Abby’s Tale Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – “The Christmas Tree”

Once I got home from college for Winter Break, our whole family went up the mountain to visit grandpa and grandma just before Christmas. I remember it was really cold and we’d all bundled up, because we’d be outside looking for a Christmas tree to cut down and bring home with us. Mom was complaining constantly about it. She hated cold weather and preferred to stay inside by the fireplace chatting with grandma. So, the rest of us braved the outdoors without them.

Grandpa said the best trees were further up the hill, and my younger brothers…both still in middle school…were eager to follow him and take turns chopping with the axe so they could prove how manly they were. But Daddy took my arm and held me back, telling them we’d catch up in a few minutes. He lied and said he could use my help carrying in the Christmas gifts we’d brought. I knew what that meant, of course. Daddy loves to create little stolen moments for us, away from everyone else, so he can tease me and explore the growing naughtiness between us.

Once grandpa and my brothers were out of sight, Daddy pulled me close and growled in my ear that he needed me again. I giggled and teased him by leaning back and pressing my ass against his cock. He was already rock hard! He could tell it surprised me and chuckled, saying that watching my 18-year old ass move in tight jeans always got him excited. Looking back at grandpa’s cabin, I asked if we should be worried about Mom or grandma seeing us, but he said we’d go around to the back porch. It was too far away from the fireplace for them to notice or hear us there.

Crunching through the snow, we found our way to a secluded spot that we felt was safe. Then, Daddy drew off his coat and started unbuckling his pants.

“Won’t you get cold?” I asked.

“Nah,” he remarked, “You’ll keep me warm, honey…”

When he pulled out his naked cock, I felt a flutter of heat sweep through me. Every time I saw it, that same sensation came over me. It was like I was drawn to it. I wanted it in my hands, in my mouth, in my pussy, and my ass. Basically, any possible way I could play with it, I wanted it.

“Slide down your pants, baby…” he told me, and I was immediately eager to do so. Once my bare ass came into view for him, I could see that same hunger reflected in his eyes. “Keep a look out that way,” he nodded towards the woods, “In case grandpa and the boys come back…”

I felt him move up behind me, rubbing his cock against the growing wetness gathering along my pussy. “Oh, Daddy…” I whimpered, “This is crazy. Are you sure we won’t get caught?” He pushed his cock into my wet hole and we both groaned with the satisfying sensation.

“It’ll be fine, Abby…just do your part and I’ll do mine…” His hips slowly moved against me, stirring the depths of my pussy with his hard cock.

“Oh, God…” I moaned, leaning forward a bit to give him a better angle to fuck me, “It always feels so good…”

“Yes, it does, baby…fuck, you have the tightest little cunt. I want it all the time…”

“Mmmm…I know, Daddy. I want it, too…”

“Yeah? You like fucking your Daddy’s cock?”

“Yessss!” I hissed as he rammed me deeper with it.

“Mmmm…fuck yeah, you do…” he teased casino siteleri me, “You’re such a perfect little girl for it, aren’t you?” His hips slapped against my ass again and again as we moved in perfect unison. I loved it when he called me such things. It just made the rising heat inside me flare into a sexual inferno, every damn time. And so we fucked like that for a couple of minutes, every movement making me feel more and more wanton, exactly like the slut I knew he wanted me to be for him.

“Ohhh…yes, Daddy…mnnn…ahhh…fuck…I love it so much…”

He grabbed my hair and turned my head so he could bring his mouth to mine, all the while driving his cock in and out of my feverish pussy. The sound of our coupling became loud enough to my ears I could hear it echoing off the house and across the snowy field towards the wooded mountainside. So, I pulled my lips from his and gave him a worried look.

“Unghh…Dad…sl-slow down…” I panted, “We’re being too loud…”

He grunted and pulled back. As he did, I felt his cock leave me, and my fully aroused pussy desperately let me know it wanted him back.

“I didn’t say stop…” I protested. But then I felt his big powerful hands spreading my ass cheeks and knew what he had in mind. Whenever Daddy got really excited while taking me from behind, he’d inevitably want my ass, too. And, as I realized that’s what he intended to do, I knew there was no way I could keep quiet if he did me that way. “Daddy! Wait! We can’t…!!”

“Hush,” he grunted as he brought the tip of his cock to my asshole, “I’ll decide what we can and can’t do…” The wetness from my pussy made his manhood slippery enough to start pushing it inside, and I could feel that familiar burn as my ass struggled to accommodate him.

“Oh, FUCK! Jesus, Daddy!” I gasped as I raised up on my tip-toes…half-trying to escape it, and half-trying to ride it out until he got all of it inside.

“Yeah, Abby…FUCK…look at that little ass swallow up all that dick…” he groaned, “Such a perfect little whore for your Daddy.” He pushed deeper to drive more of it into me and it stole my breath away.

“Oh, GOD, Daddy!” I reached up with my arm, placing my hand on the side his head as he started kissing the back of my neck to distract me from the momentary pain and discomfort. Once I’d collected myself, he started moving again, slowly at first and then picking speed as I let him know it was okay. Soon, I could feel his balls slapping softly against me from the steady rhythm of him humping my ass. And I was panting right along with him through all his exertions.

“Mmmm…you like it like this way, don’t you, baby?”

I nodded my head, struggling to find any words in that moment. As cold as the mountain air felt on my skin, there was a spreading heat in my butt and my pussy. And it was all because of my Daddy’s dick pounding in and out of my ass.

“Rub that pussy while I fuck you…” he demanded. So, I reached down with my other hand, finding my pussy dripping wet now. I brought some of the slipperiness to my clit and rubbed it, squeezing hard.

“OHHH, FUCK!” I groaned, “You’re gonna make me cum so hard, Daddy…”

“Yeah?” he teased me, “You gonna cum with your Daddy’s dick in your ass, baby?”

“YES!” canlı casino I squealed, closing my eyes as I concentrated on the dual stimulation of his cock and my hand.

“You gonna let your mom hear us? Or your grandaddy on the mountain?” he teased.

“N-nooo…” I whimpered, struggling to hold in the primal scream of sexual bliss building inside me as I kept rubbing furiously at my pussy.

“You better not,” he grunted as he shoved his cock into me harder, “Or everyone will know what a slut you are for your father’s cock…”

“Unnhhhh…FUCK!” I responded as I rammed myself back on him, picking up speed as our bodies slapped together. He knew exactly what those words did to me every time we were together. The naughtiness of our incest. The risk of anyone finding out about us. And the desperate need I had for the powerful orgasms only he could give me. I wanted nothing more than to fuck him. To give my pussy and my ass to him. And to feel his cum shooting inside me.

“FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK ME!” I cried out, gripping the wooden railing. My voice echoed across the mountain, but I no longer cared. Daddy slammed his cock into me, and I drove my own fingers into my pussy at the exact same time. A spark of lust ripped through my whole body like an electric shock to every possible nerve ending as I started cumming. My pussy squeezed down on my own fingers, and I felt my ass do the same to Daddy’s cock. With a bellow, he lunged against me and I could feel his warm cum filling my ass…his hot breath right next to my ear.

“YES! Take it, Abby! Take all my cum like a good little girl! My favorite little college whore…” he groaned as he emptied his balls inside me.

Our shared orgasm was so intense and so powerful that it left both of us shaken to the core, and my legs were trembling when he finally withdrew from me. Both of us struggled to catch our breath and we just stared at each other, unable to believe how good it had been.

“Do you think anyone heard?” I finally managed to stammer as we hastily started covering up again.

Daddy laughed. “I don’t know, princess. You got pretty loud there at the end…and I did, too, I guess. You and your sexy little ass just always bring that out in me…”

“I couldn’t help it either,” I told him, giving him a quick kiss. Then, I stared directly into his eyes. “That was the best, Daddy! Every time, it’s the best!”

“I know, Abby.” He squeezed my ass and kissed me again, slower and lovingly. “Nobody affects me like you do. Not even your mother when we were dating. I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.” Then I shivered as the heat in my body started to subside and I felt a chill breeze blow past the cabin.

“You’re getting cold,” he noted, “Why don’t you go back inside with Mom and grandma? I’ll go on up and help the boys carry down the tree…”

I nodded, not quite trusting my shaky legs to see me up the mountain with an ass full of Daddy’s cum. We kissed one more time and I watched him trudge through the snow toward the same trail grandpa used. I stood there for several minutes just taking in the natural beauty. When I was little, Daddy used to bring me there in the summers to stay with my grandparents while he and Mom took a cruise or traveled abroad. I’d cry kaçak casino and cry because I missed them so much…and especially him. But watching Daddy go up the mountain, I knew I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. He’d never leave me. We were lovers now, and both us intended to make it last. It made me so happy inside thinking about it, like sunbeams on the snow between the trees.

When Daddy was finally out of sight, I made sure my hair was okay and that I’d put all my clothes back in place. It wouldn’t do for Mom to start suspecting something when I went back inside. But, as I turned to go around the cabin to the front entrance again, I heard the door on the back porch open and it stopped me in my tracks. Grandma was standing there in her shawl.

“Are you okay, Abby?”

The way she said it, I knew she’d heard us…maybe even seen us. I could feel myself flush with embarrassment. My heart felt like it was going to squeeze down until it would explode and give me a heart attack. Struggling to find my voice…or even the right words to say…I simply nodded and weakly replied, “Yes.”

She nodded and stepped out on the porch with me, closing the door behind her lest all the warmth leave the house. For several seconds, we just stood next to each other, looking over the mountain.

Finally, she turned to me and said, “Your father’s a good man, Abby. Do you love him?”

“Yes, grandma…”

“When I was your age, my Daddy and I did the same thing.”

I was so stunned at her words…by her admission…that I just stood there mouth agape.

“I didn’t meet your grandpa until my Daddy passed away,” she continued, “So, I married late. But before that, I always had that special relationship with Papa. I don’t fault you for it. But, I suspect everyone else would. Does anyone know about the two of you?”

I shook my head no.

“Good. Keep it that way. As long as you can.”

“I will, grandma…” I finally found my voice even as my head swirled in all kinds of crazy directions. After all, I’d never imagined our family might have a history of incest. But that appeared to be exactly what grandma was telling me.

“Why don’t you go on inside, dear? Keep you mom company while I bring in some more firewood.”

I nodded and started to leave.

“And Abby?”

“Yes, grandma?”

“Later this evening, I was going to ask your grandpa to pick up a few things from the grocery store for breakfast in the morning. Eggs, flour, milk, that kind of thing…”

I remembered we were staying overnight, because Daddy wanted plenty of light in the morning when we strapped the Christmas tree on top of the car and took it down the mountain. Still feeling a little dumbstruck, I nodded at grandma. “Yes?”

“I think I’ll ask your father to do it instead, and maybe you can go with him…”

My head spun as I realized she was offering another opportunity for Daddy and I to be alone together…away from the family…and at a time when Daddy would likely have recovered and recharged from our earlier tryst. He’d be horny again. And with that realization, I knew I would be, too. That’s when I recognized grandma knew exactly what the both of us were going through…how Daddy and I desperately needed each other…and how we struggled to make time for our newfound relationship while keeping it a secret.

“Okay,” I answered, “We’ll go.”

“Good girl,” she remarked, “Just make sure you make him happy…”

“I will, grandma. Always…”

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