many other times he would just watch, completely hypnotized by the girl his band mate was fucking. Totally mesmerized by the way she was able to make the front man scream. His lead singer would close his eyes and grind his teeth, as the groupie would clench the punk rocker’s dick with her anus. She would push back on his friend so instinctively, that it made Mark curse his god for not letting him be Aiden. The gothic Thaddist would cum, but the girl he was with would never be satisfied. Oak knew this because he could see the lust remain in their eyes—the same fire that burned within him.

While the pathetic bassist was gawking at Katie, the pretty-boy was staring at him self in the mirror. The rock star’s face was even paler than it usually is, and his cry-at-any-moment visage was all the more real. When he walked into the bathroom he was a little embarrassed that he had ejaculated so soon, but he wasn’t on the verge of balling like a child because of that. The sorrow that Thaddist felt was a part of something much more elusive. He wrote in one of his lesser known songs how his agonizing numbness comes from both—nowhere… and everywhere. The boy was living the dream of so many, and somehow that just wasn’t enough. Every single one of his days was filled with what others view as exciting and fun, but he wasn’t able to appreciate any of it. He didn’t care about the money, about the fame, or even about the girls. The singer in the end was a poser, pretending to be alive, when in fact he has been dead the entire time. One blink.

One blink is all that it would take to cause the tears that Aiden held back to be set free. One blink is all that it would take for him to realize that he has become every thing he promised himself to never be. With all of his remaining strength, which granted was not much, he held back that inevitable blink. He held it back so long that his eyes no longer stung from being open so much, but instead they held a continuous throbbing in them that told him that he wasn’t yet completely absorbed by the numbness. The boy didn’t have to wonder how much longer he could keep his directionless gaze steady… he knew that he would falter at any moment. And when he did, the shiny razor in his hand would make sure that not just tears flowed from the blink, but blood as well.

The stocky man with the beer-belly was literally standing before the bed that the blonde groupie was sleeping in, and his intention was vulgar—his intention was rape. But what if during the forceful sex she yelled and Thaddist ran to the rescue? Would the ugly band member be able to slap the rock star away? Of course he would. But what if the bus driver heard and pulled over? Dammit! Why does everything always have to stack up against him like this? Oh, to hell with it all. Fuck Aiden, and fuck the driver. Mark is doing this.

The track is over, but the album will continue.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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