As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 01

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Gina sat quietly by her bed watching Steven pulling on his pants after their glorious twenty minutes of non binding sex. Steven wanted nothing to do with commitment just a good fuck now and then. A tear drop rolled down Gina’s tan face spilling onto the light blue satin sheets with matching pillow cases and satin comforter. She pulled her now messy blonde hair up on her head with a few of her permed curls escaping from the captivity of the scrunchie that once held them as they lay softly on her bare tanned shoulder. Steven bent down cupping her chin in his large palm.

“I will call you when I am ready for another round with you pretty lady.” he smiled as he placed a moist kiss on her forehead. He turned slowly oblivious to her pain as he buttoned up his red shirt and the quickly gave himself a once over in the mirror.

“Mmmm can’t hardly wait.” she told him trying to conceal the tears burning those crystal blue eyes that looked most of the time like pale blue ice.

Gina showered thinking how could she allow herself to be used by him after all she was a counselor, therapist what ever you wished to refer to it for relationships. She felt like she needed to be in her group discussions as a patient and not the healer. After all she could not even run her own love life. The ironic part was he had been her teacher ten years ago and the hot affair had not flickered out as of yet.

“Stupid, stupid woman! You are a big fraud!” she screamed as the water trickled down her bronzed taunt body.

Gina dressed in her white sleevless dress, with white strappy sandles with six inch heels, her hair bounced as much as her large round breast that laid with in her white lace bra with matching panties just visible enough to the naked eye. What Gina was not expecting was what waited for her behind her kitchen door leading to the garage.

Gina felt the cold hands clasp firmly on her shoulders, she was too fearful to scream! Her heart beat wildly in her chest. She thought it would explode. She turned her head to try to see who was behind her when she saw the long nails with casino oyna the mother of pearl polish and the silver glitter on the tips.

“Sue? Sue is that you?” She asked feeling almost relief in knowing it was Sue from the group.

She felt her moist tongue on her neck as her hands moved to her big round bust. A slight gasp came from Gina as the wetness between her thighs found her white lace panties.

“I want you Gina.” She told her as she pressed her body against Gina’s.

Gina had never been with another woman before, in fact she never wanted another woman until now. She turned to Sue wrapping her arms around Sue’s neck as their lips pressed softly on the others. The passion as well as the heat rose between the two women as their hands roamed over the others body, removing clothing until they were completely naked. They sat on the hood of Gina’s red corvette, Sue pushed Gina back onto the car as Gina’s heart beat raced wildly. Sue’s tongue followed Gina’s stomach to her velvet feeling pelvic and her fingers opened the velvet patch where her tongue found the hot nectar of her new lover. She lapped up every drop hungrily listening to Gina’s moans. Her tongue went inside of Gina causing Gina’s hips to rotate in a circle as Sue’s fingers were wet from her own juices. Both women were moaning, Sue wanted Gina to taste her sticky sweet juices and reposition herself so they were now giving each other the pleasure of their tongues. Their clits swelled, their juices became thicker until they were both moaning loudly, their hips ground against the other until there was only silence in the air. Gina’s eyes were closed from the bliss she had just experienced. Sue smiled at her new love as she sat up pulling on her clothes.

“Gina, I want to see more of you if its ok.” she told her.

“I don’t know Sue, what ethics have I already broken since you and Mark are part of my discussion group. I think it is now a conflict of interest don’t you?” She asked her.

“Fuck the ethics I love you!” Sue cried out.

What had Gina just done? Had she just become canlı casino a female Steven?

“Gina answer me! Will you at least acknowledge my feelings for you?” Sue looked at her with tears building in her eyes.

” Sue what happened here today should not have happened between us.” She told her as she looked away so her guilt would not be seen in her eyes as it ate away at her soul.

“You bitch!” Sue cried out as she struggled with the garage door trying to open it as she wept.

Gina felt a rush of power that chilled her to her bones. She was feeling the high that Steven must have experienced each time with her.

Gina pulled into her office parking lot when she spotted Peter the handsome man she would fuck in a heart beat if she was not seeing Steven, but now that had changed today with Sue hadn’t it. She smiled at the medium built man, his hair was brown and curly, the texture of his skin was olive and his brown eyes could make her melt.

“Gina! A good morning sweety! So when are we going to have a drink together?” He asked her opening her car door.

Gina smiled at him and just for a second had a vision of wild untamed sex with him.

“Morning Peter, I guess we will have that drink when you ask me out.” She replied smiling wickedly as if he would be another notch on her belt.

He smiled and winked at her.” You are on Gina I will meet you here after work then.” He told her as her softly kissed her cheek which caused her large nipples to harden.

Gina walked into her office as where her group was waiting on her except for Sue. She felt a wave of discomfort swept over her as she smiled at Mark. Mark kept his eye on the door and his watch waiting for Sue to make her entrance. Mark a kind man in his forties, his black hair was receding, she noticed he always wore a white t-shirt with jeans and a black wind breaker with black sneakers.

“Good morning everyone, are we ready to begin our discussions?” She asked with a warm smile praying Sue would not join them today.

Peggy raised her hand as she did every Monday morning kaçak casino so she could start the discussion. She had brown curly hair to her shoulders, a heavy built woman who through her miserable marriage managed to smile.

“Peggy good morning and please start the discussion with how your week went.” She told her as she had her pad and pen ready to make notes.

“Well after Leo and I left here last Monday, he called me a fat whore and that I was loser as a wife as well as a mother.” She told the group before bursting into tears.

Gina did not smile at Leo for she knew he was a loser and womanizer as well as a woman beater. Her stomach turned as the fifty-five-year-old smoothed his balding grayish hair as well as his thick mustache. He stood to reply to his wife’s grievances against him, he smiled and winked at Gina as he smoothed out his gray silk suit.

“Peggy began running her mouth as soon as we got in the car to leave here accusing me of ogling Gina’s big round perfect tits.” He said as his eyes were undressing Gina and in his mind he grabbed her roughly squeezing her tits as he kissed her passionately. He felt his cock start to wake up in his pants.

Gina tried not to roll her eyes at him. “Well were you doing what she has accused you of?” Gina asked as she could see Mary squirming in her seat as she steamed with jealousy.

“Well Gina, you flaunt those big breasts like they are your trophy’s for us men to fantasy to while we jack our cock’s.” He told her while his poor wife was humiliated and hurt.

“That is disgusting Leo, Your wife is not the whore you are.” Mary blurted out.

“Oh please you red headed wench you weren’t complaining last night behind the Laundromat while I fucked your brains out in my back seat.” He blurted out in front of everyone.

Mary’s husband charged at Leo from his chair only to be restrained by two other men from the group. His eyes glared at Leo and then back to his wife. Mary sat in her chair scared, angry and most of all guilty. Suddenly she bolted from the office as Leo’s laughter could be heard throughout the hallway as if he was chasing after Mary. His laughter stopped when they heard Mary’s scream and screeching brakes.

The group ran out side to find Mary laying in front of Sue’s car….

To be continued

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