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Ayami Takahashi was a walking conundrum. She liked dicks. Loved them, in fact. There wasn’t anything about a nice, hard cock that she didn’t love. Whether circumcised or not, she loved the way they looked, the way they felt in her hands, her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. She loved the taste of a cock. Not just the cum, but the meaty taste a cock had before orgasm. Yet, while she loved all these things about cocks, she hated men. Not all men, mind you. She certainly didn’t hate her brother, her father, or her employer, Mr. Yamaguchi, but for the most part, all other men, regardless of race, were pigs as far as she was concerned.

She sat at the end of the only bar that would serve her at eighteen years of age. The place was called The Dive, and it was located in Atlanta’s underground. It was the kind of place that hearkened back to the speakeasies of the twenties and thirties, and admittance was through sponsorship only. Ayami had come here with her friend Stacy Adams a few times in the past. The owner liked Ayami enough that he gave her a chip of her own with which to gain access. She had been here several times with friends, but tonight she really needed to just unwind and drink her troubles away by herself.

In an effort to get around the man attached to the cock, Ayami had tried lesbianism. She thought a strap-on wielded by one woman or another would do the trick, but in the end, she was greatly disappointed because dildos did not cum, and she craved the cum just as much as she craved the cock. She had just sipped a bit of her Mai Tai when she was approached from the right. A sultry voice asked, “Is this seat taken?”

“Help yourself,” Ayami responded as she looked over. The person who sat was Asian, had long, black hair, impeccable make-up, was dressed to the nines, and had what appeared to be a nice, lithe body under her form-fitting iridescent green dress. Ayami smiled amiably.

“Can I buy you a drink?” the woman asked. Ayami held hers up to signify it was still half-full. This did not deter the woman, though. She ordered two, one for herself and the other for her new friend. As they were set upon the table, she said to Ayami, “For when you finish your other one.”

Ayami looked at her, forced a smile, drained her glass, then picked up the new one and said, “Thanks,” before taking a sip.

“Care to talk about it?”

“About what?”

“About whatever it is that has you in such a funk.”

“I don’t even know your name and I’m supposed to open up to you?”

“Sometimes a stranger can be the best person to talk to because he or she is less judgmental.” When this did not elicit a response from Ayami, she said, “Okay, my name is Keiko. Keiko Satohara.” She explained that she was an American born Japanese. “And you?” Ayami gave her name, then explained the reason for her current mood. Keiko said, “Look, why don’t we get out of here? You know, go back to my place where it’s much quieter and—”

“What? Private?” Ayami interrupted. “Sorry, Keiko, but I’m not into rug munching.” Keiko stood, took Ayami’s right hand, and placed it on her crotch. Ayami’s eyes stretched as wide as they could. “Is … Is that a penis?” Keiko smiled as she nodded her head. “Are you a ladyboy?”

“I am.”

Ayami drained her Mai Tai, then said, “Let’s go.” Keiko rode with her, speaking only when giving directions. During the silences in between, Ayami held secret conversations with herself over what this night might bring. She had never been with a ladyboy before, so she wondered what the experience might entail even as she wondered why she had never thought of this as a comparable alternative to her dilemma.

Keiko poured them a glass of wine, and after some light conversation said, “Would you like to continue this in my bedroom?”

“Yes,” Ayami whispered breathily. As much as she wanted to be the aggressor, Ayami allowed Keiko to dictate the flow of things.

Much to Ayami’s delight, Keiko began with kissing, a lot of kissing as her hands explored every inch of Ayami’s body. She eventually made her way to Ayami’s small breasts, her tiny brown nipples, and Ayami was in ecstasy. Keiko kissed further down to Ayami’s clit and gave her the most wonderful series of orgasms she had ever experienced. Finally, Keiko stood and removed her dress, then her bra, and Ayami gasped. She sat up and began sucking Keiko’s nipples, and soon her hands wandered between Keiko’s legs. “I need it,” Ayami said as she peeled Keiko’s panties off her, then she took Keiko’s cock into her mouth.

Keiko began softly thrusting her cock into Ayami’s mouth. “Are you going to drink my cum for me?” she asked.

“Only if you promise to fuck me afterwards,” Ayami answered. Keiko’s only reply was to thrust a bit harder and faster, and some five minutes later she cried out as she unloaded into Ayami’s mouth. Ayami swallowed every thick globule of cum that was pumped into her mouth, then continued to suck. A short time later she lay back and said, “Okay, fuck me.”

Keiko crawled atop Ayami, assumed the missionary position, then slowly inserted casino oyna her cock into her new lover’s pussy. “Damn, Ayami. You are so hot.”

Ayami said nothing. She raised her hips to ensure her pussy engulfed the entirety of Keiko’s dick before finally saying, “Fuck me good. I need it.” Keiko fucked her hard and fast, making Ayami cum in no time at all. After a couple more orgasms, Ayami said, “In my ass now, Keiko. Fuck me in my ass.” Keiko did, and for the next fifteen minutes Ayami shouted out at five-minute intervals as she came and came and came again. Finally, Keiko announced that she was going to cum and Ayami told her, “Fill my ass with it.” Keiko did, and once she was done the two lay together in complete satisfaction.

They kissed for several minutes, then Keiko said, “I hope you enjoyed it. I sure as hell did.”

Ayami sat up, then said, “I want to be your girlfriend.” Keiko stared, wide-eyed. “Don’t you understand, Keiko? This is what I have been searching for my whole life. You give me the comfort and emotional support I need while providing me with the cock I crave. Please. Let me be your girlfriend. I promise you I’ll make you happy.”

“Don’t you want to get to know me more before making a decision like that?”

“Please don’t make me beg,” Ayami responded.

“This is too fast,” Keiko said. “Let me sleep on it.”

“Can I stay the night?”


Ayami reached onto the floor and grabbed her pants. She pulled her cell phone out and texted her mother that she would be staying the night with a friend, then she cozied up next to Keiko and the pair went to sleep.

Keiko awoke a few hours later with Ayami straddling her lap. Apparently Ayami had sucked Keiko’s cock until it got hard, and now she was once again in the young woman’s ass. “What are you doing?”

“I needed more,” Ayami told Keiko as she fucked the hell out of her.

Keiko began to match her thrusts with those of Ayami, and shortly after she was once again filling her ass with semen. She laughed. “Okay. Okay. You can be my girlfriend.”

Ayami kissed her hard and fiercely. “You won’t regret it.”

Things went extremely well for the new lovers early on. The first three months were like a honeymoon, if one could make the comparison. After that, though, Ayami began to notice subtle changes at first, such as Keiko coming home after work looking a bit disheveled, and larger ones as time progressed, such as the stench of sex about Keiko. Ayami finally called Keiko out about this, to which Keiko replied, “I miss being fucked. I fuck you all the time, but there is no one to fuck me.”

“So, you have a boyfriend now?” Ayami asked.

“Not exactly,” Keiko answered. “Her name is Kuniko Hamata. She is a ladyboy, same as me.”

For some reason, this brought some comfort to Ayami’s heart. “Why didn’t you speak to me about this earlier?”

“You are so possessive, Ayami. I did not think you would be receptive to the idea of me and someone else.”

“If I continue to allow it, would you consider a threesome every now and then?”

“Seriously?” Keiko asked excitedly. Ayami nodded her head. “Yes. I would like that very much, and I’m sure Kuniko would as well.”

That slapped a band-aid on the following two months, but then things began to appear suspicious to Ayami once again, and it wasn’t until she found some boxer shorts under the bed that she finally exploded. She ranted in her native Japanese for almost five minutes before Keiko told her to speak English. “You know I never learned Japanese.”

“Who is he?” Ayami asked as she held the underwear aloft.

“Shit,” Keiko said, then sat on the couch.


“Someone from work the other day,” Keiko finally said.

“You fucked someone at work?” Ayami asked. She wondered how a bank teller could find a place inside the bank to fuck, unless it was in the president’s office.

Keiko laughed. “I quit the bank about three months ago.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I knew you wouldn’t agree with my new business,” Keiko said flatly.

“Which is?” Ayami demanded.

“Live feed sex on the internet.”


“Why, when you aren’t here, of course.”

“Is it just masturbation, or …?”

“Male, female, ladyboy, threesomes … Whatever. I’m making bank. That’s all that matters.”

“Keiko, how could you?”

“I’m just not ready for domestic life, Ayami, especially when I can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing this.”

“You bitch. I love you.”

“I love you too, Ayami. Just not enough to let this opportunity pass me by.” Silence. “I might as well tell you now. Kuniko and I are moving to California and forming our own production company.”

Ayami stared as tears streamed down her face. “How can you be so cold about this?”

“I have to be,” Keiko answered. “I have to do what’s right for me.”

“Then … You can make movies with me.”

“Just the two of us? It would get boring very quickly. You’re welcome to come to California canlı casino with me, though. That is, if you can separate yourself emotionally from my work.”

“Go to hell,” Ayami spat. She turned and began going through Keiko’s apartment to collect her things, then without so much as a good-bye, she left with the intention that was the last time she would ever see the person who, at this stage in her existence, had been the love of her life. She thought about going back to The Dive, but she knew she’d just get wasted and have to call someone to pick her up, so she went home, locked herself in her room, and cried herself to sleep.

The following morning, Ayami decided to approach life with a positive attitude. She had been living intermittently between her parents’ house and with Keiko, but now that she was back home full time she had to make adjustments, for she now had no place to go when her strict father decided that she deserved a lecture or a punishment.

Akira Takahashi was a businessman born and raised in Japan. He worked for Dynamic Concepts, a sister company to Yamamoto Corporation, for twelve years before being promoted to CEO of the company’s American branch. Along with his wife, Yuriko, and two children, Tetsuo, a son, and Ayami, a daughter, they moved to Atlanta, Georgia ten years ago. Tetsuo was now twenty, and Ayami was eighteen.

Akira and Yuriko spoke English, albeit heavily accented, while Tetsuo and Ayami spoke it flawlessly. Tetsuo was more apt to speak English than Japanese anymore, but Ayami tended to move between the two depending on her disposition. If she was in a pleasant mood, she spoke English. However, when she became upset or enraged, she would speak her native tongue.

Regardless of the promise Ayami had made herself in regards to embracing this day as a new chapter in her life, all the pain of her break-up was still within her, so it wasn’t difficult at all for her to go on a rant after she got out of the shower and dressed in a bra and panties, only to find that they did not fit her properly. They sagged, which was strange. She checked herself in the mirror and was satisfied that she still maintained the same figure she had for the past year, so she returned to the bathroom to weigh herself just to be sure. “See?” she told herself in her native tongue. “103 pounds, like always.” She tried to piece together this great mystery, and finally decided there could be but one answer. “Mother!” she shouted as she walked out of her room.

Yuriko stood just five-foot-two, same as Ayami, but where Ayami was of slender build, the years had added much to Yuriko’s frame to where she was 36c-26-38, as opposed to her daughter’s 34a-24-34. She heard her daughter calling her, so she shouted, “In here,” which was the utility room, where she was currently placing Tetsuo’s lacrosse uniform in the wash.

Ayami walked in and immediately asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Meaning of what?” Yuriko asked, for she could see nothing wrong.

“My bra … My panties. They’re stretched out of shape,” Ayami said as she called her mother’s attention to them.

“I know nothing of that,” Yuriko said. “Is it possible that your girlfriend has been wearing them? She is much bigger than you.”

“She never wore my lingerie,” Ayami answered. Unsatisfied with her mother’s ignorance over the matter, she asked, “What? Does father make you wear them because he gets a thrill of seeing my lingerie on you?”


“Does he vicariously have sex with me through you?”

Yuriko slapped her daughter hard across the face. “Your father loves you very much. He would never do a thing such as that. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking such of him.”

Ayami stared in disbelief, for she could not recall her mother ever laying a hand on her. So overcome with emotion was she that she collapsed into her mother’s arms and began to cry. “I’m sorry, Mama. I didn’t mean it. It’s just … Keiko and I broke up and …”

“There, there,” Yuriko said in soothing her daughter. “I know it must be painful, but do not let that allow you to make such accusations against your father, or me, for that matter.”

The two stayed hugged together for several minutes, then Ayami pulled back and wiped her eyes. “I apologize, mother. I shall let father know that I dishonored him he gets home tonight.”

“There is no need to involve him,” Yuriko told her daughter. “You are upset. Return to your room and rest. You will feel better in no time.”

Ayami did as instructed. When she made her way back to her room, she found Tetsuo waiting outside her door. He seemed to look past the fact that she was walking around in her underwear when he asked, “What is all the commotion about?” Ayami walked past him and into her room. Tetsuo followed. He took a seat on the edge of her bed. “Well?”

“Look at this,” she said as she ran a hand up and down her body. “My bra and panties are stretched out. I asked Mother if she had been wearing them and she told me ‘no,’ so if not her, then who?” She kaçak casino removed her bra and pulled a cut-off white tank top T from a drawer and put it on, then she removed her “cheekies” panties and pulled on a black thong. She gave little thought to the fact that one could see her areola and nipples through the T just as she gave little thought of undressing in front of her brother. He was her brother; therefore, he could never be sexually attracted to her, she reasoned.

“Is it possible they could have gotten stretched in the washer?”

“Possible? Yes,” Ayami answered, “but probable? No, which means the only other people who could have done it are you or father.”

Tetsuo began to laugh.


He stood and began emulating the elder Takahashi. “You will treat me with honor and respect, but first …” Then he began to sing. “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty, and gay.”

Ayami burst into laughter. “Okay, okay. I see now how ridiculous it is. Still, what could have caused it?”

“I don’t know,” Tetsuo answered, “but I need to get ready. The team is going to Six Flags today. Want to come? We all get a plus-one.”

“I’d just be a drag, the way I’m feeling. Besides, I have to work today. Thanks anyway, Tetsuo.” She kissed him on the cheek and playfully booted him out of her room.

Tetsuo entered his room and jumped in the shower. Thirty minutes later he was dressed and on his way to John Marshall Law School, courtesy of his friend Jimmy Palmeroy. Tetsuo hoped to one day become a corporate lawyer and work alongside his father, but for now, he was happy to attend Marshall and be a part of the lacrosse team.

Ayami had gotten dressed for work, but the truth of the matter was that she just didn’t feel like going. Today was Friday. Hopefully a three-day weekend would give her better perspective on her future. She called Mr. Yamaguchi and told him that her menstrual cycle was coming on and the cramps were unbearable. Always one to be accommodating to women, he allowed her the day off. Now that she had that, what to do with it? She didn’t know. She lay down and fell asleep. She slept for four hours and felt worse now than when she lay down. She pulled a bottle of vodka from inside her closet and took a couple of swallows, then put her favorite game, Happy Penguin Pogo Quest, in the PS 4 and played until her mother called for dinner.

She ate hardly anything. She returned to her room and took random swallows of the vodka. Finally, at nine o’clock, she turned out the light and went to sleep. She awoke at ten-thirty and went to get something to drink. She stopped by her parents’ door and very clearly heard them having sex. She touched her clit, then went back to her room. Ayami picked up her cell phone and called Kuniko. “Hi. It’s Ayami. What are you doing?”

“Getting ready to go out. Sorry about you and Keiko.”

Ignoring that last part, Ayami said, “Would you like to come by my place and fuck me first?”

Kuniko laughed. “What, is this a revenge fuck against Keiko?”

“And if it is?”

More laughter, then, “Okay, give me your address.”

Ayami was outside at eleven, and shortly after a mini-van pulled into the driveway. She approached with a smile on her face, but the smile dropped when she saw that Kuniko had brought Keiko along. “Why is she here?”

“Because,” Keiko began, “if anyone is going to fuck my bitch then I’m going to be a part of it.”

“I don’t want you to be part of it.”

“Yes, you do,” Keiko answered matter-of-factly. “Now get in and get undressed.”

Ayami climbed into the back to see that the seats had been removed and a small mattress had been lain on the floorboard. As she undressed, she knew Keiko was right. Ayami very much wanted her former girlfriend to be a part of this.

Keiko and Kuniko made their way into the back. As they undressed, Keiko said, “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Yes,” Ayami said.

“You’re going to wish that you never made that call tonight,” Kuniko said.

“Please,” Ayami whispered.

Keiko moved toward Ayami’s head and drove her cock into the young woman’s mouth while Kuniko’s mouth found its way onto Ayami’s clit. Kuniko was intent on committing atrocity after atrocity on Ayami’s pussy. She smiled with pleasure as Ayami squirmed fiercely to break away from her mouth, her tongue, but she just couldn’t separate herself from Kuniko’s onslaught. Keiko, on the other hand, was fucking Ayami’s mouth and throat with such force that Ayami never had a chance to inhale a large breath. Finally, without warning, Keiko unloaded into Ayami’s mouth. “Drink it, bitch, Drink it all.” Ayami, much to her pleasure and satisfaction, did. There was no time for a reprieve, however, as Keiko and Kuniko traded places, and five minutes later the same result followed.

Keiko lay down, then told Ayami to sit on her cock. Once she had, Kuniko went behind her and stuffed her cock into Ayami’s ass. “Oh, shit yes!” Ayami screamed, and then the two ladyboys gave her a fucking she would never forget. How long did it last? Thirty minutes? Forty-five? An hour? Ayami didn’t know. All she knew was that she had been cumming like a wildcat for a very long time now, and she was exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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