After Dad left Pt. 02

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The sun started hitting my eyes, and I woke up. It was sunday morning, and I was running late. I had set up a date with my girlfriend Alison to go bike riding on the boardwalk that afternoon.

I brushed my teeth, hit the shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table, watching a show and eating breakfast.

“Your breakfast is on the table, sweetie. How did you sleep”, she asked.

“Thanks mom. I slept great!” I answered.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips, like we always do in the morning, and ate up. Something looked different, though. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I finished my bacon and realized that she was wearing her usual sundress, but she had the top two buttons undone, revealing a lot more cleavage than she ever had before. There was also a certain glow on her face. She looked and acted a little bit like a giddy little girl who is all excited or anxious about going through the day. But she also acted reserved about what happened the previous night. Knowing her, that was to be expected, after-all, my dad was the only person she ever had sex with until then, and she’s always been pretty shy and reserved about sex stuff.

As she took my finished plate to the sink, she did mention that Darrel brought up the idea of her joining a gym and start taking better care of herself and invest in herself more, and that she would be spending a couple of hours there today.

“Darrel is being a pretty nice guy”, I thought.

I loaded my bicycle and left out and met Alison at the park for some cycling. Alison was the same age at me, 18, and was a friend long before she became my gf. We had known each other since middle school and I always found her pretty. Finally, that year she gave me a chance casino siteleri to be a little bit more. We had gone all the way to 2nd base. She was a classy girl, from a nice family and pretty cute. about 5’4 and 95 lb. thin and athletic too, if not a little shy and neurotic.

After the ride, we sat in my car and made out for what seemed to be a good amount of time. i was rock hard the whole time, but she seemed uninterested and after a while we both headed our way.

On my way home, I got a call, it was Darrel.

“Hey bro, I just dropped your mom off home. I feel i’m really helping her open up and heal her from what your dad did to hear. She asked me to stay for the night but i wanted to check with you first. Is it cool with you if I spend the night at yalls house? I’ll order chinese on me”, he promised.

“Sure. Mom can invite anyone she wants and do whatever she likes, it’s her house. You don’t have to ask me”, I explained.

Truth is, he really didn’t. I was on my first year of college and was not contributing as little as a penny to the household. I was saving it all up to buy a new car, and I was really lucky that my parents had let me stay there after graduation because I would have had to work 2 jobs just to pay rent.

I got home, and to my amazement, Mom and Darrel were sitting at the table, chatting it up, and laughing. Mom looked happy.. for the first time in a while. There was also a ton of food on the table and I hungrily reached for a plate and filled up.

There was also a bottle of wine on the table that was almost empty. Apparently the both of them must have shared it. I already knew that Darrell was a little bit of a drinker, but he was a friendly/funny drunk. I can’t remember the last time I saw mom drink any alcohol… canlı casino maybe once at a restaurant with dinner?

But there she was, sounding saucy. I just sat back as I witnessed this delectable display of two adults acting like teenagers in love. Darrell kept subtly touching her arm and back and thighs as they spoke, and mom was constantly touching/adjusting her hair. The conversation spanned the range from silly, to Darrell being raunchy, and mom giggling and both of them exchanging alcohol fueled sillyness.

Then, mom started getting tired and said she was going to go to bed.

“Darrell, you can share my bed if you want, the guest bed is not set up yet”, she reminded him.

She went up, and I was left alone with Darrell.

“Hey, Darrell, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you spending some time with mom.” I shared.

“Yeah, she’s a good woman, i’m just tryin to show her a good time. The thing is, she been stifled for so long, you’re probably used to that. It’s going to take some work to open her up and let her shine,” he said in his barely-coherent drunk talk.

“She’s a grown woman, Darrell. She deserves to have some fun. Don’t let her hold back on account on me. If she wants to date or spend more time with friends, I’m totally for it”, I explained.

Darrell gave me a pat on the back and called me a “good kid”. With that, he stumbled upstairs to sleep… or so I thought.

As I was in the bathroom peeing, I heard a strange noises. I thought at first it came from outside, but after opening a window realized it was coming from upstairs. I went up, the hallway was pretty dark but mom’s bedroom door had some dim lights on and it was shining through the open door.

I walked towards her bedroom door kaçak casino and took a peak. someone had placed a dark tshirt over the desklamp in the bedroom and when I finally directed my eyes to the noise, I literally stumbled to the ground.

My mommy bent halfway down, facing me, with one of those sleep masks on, and the top shoulder strap of her sundress undone, exposing her boobs, and the skirt of her sundress jerked up and crinkled around her waste.

Darrell was behind her, standing up, fucking her in the pussy. ramming into her pussy intently, as if he was trying to teach her a lesson.

I was now on the floor, staring at my mom’s titties bouncing up and down, and her thighs jiggling with every motion, her drunkedly and desperately trying to not fall over, and him too drunk to notice or care and kept going until I could hear him cum really loudly. That’s when I crawled out of the room to try and recover from what I had seen.

I never saw mom in anything but modest clothing. She was never the type to even walk around in underwear. And here she was, almost completely naked. So naked! almost like she was wearing a naked costume. It was so overwhelming, I didn’t know whether to cry or start touching myself. I was horny and angry at the same time, trying to convince myself not to be either.

Soon enough, the sex noise ended, and the snoring began. I took that opportunity to go back to the bathroom and wash my hands which i didn’t before, and I found another shocking sight.

My mom’s panties were literally just sitting on the floor of the bathroom. That is something else she had never done before; leaving her panties around.

Not only were her dirty panties on the floor, they were obviously covered in cum. A lot of it. so much that you could see it almost dripping.

Dad just left 2 weeks ago, and she was already having raw sex with the first guy she met. “This was pretty wreckless”, I thought. “I’m going to need to have a talk with her sooner or later.”

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