A Young Woman Remembers Ch. 02

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Hi I am Amy and I am sharing a very bad two year relationship, please read the early chapter to understand my story so far.

As Dave came back in the room he was smiling and I smiled back, I was in lust. He sat down next to me and gave me a drink. He then suggested I might want a shower, so I made my way to the bathroom stripped off, turned the water on then looked at myself in the mirror. I had panda eyes from my eyes tearing up earlier and my lipstick was smudged all over my face. I got under the water and cleaned off. When I reached down to my pussy I noticed that Dave’s cum was leaking out of me, it was a horny sight as I found cum on my fingers. I finished washing, dried off and then looking at my clothes decided to go back out in the towel.

When I reach the bedroom I saw that Dave had dozed off so I settled next to him and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I felt a little awkward, he I was in a basically I strangers with half of my clothes wrecked and i felt sore all over. Dave wasn’t in bed when I woke so I made my way down to kitchen where I found him making breakfast. He came to me, kissed me and then served me breakfast. We talked about what he did, where I worked, my friends, all couple type things.

At about 10 I decided I needed to get home, the conversation about what I would wear was a little awkward but Dave found a shirt that I could wear (where he found a girl’s shirt didn’t escape me). I dressed without underwear then Dave drove me home. We made out in the car for a long time and my pussy instantly was wet again. Dave said he would call me during the week to make plans to get together again and then I dragged myself away and went into my parent’s house. I lied to them and said I crashed at a friends’ and that I spilt wine on my top so I borrowed what I was wearing. I didn’t like lying but the other option didn’t really appeal.

At the time I went to college during the weeks and work part time a couple of nights at a supermarket so my week was dragging as I hadn’t heard from Dave. It was Wednesday night when he called, I was at work and he offered to meet me and drive me home which I gladly accepted, I texted my casino oyna Mom to tell her I was going to a friend’s to study for a bit.

Before I left work, I freshened up and put on a little make up and some perfume. Dave was in the car park in a fancy car and I jumped in the front, he looked better then I remember in a suit, he had come straight from work, and he leaned over and kissed me with passion. He talked about our days, his was so much more interesting than mine and then he started to drive me home. As he drove he rested his hand on my thigh, rubbing until he was up under my skirt.

He drove me straight home which I was surprised about, I thought he might want to fool around but we didn’t he kissed me deeply and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner on Friday night, I had to work but he was happy to pick me up and have a late meal, he did say he would drive me home the next day so that put pay to the question if I would be staying over.

Over the next couple of days Dave texted me a lot, little sexy messages that by the time it was Friday night I was so hot for him. I had a shower at work and changed into a short skirt and a nice top, no buttons this time.

Dave was waiting me out the front of work and it was about a 20 minute drive to his house, again the whole way there he rubbed my thigh, this time it was a little more urgent, instinctively I spread my legs a little to give him more access, I was turning into a slut, I don’t think I am but I was just so turned on by him.

When we pulled up to his house he actually opened my door for me and we went inside, again I noticed what a nice place it was, really expensive. He had made dinner so we ate pretty quickly then retired to the lounge for a drink, vodka for me, and Dave put some music on. Dave was a good conservationist; he asked lots of questions and listened to me. Slowly the conversation died down and Dave started touching me, stroking my hair and I leaned in to kiss him. He kissed for half an hour I would have guessed, very nice deep kisses, nothing like the week before. He lifted me into his lap and I could feel he cock grinding my ass as I gyrated on his lap.

He canlı casino tugged at my top and then removed it and my bra so my tits where free for him to play with. He sucked my nipples hard drawing them out, grazing them with his teeth, I yelped a little at that and I noticed he smiled. Dave took his shirt off and I took that as my chance to slowly kiss down his body and undo his pants. I ended up on my knees on the floor as I tugged his pants off and his cock sprang out. I quickly engulfed the head of his cock and he groaned with pleasure. So I tried to give my best blow job, taking as much of him as possible but it wasn’t enough for him and soon I felt his hands on my head, driving more of his penis into my mouth until I again was gagging on his cock. Unlike the previous time Dave didn’t let up he just pounded into my mouth, I was gagging, drooling and I had tears streaming down my face, he would force me as far down as I could take and hold me there as my throat convulsed around his shaft, he was enjoying it by the noises he made, and then let me off to breath and then repeat it, over and over he did it until I felt his cock get really hard and he shot his cum down my throat, holding me on his cock until his orgasm stopped.

When he released me I fell backwards, I was a mess I had spit off over my tits and stomach and I could taste my tears. Dave just rested back on the couch spent. Eventually I gained some composure and stood up to get back on the couch but as I went to sit Dave stopped me and reached forward and removed my skirt and thong so I was nude like him.

I used my skirt to clean my drool off me and wipe my face. Dave walked out of the room to get more drinks. My throat was killing me; it felt like I had been punched in the throat from his cock hitting the back of my mouth.

When Dave come back in he was very nice we chatted some more and he gently stroked my hair and I started to doze off.

When I woke Dave was sitting on a chair opposite me, I smiled at him and he smiled back, I made some lame comment about being nude but Dave still laughed. Dave got up, his cock was getting hard again and it swung lewdly between his legs. He picked kaçak casino me up and carried me to the bedroom and put me on the bed. He got behind me and asked me to turn over, he lifted me by my hips, spread my legs and pressed his cock to my pussy and pushed. Soon he was deep inside me and he was driving it into my cervix and I was cumming.

Grabbing my hips tighter he kept pounding and I swear I was losing consciousness. I could feel it. I was on the edge as he fucked me harder and harder pounding my pussy like none had ever done before.

He reached around and grabbed my tits as he pounded and it hurt as he pulled them hard. I was trying to meet his every thrust as he tore into my pussy. My legs felt like jelly.

“Am I the best you have had?” his voice rough and edgy.
“Yes,” I whispered.

“What?” he yelled and slapped my ass really hard, I had never been spanked before buti instantly knew I liked it.

“YES!” I tried to say as he spanked me again.

“You’ll do anything for me? You’ll do anything for my cock!”


He kept thrusting. He was overpowering as he pounded his powerful cock deep inside me. My mind was swimming. Then with one final thrust he pushed me forward and collapsed on top of me and came hard.

We laid like that, with his cock still me, for a long time. Dave kissed my neck and talked sexy in my ear. As sore as I was I really was falling for Dave at this point. Eventually we changed positions and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I had a shower and dressed to go home, just as we were about to leave Dave knelt down in front of me, reached under my skirt and removed my thong. It was so sexy to be undressed like that and then he drove me home. When we got to my house he kissed me and I went inside, he said he would call soon.

To be honest that is the way our relationship went at the start, me waiting for Dave to call. This time he did call a few days later, I was so horny by then for another night with him but he truly disappointed me when he said he had to go away on business for two months, two months! It left me waiting for him to return, he called a few times but he left me stranded, he was right that last night we were together, I needed his cock, I loved the way he fucked me, the way he overpowered me and took me with such force. So when he rang to say he was back I was over the moon.

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